seriously like i was there in the hotel

Ok but like when I was watching the episode and I saw them start walking down the hotel hallway to their rooms, I seriously got major season 8 vibes and I’m like NO WAY in hell can we….CAN WE?!?!!?!?And then he gave her that look and oh my god fam, I was self combusting….it was just all like…

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Idols at Airports

I’ve said this time and time again. If you’re going to greet idols at airports PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GIVE THEM SPACE. I hate seeing videos of security pushing fans out the way and then seeing comments saying ‘they treat the fans so badly!’. Mate, if the fans gave them space to walk they wouldn’t have to be pushed out of the way. Seriously, I have no sympathy for fans who get shoved away, it’s your own fault for getting too close.

Put yourselves in the idols shoes. Would you like to be crowded and have phones and cameras shoved in your face while you’re on your way to another country, you’ve had no sleep, you’ve been travelling all day, and all you want is to get to the hotel and rest before performing for paying fans the following day? I certainly wouldn’t.

Better yet don’t go to airports to see famous people. You aren’t paying to see them and you’re disrupting the staff and passengers who work/travel from said airports. By running around and crowding idols you’re putting yourself, the idols, and the people who work and use the airport at risk.


I don’t care if you want a picture of your idols. I do too, trust me I do, nobody ever comes to my country, but when they do I don’t bother going to the airport. I don’t want to be mixed up in that chaos, I’m not paying to see them. Stop putting yourselves and other people in danger for the sake of a shaky video or blurry picture. The idols are working, you aren’t paying to see them, leave them be.

Wings Tour 2017

Guys, there’s already vids of fans going crazy outside the hotel BTS are staying at. Like there’s a constant mass of fans screaming outside their hotel for hours on end.

That shit can’t fly over here in the US like seriously, GIVE THEM PRIVACY AND LET THEM REST!!

For the fans who want to go to greet them at the airport, like that’s fine. What isn’t fine is screaming at the top of your lungs and trying to get their attention. If fans quietly greeted them when they arrived, and didn’t push or shove each other just to get close, I’m sure BTS would appreciate that way more than a scream in their ear.

Remember when Jimin fell? (I don’t recall which country that was.) But remember when the members were being pushed and they were probably wondering if they were completely safe at that moment.

ALSO, security at Newark/NY airports don’t play. That shit can get real seriously real fast. We do not want to create a dangerous situation for anyone.

Why do you think artists are weary about giving fans a hi-five or a hand shake when fans reach out during concerts or in public? It can be a dangerous situation for them. They need personal space. (Offer a fist bump like true homies)

Why do you think they couldn’t take pictures with fans during Bon Voyage? All it takes is one post from one fan to invite a mob to come. It’s not because they don’t want to give every fan a picture and an autograph, I’m sure they do. But let’s be real. They’re human and they deserve respect.

I don’t care how much you love them. Stalking them and invading their privacy, is definitely not offering respect.

Be mindful. Like this is fucking ridiculous that they can’t sleep without “fans” screaming outside their hotel. I don’t care if they slept on the plane, I know for a fact they don’t want to play Overwatch with screams as the background soundtrack of their life.

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The Backstreet Boys on their upcoming Las Vegas residency:
  • HOWIE: Now our fans have their own money—they’re not using mom and dad’s money! They’re going out and celebrating birthdays, bachelorette parties. Vegas is a hotspot for our fans. It just makes sense.
  • KEVIN: It’s also nice for our lifestyle. We’re all fathers now. When you’re in and out of hotels every other day, that takes a toll on you. And we’re not 22 years old anymore.
  • HOWIE: When people ask how we’ve stayed together this long, I always say that it seriously feels like a second marriage.
  • AJ: It’s our first marriage!
  • HOWIE: You’re right—our wives are our second marriage. And like all marriages, you have to work at it. We feel like we owe it to our fans, and to each other. I don’t want to let these guys down.
  • AJ: At the end of the day, we’re still having fun.
“I know.”

JKR: “What do you think you are doing in here, this is Harry Potter’s private suite! Get dressed and leave this minute, or I’ll have to ask security to remove you! - Seriously, trying to use the opportunity when Harry is away from home, sneaking into his hotel room like this to ambush him! It’s just so Slytherin! Listen, Malfoy, I have long since decided who gets to sleep with Harry Potter, and it will never, ever be you!”


