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lol, now the rumors of KJ having a drinking problem is the issue of his accident.. falling asleep at the wheel, where do fans have the time to make these stories. He worked 16 hours not drinking, made a very bad mistake to drive, luckily no one got hurt. This accident happened a week ago, this is when they were filming at the studio.

now this isn’t directed to you, nonnie, but I’m just gonna take this as a chance to rant a little bit lmao 

this is getting ridiculous. are people seriously trying to find ways to place blame when there’s a more serious subject to worry about? kj apa was working and putting in long, hard working hours to give us the content and the show that haters claim to love. why would he voluntarily jeopardize that? 

whether or not kj had the chance to choose between options, that doesn’t change the fact that there was a freaking accident. an accident that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. yes, there might have been ways to prevent this from happening but the fact of the matter is, it happened and the least we could do is be supportive of those who were involved. 

this isn’t even just about him, this is about the fact that there are many people on this project who are working all these tedious hours to give us the content that we follow. if there is something to worry about, it should be their well-being and finding some sort of understanding of what safety precautions are offered to them, not finding someone to point fingers at. 

we are damn lucky no one got hurt so people need to stop making up excuses just because it happened to someone they aren’t found of. fuck you to anyone who thinks otherwise. and a bigger fuck you to those who feel like finding a way to blame kj is justified. 

🤔 me personally they are all just labels to me. People label their self what they want but someone else will have a different opinion of what that label is or label you something completely different. Fuck label make your accomplishments and actions speak for them self. I can’t take a female that “labels” herself a bitch seriously in the first place. But then again it’s just a label right? 🤔

Party Doll - Frederick Chilton x Reader

From my 200 Celebration (REQUESTS STILL OPEN), for @ohbelieveyoume
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The joyous chatter amongst the room blended almost beautifully with the sound of the music in the room. People were spread around the place in little groups, some of them talking, and others dancing. That vintage vinyl player was seriously impressive.  

You still wondered how your friend had managed to get a hold of it, two days before the party. Then again, Miranda was the type of person who could find, and get, anything she wanted.

Except an acceptable guy to set you up with, apparently.

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I'm just wondering wondering how do you feel about those people that spam V's tag with their hate for him?

Honestly? It’s disgusting. 

It’s just, what is the point of being so hateful in the first place. I don’t know if people realize this, but your hatred towards a character does not make people hate the character as well. 

Look, I get it, I really do, I get people don’t like V. Guess what? I do not like Ray/Saeran (waits for the hate,) but I’ve never went into the Saeran tag and sent out deliberate hate towards him and his fans. I have made posts about what bothers me about him; but I never did anything malicious. 

This fandom is seriously fucked up, to the point that someone sent me an ask just telling me that I need to be “put down,” AKA, killed, for my opinion. How do you get to the point that you feel the need to tell someone to kill themselves over what they like, or what they dislike? 

I don’t mind seeing people give personal opinions, etc. That don’t include just sitting there and bashing V, blaming him and calling him a piece of shit, etc. If you have an argument, be nice about it. Don’t shit on the character, or the people who like them.

 You don’t have to like him; you just have to be a decent person, which is apparently extremely hard these days. 

How about instead of putting a bunch of V discourse in his tag, leave it out, and don’t talk it V/Jihyun Kim, if you know that you’re not being nice/smart with what you’re saying. 

It’s just disgusting, and it’s so hard to find friends in this fandom because most of you are so immature, send threats to people, and cannot STAND when someone dislikes a character you love, or someone likes a character you hate.

I tend to keep myself away from it; away from the tags etc. cause I just like to make memes/funny jokes and then the whole fandom is just filled with hatred, disrespect, and nasty words. 

TL;DR: This fandom is fucking gross, stop hating on characters and being fucking rude in their tags/to their fans. 

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The thing that got me the most in NW 29 was Damian getting upset over Dick never having doubt and Dick being honest but still placing the most focus on Damian's comfort. I seriously got Dick!Bats flashbacks when Dick told Alfred he can never let Damian see him doubt. And I just, that's still a thing with them. As much as Damian knows Dick he'll never grasp how much Dick can really doubt because Dick is the adult and he's suppose to always make sure Damian feels like Dick is on top of things.

