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This post got me thinking about all the ways the Foxes are petty with each other just to be assholes. So here’s some thoughts I had on the lengths the Foxes go to in order to get on each other’s nerves. 

  • When Kevin looks through the cabinets and finds candy and sweets, he always moves them to the top most shelf so that Andrew can’t reach. Oddly enough, he’s never seen Andrew climb the cabinets for the sweets. And yet somehow, he always has a bag of them open in his lap. Turns out Andrew just planted the sweets in the cabinet as a decoy and has his own hidden stash under his bed.
  • More often than not, Kevin gets super bossy during practices. So Dan likes to assert her position as captain by making Kevin run random laps in the middle of practice. Eventually, Kevin had broke down and turned to Wymack asking “Are you seriously letting her stop the scrimmage for me to run a lap?!” but Wymack just shrugged and said, “She’s your captain.” Secretly Wymack enjoyed Kevin’s incredulous expression of annoyance.

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[Scott and Sara running around with something]

Shepard: Let me see what you have

Scott & Sara, excitedly: A knife!!

Shepard: NOOO

Kaidan: Oh, my god why do they have a knife

[somewhere in the background]

Wrex: They gotta learn young


“I think I wouldn’t make it…

So take care of my little brother for me, okay, Wind Archer?”



“So…you’re saying elephants could fly?”

“YES, BIG BROTHER! ……When will you be here?”

“…I dunno.”

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AM I CRAZY? Seriously… let me know.

The Columbus Marathon went OK. Very warm and humid for it, 4 days ago. Much cooler now. Body is recovering really well. My toes are the weakest link right now. A few are bruised, no big surprise. Legs are kinda (barely) sore still, but only a day or so away from 100%.

Well… I found a small marathon happening in 2.5 weeks near me. Inland Trail Marathon. Small loop then an out and back. It had 57 runners 2 years ago and 76 last year. I’m debating doing it because it is flat, leaves on the trees should be peaking in color, and I was so close to my PR that I can taste it.

Not that I’m going for a BQ, (I am far too slow for that), just a PR. Anyway, this course is a BQ qualifier, so it is legit.

So what do you think? Do it? Pass?


The little monk gave a glare as a giant water hand gripped Spicer’s body.

“It’s either I practice on them or I use you…”

“Let me go, NOW. Go run back to Chase. Seriously, I’m sick of your attitude, Cheeseball. You don’t need me!”

Owari no Seraph chapter 44 translation


Please note that I am not a native speaker and the raws are unclear. Feedback or corrections are very much welcome! The first dialogue had no context so I’m not sure, too. I’ll add a note whenever I’m not sure. Anyway, this is one of the most intense chapters so far! Ferid’s fans, rejoice!


Cover text: With eternity as his companion, Ferid’s right hand man is approaching.

Ferid and Crowley, heading to a fishng village.

Crowley: Sooo, Ferid-kun.

Ferid: Yes?

Crowley: If what you said just now is true… You… Slaughtered those Yuu and Mika boys’ family, right?

Ferid: Riight!

Crowley: … You did it as a game, on top of that!

Ferid: Ah, that was fun!

Crowley: And so…? What was it that we are going to do now again? 

Ferid: We are going to become Yuu-chan’s and Mika-chan’s comrades!

Crowley: … … … …

Crowley: Isn’t this just completely impossible?

Ferid: Why is that?

Crowley: Now, answer me normally…

Ferid: You shouldn’t get trapped into normalcy, Crowley-kun!

Ferid: A friendship between old enemies! Isn’t that the most ardent development?

Crowley: I’m not saying anything anymore. (T/N: not sure??)

Ferid: Really?

Ferid: But I slaughtered everyone you knew, and now we get along well. 

Crowley: We get along well, huh…

Ferid: Ow, don’t be shy!

Crowley: Ha…

Crowley: So it will take 800 years too.

Ferid: If it takes so much time, that just won’t do.

Ferid: Now, we’re almost there!

Cut to the squad

Yuu: But to save the Vampire Queen, what should we do, Mika?

Yuu: We really have to go to Sanguinem in Kyoto?

Mika: …

Mika remembers when Krul was defeated by Ferid and Crowley.

Mika: Yuu-chan.

Yuu: Hm?

Mika: The Queen has been caught by Ferid Bathory. Do you remember him?

Yuu: … Ferid…

Yuu remembers the Hyakuya children’s slaughter, Ferid’s creepy smile, and his own heart-wrenching scream.

Yuu: That guy separated the two of us! He killed Akane…? He killed our family.

Mika: That’s right.

Yuu: But I…

Mika: Killed him by shooting his head with a gun? But vampires…

Yuu: Can’t be killed by a gun? Yeah, right.

Yuu: So he is alive…

Mika: But Yuu-chan, you met him in Shinjuku. When we first reunited.

Yuu: Huh?!

Mika: You didn’t notice at all?

Yuu: Weeeell, it’s like, all I had in mind was that you were alive, I didn’t see anyone but you…

Mika: …

Narumi: Hold on a sec!

Narumi: Could you stop advancing without us? What are you talking about?

Shinoa: Well you see, Yuu-san and Mika-san were in the vampire city…

Yuu suddenly turns around, noticing something

Yuu: Huh… Wait a second.

Mitsuba: What’s going on, Yuu?

Yuu: No, it’s just… Aren’t you hearing something strange?

Yoichi: No, I don’t hear anything.

Mika: …

Mika: No, I can hear it too. It’s the sound of a car.


Kimizuki makes an annoyed noise.

Narumi: So soon, a pursuer from the Demon Army?

