seriously need more followers

So, serious talk.

How is anyone supposed to both have a full time job and be a solo 1d fan?

Like… how?


★ Hey everyone! I hit 500 followers recently, well, the day ‘Serendipity’ was released, this is why I made this gif for this first follow forever (tbh we were blessed by this beautiful song and video, so I had to)! Anyway, it may not seem much but just think what it would be to have over 500 people around you in a room…for me this is pretty big 💙 I’m so pleasantly grateful and surprised that so many people follow me since I really started this sideblog a little month ago! 

I know that I’m not a big talker (I’M SO SHY and sometimes i’m on anon to spread all my love 😘💙💞 + i’m super expressive in my tags tho lmao), but just a small talk with any of you makes me happy, really. And I’m super thankful for all those who make my experience here worthwhile!   

Thank you so much to everyone who follows me, I love you all, the sweetest followers ever. And also to all those I follow who keep my tumblr filled with great content, and who are lovely as well. My dash is radiant thanks to you, really, thank you for brightening up my dash every day 💙

★ So, below are all blogs that I really enjoy following.
note: this is somewhat alphabetical

italics: favorite blogs/those who inspire me

# ↣ c

@02bts@2honeyboy@2awake@apgujeon @agutsd@agustdia@aishjimin@allonsy-allie@bwiyomi ✩ @baobwi@bangtoori@bangtanbanchan@bangtanroyalty@beuits ✩ @booptae@brightjoon ✩ @busa-n@butaer@bwisou ✩ @bwichim@bwinkook@chimcheroo@chimchins@ceiste@cinnamonsuga@cinnaminsvga ✩ @comeherejimin@cosyjeon @cyyphr @c-cygnus

d ↣ i

@dearmyjimin @doona-baes@dreamyoongi@eatkookiie@eatsjins ✩ @galaxxxy6 @ggukz@glitchyoongi ✩ @gotbangboys@hobies@herthealbum@hi-xtape ✩ @holdmehoseok@hobi-@hobeui@hohbi@hobih ✩ @hwanghaes@infiresjimin ✩ @infiremeyoongi 

j ↣ l

@jjks @jminies@jimiyoong@jiminrolls ✩ @jaayhope ✩ @jcnghope@jeonbegins@jeovkks@jjeonguk@jinmini@joonjuly @junghope@junqkookied@jugnkooks@jinblond@jinandtonics ✩ @jjilljj@ktaebwi@kths@kassareo@kimdaily@kookmint@kookiebuff@ksjknj ✩ @kthspjm@kthish ✩ @lesbianblossomjimin@lesbianbts 

m ↣ r

@mangaetteok @mewchim@minsjoon@minshoot@miniyunnki ✩ @minyoongihoseok@myloveseokjin ✩ @nvmjin@nevermindbyjin@nochus@omfgbts@parkjmzl ✩ @parkejimins@pansugah@rapnamu@rapmini@rapmunstar

s ↣ t

@sweaterpawsjimin@samwol@safejimin@seiyoko@seokjins-wings@seokjinies@sgyoongi@slapmon ✩ @sosjimin@softeyoongi@sugagifs@sugutie@sugaa@sugacakes@sugaidc ✩ @sweetpeachyniel@syubbed @taeguk@tae-eyebrows@taepott@ttaewo

u ↣ z

@velvethoseok ✩ @wearepristin@wolfhgang@yoonmin@yoonseok ✩ @yoonggi @yoongichii ✩  @yahjiminie @yoongiski ✩ @yoongiyi @yoongissz ✩ @whyparkjimin  

★ I’m saying it again but, to the blogs I follow, thank you for blessing my dashboard with awesome content and your amazing soul. Keep going, and I wish you all the best in your life. And I’m extremely thankful to those who reblogged or liked my gifs, and some of my graphics I do from time to time, for all the kind messages, and I’m thankful to have people even following me, thank you. I am proud to be a part of this amazing big family and to stan seven angels who deserve all the love that world can give, like all of you, thank you, thank you with all my heart ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Need more blogs to follow?!

so ive been unfollowing a bunch of inactive blogs and need some to follow so if you post the following please like/reblog this and i’ll follow you

-pop punk
-pastel themes
-la dispute
-the wonder years
-the story so far
-knuckle puck
-moose blood
-real friends
-brand new
-anything like this

please please please do bc i have the same stuff appearing over and over on my dash…

need more people to follow

so my interests have changed tons over the years and i need new people to follow so like/reblog if you post about 3+ of the following things?

