seriously like....

I wondered how you still remembered me
I heard you settled down and that you married happily

the reunion au: when Sherlock comes back to London after being away for two years, he sees John in the street, who married in the meantime. 


(Tw: fat shaming, suicide, disordered eating, self harm, and misgendering)

A few examples of shitty things Madison/tumblr user tohji has done, taken from her profile on Kiwi Farms here: I was going to make a callout later but I don’t think I will have access to wifi on my laptop for awhile, so a mobile version will have to do because I find it rather urgent that people know she is dangerous and avoid her, and I just recently had the idea of how I could do a callout on mobile

You can see more of her bullshit on the profile link but these four show prime examples of her bs. Details under the cut. If you want any other info on her, feel free to drop me a message

Basically a tl;dr for all of this: Madison misgendering and weight shaming me, giving out my personal Facebook to harrassers, and misgendering my partner and making fun of them for wanting to cut.

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[zoolander voice] did you ever think that maybe there’s more to life than being really really… really ridiculously good-looking?

houndork ur a piece of shit and i LOVE YOU THANK U SO MUCH!!! DAMN!!