seriously last scene of the show

Remember when Hoechlin said something about wanting Derek to go find Jackson in London and since Derek Stiles and Jackson have the last scene at the end of 6b my dream scene would be Derek showing up at Stiles academy and Stiles is all “Youre rebuilding a pack?” and Derek is all “I want you to be my Bamf FBI Emissary” and Stiles is all “EFF YEAH!!” and then finally get the “I miss you” scene that Dylan talked about weeeeee

Seriously how will they write a scene with the 3 of them if Stiles left Beacon Hills already will Stiles go back to BC or will he find Derek and Jackson en route to DC?

It won’t be what we want but I’m still curious lol

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Emma was dressed like she was in the pilot and that kiss she gave to Henry seemed pretty final... People are already speculating that's how it ends... If they did that... I've waisted 6 years watching this show that apparently was about hope... Sorry for this but it's depressing only thinking they could go there 😞

I don’t know what you mean? You think she’s leaving alone or something?

Seriously, in the last two weeks we’ve had, what, three scene’s now that ‘people’ think must be the ‘end of the show’ scene’s?


We have no idea what’s happening here. They’re trying to film all the outside scene’s in one go so there’s no context. I’d say not to worry but it is what it is - I highly doubt they’ll leave CS unhappy in the end.

Why the goodbye hug is significant

Whatever it may or may not consist of…

It’s significant because it exists.

Seriously, think about it, how often have we seen these characters leaving each other for possibly the last time ever and not seen them hug their loved ones? How often have we seen Rick hug Carl and Judith goodbye? Abraham and Rosita?  

It’s NOT a common occurrence in the show - even though we know that each time they part they know there is a high chance of never seeing their loved ones again. The only time they SHOW these scenes it to make a particular plot point.

For example, Tara and Denise - and Denise not saying I love you was an important plot in her story. Eric and Aaron - we’ve never seen them say goodbye, not even when they were taking Maggie to Hilltop. We only saw it last week because that scene was used to make a point, about Eric’s fear of Aaron dying.

Now let’s imagine tonight’s ep. The point is made when Daryl arrives at Carol’s door that they are happy to see each other, we see them hug, see them reconnect and then see them talk about the issues that are between them (namely Carol leaving). We see them having dinner and discussing the last piece of plot they need to talk about - is Ezekiel an okay guy, can he be trusted? Carol says yes. 

At this point ALL of their plot points are covered and done - we know they are happy to see each other and care about each other, Daryl knows why Carol has left and why she’s not coming back, we the audience can see why he doesn’t tell her about the LVs and the Saviors, and Daryl gets info on Ezekiel he wanted. So with all that covered, the episode could very easily jump to the scene with Morgan, Daryl and Shiva. It shows Daryl has left Carol, and has accepted what she’s done and that he needs to not get her involved in the war, and that he is okay with Ezekiel.

Cut out the second hug and we lose No plot. None. Zero. Not a sausage.

Not a SINGLE piece of plot happens in the second hug… unless of course you accept that the piece of plot that it’s telling is just exactly HOW MUCH Daryl and Carol love each other. 

Beyond Carol saying “I couldn’t lose you”, beyond Daryl lying to her to protect her, beyond him putting her welfare ahead of the war, beyond her happy response to him when she’s sent everyone else packing… they felt the need to give us ONE MORE scene that is ONLY, EXCLUSIVELY about how much they love each other and how much they don’t want to be apart.

And as Gimple says, not a second of this show is wasted. It is all there for a purpose.

Have you been hurt by an ex-lover and don’t know how to get back into the dating scene?? Well then HAVE I GOT THE SPREAD FOR YOU. We all have those shit relationships in our life that leave lasting effects on us, and so this spread is here to help make the transition from single to ready to mingle ;).

Please feel free to use and share this, but seriously don’t make people pay for this reading and also don’t take my name off the wee corner there. 

Hopefully this is helpful for some people! This is my first published spread! If you want to show me how you used it, tag me!!!!!!!!!

PS yes I made this with paint. sue me.


I just went onto twitter and I am appalled by all the hate toward the writers, the cast and the show!