  • runaways comics (honestly if you post about this just like/reblog and it’ll be a nearly immediate follow from me)
  • wynonna earp
  • amc turn
  • yalit (especially the raven cycle)
  • comic books in general
  • shadowhunters
  • nbc hannibal
  • game of thrones
  • hayley kiyoko
  • paramore
  • the 100 (mainly looking for more blogs posting about raven and/or monty but i mean i’ll probably check you out if you like/reblog this post so)
  • carmilla
  • skam (as long as you aren’t too heavily focused on noorhelm please)
  • animated movies
  • dirk gently’s holistic detective agency (same thing goes like with runaways… if you post about it just like/reblog i’ll check ur blog out)
  • how to get away with murder
  • eyewitness
  • in the flesh
  • star wars
  • bbc merlin

phungai  asked:

Hey, your blog is awesome! Im looking for more blogs to follow and was wondering if you could suggest your faves? Xx :)

yes yes!!! i have so many amazing mutuals so sorry if i forget anyone! im going to make a more formal follow forever this summer and get everyone but in the meantime some of my v v quality mutuals: 

@gaybellaswan @hurricance @glutenfreelesbian @gayhat @lunarbi @officialniall @gayspacehoe @cleffairie @homonormality @quidditchlesbian @presidentgay @makeuplesbian @pokemonlesbian @gayferelden @yarnlesbian @wildlesbian @cleffairie @thexfiles @softchink @dracobaby @mickey-mousemilkovich @sparkelgarbage @safonas @rosalesbian @nudne @dreamyshao @mylenesgf @gayscifi @beachylesbian @pynch @moonstrucklesbian @korrasaemi @catsgrant @wellsyaha @creativerat @tonystarke @lavnderlesbian @latedawn @feistiest @saintophelia @richvelvet @anxiousblackgay @lesbianfreyja @lesbianplaid @lizzybennnet @blooming-within @gnegirl @problematicbrowngirl @jackzimmerrmann @cryptidyke @jasico @adamsparirsh @caesarsseizures @elenalvrez @breadlesbian @brownleiaorgana @softsiriusblack @trimberghly @babyscully @barneswilson

wow that got long !!! and again if ur not on here its just bc i lose track of urls rly easily but everyone will be on the formal follow forever i make in a few weeks!! i love all these ppl sososo much check out these blogs for good most likely gay content! 

Looking for Ereri blogs to follow (please).

I seriously need more Ereri blogs to follow, or at least blogs that still post Ereri in 2017. (cuz in this time of year, it’s kinda hard to find Ereri content anymore) My dash is lacking Ereri and I’m beginning to get depressed. And it’s tiring to search my ass off for a little speck of Ereri. It feels like the fucking Sahara Desert in the Ereri fandom, nobody is alive out there lol. 

If anybody who ships Ereri is still alive out there. Please oh please like/reblog, do whatever so I can check you out. I need:
- Ereri (obviously)
- Eren Yeager
- Levi Ackerman
- Attack on Titan
(maybe also some good o’l bottom Levi?)

That’s it. I don’t care if you’re a multifandom blahblah, just give me some Ereri please. Even after season 2 came out, the Ereri fandom is still kinda dead. <_<

Need more blogs to follow!

I’ve just finished “Nanatsu no Taizai” (”The Seven Deadly Sins”) and I think that I’m ready for fandom (yay! ^^). So, if you post stuff about:

  • Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) or its characters.
  • King
  • Ban
  • King x Diane (Kiane)
  • Ban x Elaine
  • Melizabeth
  • Seriously anyone from this anime… They are such big dorks jfc.

You can REBLOG this post and I will check your blog!

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Thank you! :)

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I seriously need more IT blogs to follow!

please like or reblog if you are mainly an IT blog! 

I don’t care if you mostly post about the book, the miniseries, or just the 2017 movie. I just want more blogs, please!

I will follow with my personal, @artemis-fujita


102 Followers?! How?! I don’t deserve that you all. Honest. Thank you though ^^ its a blessing but also a curse as i can’t name all of followers as my phone and laptop will crash BIG time. Thank you and Good Night, Good Day, and Good Luck. ❤🍾😄🍻🥂🐰🦊
List of followers i have made friends with and those i followed with i wanna deeply thank and mostly cause they deserve followers more than me: @andyourteeth @ihavewaytoomanyproblems @wildehopps679 @trashasaurusrex @skeletonguys-and-ragdolls @diepjun @feverwildehopps @kulkum @mattnyc816 @ziegelzeig @rkaoril @rem289 @turquoise-black1 @pyrophoricitee @spintherella @l0l59 @sophies-sideshow
Thanks to all of you for keeping me happy, and keep going on doing what you all do best. We all love you, both zootopia community and other communities and such :)

i decided it was time to make an intro post - so, hi everyone! my name is gabrielle (or gabby) and i decided it was time to make a studyblr after lurking in the community for so long! i’m hoping that this blog will give me extra motivation to complete my last year of college on a strong note, and help me out if i do decide to continue studying for my masters.

