seriously my favorite movie of all time

FINALLY!! ❤️🗝❤️ I saw it at the movie theaters when i was 9 and i LOVED IT i bought the figures the doll replica and i recently bought the key (fulfilling that childhood dream of mine) i just ughh its such a great movie (how tf do people think is creepy?!)

Riverdale Episode 8 “Oh God Now I Feel Bad For Alice Cooper”
  • Okay the amount of Beronica in this episode is prime
  • Lmao, Veronica labeling Bughead and making a joke, is basically just her defense mechanism so that there is a label on them. As if you are the least bothered one, oh honey
  • And the way she pointed at herself when Alice asked for her. She looked terrified lol
  • Also Bughead were cute, idk I’ll always love beronica the most, but this show makes me ship everything
  • I know that I’m supposed to care about Archie’s dad, and I do. But Archie really pissed me off this episode. Like going after a gang really?
  • Also the serpents working on the construction job is a recipe for disaster
  • I don’t think Veronica’s dad sent those thugs because of Hermione’s romance. I think it’s because she forged Ronnie’s signature, and THEN had a romance.
  • “I stopped listening after the words ‘construction’ and site,’” SAME RONNIE
  • Um those serpents didn’t kill Jason, but something must have happened. Like maybe they are the reason Jason’s whole fake-your-own death thing went sideways?
  • DON’T YOU DARE HURT KEVIN, YOU JERKS. He has been great this whole way through, and I love him, so STAY AWAY!!!
  • Man I hope that Jaquan gets feelings and chooses Kevin. Like right in front of the sheriff and the serpents
  • Okay but the baby shower drama was just SO good
  • Alice finally putting down her sword and going, only to band with Polly after her fight with the Blossom’s
  • AND THEN WE FIND OUT ABOUT THE APPOINTMENT!!!! So it was never Alice, it was her dick of a husband.
  • Plus he did the same thing to her when she was Polly’s age, which means that all of this is WAY more personal than we all thought.
  • “Get. Out.” Honestly shivers during that scene, the way she was crying at the same time was amazing.
  • And then Polly chooses the Blossom’s like an idiot! I get that they needed to do that for drama and because she cares for the baby, but seriously?! That house is out of a freaking horror movie!
  • “Sorry mom, I tried,” that whole last scene was my favorite of the episode (yes even more than all the beronica looks) I mean the way Alice looked so betrayed, and she just fell into Betty’s arms. She has never felt more human, and I love that they’re making the audience question everything that they know about characters.
  • Probably my favorite episode so far, because even the storyline I didn’t really care about was awesome.
  • I think next week we get the beronica moment in the bathroom? (I could be wrong) and I’m so excited because Ronnie has been so strong all the way through, and I want to see her be comforted if that makes sense lol.
  • See ya next week!
Confession Time

This new Pirates of the Carribbean trailer/movie has got my inner 15 year old all fangirly again lol

When the first one came out I was only 11 years old and now I’m 25. This has been my favorite movie series of all time. I grew up with this.

dude I was am the biggest closet Sparrabeth shipper of all time. it was my first ship lmao. 

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Jack Sparrow was my first sexual awakening lmao He got me through puberty LOL I still have my Jack Sparrow Posters & pillows. To this day when I see Jack Sparrow impersonators I still get all tingly. seriously I need help. it is ingrained now. I am secretly still Jack-Sparrow-sexual. It’s a problem. 

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oh the feels & memories.

It got so bad that I could literally lip sync and quote the movies as they played. I knew the scripts by heart.


PS I’m wearing my circa 2005 pirates outfit when it comes out in theaters and no one can stop me


I did it. I fixed Jurassic Park 3.

22 Horror Movies for Snow Days *all available on Netflix right freakin' now!*

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This photo from American Mary is just here for the thumbnail.

  1. American Mary

A promising surgical student drops out of school after a traumatic event and gets caught up in a black market for extreme body modification. Expect wit and gore but not jump scares. This is one of my personal favorites. Watch the trailer here.


2) The Taking of Deborah Logan

Do you like occult films but feel like you’ve seen everything the subgenre has to offer? Try The Taking of Deborah Logan. The film follows a group of students making a thesis documentary about Alzheimer’s. Naturally, things take a dark turn and we find that nothing is as it seems. This made my Best of 2014 list. Watch the trailer here.


