seriously look how adorable these kids are

❤️My sister is the cutest thing ever❤️

omg today at work I was putting sticker labels on our yogurt parfaits and this little kid comes up to me(his mom was paying at the register) and is like “What are you doing?”

So I tell him I am putting stickers on these so people know what they are.

He asks what they are so I explain. And then he kinda starts chattering at me. I think he said he was three or four but he’s telling me how he’s going to kindergarten and today is his first day. I told him that means he is really grown up now and he nodded really seriously

Then he asked me if I ever went to kindergarten (which was adorable) I told him yes but it was a long time ago and about then his mom comes back and is like, “And she also had to learn her sounds and letters just ask her.” and I’m cracking up a little but the kid looks at me with these big bambi eyes and I very seriously told him yes I did.

Just wanted to share todays adorable child anecdote. Cute kids are the best part of working in the service industry. The other day I smiled and waved at a baby and she smiled and did a little baby dance in her carrier it was adorable

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Seriously deanee with kids is going to be the absolute death of me! How can they be so goddamn adorable with them?! I don't think my heart can handle anymore of those photos lol

Those photos are really a blessing. That last one I posted here has instantly turned into one of my faves. The cuteness of the two of them getting down to the eye level of that little girl and looking at her as if she was some kind of a wonder is just too much. :’)

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Meta! + Damnsella

Send Meta! + a url to hear me rant about the relationship my muse has withanother muse

Arielle is a gem and Ella is fantastic, seriously. I wish we had more things together and hopefully when I get my shit together and start acting like the multimuse blog I pretend to be, we can!!!

Ella and Angel are ADORABLE okay who would have thought?? They started off just fighting or fucking and no in between really I don’t even remember when they made the switch to suddenly having depth and caring about each other? It just h a p p e n e d. They just did the thing and threw me for a loop but I could not have been happier because look how cute! Angel adores her, seriously. He has NO IDEA how to dea lwith that because last time he loved someone that meant marriage and a kid and THEN there’s the added matter of maybe she won’t even live that long either and he doesn’t want to go through all that  again. ON TOP OF her not knowing what to do either these idiots just keep putting distance between them even though neither of them want to and I hate. Frankly how dare they make me feel feelings.

I really really reaaaaaaally want them to discuss Ella’s soul situation because Angel can not do shit for her but he’d still prefer to know. And they also need to just in general take a good long look at what they want and expect from each other because shit son. Get these two nerds in front of a therapist to actually talk to each other for once.

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Aka:  Bain and I  are a couple of pretty stars!!!

Dude, seriously thank you for telling me this, im honored that you like the way I portray this kid and how he reacts to many things in life, its one hell of a ride. And i also adore how Bain’s so done with Fili but likes him enough for Sigrid xD

I love it, I love you dude

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I created 3 beautiful humans …. (2pictured here) 😂😂. Seriously I love my Babies and it’s nothing like showing the world , how proud you are no matter who’s looking. @mrgoins2u you put in a little

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