I think that’s Damian’s version of the hero worship syndrome and it’s both cute and sad, tbh. Damian’s idea of the “perfect hero” is probably someone who’s never wrong, who never has doubts, who always wins. And he knows that despite all his efforts he’s not there yet, and that’s okay because that someone doesn’t exist at all, but I think he’s still slowly discovering that, both because of the way he was raised, with Ra’s being a (fake) model of perfection and an idea of Bruce that was not even close to reality, and because it’s a part of the growing up process to find out that no, when you become an adult you don’t automatically have all the answers, and no, things do not get more clear, and yes, you maybe understand yourself a little better, but you still have doubts and fears and sometimes they are even worse than the ones you had as a child. 

I hope we’ll get to see in canon, Damian growing up and coming to understand this, and having this big revelation that Dick (like Bruce) is not perfect, never was, and he had like twice the doubts Damian had about them, and that he went on anyway, pretending for the most part because it was the right thing to do to protect him. It would be such a cute moment tbh.

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I'm so obsessed with the mic drop performance omfg. Jin is seriously killing it this comeback. I don't understand how can anyone say that he can't dance when he's out there nailing every single beat in all the right places while serving dem visuals and vocals. 100% of my attention was concentrated on him, he's so amazing my poor hearteu can't handle this 😍😍😍

i watched jin’s part in mic drop until i had to stop bc my heart couldn’t take more of the disrespect™ nsdiasdihaiusdha…….. he’s so hot?????? jin’s visuals shook me every comeback how is this possible,,,

Something that’s been bugging me..

On the first day of school, class 1-A took a fitness and were ranked on how they preformed. As expected, Midoriya placed last, given that he has an almost unusable Quirk

But here’s the thing, he was able to preform extremely well in the throwing event, which should have put him on par with some of the other more limited use quirks in the class.

And more importantly:


Seriously, Midoriya is in amazing shape, how did he get in dead last? Are you telling me that the kids with quirks that had no use in the test, such as Kaminari, Jirou, and Hagakure were all able to get a better average than him, as well as having at least one event were they were able break away from the pack and exceed the average?

Faraize: “To be more exact, I was addressing the subject of the sexual liberation movement that took place in Western countries in the late 1960s.”

Dude… this episode…………….. was much more than what I was expecting. Priya worrying to the need of talking about concepts for homosexual relationships, Candy thinking seriously about the progress of her relationship with the boy, Rosa having the maturity and courage to participate in the demonstration with the banana. Look, I’m sorry, but I’m happy.

Was funny and silly the scene in Delanay’s class? It was, but what do you expected? Something embarrassing thing that would make not only our character feel ashamed of itself? I’m sorry, but I’m glad. I’m very glad really. 

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My truest fear is that Ishida is going for a parallel with Hinami's and Touka's fight against Mado. Where, in this case, Touka takes Mado's place (as she panicked when she saw his wedding band), and Juuzou would end up killing her and only choose to rebel when he realizes he's killed a mother and child and I seriously cannot deal with that!

Mod K:

Nah, he’s not going to kill Touka or Hinami.

Killing Touka undoes all of the progress Ken had made and will only confirm to him that he can’t be happy and is only doomed to lose all of his loved ones. Hinami’s not dying, either.

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So I don't know if I'm being emotionally abused. My dad is nice half of the time and he buys me stuff, takes me places, says I love you, and apologizes. The other half of the time he's really mean and says awful things about me and the things that I love. Sometimes I'm even scared of him. I've found myself checking each room that I enter to see if he's in there. Since he's nice sometimes I don't know of it counts. It's seriously affecting me mentally though. Do I count?

Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out! It sounds to me like your dad’s range of emotion might be what’s scaring you. Is it almost as if you never know which “Dad” you are going to get? I think it is normal for people to have a range of emotion, but if your dad’s negative side is seriously affecting you and scaring you it might be time to talk about it with someone you trust like a teacher or another parent etc. 

I will say that no matter how great a persons positive actions are, it is foolish to let them be used as a reason to override negative ones. 

Hugs, B

The Denny’s rule book: A simple guide

Denny’s is your local, friendly diner open 24 hours a day every day of the year. A place to relax and enjoy a breakfast at any hour, a fulfilling lunch or delicious dinner. All are welcome at Denny’s, and it’s your safest location, provided you follow this very simple guide for the nightly hours.

