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Drarry fic recs IV

There’s something about this fandom, because every time I find myself thinking “This is it. I’ve finally read all the good ones and now I’m forever doomed to have to lower my standards”, I stumble across a fic that honestly makes me wonder if I’ll ever run out of quality reads. EVERYTHING IS DRARRY AND NOTHING HURTS. Here’s my fourth fic rec post.

The Light More Beautiful (81k) - This is the kind of fic that makes me want to scream out my love from the rooftops, because it’s just that good and I don’t see it recced nearly enough. It’s the less popular sibling of All Our Secrets Laid Bare, but I enjoyed it just as much–not to mention it’s bloody hilarious. Harry is intense and passionate but a total dork who likes to make up the most absurd acronyms, Draco regularly wishes he could hit him, and I love it all.

Running on Air (75k) - Oh god, I don’t even know where to start. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read but I sort of… cried all the way through. The angst is soul-crushing and will leave you thinking for a long time after. Part of me wants to keep this fic all to myself because it felt so close, almost personal. A truly impressive piece of writing, this is a gorgeously written slow-burn filled with thrilling mystery, hope and devastation.

All Must Draw Near (61k) - Obligatory Sara’s Girl rec. This one is just the sweetest thing, a most butterfly-inducing piece of fluff that also happens to have the most excruciating, amazing pining. Harry and Draco are best friends, secretly in love with each other, and they’re already so couple-y it’s ridiculous. Seriously, this combination of pining, romance, and random hilarious detail is what I live for–especially when written by my favorite Drarry author.

The Fall of the Veils (60k) - I can’t decide if I hate this or if it is one of the most brilliant things written in this fandom. The whole situation of the Muggles uncovering the wizarding world is simultaneously fascinating and absolutely horrifying. It makes you think, it makes you cry, and it makes you want to scream at them to STOP RUINING MY HOME. Asexual!Draco is wonderful, his and Harry’s relationship so beautiful. I’d say this is a bit of a must-read.

The Standard You Walk Past (46k) - I was probably the last person to read this one, but if you’re like me and love Eight Year fics with ostracized Draco, this is definitely for you. I cried over Draco, of his loneliness and pain, and I cried over Harry and his nightmares, in which his little self was all hurt and lonely, locked up in his cupboard. I love the angst and the glimpses of humor, such as Harry insulting himself for Draco’s amusement. So good.

Paws of Fury (92k) - Imagine this tiny tiny kitten with tousled black fur and huge green eyes that tilts its little head in curiosity, pounces at anything shiny, and giddily chases bubbles. Nuzzles into Draco’s neck whenever it can because Draco’s its “most favorite person”. ISN’T THIS THE CUTEST THING YOU’VE EVER HEARD? I give you kitten!Harry and this fic, which is all the fluff you’ll ever need. Perfect to recover from Angst Hell. You’re welcome.

Fearless (34k) - This is PTSD!Harry who is fearless and a bit too addicted to danger, and then there’s Draco, who is scared all the time but desperately wants to be fearless too. I love the way this is written, the passion between Harry and Draco, and how they are so ridiculously in love.

The Wolf Pack (13k) - I’m not usually one to even give fics shorter than 20k a second glance, but this one is so worth it. A short piece with such personality that it feels like a full-length feature. Draco and Harry form a bond while in their Animagus forms–yes, they are both wolves–and angst ensues. And cuteness, because pup!Draco is adorable. It will leave you wanting for more.

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Ahh, so much great Drarry fic. That’s it for this time, and again (I feel like a broken record at this point!) please send me all your angsty recs.


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