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ezra & kanan vs darth vader in the siege of lothal


I lost my mother, my country, my birthright.
Niflheim was the only life left to me.

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The Patrician flashed one of those sharp, fleeting smiles to say that something that wasn’t very funny had nevertheless amused him. ‘Veni, vici…Vetinari.’

Jake Gyllenhaal confuses me

His face says romcom and maybe some serious sad romance, but his filmography is full of serious and sometimes kinda dark thrillers

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HEYY! omg i totally loved your recent 2jae analysis about the 5 secs interview and the subtle moments between 2jae. When i watched it i kept replaying the part where jb watches yj advance towards jackson after jackson implied that he was annoying and I KEPT NOTICING AND LOVING the way that jb subtly-not-so-subtly checks yj out?? like look where jb's gaze went to, he did like a half-body scan on yj and i just cant stop squealing SORRY I AM SUCH 2JAE TRASH

My lovely anon,

I AM FINALLY UP TO THIS ASK! (Not that I mean to sound as if I’m not excited and thrilled about all of the other ones! I love all my asks and get so excited about them!) I was just truly hoping someone would bring this up after I replied about the 5 Second Interview!!! I almost went on a whole tangent about this very thing in the original post, but then I decided that maybe I shouldn’t be such an uncalled for trash can because my thoughts on this moment are based much more on my own interpretation than on actual reality… but now you have called for it, so BLESS YOU, MY LOVELY ANON!! And I apologize for the ridiculously trashy theorizing found below!

Now yes, to address the moment that happened here:

As you pointed out, my lovely anon, there is certainly something going on with Jaebum during this exchange between JackJae! But let’s take a closer and slower look to better see what that something is…

Ahh! Just look at this complete lack of subtlety! It’s really quite difficult to explain this moment as anything other than checking him out! I mean, first of all, Jaebum’s gaze is already on Youngjae’s nicely dressed chest when the camera first cuts to him, but he manages to drag his eyes up when he opens his mouth like he’s going to speak… only to basically give him once over subtly??? what is that??? when Youngjae makes his own move. This is all very squeal worthy and not at all subtle, and I think we should just take a moment to appreciate Jaebum’s very valid and relateable appreciation for Youngjae’s beauty!

But we are not done, my lovely anon, and we need to go a little closer still…

Because take a very close look at this boy’s ridiculously blurry face during all of this!!! He starts off looking he’s about to say something to Jackson about offending Youngjae (like I talked about in my last post), but then look at the way his face changes when Youngjae turns and pushes Jackson away… My lovely anon. Please tell me. Am I the only one seeing the way he goes just a little blank for a fraction of a second, and almost seems to hold his breath?? And it’s after that when his gaze trails over Youngjae again before he catches himself and pulls his gaze away!? And can someone please explain to me the smile he has when he does so?? I mean, he starts fully grinning a moment later, but WHY DOES HIS SMILE LOOK SO SHY WHEN HE FIRST GLANCES AWAY, HMMM??? What are you thinking about, Im Jaebum?? You’re not fooling anyone!! 

I’ve actually been screaming about this moment for a lot of reasons because Jaebum getting caught on camera checking Youngjae out again is so important to me, and it’s absolutely precious and maybe a little ridiculous how impossible it is for him to keep from staring at and checking out his Sunshine! But also… Jaebum getting flustered by Youngjae pushing people around raises a lot of questions and thoughts in my mind that I think should be recognized… Because this fandom is all about tough and aggressive Jaebum and soft and fluffy Youngjae, but Jaebum’s face is suggesting an interesting twist to the story… Tough!Youngjae and flustered!Jaebum fic, anyone???

He's in the mood

So I hope you like this one. Let me know. The second one should be up soon! Thanks for thee prompt!


You were curled up on couch reading your book when Liam came home from the studio. You greeted him distractedly when he walked into the room, but then went back to your book, of which you were thoroughly engrossed. Liam quietly slipped into the space behind you, against the couch cushions and you allowed your body to be pulled against his chest, curling into the warmth. It was peaceful for a few minutes, until Liam’s hands moved from your waist to the tops of your thighs, running his nimble fingers gently along the skin there. You reached down from your book to slap at his hands, “Li, I’m at a really good part” you told, making him groan, but he did pull his hands back. Another few minutes of peace passed, before you felt his hot breath on your neck followed by his gentle lips. His lips made their path up your neck, along your jaw and back to the spot behind your ear. “Liam,” you whined, “Hmmm” he hummed against your skin, making you shiver, “I’m trying to read, you’re distracting.” You said in a weak voice. “Sorry, I’ll make it up to you” he said with a smirk, before sucking slightly at your skin, and that was the last straw, you closed your book, throwing it aside. That was all the encouragement Liam needed, he turned you so you were on your back and he was hovering over you, before you pulled him down and connected your lips. He took control, biting and sucking at your bottom lip, you finally letting his hands roam.    