3) The Damned

How do you destroy an entity that can’t be destroyed? Watch the trailer here.


4) Stitches

If you’re more into laughs and camp, you might like Stitches. In this slasher horror-comedy, a crude, sloppy clown comes back from the dead to exact revenge on the people who killed him during a freak accident at a children’s party. Watch the trailer here.


5) Cabin in the Woods

A group of friends goes on vacation to a cabin in the woods… AGAIN. Same old slasher movie you’ve seen a million times before? Uh, not quite. Find out who’s behind the scenes making this trip a complete nightmare. Nothing is what it seems at this cabin… and nothing is a coincidence. Another one of my personal favorites- a movie specifically for horror fans who like to poke fun at horror archetypes. Watch the trailer here.


6) Scream

A masked killer stalks and kills the high schoolers of a small town. A group of friends realizes that in order to survive they must follow the rules of typical horror movies.  It might sound generic, but it’s very self-aware and witty. If there is ever a chance for me to recommend Scream, I will. This is one of my favorites of all time (yeah, seriously!) Watch the trailer here.


7) Oculus

A young woman seeks to exonerate her brother after he is released from a mental rehabilitation center, where he had been kept since childhood for allegedly murdering his father. What does she attempt to prove? That a mirror was responsible for the strange events and murders that took place in the homes of its owners, including their own. It’s really great but be warned the it has a non-linear narrative film structure, meaning scenes jump back and forth between present day and flashbacks. This made my Best of 2014 list. Watch the trailer here.


8) You’re Next

Another film that takes the slasher genre and turns it on its head. A well-to-do family comes together for a weekend to celebrate the mother’s and father’s anniversary. What’s supposed to be a fun celebration turns into a nightmare when the family realizes they are being hunted down. Find out why when you check out this unique, surprisingly funny, gory slasher. This made my Best of 2013 list with a tie for first place. Watch the trailer here.


9) The House of the Devil

A babysitter realizes her clients have a strange, dark secret. This is a slow-paced film with a 70s or 80s look. Not everyone will be into that, but it’s really good if you make it through the slow parts. Watch the trailer here.


10) Contracted

A young woman contracts an STD… or so she thinks. Watch the trailer here.


11) The Innkeepers

During a hotel’s final days of being open, two employees seek to reveal its haunted past. Along the way, they experience some strange, creepy events. This film is made by Ti West, the same person who made The House of the Devil. It’s also slow-paced, but it’s good if you make it through the slow parts. This movie is pretty funny, so it makes the slow parts more bearable. Watch the trailer here.


12) All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

A group of high school friends invites the nerd-turned-hottie to a weekend getaway at a summer house. Of course, things go wrong and people end up dead but nothing is as it seems. Watch the trailer here.


13) Witching and Bitching

A group of thieves are trapped in a town full of witches by a coven. This film is hilarious, witty, and tons of fun. It’s in Spanish, but don’t let subtitles scare you away from great movies! This movie made my Best of 2014 list. Watch the trailer here.


14) Dumplings

Women seeking a more youthful look turn to a rather unsavory remedy to do the trick. This movie is foreign, so there will be subtitles. It will creep you out and it will gross you out. Watch the trailer here.


15) We Are What We Are

This slow-paced, gothic-style film follows a family preparing for a secret ritual. The last 5 minutes are worth the build-up. Watch the trailer here.


16) Proxy

If you’re looking for a more cerebral type of movie, give Proxy a try. Essentially, the film follows three parents who have lost children. It’s gory, unique, and definitely keeps you guessing. You’ll think you have it all figured out, but you’ll probably be wrong. This made my Best of 2014 list. Watch the trailer here.


17) The Snowtown Murders

Based on a true story, a teenager falls in with his mother’s new boyfriend and his group of neighborhood watchmen who use murder and torture as a means of protecting their neighborhood. It’s pretty graphic and violent, so it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but Snowtown really is worth the watch. Watch the trailer here.


18) Devil

After The Village and The Happening, did you lose all faith in M. Night Shyamalan? Sit down and watch Devil, a murder mystery that takes place almost completely in a stuck elevator. It’s creepy and fast-paced. Watch the trailer here.


19) Alyce Kills

Alyce accidentally (“accidentally?”) kills her friend and subsequently delves into a world of sex, drugs, and murder. It’s cerebral, it’s badass. Watch the trailer here.

