seriously kill me! :d

Eric almost got heart attack when he found “praying mantis” beside the bottle he was about to grab! xDD
“I hate mantis the most in this world!”.. our leader still has this type of fear! 
but then comes Moongie’s reaction when he heard Eric’s scream & thought something “big” has happened xD

hello everybody,

as co-leader & creator of #LaunchMarkIntoTheF*ckingSun2k17, there’s been a slight change, if you want to join in

obviously jack is being a tease with anti again

so: #LaunchMarkandJackIntoTheF*ckingSun2k17 has been made

anonymous asked:

please let’s go on a date! i’ll pay

AWWWWWWWW (/)////(/) where are we going??!?!? I like italian food :D


30.11.2016 || 76/100 days of productivity

Okay, so here I am and I’m going to talk ahaha :D sooo first of all, I have some weird health issues (like really weird) so I’m not going to attend P.E classes for like three months which is awesome and I might as well get some rest :D the second thing is that I have so many things to do rn and idk where to start :D the stress is going to kill me seriously :’D I think I’m going to get some tutoring in maths cause I am a lost hopeless case :D and the third thing~ i am going to work on a project in laboratories and I’m going to present the project on a competition and I’m so exctied :D well that’s all, I’m still really sleepy and tired, so I’m just going to finish my studies and go to sleep :D

And thank you everyone for follows and notes :33 I love you all so much 😆😆💙💙 (when I have some free time I’m going to check your blogs out okay?? :3)

Good night everyone!!!

…. And this pic are my math notes :D