Paleyfest Fashion Notes

Candice Patton looks amazing. Not a fan of Melissa’s outfit but she’s gorgeous regardless.
Caity Lotz looks like she’s ready to blend into the landscape on Lian Yu or camouflage herself in some hotel carpet… if you know what I mean. 😜

Stephen Amell goes with hot and ironic as usual. Grant’s outfit says, “Look at me, I’m the king of New Yoooooork!” Or maybe… “Can I interest you in a realllly fast ride on my gondola?”

David Harewood: YES. Brandon Routh, you’re cute but I can’t take you seriously. Chris Wood goes with the classic invisibility cloak.
SamCait fanfic - Morning After T2 Premiere

INT. Edinburgh Hotel room. Morning after the T2 premiere.

Sam and Cait are in bed, naked beneath the sheets. Each is on their phone. Eddie sits contentedly at the foot of the bed.

Sam: Mmm…the internet liked our photos.

Cait: Did they, now?

Sam: The ladies on Tumblr are verra happy…and Old Willy is very angry.

Cait: Oh, that makes me the most happy!

Sam: Look! There’s a gif of me whistling at yer bum.

Cait: I can’t believe you did that!

Sam: Couldn’t stop myself…it looked so good in that sweater.

Cait: Sweater dress.

Sam: That was no dress. You wore a sweater with no pants.

Cait: Your mind in the gutter, always.

Sam drops his phone and starts to nuzzle Cait.

Cait: Mmm…again?

Sam: Oh, I think you’ve got enough down there for seconds…

They start to kiss and he climbs on top of her when suddenly…his phone rings. The phone is somewhere in the sheets and both struggle to find it. Finally they do…

Sam: Hello?

Cut to: a close up of a mouth on a cell phone.

Mouth: We have a problem.

Sam: What now?

Mouth: We saw the pics from the premiere last night.

Sam: And?

Mouth: Your obligations are not yet over.

Sam: We discussed this.

Mouth: A contract is a contract. We’ve put enough money in. You need to put in more effort.

Cait: What do they want, now?

Sam: Okay. Suggestions?…Her brother’s wedding? Noooo. She’s fine…her brother is fine with this?

Mouth: Yes. We’ll have the tickets to you shortly.

Sam hangs up the phone.

Sam: It’s not over.

Cait: (groaning into pillow) I’ll call Tony.

Sam stares off and then notices Eddie staring at him, so much judgement in her eyes.

End scene.

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Another fic for my 200 Follower Celebration!

@moonstonemystyk asked for prompt #30 “Huh, I didn’t know he could move like that.” with Sam

Warnings: unprotected sex

word count: ~1750

You, Sam, and Dean made your way into Billy Bob’s Texas, eager to drink away the bad feelings from the hunt. It had been rough, and it ended with you and Sam in a huge argument, both of you almost getting seriously hurt trying to save the other.

Dean suggested the three of you go out, knowing that the two of you being stuck in a small hotel room all night would only mean a big yell-fest at some point.  He thought hopefully that you and Sam could have a few drinks, loosen up, and make up.  And hell, maybe he could find a hot chick to go home with for the night, giving the two of you the room to yourselves.

You bee-lined for the bar, instantly getting the attention of the bartender and ordering a whiskey sour. You had already downed it by the time Sam and Dean came up beside you and you ordered a beer, telling the bartender to put it on the boys’ tab before you wandered away to sit down.

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He does, in fact, cook a lasagna, knowing as he does it that he’s a fucking parody of himself, a good Boston boy following his mom’s recipe, browning off the sausage and carefully simmering the sauce down for hours. Gets the guest room ready, wondering for a minute if he should unfold the sleeper couch in the study too and then flushing hot under the collar as he figures that’s probably not necessary. Before he can get too far down that train of thought he grabs the nice sets of guest towels from the linen closet, remembering again how Seb had admitted, bright-eyed like it wasn’t something to be desperately ashamed of, that he owns exactly three towels, two of which were stolen from various hotels during the last press junket.