20) Kill List

A former hitman takes on a new job with a promise of a big payoff. It seems like a normal job at first, but things get darker and darker. It builds up suspense, so there aren’t really many jump scares. Watch the trailer here.

21) The Conspiracy

Friends making a documentary about conspiracy theories decide to infiltrate the ritualistic gathering of a secret society. Watch the trailer here

22) The Haunting

This haunted house-themed remake is only on this list because it’s the first horror movie I ever saw in a theater and because I didn’t want to end the list at 21. I have a soft spot in my heart for it. Watch the trailer here.

constable-nugget  asked:

Is Strange Magic seriously your favorite movie? It's the only movie I've ever walked out on in the theater

Considering how this is…you know…a fan-blog for the movie, I should think that’d be fairly obvious, but sure, I’m happy to clear up any remaining confusion!

Funny story, the first time I saw Strange Magic, I was cringing and sinking down in my seat.  But the parts I did like from the start, I liked enough to give it another chance.  It grew on me and the rest is history!

So yes, this is my favorite movie.  Seriously.  I love it very much, flaws and all.  In fact, I’d say one of the major reasons why I love it is because it’s so flawed.  And I’m not the only one, either!  Can I get an Amen!, fandom?  

I wish the “Dark Age” of Disney got talked about more in a positive way. Most people view it as some of Disney’s worst, but it’s not. I personally like The Black Cauldron. The Great Mouse Detective is one of my favorite movies of all-time and more people deserve to know about it. Oliver and Company I though was also very good and it had some awesome backgrounds. And Billy Joel. Seriously, it doesn’t get better than that. Basically all underrated Disney movies (etc The Aristocats, Treasure Planet, Atlantis, etc) need to be talked about a whole lot more. 

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Hey is there anywhere i can see more about the Dersite language? Sounds really interesting!

It’s still under construction! However, here is a bit of a rundown:

Currently I’m sorting out the lexicon first and then I’m going to touch upon more grammatical rules, determining root words so I can construct sentences and then fuck around with them a little to make things easier to pronounce in speech. After all that is done, I’m going to write a sufficiently alien-looking written orthography for it, and after THAT is done I’m going to go into the Zompist Sound Change Applier and fuck everything up once more with feeling, so that it’s the most organic language I can construct in these time constraints.

Then I’m gonna rinse and repeat it for Prospitian and smash them together to make Skaian Trade Language (which is currently unnamed).

I will host all of the important details and the entire dictionary/pronunciation guide/sentence structure lowdown/etc on @hsetau on separate pages because I am a freak who loves langauges and Arrival is my favorite alien invasion movie (seriously this is the kind of shit I’ve been doing for the past THREE YEARS and finally seeing my nerdiness actualized into a film format is basically appealing directly to me in ways I never expected to be directly appealed to)

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my queen I have an idea. What if we get everyone salty too by watching Rebellion

Dude, you have no idea how much I want to stream Madoka Magica: Rebellion. Like, it’s one of my all time favorite movies. Seriously. It’s fucking awesome. 

But I can’t because some people in the stream might not have seen the anime and/or haven’t finished it and I don’t want to spoil. 

I might do a private movie night for my Madoka fan though in the future. That way we can fanboy/girl about it and cry at the end. 

my favorite moment ever in Jurassic Park is when Dr. Grant lights the flare…

the T. Rex sees him…

and in that single moment, Dr. Grant reconsiders all of the life choices that lead him to where he is…


This post fully gives my thoughts right now on the most inspirational and unique director of all fucking time. From such controversial films with cult status’ as ‘Gummo (1997)’, 'Julien Donkey-Boy (1999)’, and 'Spring Breakers (2013)’. He was thrown into showbiz at age of 18 after writing a film that shook the nation 'KIDS (1995)’.
Now to start, I look up to this man as the inspiration to seriously every script I’ve ever written. I look at his style of capturing ghostly characters and setting and put them into my own perspective. I own every movie he’s come out with. My favorite is Gummo, but I could easily choose Trash Humpers or Spring Breakers as a favorite. I’ve showed my friends this guys film talent and they all were disturbed and creeped out. That’s how he captures his films. He captures the grotesque and stunning visuals that happen around us everyday but no one notices or wants to look upon. I love this dude and his movies with a passion and go check out his films. He’s a legend. Love

Thank you for tagging me @sententiousandbellicose

Relationship status: In a Relationship

Favorite color: Green and Red

Lipstick or chapstick: Can I have both? Day to day is definitely chapstick (Carmex is life!) but I love a deep red lipstick but my all time favourite and go-to is Chanel’s Mademoiselle. Yes please!