Frankly, it’s getting ridiculous at this point (it’s starting to reflect the 1oo Fandom which got ridiculous with all the Cl.xa nonsense - this totally mirrors their temper tantrum last year)

I am seriously asking every one of you to go on twitter and tweet the cast and crew about Karamel - all the things you loved whether it was the kiss scene, the #married bickering scene, just spread some love. They need to hear our voices. There are a lot of us that love Karamel, hate just happens to echo the loudest in this case sadly. Let’s make a change.

malec #207

Okay so im kinda late to the party because i live in Europe and had to wait till tuesday (i know fuck me right?) and here’s my insight on the episode

I loved it. I really did, it made me all giddy and happy and the Malec relationship progress is so well thought out and profound im in love with these soft boyfriends.

Now i get the whole drama over Malec’s last scene and I realize that they couldve added an extra 10 seconds of Magnus and Alec showing certainty and all but we really need to understand that Magnus is extremely wise and hasnt ever shyed away from saying what he really feels so if he really wasn’t okay with it he would have told Alec. I mean seriously the communication in this couple is so healthy and strong i dont even think this would even be an issue. And my baby Alec probably feels so insecure about his first time of course he was a little excited and he clearly cares so much about Magnus and wants to spend every second with him I mean he was so bummed he had to leave while they were kissing on the balcony. Im honestly super tired of all the negativity on tumblr I think yall should have a little more faith in the writers as im sure that in the next episode there will be a bit more closure to the situation. Also I think that Magnus stopped him anyway because of 208 promo of Magnus and Jace.

On a more positive note how cute and meaningful were all the kissing scenes and Alec being a thoughtful boyfriend giving Magnus a gift asdfgghgfjkd I cant. I think their screen time was quite a lot considering theres a million other things going on and its a large cast of main characters although I wouldnt be mad about more Malec screen time hehehe.

Yeah anyway I think Harry and Matt are doing an amazing job at playing this beautiful beautiful inter racial same sex couple and I cant wait to see more. Stay positive about this guys.

Also if Jace cockblocks Malec again I swear

Another Rant

Book stans are so confusing. I’m literally debating a girl on Facebook whose complaining (on the Shadowhunters official page might I add) that she hates the show because Clace isn’t getting enough attention and she wants the scene in the Seelie Court already because the show doesn’t understand that Jace and Clary are ‘soul mates’ and they’re dragging out the sibling thing.

Like seriously? Jace and Clary have been believed siblings for seven episodes. SEVEN. Are you really that impatient?! Can you not last five minutes without the only white!het!ship of the series?! Not to mention this complaint was commented below the sneak peek of Magnus and Alec playing pool on their date. You’re trying to take away from Malec and the date we’ve been waiting on since the beginning of time by complaining about the lacking of Clace?! I’m baffled. I really am.

I have no words.

Girls final season: Hannah & Adam

With the final season of Girls here (a show that there isn’t typically a disk sitting in my Blue Ray player ready to go) I am very sad. As I listen to the music used in the show, certain songs remind me of favorite scenes. Seriously, I feel like openly crying. (I probably will a few times before I get over it.) I am going to REALLY miss seeing new episodes, but at the same time, thankful that I was able to discover this show and the brilliant mind that is Lena Dunham. To have a woman listed as Creator, Writer, Director, Producer, Actress…we need to see a lot more of this.

In a recent interview, Adam Driver assured us that season 6 is “ending on a note that they can control, that it seemed to make sense. It’s not just an arbitrary ending.” Lena recently said her and Jenni made “hard” decisions this season. I used to think that I wouldn’t be satisfied unless Hannah and Adam got back together. I mean, after all, the show did spend a hell of a lot of time with the ins and outs of these two, but now I am thinking a show like this will probably not end easy in many ways and not in a “happily ever after” way either. I think we will see the girls grow, but at the same time, I am not so sure that includes Hannah, or even Jessa, ending up with anyone. The show is ultimately about these girls and their friendships after all, and in the long run, they really don’t like anything getting in the way of that friendship…..including a man.

For some reason, in season 5, the egomaniacal Hannah is the biggest mess ever. As an aspiring writer, we know about her endless desire to pursue interests and different experiences for a good story. This has led her at times to be self-centered and self-destructive, however, it seems like lately, she has been trying extra hard to just test everything. Showing her crotch to her boss, trying to blow Ray, the ridiculous fights with Fran (“Oh, Hannah wants to do something rude, disruptive, and inappropriate. What a twist.”) and her talent to bring unprofessionalism in the work place to (an albeit hilarious) new high, are a few examples of the more, irrational ways Hannah has been acting out. It was all heading towards her growing and taking a big step forward in her life. Besides where she wants to go, what she wants to do as she gets older, one truth she has to face, I believe, is her lingering feelings for Adam.