Shinoa: Yoichi-san, get on a high ground and…

Yoichi: I’ll get confirmation!

Mika: …

Mika: Hey, Yuu-chan.

Yuu: Hm?

Mika: That right now, you could hear it? That’s strange! Doesn’t it mean that the transformation into a demon has advanced since you woke up?

Yuu looks at himself, and tries sensing the air.

Yuu: That may be true. My senses are getting sharper. I may have gotten more powerful than I was.

Mika: Damn! So you’re really turning into a demon.

Yuu: But it’s cool if I get stronger! I can protect my comrades that way.

Mika: But if you lose your humanity, there won’t be a meaning to this anymore!

Yuu: But you could hear that sound, too…

Mika: I’m NOT a human!

Yuu: Then we fit each other!

(T/N: Yuu, for God’s sake, stop feeding the fangirls haha)

Mika: That’s not the question-!

Mika just drops the argument because it’s pointless. Meanwhile, Yoichi gets into position.

Yoichi: Yuu-kun, where’s the sound coming from?

Yuu: From there! From the coast’s direction.

Yoichi: Where is it… Where is it… Where is it…

Yoichi spots Ferid and Crowley’s car and gasps in shock.

Narumi: Who? Who’s coming?

Yoichi: It’s not the Demon Army!

Yoichi: It’s vampires! The one we fought at Nagoya’s city hall!

Shinoa: Wha-

Kimizuki: That red-haired monster?!!

Mitsuba: Why would vampires come here?!

Yoichi: There’s more than one on top of that! A silver-haired vampire…

Narumi: Silver-haired…?

Mika sweats.

Mika: … That’s Ferid Bathory.

Mika: Those are the ones who caught the Vampire Queen.

Shinoa: Why are they here? Do you know their reason, Mika-san?

Mika: I don’t. But we shouldn’t get involved with them.

Shinoa: Then let’s run! The way we are, we can’t beat them!

Yuu: Ah, but…

Yuu: What about the people of this village?

Kimizuki: They’re targeted because we’re here, you know. If we run, no one will attack them.

Shinoa: Then, let’s go! Everyone, take your demon accelerating pills.


Cut to Ferid and Crowley

Crowley: Right now they saw us, huh. They ran.

Ferid: Hey, don’t let them run away~

Crowley: Are you seriously telling me to go and run after them?

Ferid: But I’m driving~

Crowley: I’ll take your place.

Ferid: Hurry and go.

Crowley: Ow… So, what am I supposed to do?

Ferid: Don’t kill them. You can cut off their arms and legs, though.

Crowley: Really, where’s all that talk about becoming comrades gone…

Crowley: Now, how should I proceed?

Crowley: Alright!

He jumps and starts running

Cut to the running squad

Yuu: Hey, Mika?

Mika: Hm?

Yuu: That Ferid guy… Is he strong?

Mika: … … Yes, he is.

Mika: Among the vampires present in Japan, he is the second more powerful after the queen.

Mitsuba: Hold on! You mean that he’s stronger than that red-haired vampire?!

Mitsuba: If my mind serves me right, Crowley Eusford is a thirteenth progenitor. It’s an information I heard from the army…

Narumi: I heard that the higher the rank is, the higher the possibility that they are stronger…

Yuu: Wait, I remember! Right, Ferid Bathory was a seventh progenitor!

Everyone breaks in cold sweet

Shinoa: Now that’s ba~d! If they pursue us, that’s the end.

Yuu: …

Yuu (thoughts): *That wasn’t an enemy guns could kill.*

Yuu (thoughts): *Was I being toyed with?*

Mika: …

Yuu: So the fact that I ran away… Was that part of Ferid’s plan as well?

Mika: Probably. He wouldn’t speak of the details at all, though.

Yuu (thoughts): *A plan… From the start, it was a plan… So even the fact that I met Guren right after getting out of the vampire city…*

Guren: It’s like the prophecy said. Boy, I will be using you.

Yuu sweats in realization (T/N: took you long enough)

Yuu (thoughts): *No, it can’t be…! But Guren was crying. He was crying! So does this mean  he was involved in some plan as well? But whose? *

Kureto: The Hyakuya sect ran an orphanage. Its sole purpose was to collect children with no known relative and use them as human experiment subjects. You all were probably guinea pigs for a witchcraft experiment.

Yuu (thoughts): *So is it a plan from even before the world’s end?  Then the mastermind wasn’t Kureto. He seemed ignorant of the facts. It wasn’t Guren, either. So was the mastermind Ferid?*

Yuu: In that case, meeting him one more time…

Mika: It’s no good, Yuu-chan! I regret it every day.

Yuu: No, Mika!

(Yuu or Mika): It’s a plan from way before that!

Mika: When I told you I was going alone to Ferid’s mansion, you were angry, weren’t you?

Mika: If only I had listened to you, Akane and the children would still be…

Yuu: It’s not your fault. We all couldn’t do anything.

Kimizuki: Stop the useless blabber. For now let’s focus only on running. If you’ve understood something, share with us.

Yoichi: That’s right, Yuu-kun!

Everyone: Honestly, the world’s become absurd. We don’t know what’s happening anymore, but I can say this at least: no matter how evil the world becomes,  we are comrades!

Yuu: Yeah, that’s right!

Suddenly, Crowley appears in front of them.

Crowley: Alright, I’ve caught up to them!

Crowley: So, until Ferid comes, shall I do it?

Crowley moves suddenly and so quickly no one notices him, but Mitsuba flies in the air, her arm bleeding bad.

Someone or everyone: MITSUBA!!!!

A flash attack! His true strength at its best. (T/N:the raws are unclear by this point so I’m mostly guessing)