Last song you listened to: For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield

Last movie you watched: Suicide Squad

Top 3 characters: Only 3?! Jeeez. Ok, off the top of my head. Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica), Kate Stewart (Doctor Who), Carol Peletier (The Walking Dead).

Top 3 ships: Only 3 again? Seriously? Ok fine… but this is going to be really hard. Bernie/Serena (Holby City), Carol/Daryl (The Walking Dead, Diane/Kurt – even though he cheated on her and if he does it again, I’ll crawl into the TV and go all ninja on his arse! (The Good Wife/Good Fight).

Books you are currently reading: Currently reading Tipping the Velvet but really slowly because I have been crazy busy. I need a long trip so I can read it while I’m travelling – which will actually be this weekend. Good planning Rex! :P

I’m tagging the first 6 people who appear in my activity list. Feel free to ignore if you’ve already done this one or don’t wish to: @amyrbh, @bialevin, @major-lupine-lust, @atearsarahjane, @inlovewithatraumasurgeon, @ddagent 

Why the 1997 Disney Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “Cinderella” is the greatest movie ever made
  • Brandy is Cinderella
  • Remember Brandy? No? She was a big deal in the 90s because SHE’S WONDERFUL
  • She’s so sweet and wide-eyed and beautiful and strong and curious and exactly what Cinderella should be
  • She’s the QUEEN of back-handed insults 
  • She also takes NO SHIT from bros
  • This movie is so fucking COLORFUL (and I don’t even mean the casting -we’ll get to that) - like, they just use every fucking color that is visible to the human eye and splatter them over the sets and costumes and it’s GREAT 

  • Rodgers and Hammerstein’s music is re-orchestrated to have this weird 90s pop/R&B twinge (so many synths) and it’s so bizarre but also really wonderful?
  • Just in general, the orchestrations are amazing - they clearly spent half their budget on the orchestra
  • They clearly didn’t spend much money on the set - I’m pretty sure they filmed the whole movie on a disused part of Disneyland but it’s perfect. 
  • The King & Queen are Whoopi Goldberg and Victor Garber and they have an ASIAN SON

  • Like, THESE TWO PEOPLE PRODUCED THIS GODLIKE KEN DOLL OF A PERSON (it makes zero genetic sense and is my favorite thing about this movie)

  • Seriously, who is this guy and where do I get one?
  • This actor was basically never in anything else which is a fucking CRIME because he is BEAUTIFUL and a WONDERFUL SINGER
  • Speaking of wonderful singers, Bernadette Peters is the step-mother. That’s right, Broadway superstar, Sondheim’s muse herself, Bernadette Peters. 
  • And for no other reason than being Bernadette Peters, she sings “Falling in Love with Love” which isn’t even from this fucking musical (though it is R&H’s) and dramatically swoons onto couches
  • She also has one white daughter and one black daughter and they are both terrible and perfect
  • What even is the wallpaper in this movie? Seriously, pay attention to the wallpaper. 
  • And the costumes in the movie. Especially during the ball when the dresses all go swoosh! 

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  • Inexplicably, George Costanza is the prince’s servant and has a completely random and bizarre accent. 
  • “I wish there was something between us: a continent” is the greatest rejection line ever
  • This movie is genuinely funny at times. All the actors are too good to get bogged down by cheesy dialogue 
  • Ugh, that scene in the garden. I s2g, this was the most romantic thing to me when I was 8 

Originally posted by kaleidoscopekingdoms

  • Seriously, this prince is the dreamiest prince you’ve ever seen 
  • Oh man, the special effects are so bad
  • Whitney Houston singing and floating away into the aether is maybe my favorite film ending of all time


oh ohH okay so i watched descendants the other day bc all my roomates were out and i was like let’S GO CRAZY IMMA WATCH DISNEY CHANN EL so anyway yeah i watched it an i don’t know what happened and i’m supposed to be writing an essay but i’ve been reading fanfiction about two lil fuckers from that movie since like 11 am and i can’t stop and they’re all sooO 👀👀👀 good ohmagaod 💯💯 they’re so cute and oh GOD 👌👌