“I cannot fucking believe you,” Mackie had muttered, “seriously, what the fuck are you, Sebastian, you’re not a fucking frat boy, how many millions of dollars have you been paid for this franchise and you don’t even own towels,” and Seb had blushed and shrugged and run his hands through his hair until Mackie was apparently distracted.

If Chris is being honest, he’d been maybe a little distracted too, but the point is, despite all appearances Chris is apparently way less of a frat boy than Sebastian Stan, which means he’s the kind of guy who owns multiple sets of nice guest towels, so. That’s something he’s just gonna have to live with about himself, he guesses.

i fell into ‘Cevans RPF dot docx’ feat. established relationship Stackie, and I’m not even sure who I’m dragging most in this paragraph but it might be one of my favourite things I’ve ever written


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I re-created Caitlyn Jenner’s recent Facebook video for Seriously.TV. In Caitlyn’s video she concludes that Donald Trump is pro-trans for allowing her to use whichever bathroom she chooses. With all due respect to Ms. Jenner, I feel like she’s missing the point.

Caitlyn is a public trans person, proudly claiming and owning her trans identity (so awesome), but let’s be real: she got to use the Trump Hotel’s lobby bathroom because she’s a rich and famous person. Concluding that a candidate is “pro-trans” because they let someone with a television contract use the bathroom is favoring exceptionalism over fact. 

So I tried it out as a queer cis man. As you can see, the doorman kindly told me that there was no filming allowed without a permit. When voting let’s not let a symbolic gesture cloud our judgement of a candidate who has built a platform on bigotry and elitism. 

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: thanks random person who said nice things about us

Had a family come in tonight that we unfortunately couldn’t accommodate. Their kids need another room because they won’t go to bed at night apparently if they have to share a bed or they can’t be put down individually with a family suite where they can close the door.

I get it your kids are cute and running like banshees in the hallways already but damn we seriously don’t have rooms tonight to fit that need.

But what was dope about it even though it didn’t work out a waiter or maybe another hotel worker at another place in town or bartender recommended my spot to them and specifically asked them to ask for me, that I was the best. Wow. Thank you random Angel of Cambodian Hospitality Peoples. You rule. I’m going home to eat my trash panda frozen dinner and sleep in my shower.

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Joking around (in the kitchen)

  • “I could have joked about a dick.”
  • “When you’ve found the man of your dreams and he likes Gabrielle..”
  • “As long as you’re smiling and wearing clothes…”

okay but raphael pacing around the hotel waiting for simon to get back, because it was just go take a walk, not disappear for hours and travel the whole city. raphael assures himself that he’s fine, but it keeps dawning on him that simon’s only been a vampire for a few days and he’s just a baby and he could be really hurt or hurt someone else. and both of those things are bad, so he continues walking in circles, too worried to even drink much, and so he keeps pacing with his hands in his hair. he hates that he’s so worried, tries to tell himself that he’s not, but if he had a heart it would be pounding in his chest.

he thinks about going to look for simon, but he doesn’t know where to look, and it might come off as clingy, he’s not supposed to be clingy, and it’ll show that he cares too much for his own good.

and then, hours later, simon sneaks through the back door of the hotel, hoping raphael won’t hear. but of course, nothing beat’s a vampires hearing and raphael’s been waiting for so long that he’s at the door in seconds, trying to get there more slowly but it’s no use. 

as soon as he sees bullet holes in his shirt, the other boy’s hair messed up, looking as he was killed even though he’s already dead, his cold heart sinks in his chest. 

“oh, hey, raphael, you see-”

and before simon can even finish, raphael’s hands are all over simon, touching him gently up and down. his fingers trace the bullet holes and he makes sure simon’s okay, even though nothing could really hurt him, and he sighs as he realizes he’s fine. perfectly fine, just like a teenager who snuck out at night, trying to make excuses for what he’s done.

raphael’s hands still linger on his chest, moving up to his shoulders, gripping tightly. 

“i told you to take a walk. you’re gone for hours, and you come back with bullet holes in your shirt? dios, simon, what the hell did you do?”

but all simon can see is worry in his eyes and feel it in the tight grip on his shoulders, so he meets the other’s eyes slowly, smiling. because it’s something he’s never seen in raphael, and it’s beautiful, it’s so heartwarming, and he’s never felt so loved for the time he’s been a vampire.

