seriously loving their stylist

up10tion’s “everything” stage 170701


(is it bad for me to say that i prefer this concept to their other concepts… and that most of the members [jinhoo, sunyoul, kogyeol, xiao, gyujin, hwanhee, wei… essentially everyone but bitto and kuhn] fit this concept better???)


  • sooil’s sleeves rolled up to his elbows oh my gOD YES
  • yein’s lil sleeve paw things… im not okay
  • no seriously bless his stylist
  • hwanhee grabbing his crotch ??? why
  • also i love how yein and sungjun both have a very exaggerated pose w/ their hips

pairs (left to right): yein&jinwook, dongyeol&sooil, (changhyun&his fire rap), minsoo&sungjun, gyujin&hwanhee

i cannot believe they made “runner” cute and proceeded to do a move from “tonight” this is not ok

like i said before, most of the members would fit this concept better… but esp. minsoo (his voice is softer/lighter and he has a calm image), jinwook (smiling 23/7), yein (have you watched the video ??? he’s yein), and gyujin (literal angel sent from heaven bless). i wish they’d do some lighter/sweeter concepts sometimes… 

like u10t usually has really intense songs, and i feel like it doesn’t really fit any of their personalities (aside from changhyun) and voices (aside from changhyun and maybe sooil & hwanhee). minsoo, gyujin, wooseok, and dongyeol all have super light voices, and yein’s voice doesn’t suit their songs.

yein is always straining his voice in their songs bc he has to sing really high notes, really loudly and intensely but it’s not in his comfortable range so essentially he’s screaming the note which damages his voice + probably hurts a lot. he also tries to sing in… a different voice, if that makes sense ??? to fit tougher concepts and i just feel like i’m hearing his voice getting damaged and you can kind of hear it lately and it sucks bc he doesn’t deserve that

i wish top media would stop giving them such intense songs like white night or ID. catch me, tonight, even runner suits them better? idk

anyways. thx top media + the show + u10t for the stage it was lovely