Adam. In the first season, he starts out as sort of a creepy, “emotionally tone-deaf” sex addict that Hannah was in pursuit of. We wondered why she was bothering with him as he was not exactly “boyfriend material”. He was working on homemade “wood working” in his work shop which was his mess of an apartment. (Not so sure the genius even had a plan on how to get that boat out of the front door if he ever completed it!) He was just this non-committal guy that Hannah would have sex with when he felt like returning her text messages or answering his phone. (For the first 6 episodes, we weren’t even sure if he owned a shirt!) None of Hannah’s friends had ever met him, and the first proof of his exsistance to Marnie (besides the occasional bruise on Hannah’s ass) was a dick pic he accidentally sent to Hannah that wasn’t even meant for her!

As a couple, we get to see Adam grow more as a character we care about. He is still quirky and intense, but having Hannah to give advice to, share his interests with and love, helped make him a better person. A person we cared about and found intriguing as well. When he does do something as normal as eventually say “I love you” or suggest that they move in together, Hannah (after being conditioned to expect anything from him from bad treatment to extreme sweetness) reacts like it’s way too soon for either one of them. It was all moving too quickly for her and I don’t think she trusted him yet, or wanted the newness of the chase to be over. Adam had his mind made up with his tunnel vision and he was in it “for the long haul” so of course, he has a hard time with their first break up: “My desire for you cannot be repressed. And to quit my pursuit would be to shirk self-respect and abandon my own manhood, and that’s not going to happen.” He wrote and performed horrible (hilarious) songs which he sent her to watch and was kind of stalkerish for a bit. It proved to be very hard for him to let go. Not too sure if he ever really does. So we have Adam trying to feverishly move forward without totally letting Hannah heal from his past not-so-nice treatment, and we have Hannah kind of playing with his emotions and not really being too empathetic to his state of mind.

Regardless of Hannah’s self-absorption (all the Girls seem to have this issue from time to time) and Adam’s sometimes callousness, there still seems to be some kind of connection that thrives between them. (“Hannah is accepting of my brand of difficult.”) Adam cleaned up his act some and we get to see him at AA and learn more about what made him tick. While he was dating Natalia, and ran into Hannah in front of the bar, it really did something to him. (I love the way Driver’s voice got all raspy as he asked her to put on some pants.) He, the ex-alcoholic, went back in and after seeing her, had to order an alcoholic beverage, which led to one of the eventual reasons of that relationship coming to an end. The song playing was Fiona Apple’s “Valentine” and it surely wasn’t about Natalia. (Adam messing with his ear like a nervous habit, odd coincidence to what Hannah was going through?) We know now that if Hannah can affect him in this way, then he obviously must have feelings for her. He never stopped loving her in his own way, and he is there for her hard core. As he ran to her across the city during her most desperate time, when she felt the most lost, never fails to bring tears to my eyes. (the heavy mood is lightened a bit when while running, he has to suggest that a driver “go suck a fucking spikey one”) With the dramatic music playing while he runs to Hannah is just so emotional and it is beautiful and very romantic, the most romantic scene ever in Girls. He is there for her. He cares for her. He loves her. “I was always here”.

By season 3 end, Sackler’s acting career turned into his new addiction. Hannah panics at some people warning her of how Adam is going to change with his new career instead of just trusting him and seeing how it all works out. She always has had a knack for taking bad opinions and advice to heart instead of trusting a bit more in herself. She develops a codependency on Adam just when he wants some space to learn his lines and do this right. He just wants his first show on Broadway to be perfect. Of this he assured her. She has a hard time sharing Adam with his new endeavor, because not all of his attention can be on her. When she finally gets accepted into the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Adam does berate her for telling him at the wrong time, by which he means the wrong time for him. (Although, letting him know minutes before he hits the stage of his opening night show was probably not the best.) Once again, he takes it hard, as did Jessa, which I felt was selfish of her, as she always had a knack of simply disappearing from time to time on her friends. I never really understood the whole guilt trip on Hannah for accepting school and attempting to better her career. It was at this point that I wondered why the girls even kept trying so hard to stay friends. They are not even very nice to each other. Adam and Hannah never officially break up, but seeing the sadness and loss in his eyes as she left was rough. The morning she was leaving, he couldn’t even face saying goodbye. He pretended to still be sleeping. We realized that part of him would always love her.

