seriously most underrated part of this relationship

I saw Logan. It fucked me up. Definitely worth seeing in a good theater if you want to suffer and feel your heart broken into a million tiny pieces.

Hugh Jackman is a seriously underrated talent. And that little girl…. man…. she stole the show in some scenes.

I think the most tragic part, for me personally, wasn’t only the very tenuous relationship Logan has with humanity (and this tiny she-wolverine) although that was very very sad - I think the absolute biggest tragedy of the story was Xavier and his baggage.

Thinking about how deeply he “failed” in his mission in this future timeline is, tbh, it’s chilling. In Days of Future Past at least you knew it would end well and Prof. X was being selfish and self-pitying and remedied that and got back to saving the world.

But in Logan… that’s all out the window. He tried his best. In fact, in the face of senility, he’s STILL trying his best…. but he’s failing. He fails.

There’s the tiniest glimmer of hope at the end but it feels much more like a broken legacy, not at all measuring up to what Xavier put into his life and his people.

Man. It’s a bleak film.