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People will literally reward the mediocrity of men over the greatness women in the same field. Tonight’s episode of DWTS was a perfect example of this. You have 3 incredible dancers - Normani, Simone, and Heather - be in the bottom 3 yet you have 3 incredibly mediocre-at-best male dancers. 

Seriously America. Fucking get it right once in a while. Also Len can choke and leave this plane of existence. 

Sometimes I feel really mediocre, you know ?

Like, I’m not particularily pretty, I want to have a sophisticated and cool fashion style but I end up dressing pretty blandly because I can’t accessorise for shit and every time I try on clothes that look cool they just look out of place on me.

I know stuff but I feel like there are always people know more about that subjects I’m passionate about that I do (namely video games, animes and stuff, I feel pretty illegitimate) or stuff that I want to know about but don’t really have the time or money to do so, like … makeup ? D&D ? Musicals and plays ? 

Heck, even if I write stuff for my blog (and I’m pretty proud of whate I write) I always find someone whose better, more analytical, smarter in what they say, more documented, EVERYTHING.

I just feel mediocre most of the time, and I guess there’s nothing wrong with that, but it gets me down really fast. 

i can’t keep this in any longer. two ghosts is the worst song on harry’s album by far and i don’t want to hear it anymore. it exposes his biggest weakness (songwriting) while giving no musical/vocal payoff to compensate for that. his biggest strength is the vulnerability and rawness of his vocals and his ability to emote with his voice but two ghosts is so one note and boring that the only thing that makes it somewhat redeemable is the live version. nostalgia is a bitch and he needs to get it out of his system because i can’t take that fucking mediocre song seriously anymore. i’m SORRY it’s BAD and you can tell he wrote it a while ago because it sounds like a 1d reject song

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Every Dragon Ball fan ever was so hyped for DBS, and then it turned out to be seriously mediocre with characters that have changed so much we don't know them anymore.

I’m one of those fans - when DBS was announced I was SO hype, we were about to see our old favorites, our stupidly awesome characters fighting again against god knows what threat!! It was so exciting and then… nothing. 

The universe 6 saga was decent but it was just another way to promote how awesome Saiyans are while everyone else is shit compared to them (see how Piccolo was forced to forfeit in favor of Vegeta), the Goku Black saga had the most boring villain in the history of Dragon Ball - and I’m including Pilaf in this - and so far the Universe Survival is just MORE “Saiyans are awesome and everything else is nothing” stuff.

All in all I’m disappointed as hell and what pisses me off the most about Super is that every single character was stripped of their previous glory and turned into an empty shell.

HEY! I animated (if you could call it that) the She’s Out of My League video from THIS POST.

It’s mediocre, but’s it’ll do. Like I said before, kind of new to the whole art thing. I don’t quite know how to draw arms/fingers/legs properly yet. Or faces, really. Or anything for that matter.

But I’m trying and I practiced by making this. Enjoy.

Bit of career advice for people just starting: Try the thing even if it’s scary

At my job, I’m a bit of a rising star. I’ve had two promotions in the past year (from part-time intern to full-time entry-level, and then from entry-level to lower management), to give you an idea. 

So from my experience, here’s how you attract management attention: If your boss offers you something you haven’t done before, say, “I haven’t done it before but, yes, I can do it.” 

I haven’t done it before manages expectations: Your boss is not going to expect you to do the thing perfectly. 

Accepting the thing shows ambition: You want to take on more responsibility. 

The phrasing is important. I can do it. Not, I’ll give it a try or I think I can do it. Be a little arrogant. Fake it till you make it is important here: I’ve had more than a few times where my brain is going, “Uh what, what the fuck is that? I don’t even know what that is how am I supposed to do it! AaaaawhatifIscrewitup?!” as my traitor mouth says, “It’ll be my first time, but yeah, I’ll do that for you. No problem.” Script it if you have to.

Then you need to follow your words with action: Research how to do the thing, and do your best at it. You don’t have to do it perfectly, but you do have to put in enough effort and diligence that it’s a good effort for a first-timer. You said you could do the thing - make sure you do it. You don’t have to do it perfectly, but you do have to do it completely and to the best of your ability.  

Then, when your boss (note I say when - it’s your first time doing the thing, you’re not gonna get it right the first time. Your goal isn’t perfection, it’s a good enough first try) has constructive criticism, make no excuses. No, “It’s my first time!” or “But I didn’t know that!” Your boss knows it’s your first time, that doesn’t matter - your boss already knows all the excuses, for one, and for two, that it’s your first time means it’s more likely you messed something up, not less. What matters is the thing you made could be better, so it’s time to make it better. Reign in the urge to get defensive (everyone has that urge - what separates a professional from someone who’s not is that the professional is able to put their inner tantrum-throwing toddler into a corner for a time-out. And I say that as a person with a more temperamental inner tantrum-throwing toddler than most). Instead, thank your boss for the criticism and rework the thing with the criticism. “Oh, yeah, that’s a good point and I didn’t think of it. Thanks for pointing it out. I’ll revise and get it back to you.” 

