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I noticed the girl put her arm on Hana. It sent me reeling into my jealousy, I decided to get the truth out of Salim. I knew Hana would never tell me, especially not today. 

“Hey, oh-Nia! What-”
I gently shoved him back towards the hall and shut the door behind me. 
He started laughing nervously. 
“I-, uh….sup?”
“Do you know all of Hana’s friends?”
He scratched his head and looked up at the ceiling. I knew he was stalling.
“Okay, uh yeah I guess I do. I mean I’m her best friend, I know everything.”
“Yes, that’s why I’m asking.”
“Oh….no, no, no Nia, I can’t. I’m her friend, friendship means trust. I can’t-”
“I only have one question. Who’s the girl with the pink hair?”
“P-P-Pink, uh, hair? Hm, that that’s…”
He was frowning in feigned concentration but I could tell he was extremely nervous. He wasn’t going to tell me the truth either. 

“Sh-She’s, uh….”
“Take a deep breath. I only asked a simple question. Unless there’s more to her-”
“No! No! She’s my friend. I met her in the city, we uh chill most of the time. Then her and Charlie are like best friends now, so yeah Hana is friends too. I mean obviously. You know, I’m friends with Hana. Charlie’s friends with Hana. K-uh, the girl was, she was, she was-”
“What’s her name again?”
“Her name? Oh uh, it’s, did I say ‘K’? Yeah, her name is uh, K-Kim! Kim, her name is Kim.”
“She introduced herself as ‘Sam’.”
“Oh right, right, Sam. That pink haired girl. Yeah, right, uh K-Kim, is her first name? Or middle, I forget, anyway she asks us to call her Sam.”
“Then why do you call her Kim?”
“Uh, you know me! I like to mess with people.”
“Right. So when did you meet?”
“Nia, come on. I don’t remember details. When did you meet Hana?”
“Mid March of her Junior year.”
“Wait, okay that’s not fair you love her. Uh, when did you meet me?”
“I met you when Hana was moving out-”
“Okay shit Nia. Look, I don’t remember things like you do. Don’t worry about her, nothing to worry about.”
“Did I say I was worrying?”
“No! Uh, look, Hana loves you all right. More than her fucking frogs, and that’s a lot. More than me. Sometimes I think more than Tommy and Julie, and that’s her family. So chill please. Can I go inside now?”
I nodded. “Salim? Can you, well….I know you’ll tell her anyway but I’m sorry for my behavior, okay?”
“Oh wow, uh yeah apology accepted!” 
He was grinning widely, I completely understood why he and Hana were best friends. 

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I admit my first though was, “I know somebody who’s going to be real happy about this.”

😄 My work here is done, truly. 

YOU GUYS: I can’t wait for this movie to get confirmed as Being a Thing. I am going to start the Snark Wars recap for it like 2 years before it’s even released.

I mean if Jeff wants Harry to be the next Mick Jagger….. well Mick and David Bowie used to be found by their “wives” in bed naked under the sheets.

I’m not saying they used to shag but they used to shag. The point of this post Mick and Bowie were a thing. Mick is Harry, Louis is Bowie.

Louis and Harry are the stronger version of Mick and Bowie. This was a mess but anyways Larry is real.


River trusts no one who approaches her father, not even dadsona - if they breathe in his direction, they a thot

  • Leo: Hey man what's up?
  • Jason: just converting oxygen into carbon dioxide. You know,the usual
  • Leo: WTF man?? School's out,why you still doing science??
  • Jason: Breathing Leo..
  • Jason: i'm breathing