here’s a little about me: i am not a natural at studying (so i’ll definitely be making use of everyone’s tips!) but i do love learning new things. currently i’m studying english and history at college, but i’m not sure of what career path i want to take yet. aside from my two majors, my other interests include anthropology, sociology, psychology, environmental studies, french/spanish, graphic design, and space (hence the name)!

some facts about me!

name: gabrielle or gabby
gender: female (pronouns she/her/hers)
age: 21
location: usa
zodiac/mbti/house: capricorn/isfj/ravenclaw

classes i’ll be taking fall 2017:

intro to women & gender studies (eng)
jane austen (eng)
modern mexico (hist)
russian revolution of 1917 (hist)
african american sci-fi (eng)

inspiration (studyblrs i love!)

@acadmia @milkystudies @studyblr @post–grad @nehrdist @thehistorygrad @studypunked @bookmrk @studiees @hardworkign @scholarly @apricot-studies @studyyspells @lychiestudies

lastly, i’d love to follow more studyblrs ( i follow back from @ystyr​ ), especially if you are studying english or history so feel free to reblog this post/reply and i’ll check out your blog!

Valiant Hearts fanart. Wow… what a game, one of the best I’ve ever played. I love how it portrays the ups and downs of life with its tone, while incorporating the harshness of the First World War. The art style is wonderful too, and I loved the history facts. I drew Emilie and Karl, since those two were probably my favourite.

Follow spree!

I seriously need to follow some more blogs, so please like/reblog if you:

-Tag “blood”, “gore”, and related stuff, so I can blacklist it.

-Optionally, if you tag “nsfw” too.

And I’ll check your blog and might follow you.

Any fandoms are welcome, really. I’m particularly interested in Haikyuu, Pokemon, Voltron, Yuri on Ice, figure skating (and other sports)… But I’m open to follow bogs with other content if you seem to be a nice person.

Reblogs would really help! (if you’re a mutual, you can reblog this too if you want to help!) Thank you!

Looking for blogs to follow

After cleaning up and un-following some blogs that were…filling up with alot of drama and things i dislike seeing, I need some new blogs to follow!

If you’re reading this and you appear to reblog:

1. Anime (Currently im into My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho 100, Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball Super, Fairy Tail, Little Witch Academia, anything related to Shonen/Fantasy/Adventure)

2. Videogames (Sonic, Pokemon, Kirby, Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, Ace Attorney, Megaman, Final Fantasy)

3. Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks/Laika studios (even anything related to animation -im currently studying animation-)

4. MEMES/SHITPOSTS RELATED TO THE ABOVE TASTES (or just funny -high quality- memes)

…and DO NOT reblog anything CONTROVERSIAL, TOXIC and NSFW…

Then please! Like this post so I can follow you! 

Quick shout out to @yuurivoice

This guy is fucking amazing ok. @yuurivoice is an independent Yuuri Katsuki RP blog that does amazing voice overs that in my opinion, sound much more like Yuuri Katsuki than his official dub actor, Josh Grelle.

This guy is a kind, sweet, precious cinnamon roll who churns out the best voice overs EVER. Ranging from angst, to fluff, to nsfw that makes me need to bathe in holy water (JESUS FUCKING CHRIST THAT BLIND FOLD ONE THO). Check him out, follow him. He needs more validation. Seriously.

Ps. Mystic Messenger fans; I don’t play it, but his Yoosung sounds adorable

Okay, I seriously need more blogs to follow

Since I stopped following certain people and others who constantly reblog from them, I need new blogs to follow!

So, if your blog is about any of the following, please like/reblog this so I can check it out!

Hannigram Sam Winchester/Jared Padalecki
Dark Aesthetics or similar things
Spn in general (if it’s not Destiel. Please no.)
Thomas Sanders Anxiety

Thanks in advance xD

hey guys my dash has been seriously dead lately and I just feel like I need to follow more people and make new friends to refresh my feed!! so if you post any of the following maybe you can reblog this post and I can check out your blog?

  • harry potter and/or fbawtft
  • batfam
  • marvel
  • game of thrones
  • tolkien
  • soccer (madridistas and fernando torres lovers where u at? also world cup coming sooooon) and NBA 
  • Singers
  • Canadian shit

and if you know anybody whose blog you feel I could like then please reblog this and @ them!! :D