seriously love her in hannibal

Aaand up next for my modest Red Dragon con write up…

Katharine Isabelle

I LOVED HER. I’ll admit I didn’t give her much thought beforehand, as Margot Verger didn’t necessarily do much for me, but oh boy did Katie steal my heart! She’s racy and outspoken and loud, and super friendly and approachable. She’s soooo much fun!! She loved my jumper (black with a deer skull on it) and wanted to know where I got it. I told her she was fantastic and that I hoped she’d never stop being awesome. She also put her head on people’s boobs, like… a lot. The lady loves boobs, what can I say.

  • the con people accidentally spelled her name ‘Katherine’ and she corrected it indignantly with a black marker and I loved her even more.
  • Katie had only ever seen Joe Anderson with the full-face prosthetics on, so one day a really hot British guy walked into the make up trailer and she was like ‘oooh,  who is that hot dude?’  and the make up people said 'that’s your brother, you’ve been working with him for two weeks…’
  • She described filming the Alanna/Margot sex scene as 'six hours of scissoring’ and 'the best day EVER’. She and Caroline were both naked save for stick-on thongs and nipple daisies, and neither of them had eaten all day so they’d not look bloated. Except halfway through shooting a hotdog cart was wheeled into the studios… And both of them, being super hungry, ended up sitting naked in a corner shoving hotdogs into their faces. The mental images are killing me.
  • Alanna and Margot’s son is named Morgan!
  • The kid who played Morgan seriously hated Katie and was really uncooperative.
  • Katie says that Caroline’s hair is super soft.
  • She was raised a vegan but “got over it” after a particularly good beef chili.
  • She owns 2 horses, despite being terribly allergic. She has to use a neoprene mask to be able to groom them. The Hannibal producers offered her riding lessons, but she was like, oh hon, naw, but she did require them to bring her 'pre-groomed’ horses and could only sit on them for like half an hour lest she legit die.
  • At one point a dude did a terrifying Mason Verger impression and it was awesome. This is not a tidbit about Katharine but it’s worth a mention.