“raphael… im okay.”

and raphael realizes how overdramatic he’s been, how he hasn’t taken his hands off of simon for the past five minutes. he’s been so worked up that he’s let down his guard, and simon just let him realize that.

“of course. yes, of course but make sure you tell me before you go starting trouble. you have little control,”raphael responded, taking his hands from simon’s shoulders and crossing them in front of his chest instead, a gruff look on his face hiding the worry.

“i got you. you’re right, sorry, next time it won’t be long. i’ve got it,”simon utters with a toothy smile, holding his thumb up in recognition.

“good. now, i’ve got things to do. blood’s in the lobby, go entertain yourself.”

and with a deep swallow, trying to eradicate every fiber of embarrassment still left in him, raphael’s gone.

and simon’s stands there still, remembering the cool hands on him and the eyes glowing with care, and he smiles, wider than he has in a long time. he’s about to shout out, don’t you want to hear what happened? but he knows raphael won’t come out. he’ll explain what happened later. 

The Crazy Hot Way

Pairing: Misha Collins x Reader
Word count: 636
Warnings: Smut. Porn without plot. Seriously, there is no plot. Unprotected sex.
Request: ( @grace-for-sale​) I’m terrible and going to hell for this…but I would like to request intense Misha wall!smut please! I trust your creativity! ;)

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First of all: I do not support this relationship.

It’s sick and toxic and unhealthy and everything a real relationship should not be. I am actually surprised about how many people seem to like them together when it’s clear that they’re both just addicted to the yin fen (Izzy) and the angel blood (Raphael). It’s twisted how they feed of each other but apparently many fans seem to like this and seriously - I am disgusted with it. Also there is no other reason than the drugs for why they should suddenly have feelings for each other.

Let me point out that:
1. When Simon betrayed the Clan for Clary, Izzy went with them and fully intended to free Camille. She even broke a hole into the wall of Hotel DuMort - and guess what, Raphael of all vampires burned his hand. He has no reason to like her.

2. Raphael had no interests in Shadowhunters or anyone for that matter. Why should he suddenly feel “attraction” to Isabelle when she is partly the reason why Simon betrayed him and why Camille is (was) walking free again.

3. When they last interacted with each other, they basically hated each other and said things like “Typical Shadowhunter/Downworlder. Always underestimating a Vampire/Shadowhunter.” And no, my dear sick rizzy fans, that was in fact not lovely bidding but extremly racist and judging.

4. Their relationship began toxic, is still toxic and will always be toxic. Raphael drinks her blood like it’s a smoothie and Izzy cuts herself to make him do it. This is wrong and unhealthy, not lovely and cute.

Second of all: Yes, I am a Saphael shipper.

But you know what? I am actually well aware that they’re not going to be canon. So if you want to tell me that “I only hate Rizzy because I ship Saphael” you’re wrong and probably sick because I just don’t get how someone can like an ill and racist relationship.

Rizzy is wrong in many aspects and I will never understand how high the Shadowhunters producers must have been when they made them canon, but I guess I’ll have to live with it.
I am just happy that this shit is finally over now.

Rest In Sick Twisted Minds.

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Poor Ouma can't flirt , I bet that's why he fled in prison mode, help him plz

Ouma confirmed for horrible flirter. His love hotel scene in prison mode cracks me up every time because he basically just gets cucked, hard, and then flees the scene like ”Oh, yes, I meant to do that, absolutely.”

A lot of people seem to think Ouma’s very smooth but I can’t help but think that if Saihara ever actually, seriously responded to any of Ouma’s flirting and seemed as if he was getting even slightly close to seeing Ouma’s true feelings, Ouma would try to get the hell out of there in a hurry.

Part of why I love Ouma so much as a character is that he’s so, so cunning and devious and complex, and a lot of his behaviors are a ruse, certainly, but there is an aspect to him that’s extremely childish and impatient and very sulky all around whenever things are boring (which is whenever Saihara’s not paying attention to him).

Happy 20th anniversary for Red/Green and announcement for Sun/Moon <3