(If you don’t take criticism well - I sure as hell don’t - act gracious and then head off somewhere private so you can cool off before you get back to work. I get really shirty when criticized, so this is something I do at least 1-3 times per week at work. While the ideal is to make criticism of your work completely non-personal to you, fake it till you make it applies here, too - if you can’t separate “you” from “your work” emotionally, pretend you can to your boss and then go off to cool down and talk yourself out of your defensive rage. As I said, I go away to cool off for a bit at least 1-3 times a week at work - I am by no means a pro at accepting criticism graciously. I am, however, getting pretty good at seeming like I’m accepting criticism graciously. :P Plus, the more you try on the skill of accepting criticism graciously, the better you actually will get at it, so that’s also a plus. Taking criticism well is a skill, not an inherent personality trait - the more you practice, the better at it you’ll get. Case in point: Me. Criticism used to reduce me to wall-punching and angry tears back when I was a teenager. Now, I seethe in the bathroom for five minutes and I’m good to go)

Recently, I tweeted: 

Boss: I want you to write a white paper.
Me: Ok
Boss: Can you do that?
Me: Uh, sure?
Boss: Great!
Me: *googles how to write a white paper*

At the time, I meant it as a joke - but really, it’s how I snagged two promotions in a year. I am not the most confident person in the world (anyone who knows me knows that), but the thing I do that a lot of people don’t do is I take on the thing even if it terrifies me, even if I think I’m not good enough. Sometimes I take on the thing because it terrifies me and I think I’m not good enough. Because, for me, doing the thing even if it’s scary is how I grow and develop new skills. 

For most of the folks reading this: You’ve heard that expression, “Carry yourself with the confidence of a mediocre white man.” right? Do that. Seriously - watch the mediocre white dude at your work who seems to catch the management’s favor for some reason. Watch how he moves, how he talks, how confident he is in his ability to take on things regardless of whether or not he actually has said ability. Management doesn’t like him because he’s mediocre - they like him because he’s got confidence. Especially if you know you’re better than him at something, copy his confidence. You are good enough - you wouldn’t be there if you weren’t. If you can’t believe it, at least fake that you believe it until you do.

When I made the decision to try to copy the confidence of the cisdudes around me - to start taking risks, to start putting myself forward, to stop talking myself out of opportunities - is when my career took off. We live in an extrovert’s world - and in the extrovert’s world, confidence matters more than competence. It’s unfortunate but true. Be confident, and competence will come - don’t be confident, and you won’t be given the chance to build the competence.

Note: The above all assumes that your boss is a reasonable person who wants in good faith to help you. Most bosses are. Some aren’t. If yours isn’t, disregard this post and start a covert job hunt to find a job where the boss is a reasonable person.

Hey Jude - Coming Soon

Banner by will herondale

 There were lots of things Harry Styles sucked at : math, sorting laundry and making parent pick-up on time. But the one thing he is good at is solving other people’s life woes and does so in the corner of a modest newspaper under the pseudonym Jude. Harry doesn’t take himself too seriously, he’s just a mediocre writer trying to make ends meet. That is until he meets Abbey Cross, his biggest fan.

A writer/ single parent AU coming to tumblr and 1DFF sometime in the near future! 

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Serious question tho, why isn't John more popular. I'm not even just talking about acting roles (although that is a huge part of it too), but I'm talking about why he isn't more popular on tumblr? He posts pics and vids with his cat, he reads feminist literature, he is a total dork, loves superheroes and video games so he likes the same things that most of us already like, so I'm seriously trying to figure out why he doesn't have half the site Stan-ing for him like you and a few other blogs do.

Eccentricities and weirdness are what make us interesting. No one ever gets that, though.  Anyone, ever,  who tries to make you feel strange and outcast about that is dull, bland, boring, normal and nothing special themselves.  They’re mediocre.

Seriously, I wish I could go back in a time machine and tell that to 14 year old me. I would cuddle her and hold her and make her feel better. I’d comfort her and tell her she was fine all along. 

I’d tell her she was too smart for all those idiots. I’d stop her from feeling so ugly and bad. I’d tell her she was brilliant and amazing.

But I can’t.  Not anymore. The opportunity is lost to me.

All I can do now is comfort bullied teenage girls now and tell them “Don’t listen to the people who shit on you. They’re sneaky, smarmy weaselly little morons. Pathetic  beyond words. But, then, you knew this all along didn’t you?”


I spent way longer on this than I should have

Pearl why are you so hard to draw