seriously like....

I’m just saying, if your partner can love and handle the portion of deep feelings you have for One Direction, they’re a keeper.


Alexander: Gosh, Rhen, you’re just so cool! We should totally hang out more!

Rhen: Ehhhhhhh… no.

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I'm losing it you're literally an undertale blog why would someone go to specifically an undertale blog and say no more undertale is that anon actually ok lmao

Pff I’m actually very concerned-

Like, when I joined Tumblr I was only drawing UT, and 98% of my followers found me because of that, so I doubt they know me from any other fandom-

not that i’m active in many but still-

so I guess?? They really needed to get it out of their system, so they just chose a blog and complained?? Pff I dunno I’m still trying to figure out the logic behind this–

Drive AU

Has anyone on here seen the movie Drive (2011)? The one with Ryan Gosling?

A few years ago I read a Sterek fic based on it, and for whatever reason, reading the prompts list for coldflashweek made me think of how there needs to be a Drive coldflash AU.

The premise is basically this guy who works as a stunt driver sometimes, but mostly a criminal getaway driver. He’s very quiet and reserved, likes to observe, friends with a mechanic or three (also works as one, I think?), knows everything there is to know about cars. He’s methodical and precise in his jobs, times things to the second.

Sound like anyone we know? 

So yeah, that would be Len.

He lives (moves?) next door to a single mom and her young kid. Her husband is in prison. At the grocery store, her car breaks down, and against his better judgement, getaway driver ends up helping her out with the engine stuff, gets her to his mechanic.

So I’m thinking that woman would be changed into Barry, with his child who could be pretty much anyone, but I’d say a girl since Barry is a guy. Let’s say the mom is out of the picture but Barry’s married to…. Eobard (it fits, okay? But this could be anyone else though, honestly).

Eobard gets out of prison, comes home, finds out Len’s been doing all this stuff for Barry. He isn’t dangerous jealous, but he’s not dumb. He knows something is up but welcomes Len. He’s also a criminal, and knows Len’s not just some average neighbour.

Plot ensues. It’s honestly a fantastic movie if you haven’t seen it, and the synopsis is on IMDB in case you’re curious. 

But Len gets embroiled on this job that’s far too big, stealing money that I think belongs to the mafia? He doesn’t even want the job, takes it thanks largely to Eobard bullying him into it, mostly because people are after him and might come after Barry and their kid next. But the whole things’s a setup, I think from some of Len’s own contacts? The whole thing gets pear-shaped and ugly with lots of violence and more than a few people dying.

It’s all intense and artful and the acting is amazing. If it were a fic, I’d give it a happier ending than the movie had, but yeah, someone should write the thing.

A chat reminded me that I probably should find some time to look through my things and find all my little fic snips and drabbles and put all of that under one tag so that people (me included) had any hope at all of finding any of it, should they want to look. xD

For future reference, the tag will be / is #fic by kirkwallgirl

It currently only has the stuff that I found under the dribble drabble tag but give me a couple of days and it should be a more complete collection. xD

vampires would be sexually aroused all the time because their insides are like…rushing full of fresh blood most of the time because of feeding & if you’ve ever read a crappy romance novel ya’ll know all about “blood rushing” to people’s nether regions so i think the only reason vampires weren’t having sex in interview with the vampire is because SOMeone was too afraid to make it gay