seriously kill me! :d

SNOW// i love how all of you want the Iron Throne for your respective child and

I don’t think hormones have gotten to me yet but I do wonder if I’ll ever be happy with where I am in life. I love my job. It’s not the best but getting to work with horses is great even though they could seriously kill me.
I guess I was thinking I’d like doing this more. I’m secretly terrified of getting hurt by the horses and even so…I feel like I’m not doing enough.
Maybe I hoped I’d be able to ride more or maybe I hoped I’d meet people doing this…or I dunno. I feel like I’m missing something… I don’t know.. what other than friends I guess.

30.11.2016 || 76/100 days of productivity

Okay, so here I am and I’m going to talk ahaha :D sooo first of all, I have some weird health issues (like really weird) so I’m not going to attend P.E classes for like three months which is awesome and I might as well get some rest :D the second thing is that I have so many things to do rn and idk where to start :D the stress is going to kill me seriously :’D I think I’m going to get some tutoring in maths cause I am a lost hopeless case :D and the third thing~ i am going to work on a project in laboratories and I’m going to present the project on a competition and I’m so exctied :D well that’s all, I’m still really sleepy and tired, so I’m just going to finish my studies and go to sleep :D

And thank you everyone for follows and notes :33 I love you all so much 😆😆💙💙 (when I have some free time I’m going to check your blogs out okay?? :3)

Good night everyone!!!

…. And this pic are my math notes :D