You smiled for another flashing camera on the red carpet, Harry’s arm wrapped securely around your waist. As you moved on, down the carpet, you felt Harry’s warm hand move lower till it was resting on the top of your bum. You stopped for the next photo and Harry’s hand started to slip lower. “Harry” you hissed, glancing at him quickly in warning. Harry smirked moving his hand back, only to lean in close and kiss your cheek, at least that’s what it looked like to the cameras. “Babe, you look so hot, I wanna see that dress on the floor so I can run my hands all of you, then make you feel so good” Harry whispered in a rough voice, making you flush bright red. But you smiled anyway and played along with Harry as he continued to be very hands on as you walked down the carpet, verging on inappropriate. When you finally stepped out of range of the many camera’s you sighed in relief. “Harry, what’s wrong with you, there were camera’s everywhere” you said quickly. But Harry’s hands didn’t stop their path over your hips, “I needed you, I still need you babe” he said slightly desperately, “come on there’s a bathroom this way” he told you quietly grabbing your hand and dragging you with him. “Harry” you protested weakly, but quickly gave in, admittedly his touches had got you slightly flustered as well.  


You and Niall hauled the last boxes up into your room, you dropped it onto the floor and stood with your hands on your hip, looking around at the room, which consisted of a bed, dresser, bed side table and a pile of boxes. “This is going to take so long to unpack,” you sighed, “where should we start Ni?” “I think it can wait till tomorrow” Niall said from behind you, his arms lacing around your waist.  “Why, we could start it now” you said confused. Niall spun you around in his arms, “I think I have a much better idea for our afternoon” Niall said with a smirk, walking you backwards towards the bed. “Hmmm” you said with your own smirk, “what could that possibly be” you asked teasingly. Just as you were about to speak again, Niall cut you off by connecting your lips together in a rough kiss. He pulled back slightly as your legs hit the edge of the bed. “I think the first thing we need to do is break in the new bedroom,” Niall mumbled against your lips. You squealed slightly as Niall pushed you back down onto the bed and crawled over the top of you. “Niall we really should unpack something today” you tried to insist. But Niall was having none of it he kissed along your jaw, before finally silencing you with his lips locking yours in a passionate kiss.


You had just joined Louis on tour for a week, but seeing as your plane had been delayed you arrived after Louis had already left for sound check. When you finally arrived at the venue you decided to wait for Louis in the dressing room, you collapsed onto the lounge and stretched out, enjoying the extra room you had missed on the plane. It didn’t take too long before your boyfriend Louis came racing into the room, “Y/N!” he exclaimed happily. You smiled but were cut off from replying by Paul’s voice coming through the door, “boys you have 20 minutes before you need to be with the stylists.” “Yeh, yeh, that’s enough time” Louis said absentmindedly while closing the door and rushing over to you. He wasted no time in clambering on top of you, so he was supporting himself on his forearms on either side of your head. “I missed you” he said locking your lips together in a desperately passionate kiss. His hands slipped down to the edge of your shirt and he started to push it up, but you twisted away from the kiss to speak “Lou, the boys” you said in a rough voice. “I told them to leave us alone” he said trying again to push your shirt up. “Louis!” you exclaimed making him stop momentarily, “now all the boys know what we’re doing.” “I don’t care” Louis groaned connecting your lips again.  You twisted away to protest again but Louis just moved to your collarbone, sucking on the soft skin there and you moaned, forgetting any protests you had, “Louis I missed you” you whispered out instead.


You took a deep breath, trying to stop the anger that was slowly bubbling up, from exploding. You decided to count to ten but at 6 you couldn’t take it anymore, “seriously Zayn I’m sick of this” you screamed suddenly, making him look up at you I shock. “I hate when you don’t come home when you say you will and don’t bother to text me to let me know where you are.” You started to rant, “and I know it makes me sound like a clingy bitch, but would it kill you to send a text, send me a fucking tweet if it’s easier” you raged. By this time Zayn had stood up and was slowly walking towards you. You took a deep breath to start again but your words dwindled off when you looked up to see Zayn right in front of you with a dark look in his eyes. “Z-zayn what are you….” you stuttered, but he cut you off by slamming his lips against yours, his hands grabbing your waist and pushing your back against the nearest wall. “Babe, you look so hot when you’re mad” Zayn mumbled against your lips. You pushed him away, slightly out of breath, “no, I wasn’t finished yet” you said sternly. “Babe I get it, I’m sorry I’ll text next time, hell I’ll even call if it makes you happy” Zayn said in a rushed voice, “just please, I need you now” he said. He looked at you with pouted lips and desperate eyes his hands roaming over your hips and up under your shirt. You’d be lying if you said it wasn’t working and though you tried to hold onto the anger it didn’t take you long to grab his shirt and pull his lips towards yours, channelling your anger into the desperate kiss. 

Hope you liked it. Let me know if you did.

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