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Which scm gods you should fight

(sorry if this was already done I can’t help it)

(btw totally not biased at all)

Leon- Yes. Fight Leon. FIGHT HIM. Punch him square in the jaw. Call his mother a hamster and that his father smells like elderberries. Idk man, he’s the Minister of the Department of Wishes. I think he’s strong enough to kick your ass without much effort.

Teorus- Distract him by telling him that there’s a vendor selling ice cream. When he’s not looking, kick him where the sun doesn’t shine and run. Call him a cow for extra points. 

Dui- Don’t fight Dui, you love Dui. Seriously look at him smiling and being a cute dork. Besides, even if you did fight him, Shadow Dui will show up and fuck up your shit big time. Just eat cherry pie with him instead.

Scorpio- Nah man; I wouldn’t risk it. He will glare you into the ground before you even took a step towards him. Fighting Scorpio is not advised.

Huedhaut- Aww c’mon that’s not fair, he’s all sad about his former lover being dead and shit and now you want to hurt him some more. Monster.

Ichthys: Why? Why do you want to fight Ichthys? Why do you want to hurt this precious fish baby? What possessed you to do something so cruel and evil?


The King- no. just no.

Let me tell you all about this shit right here. This is Kiko Milano’s Definition Waterproof Eyeliner. Not only is this heavenly black ink super easy to apply with precision, but it also stays on FOREVER, and I don’t mean 6 hours forever or even 12 hours forever I mean two days after you wear it you’ll still have cat eyes forever. Seriously, North Korea could nuke us all and your charred corpse would still have razor sharp eyeliner wings.
As if that wasn’t enough this eyeliner runs for $10 online and in store. That’s it. Titanium strong, pitch black eyeliner for $10 compared to some brands that charge $20 for an inferior product.
Definitely check this brand out, they’re expanding throughout Europe and the US and they have amazing products at super affordable prices, the one near me had a 5 items for $15 sale this weekend! I’m never going back to my expensive eyeliners again!

I’m pretty tired of any feminist critique of porn, in order for it to be seen as valid, the author is expected to like pornography and heartily endorse it in a disclaimer. The happy, fun, consent-filled, queer and woman-friendly stuff we see on the internet is a rarity compared to the hateful (not a strong enough word) disgusting and degrading reality that is the whole picture. Say you have a pizza, and 14 out of 16 slices are covered in broken glass and dog shit, but two slices are cheesy and perfectly delicious. If I’m reviewing it, should I have to make some statement about how great those pieces fit for human consumption were? Should I support Pope Benedicto’s Dog Shit N Broken Glass Pizza Parlour because they manage to make two edible slices of pizza per pie? It not only distorts the reality of the situation, but also seriously diminishes the pain and suffering of the vast majority of human beings who’ve actually been through it (eaten pizza/been involved in the pornography industry.)
—  Anonymous radfem on Facebook whom I wish I could find so I could give her proper credit


This didn’t happen in the manga, Demand never used his Evil Eye on them or froze them here, Crystal added this in and I fucking love it because it fits with Usagi’s power.

She’s frozen in place because that Evil Eye thing is some seriously dangerous, powerful shit and yet she can still move her hand enough to touch her tiara, focus her power and LASER PINPOINT THAT FUCKER TO KNOCK HIM THE FUCK BACK AND FREE THEM.


I love this because, as excellent as the manga is, Crystal added in a moment of them fighting back in a more direct way, showing that Usagi’s strong as hell, that she’s on point in this scene and actively fighting.

A lot of people give SMC shit about what it takes out and a lot of that criticism is pretty fair!  But I also want to point out that they added in some badass shit here, too!

Also, holy shit, basically the power and strength of her heart are just WRECKING THE PLANET, she’s destablizing the core because that’s how much power she’s putting off, it’s interfering with the core they’ve been tapping into.  Yeah, Nemesis was already unstable, but even while frozen Usagi’s power is affecting THE ENTIRE PLANET.