seriously love the blonde girl's dress

Loud Like Love

“So you actually have to train your new boss, today? I thought the boss was in charge of you.” Eugene raised a brow as he sipped his black ice coffee. He adjusted his blue tie and rolled up the sleeves of his white collared, pressed shirt.

He smiled over at the cute barista with the long blonde hair, who simply blinked at him and looked away. The brown haired man narrowed his eyes. “Seriously, you lie about your lame-ass name ONCE and suddenly she hates you..”

Summer was in full swing, which meant all the pretty girls were wearing their summery dresses and short shorts. A freckled, strawberry blonde with twin braids and a green sundress and matching sandals rode past the window.

Eugene Fitzherbert, but known as Flynn Ryder at his work, the biggest car sales lot in the city, took another sip of his drink and lowered his sunglasses as he looked over Hans’ shoulder.

(( prince-hans-westergard-roleplay ))