  1. Never close your eyes in a Denny’s parking lot. 
  2. Walk calmly to the door; you will hear sounds. Do not look behind you.
  3. Always make sure the door closes behind you, unless it was already open when you arrived, in which case do not touch the door.
  4. Never sit at the table farthest from the front door. Your server will sometimes try to seat you there. Politely refuse and ask for another table.
  5. If you see a table with two salt-shakers, walk past it; that table is taken. Sit at the table directly across from it instead. 
  6. Eat your pancakes. Box any leftovers; it would be a shame to waste food. It might attract something.
  7. Do not, under any circumstance, look into the eyes of your own reflection in the bathroom.
  8. If your server’s eyes turn black, do not panic; order a coffee with extra cream. Do not ask for a refill. Do not stare.
  9. Think you recognize someone who just walked in? Best to ignore it. It’s probably not what it seems. They will proceed to sit at the table farthest from the door.
  10. If you are walking past a Denny’s and you see yourself sitting in the corner booth through the window, keep walking. Do not eat at Denny’s that night.
  11. Did you tip? You better double check. It’s only polite to leave a tip.
  12. Do not ask questions. They will Notice.

Your local Denny’s is the perfect place for a delicious meal at all hours of the day. Hope you enjoy your next visit to any Denny’s Diner!

why do so many 40+ yr old men have the audacity to like.. flirt w/ me in all seriousness. i’m half (or less!) your age, bud. do you not have places to be? go call your kids. eat a grapefruit. stock up on viagra. decay. the options that don’t involve me are endless


Rejoice in all of this Black Girl Magic ✨

It’s a bit more complicated than invisibility...

This occurred to me and I feel it’s worth posting since I’ve never seen any talk on this?

The One Ring doesn’t make you invisible. 

Why would it? Seriously, what purpose on Eru’s green earth does that serve? Sauron forging his ring of power in the heart of a volcano, thinking to himself, ah yes, invisibility would be a good trick to build into this thing! No. Cause you know what? Sauron’s ring does not make him invisible. And he certainly did not intend for anyone else to ever have it. So what’s it really doing?

Two words: Dimensional shift

I believe that when mortals put on the ring, they experience a dimensional shift in which they are pulled (stretched, transported) into a higher dimension, the plane on which the true spirit forms of the Ainur (and wraiths) exist. This would effectively render them invisible to those on lower dimensions, but the wearer would be able to view them with altered enhanced perception. Such as the effects we witness as described by those who have worn the ring. Especially well portrayed in the films is the ability to see the souls of others, particularly the ringwraiths (the battle on Weathertop is a good example, as well as even in Battle of the Five Armies when Bilbo is in Dale), black and white shadowy souls clear as day but invisible to the naked eye, as they exist on a different dimensional plane. It’s quite possible to me that the ëalar of the Ainur are in a higher dimension than that of mortal fëar, but that’s beside the point. They’re at least a couple dimensions removed from our reality, and thus invisible until one puts on the ring. 

Now, why would the ring have this power? I think, if I recall correctly, that Tolkien at one point did state that it was not intentional, that it was a byproduct of its making. Again, it does not turn Sauron invisible - it wouldn’t, he already exists on that plane. Mortals are bound to their bodies and so would not be able to perceive that higher dimension, but Ainur are not. I think most plausibly, this effect exists because Sauron infused a piece of his own soul into the one ring. The consequences of this are not well understood (it’s not like it’s a common practice) and we know in other ways, it is so strong in its desire to hearken back to its master, it can even influence the wills - a product of the souls - of those around it. I would not be surprised in the slightest if having a piece of Ainur ëala in an all-powerful object would result in the ability to bend reality to attempt to match the wearer to the properties of the owner. It would bring the wearer closer to Sauron, and allow him to perceive them, thus furthering its purpose to return to the whole from which it is a part. 

Just a theory, obviously, but I find it odd that I’ve never seen anyone question the rather absurd notion of ‘magic evil ring makes you invisible!’ Tolkien set up so many intriguing questions, concepts, and possibilities with underlying scientific principles - or at least, consistent rules - that I am sure this fits into his framework. 

Allura: I don’t get it, you guys call him your father as a joke all the time?
Keith: That’s what I said!

when I get a hand in it, every pairing is the shitpost couple. Alien confusion over those dumb earth-things is 👌 (THIS IS VERY MUCH ALMOST COPIED FROM A HOMESTUCK COMIC I SAW YEARS AGO but I can not track down the original tumblr post? If someone got a link so I can credit that would be great)