After trying Iowa, Hannah found she didn’t like the distance away from Adam, (not real sure why they seemed to have stopped communicating) among other factors at the school, and decided to come home, just a month later. Upon returning to her apartment, she shockingly found out that Adam had gotten a new girlfriend and Hannah didn’t even know they’d broken up! Yes, at the same time it was left sort of open ended, but it didn’t seem to have taken him anytime at all to move on. This was heart breaking, her surprise and desperation, truly a very rough episode to watch. We find that Jessa knew about it the whole time while Adam was putting Hannah’s belongings in storage. To make matters worse, she had selfishly worked at hooking Adam up with Mimi Rose simply because she wanted to get with Mimi’s ex, Ace. Some friend, eh? It was so hard watching him basically tell Hannah that he was not in love with her anymore (but we knew better) and he was “trying something out". What a nice surprise to come home to! Mimi Rose was the opposite of Hannah to the extreme, and really didn’t ‘need’ him, she liked having him around. It was a one-sided relationship for the most part, Adam’s side. It was a bad choice for him as he discovered that he does want a partner that loves and needs him a bit more than that. (But maybe not as needy as Hannah) A while after that relationship ended, Adam turns around and begs desperately with Hannah to come back to him. “I just think I was confused, and I think I made a mistake. I miss you so badly.” He tries to reach for her. With how he hurt her so deeply, the wound was still fresh. With her self-respect in full force for once, Hannah says, “I can’t do that” and stands her ground despite Adam’s pleas. He insists “yes, you can” like it should be an easy choice. Did he think she would just come running back to him? With tears in both their eyes, (and ours) it was still nice to see her hold her own and turn him down. Truly a moving scene.

I really enjoy everything about the show, it’s all brilliant, but Hannah and Adam’s relationship, is to me, quite a lot of what makes Girls the show that it is. I cried with Hannah like a baby as her bottom lip quivered in heartache and betrayal when she realized at the play that Adam and Jessa were together. When he made eye contact with her, his look said so much. There was some pain there and just so much not said. Hannah tells Tally she was probably just using Fran to get over Adam and that Adam is the only man she’s ever truly loved. (a bit of foreshadowing)  She was feeling left out and confused, “The worst part is, I miss them both. I love them both so much I don’t know who to warn about the other one.”

The end of season 5, Adam (who sure has come along way since we first met him) has like the biggest, most outrageous reaction anytime Hannah is mentioned, it’s like he is trying so, so hard to break that connection to her. He tries to turn it into hatred and blame. Then there is Jessa, who at the same time, got a guilty conscience, dredging everything back up to the surface when he is trying to forget Hannah. Jessa, who constantly over the seasons has a knack for telling other people to “grow up” but seems to not be capable of taking her own advice. She and Adam butt heads over everyday things and can’t even get through babysitting his niece. When Jessa cannot illicit his total attention away from the baby after it barfs on her and she wants Adam’s help to clean up, (in mid-season four he did call her out on being manipulative) asks her to stop, “You’re an adult. She’s a baby. Why do you need more help than a baby?“ With the tension thick, Jessa takes it out on Adam which leads to an unnecessary (but entertaining) blow-out between the two. She blames him for getting between her and Hannah (were they ever truly friends?) and basically spells out their doomed relationship: “I’m a hateable kind of person. I don’t know why, I can’t help it, but I know, I know that I have principles and one thing I don’t do is steal people’s boyfriends. But you ruin that. Don’t you see that?! I’ll never forgive you. I will NEVER forgive you for that. We could die in the same bed and I will never forgive you!” I really don’t think there is any coming back from that, at least nothing long term anyway.

Hannah did show some growth with her story at The Moth Story Slam. She admitted, “I’m Hannah forever. No matter what I do. No matter whether I start a nuclear crisis with my emotions or if just sit back and chill and give someone a fruit basket. I can only control the mayhem that I create around me.” she told the room, explaining the note she left outside of Jessa and Adam’s door that read, “Good luck. I mean that sincerely. In perpetuity, Hannah.” However, she heard them fighting and was relieved to not be inside there. “I heard screaming and I heard my name and I heard madness. And I knew that I was free. At least for tonight.” she says. Hard to keep a dry eye. This was a huge step for her. When it comes to Hannah and Adam, I don’t think I have cried or felt more emotionally attached to fictional characters in all my life. (and I don’t think Frankie Valli has ever made me cry before).

