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Quick shout out to @yuurivoice

This guy is fucking amazing ok. @yuurivoice is an independent Yuuri Katsuki RP blog that does amazing voice overs that in my opinion, sound much more like Yuuri Katsuki than his official dub actor, Josh Grelle.

This guy is a kind, sweet, precious cinnamon roll who churns out the best voice overs EVER. Ranging from angst, to fluff, to nsfw that makes me need to bathe in holy water (JESUS FUCKING CHRIST THAT BLIND FOLD ONE THO). Check him out, follow him. He needs more validation. Seriously.

Ps. Mystic Messenger fans; I don’t play it, but his Yoosung sounds adorable

Need more blogs to follow!

I’ve just finished “Nanatsu no Taizai” (”The Seven Deadly Sins”) and I think that I’m ready for fandom (yay! ^^). So, if you post stuff about:

  • Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) or its characters.
  • King
  • Ban
  • King x Diane (Kiane)
  • Ban x Elaine
  • Melizabeth
  • Seriously anyone from this anime… They are such big dorks jfc.

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Thank you! :)

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Need more blogs to follow

Like or reblog. I’ll check out your blog regardless, I just really need more people to follow!

You can even recommend blogs and whatnot because my dashboard is seriously inactive.

hey friends believe it or not i made a twitter account a couple of days ago lmao anyways you guys can follow me here !!!! but im also looking for people to follow so ill follow my mutuals and anyone who thinks i might like their account (you all probably already know this but i like the spidey cast, marvel, superheroes in general, captain swan, riverdale, gmw, YA books and anything else you’ve seen on my blog) !!! you can reply to this or message me/send me an ask privately if you would prefer

I really need to follow more blogs!~

Reblog/like this post if you want me to check out your blog and you post about any of the following:

  • Doctor Who
  • Game of Thrones 
  • How to get away with Murder
  • Sherlock
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Avengers/Marvel
  • Firefly
  • Arrow
  • Harry Potter
  • Fantasy or Sci-fi
  • Beauty/Fashion
  • Disney
  • Books
  • Writing/Quotes

If you’re feeling (extra) kind, then you can check out my blog/follow back. It will definitely make my day! :3 

I seriously need more blogs to follow.
If you blog about the following please like/reblog so I can follow you.
Harry Potter
LGBT rights
Amanda Hocking
Red vs Blue
Rooster Teeth
Doctor Who
The Guild
Geek and Sundry
Stephen King
Star Wars
Horror movies

You know what? I can barely remember all my fandom a and stuff I like, jus do the thing if you want to and I’ll follow.

follow spree!!

ayy its me, yet again … swear i made like 5 of these before already lol :’). but yes!!! i just unfollowed a few inactives and my dash is already dead so i seriously need to follow more blogs. so yall know the drill reblog this post if you post at least 5 of the following and i’ll check out your blog!!

  • haikyuu!!
  • magi
  • studio ghibli
  • disney
  • atla/lok
  • akatsuki no yona
  • pandora hearts
  • anime movies (eg. 5cmps, wolf children, children who chase lost voices etc.)
  • if you keep up with the season’s newest anime selections ((even if i don’t post them i might in the future after i’ve watched them))

it’d be nice if you had a tagslist and reblogged this containing your most reblogged fandoms. i have other fandoms i’m looking for too so please check out my tags to see if we have any similar. if my followers could signal boost this that’d be wonderful, thank you!!

I SERIOUSLY need more TS4 simblrs to follow!

For real, I’m only following 79 blogs and the content runs SO THIN so quickly. If you post custom content or stories/challenges, reblog or like this post and I’ll check your blog out!

I’m only looking for SIMS 4 blogs, since I don’t play the other games much anymore.

Blog Game

I was tagged by the always awesome @lizzzzoo

1. When was this blog created? August last year.

2. Current number of followers? 98 (so so so close to 100 come onnnnn, though comparing mine to other peoples responses to this is slightly depressing lol)

3 When did your blog reach it’s peak? Um. I don’t think it has yet. :P

4. What made you decide to get a tumblr? I started writing again, and @theprincessed persuaded me to come out of my anon shell. -hugs-

5. How many blogs do I follow? 42 (I need to follow more people seriously).

6. Do I get asks regularly? No, I only get the occasional one. :( Talk to me people! I like talking! :D

I tag… er… @theprincessed, @portinastorm, @scrapyardboyfriends, @wolkje25, @trashmouthsugden, and anyone else who hasn’t done this yet. :)

When your likes are better than your dash 👌🏻

Seriously, I need some more people to follow!

Looking for things like:

Wicca/pagan/magic/what ever else would go here
Cult followings (tv and movies guys)
Maybe a quote blog or two?
Artistic nudes
Black and white

Let me know! Like or reblog. 

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Message or send me an ask with your favorites! (If enough people do this I’ll make a list of the ones who shared with me some awesome blogs!!)