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The Cliff Notes For Bagging The Older Rich Man You’ve Always Wanted

The Cliff Notes For Bagging The Older Rich Man You’ve Always Wanted

Seriously, let’s be short and sweet: you want a very rich guy to date, and you want him NOW. Here are some short, no-holds barred tips from expert sugar babies for getting into your older man’s bed, wallet and heart as fast as you can!

Here are some tips from our sugar babies:

Seem smart: a hot airhead is a dime a dozen, but a well-read, worldly girl (or seemingly worldly) is much rarer.

Bring a mirror for quick makeup touch ups. You’ll be glad you did!

Keep up your hotness. Always look hot. Always. If it means quick touch ups of makeup in the morning, so be it. He brings cash to the table, and you bring the mind-blowing good looks. Period.

Don’t be to eager. Play the field. If the sugar daddy in question is interested, take his number but don’t jump all over yourself trying to make a connection. Seeming a little aloof is much sexier than being really into someone. Play it cool.

Seem like you have money. So your bank account’s zero? No problem, as long as you look like you don’t need the cash. Desperation is definitely NOT sexy.

Hot rich men like exotic girls. If you’re from Akron, no problem. Seem exotic by creating an aura of mystery about you. You don’t have to answer every question or respond to every remark; smile like you’ve got a secret, girl, even if your secret is that you aren’t that exotic!

Guys love long hair. If you can rock short, awesome. But- hair to run your fingers through is, in my experience, uber sexy.

Be discreet. Be discreet about your sugar baby/sugar daddy arrangement, about handling cash, and about what each others’ titles are. Remember, ladies- keep it classy.

Value yourself. If you ever feel uncomfortable, get the eff outta there. Period.

Practice walking in new heels before you go out on the town. This will help you break your new shoes in, but will also help you with your heel-walk. Crucial!

Live your dreams. Remember, you’re a sugar baby for a reason! Let the money help you achieve all the things you want it to (college, travel, etc). Don’t get caught up in jewelry or material things…it’s all about the experience.

Smile. Always, always, always smile. It’s your best look.

Read sex books. Even if you don’t use the tips, they’ll make you a more sexually confident person.

Love the way you look in clothes. If you don’t feel comfortable, you aren’t going to look comfortable. When you don’t look comfortable, you don’t feel comfortable. And when you don’t feel comfortable, you definitely don’t look sexy. Always look sexy, ladies!

Have fun! Seriously, being a sugar baby is SUPPOSED to be fun! If you aren’t having fun, date someone who you DO have fun with. That’s what life’s about, right?

Go get ‘em, ladies!


100 Days of Rumplestiltskin - Day 18

🎉  Happy 29th Birthday, Rupert! 🎉 

Colors Used:

China Glaze- Bourgeois Beige, Bare Attack, Kalahari Kiss, Life Preserver (mixed), Papaya Punch (mixed), High Hopes (mixed), Something Sweet (mixed), Re-Fresh Mint (blue version), Light As Air

OPI- That’s What Friends Are Thor, This Isn’t Greenland

Twinkled T- Glow Up, Vibin’

Sinful Colors- She’s Gone Matte

Salon Perfect- In Mint Condition

MoYou London stamping plate Tumblr Girl 06