In the season 6 opener, we do see a more thoughtful Hannah. We learn that the New York Times had her write her story to be published in their Modern Love column. She appears to still not be holding a grudge, but the same cannot be said about Jessa, (for some reason) as she refuses to read Hannah’s column. Adam on the other hand, read it with deep interest with a bit of a hurt expression on his face. Seeing their story in print did mean something as I think he realized some truths. (It’s the only time we see him looking serious, about anything, in the episode.)

Hannah still doesn’t seem entirely satisfied with her life, but she is on a new assignment away from NYC, where she becomes open and more relaxed. She is still silly, entertaining, awkward Hannah getting drunk on the dance floor, spilling drinks all over herself, pointing at the surf instructor/rapper and proclaiming “I know him! He’s my surf teacher! I’m gonna fuck him!” (a favorite moment and why we love her) She was able to forgo some of her usual rage impulses even after Paul-Louis admitted to having an open-relationship girlfriend. This was really a change in attitude, she was not happy about it but I think she did learn from Paul-Louis maybe something to think about:  “It’s so much easier to love something than to hate it, don’t you think? Love is the easiest thing in the world. Hate takes energy, loves makes vibes.”

We find Adam in an opposite situation. It seems he and Jessa decided to stay together, even as that means that they have been seemingly estranged from the rest of the group of friends. They are holed up in the apartment not even having the decency to get dressed when Ray comes over, or to answer a text, and they are just being obnoxious. Ray said why he didn’t want to go in there: “its repulsive” and “smells like they are always reheating fish”. (Are they doing drugs?) Not quite sure what is wrong with them. Kind of seems like Adam took a few steps backward. So, I am guessing he still has some emotional growing to do, which I am sure, will work it’s way out over the season.

Lena recently said “The show’s never been about that traditional connection, where it’s four best friends who just can’t get enough of each other. So to do a traditional everybody-gets-their-happy-ending finale didn’t feel right. At the same time, we wanted people to have the satisfaction of closure. I think we found kind of a creative way to do that. We’ll see if other people feel the same way.”  If she did feel that Adam and Jessa could make it, then they will. (However, eventually they would kill each other and we all know it’s only a matter of time before the next battle) Maybe no one “ends up” with anyone. Maybe Hannah does find the right man for her and it is not Adam. Perhaps Hannah doesn’t need or want a boyfriend for right now. Hannah and Jessa could rekindle their friendship and it doesn’t include any man between them or maybe this time their friendship is beyond repair. Adam could land a killer theater gig or movie role out of the state or country. All I know is how I feel, and for myself, after all the emotions and all the tears I have shared with Hannah and Adam, and with all that build up, shared history, and connection they seem to have, it’s just a lot of time spent on their story if they don’t figure it out.

My husband recently pointed out that Hannah shouldn’t get back with Adam, she deserves better, “Adam has been a dick.” Yes, he has and yes, he can be. “They have been abusing the shit out of each other for years,” Lena has said of unexpected support of Hannah and Adam as an OTP. Its been messy, sure, but people grow. Maybe they give it a try and are forced to come to terms that they would be heading down the same path and eventually keep hurting each other, making the difficult, yet, adult decision that they can’t be together. I am really leaning towards the no one ends up with anyone route. If not as a couple, I like to think that they will at least remain something to each other.

Anyway, I am pretty confident the love is still there in some form or another. To me that is partly what this show has been about. After everything they have been through, deep down inside, I will always feel they should finally be together…and happily ever after.

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I had a dream last night in which Negan killed himself by tripping over his own feet and whacking himself in the head with Lucille. I really hope that's the path AMC decides to follow

honestly that scene would be so iconic and yet, so ironic haha. i definitely think your dream should actually happen on the show, you seriously need to get hired by them to write the scene.

thanks for sharing, cat, and i hope you’re having a lovely day!

Watch Into The Badlands and Tell your friends about it

Into The Badlands > The Walking Dead Tv Show(I still love the comics but the show is just boring now).

1. Better Characters

2. Better story 

3. Better Writing

4. Incredible action scenes 

5. Last but not least, better pacing.  Seriously this show knows how to keep you interested, The Walking Dead can take forever to get from point A to point B and then it stays at point B and seems to never move. Into the Badlands keeps going and knows when to slow it down and when to keep things moving.   Seriously watch this show it deserves better ratings than anything The Walking Dead shows have to offer at the moment. 


