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Joshua Farris Give Me Love || 2015 US Figure Skating Championships

me (finally) watching 'the last goodbye' MV
  • opening (BoFA footage): *immediately feels emotional*
  • 0'54": WHAT OMG THERE'S LOTR FOOTAGE TOO *emotions intensify*
  • 1'37" (frodo & sam): AWWWWWWW
  • 1'41" (bilbo & frodo looking at sting): oh nice
  • 1'46" (ARAGORN OPENING THE DOORS): *has to pause the video for a few seconds, collect myself and then repeat that part before continuing*
  • happy LOTR and hobbit cast footage: AWWWWWW
  • transition into sadder footage with theoden, thorin, boromir: no no no no no no no wait ughhhhh NO
  • 2'44" (galadriel & thranduil close-up intense gazes): oh nice
  • 2'53": THORIN NOOOOOOOOO where are you walking to with such deadly purpose stoppppp
  • 3'13" (aragorn on amon sul): *oh seriously WHAT two of my fave aragorn scenes ever in this video*
  • 3'19" (elrond in BoFA): so badass
  • 3'23" (eowyn & faramir): so precious
  • ending (cast members hugging & waving goodbye): *i'm not crying YOU'RE crying*
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Hikapu might be one of the cutest, happiest looking people on the planet and I love her with all of my heart