My Thoughts on Magnificent 7 *Contains Spoilers*
  • First of all, I love the plot of the film. The opening got me hooked and I loved how dramatic the opening title scene was especially after the huge emotional and dramatic scene before it. 
  • Love how Sam just kills a bunch of people with his gun and doesn’t give a fuck at all. Like he’s done this so many times it’s like just another day’s work. 
  • I love and am also irritated by how Faraday pushes his luck. Like he gets himself into so many risky situations, it’s hilarious and pretty cool how confident his character is and he’s one of my favorites hands down but seriously dude why are you cocky! His skills are just super underestimated I suppose and that adds like a whole new layer to him that’s fucking awesome! 
  • Just all the action in the movie is fucking awesome like seriously I saw this movie with my college friends (the school had a program where we could go see it for free so those of us that weren’t busy went) and it was so awesome we were all cheering and clapping and stuff during the Rose Creek battle when something epic happened and it made me love this film even more!

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Isaac- Share It With You


6.  “Christmas is the absolute best time of the year and I don’t know who deprived you of holiday cheer, but I’m going to shove it down your throat until you agree.”

A/N- This is really short so it’s more of a blurb than an imagine. I have one holiday imagine left, and then I’ll be opening up requests for a bit, just because I really need to write something different. 

“Oh my gosh,” you breathed as you snuggled up to Isaac on the couch. “I cannot believe Christmas is three days away.”
“Yeah,” Isaac said softly.
You looked over at him and blinked. “What’s wrong? Christmas is the best time of the year.”
“I guess,” he told you.
“Come on,” you said with a laugh. “All the lights, the feel-good movies, the presents…you don’t like any of that?”
“It’s alright,” he said with a shrug.
“Isaac,” you said. “You have got to be kidding me. This is my favorite holiday, and it’s gonna be yours too. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t like Christmas?”
“I guess it was just never a happy time for me,” he admitted.
You froze suddenly. Of course there was a reason Isaac didn’t like Christmas. Of course you had been stupid enough to forget about his dad, and everything he had been through. You didn’t know much about his mom or his brother, but after they had died, it had just been Isaac and his father, and you knew that Mr. Lahey was a monster.
“Oh my god,” you breathed, your voice laced with guilt. “Isaac, I-I totally forgot about your dad. God, I’m such an idiot. I-”
“No, no, no,” he told you quickly, grabbing your hand. “It’s not your fault. I’m glad that Christmas was always good for you. It just wasn’t for me, but I don’t wanna ruin it for you.”
“You couldn’t ruin it for me,” you said honestly. “I just want to share it with you, to show you how good it can be. Only if you want to, of course.”
Isaac smiled. “Of course I do.”
“Awesome!” you squealed. “Okay, so have you ever seen The Polar Express?”
“I think,” Isaac said. “A really long time ago.”
“It’s my favorite Christmas movie,” you told him. “I mean, the CGI was actually really outdated for the time, and it was kind of creepy now that I think about it, but it had a really good message. It was a sweet movie. We could watch that if you want. Oh! And we have to bake Christmas cookies…and I can make some hot chocolate!”
Isaac smiled at your excitement as you jumped up from the sofa. He was touched that you wanted to share this with him, and when you grabbed him by the hand and tugged him toward the kitchen, he felt his face breaking into a grin. No one had ever gone to this much trouble to share something they loved with him, and although he didn’t have the best memories of Christmas, he was looking forward to making some more with you.

Shape of You; Luke Hemmings

This is my first fic so I’m really scared and I hope you like it! I got really inspired by Ed Sheeran’s new song “Shape of You” so here we go :3 

It’s a really short one shot that needs all of your love and attention or it won’t be able to fee its family.

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“Angry White Man” is my #1 Source for Movie Recommendations

Any time I see an article titled, “White Men Furious Over New Film,” or the words “reverse discrimination” or “white genocide” I know it will be a damn good movie.

Same goes for television shows.

Ghostbusters? Dear White People? The Haindmaids Tale? Some of my favorite recents movies and tv shows, all thanks to the solid recommendations of the white men who hate it.