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I've listened to Fathoms Deep review and now I'm scared, because they're quoting Steinberg and he said that Rogers is both Orpheus who's also holding on to Silver's Euridyce. I'm afraid Madi will die... 1) Madi is perfect, I don't want her to die, I love her. 2) Flint will blamed for it again. As though she would've survived had they exchanged the cache for her. Seriously, Rogers planned on killing them all after it as they showed in the last episode.

ok i just saw the 4.10 french promo with the new scenes and at this point im convinced everyone is gonna die except that fucking cockroach rogers. literally dont know what to expect but death, either theirs or my own. probably both. i have to abandon ship before the stress kills me oh my god


*spike and angel are arguing, as usual*


*they both look shocked and slightly horrified, as they do*

Spike: Me? And him? Me and him? Fuck? Never again! Nope not happening!

Angel: Yeah, Gunn. Seriously, the last thing we need is for Angelus to show up again!


Spike: Wait, what. Are you saying

Angel:*horrified silence. probably blushing and sputtering the dumb nerd*

Spike: ANGEL?

Angel: SHUT UP SPIKE WE HAVE A DEMON TO KILL *parades out of the room in his very swishy coat*

Gunn: *has been laughing his ass off the whole time*

Spike: What? What the fuck just happened wh


Some daemon AU, because it’s basically my favorite crossover type of all time. My headcanons have shifted a bit since my last rewatch but I like these better I think. I really really want to write a daemon AU fic just of important scenes from the show, maybe with a bit of post-canon exploration tbh

  • Mike: Domestic dog (alt choice: barn swallow)
  • Chuck: Tremblay’s salamander
  • Dutch: Peregrine falcon
  • Julie: Unsettled, he sticks to European magpie in Deluxe and tuxedo patterned domestic shorthair cat in Motorcity
  • Texas: Wolverine

(If you aren’t familiar with daemon AUs, they’re basically based on the universe of The Golden Compass/the His Dark Materials trilogy. In that universe, every person has an external, animal-shaped portion of their soul that speaks, has a distinct personality, and whose form indicates something about their personality or demeanor. Daemons can change shape until your personality becomes fixed, which is generally considered to happen in your early teens. After that, a daemon is considered “settled” and will never change shape again.)

lots and lots of daemon analysis under the cut

Keep reading


“Aap ek dafa mujhe itminaan kara den ke aap isse nahin maarenge tou main chala jaounga, kabhi wapas nahin aaounga yahan pe!”

“Tum mein itni himmat tou hai nahin ke apne aap pe bharosa karke beti ka haath mujh se maang liya hota. Ab mujhse vaada maang rahe ho? Agar uss waqt tum ne mard bann ke dikhaya hota tou aaj bhi ye mardangi achi lagti.

Volume 1 Analysis, Part 3

It’s the titan invasion all over again. The newbie soldiers are running around in a panic. We get a little glimpse of the resident mushy couple, Franz and Hanna, as they deal with this. Franz reassures Hanna he’ll protect her. Mikasa witnesses this and seeks out Eren, wanting to say the same.

…Only she gets cut off by Eren, who is diverting all his attention to a trembling Armin, asking if he’s alright. Before Armin’s panic can worsen, Eren is quickly able to calm and reassure him.

Yep. I’m sure there’s no significant meaning there whatsoever. 

This is doubly fun when you consider that just last chapter, Eren was scolding the couple over their relationship blinding them from the harsh realities of the world. Seriously, what was the point of showing Eren randomly hanging out with them and implementing that scene?

It’s not unusual for Eren to be annoyed over people acting complacent regarding the titans, but he’s particularly agitated over their relationship being a major factor in that sentiment. He’s sees it as a dangerous distraction when there’s a bigger picture to be concerned about. 

He isn’t totally wrong about that. 

Eren is able to calm Armin’s nerves again when they’re prepping to go into battle for the first time. His way of doing so isn’t to claim he’ll protect Armin, because he knows Armin wants to prove he’s capable of fighting and protecting himself. 

That’s why this panel is shown right before Eren reassures Armin in his own way – by talking about how this battle is an opportunity for a quick promotion. A way to prove themselves. It’s another way of showcasing how well they understand each other. 

Naturally, things go very bad, very fast. A comrade is quickly killed by a titan, but that’s not the sight that causes Armin to be paralyzed in place. It’s only when Eren sets chase and gets his leg chomped off that causes him to collapse to his knees in disbelief. 

He’s unable to move even though another titan is heading straight towards him, prompting everyone else to flee. 

Eren is incapacitated as his fellow comrades get devoured…until a titan swallows Armin. It’s only then that Eren stirs, making an attempt to do something. Come to think of it, the anime didn’t show Eren’s first struggling attempt to move upon hearing Armin’s screams. 

What ultimately gives Eren the strength he needs to rescue his best friend?

It’s the memory of Armin introducing him to the outside world, to the very idea of them both seeing it all together.

One other thing I noticed:

Talking about the outside world is taboo, and Eren outright reminds Armin it’s dangerous to talk about that kind thing. The Military Police would be on his case if word got out. But Armin doesn’t remotely care about that at the moment. All that matters is talking to his one and only friend about something he’s passionate about.

…You know, Eren is usually credited as the one who is prone to being rebellious and a troublemaker, but you’ve got Mr. Fuck-The-Police over here unabashedly carrying around an illegal book and not caring one bit about getting caught. 

One thing is for certain: when Eren is determined to do something, he gives it everything he has. Keep in mind he just got his leg bitten off and slammed into a rooftop at full speed. But here he is, able to jump into the mouth of a titan, grab Armin with only one of his arms while the other keeps the mouth open, and then throws Armin out of there. Never gets old.

But Eren isn’t ready to die yet. In his apparent final moments, he reaches out to Armin, asserting his desire to see the outside world. The very thing Armin has been dreaming of doing since he was little. 

It’s the last thing Eren says before the titan clamps its mouth down, apparently killing Eren right before Armin’s eyes. He’s even still reaching out, as if Eren was still there.

Chapter 4 was one wild ride, and serves well as a thrilling conclusion to volume 1. 


I just finished watching this Kdrama yesterday and can’t believe it is over. It has all the supernatural elements I love. It follows a warrior cursed to live an immortal life, a girl who can see ghosts, and a grim reaper. The storyline is woven together so beautifully. 

This show will make you laugh and cry. No seriously, I cried for like 30 minutes during the last episode. Everything goes down in 16 episodes.

All the historical scenes are so amazingly shot for a tv show. That’s why I put the commercial so that you can get a taste for those. Also included an MV for the ending song.

I would recommend anyone watch this if they don’t mind subtitles. Despite what the commercial says, you can find it on other streaming platforms. Started on Drama Fever and then finished it on kissasian. You can easily get to that site through kissanime by just clicking on drama and find it in the popular list in the #7 spot.

Gotta set the record straight.

Everyone keeps misquoting that last scene at Pykon from episode 6 and it’s driving me up the wall, because the tiny tweak of this quote changes the entire meaning. So let’s clear this one up.

Cephelo says “they’ll never choose you” not “he’ll never choose you”. Seriously, go back and listen to it.  This distinction is INTEGTRAL to the nature of this “love triangle” and the overall dynamic of the main three.  It’s the show acknowledging what’s going on with Eretria and Amberle and that it’s Amberle, not Wil, who is the middle of this triangle. It’s also emphasizing that Wil is not necessarily the object or sole/primary object of Eretria’s affections. I think it also shows that it’s just as obvious to everyone else in the world of Shannara, even Cephelo, that Eretria has mega heart eyes for the princess.

Additionally, it can also be taken to mean that Cephelo is telling her that her dreams for a different life are misguided, because she will never be anything more than just a rover.  That no one will ever love her or take her in as their own, so that she should stick with him, as his abusive relationship with her is the best she’ll ever get or deserve.  That’s what makes the bonding between Eretria and Amberle in episode 7 so special for me.  They open up and find many commonalities within each other that bring them closer together. You can see that it gives Eretria some glimmer of hope for something more, even though ultimately she maintains a façade to protect herself from being too open or vulnerable to possible rejection. 

The fact that Eretria rejects the premise that she is worthless when she says “so be it” and glides on back to Wil and Amberle, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  Seeing someone who has had such a hard life, faced with the almost guaranteed destruction of the Four Lands and the world as she knows it, maintain hope for something better for herself, just blows me away. I love watching her develop, more so than any other character on this show.

Anyway, I can go on all day about Eretria, but please stop misquoting this scene.  It means so much more than some boy choosing one girl over another girl.