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settle down | (m)

• pairing: min yoongi x reader, roommate! yoongi
• genre/warnings: smut, angst, fluff, slow buuurrrn, enemies to lovers
• words: 14,930
→summary: An unfortunate event finds you living with the man you practically despise over the summer. However, maybe through a series of fortunate events, you find yourself falling for him…
• note. this is a remastered version of the originally story I wrote called ‘and july’ (found here) that I wrote for suho back when I started this blog, albeit slightly (very?) different.

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Huntress- Part 12: Ramiel

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E12 so warning: SPOILERS

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Lying awake in a motel, you breathed in and out. Sat upright and facing the window, where a few muffled shouts of drunk people occasionally sounded. You sighed, glancing at your Uncle and Dad who were both fast asleep. 
Dad wasn’t overly keen on the idea of you tagging along to hunt a demon, especially since that night…
But you insisted on him at least taking you. He gave in, most likely not wanting to fight over it rather than agreeing with you. You hadn’t thought about Max for a few days. You still missed her. Of course you did. Seeing your Dad and Uncle together, as siblings, it reminded you of her. Especially with their Mum back. 

You were staring absentmindedly at nothing in particular when your phone buzzed on the bedside table. Swiping it away before it woke anyone up you looked at the caller ID and sighed. 
He was calling you again, the last voice mail was supposed to be the final one. He told you he’d leave you alone. He told you- 
‘1 new voice mail’
You read the words on the screen, again for safe measure.
Your finger hovered over ‘play’ as you reached for your headphones. Only, something made you stop. Realisation perhaps,you were a curious person, but this wasn’t right. It’s not lying if you don’t listen to the messages.

‘message deleted’

When your Dad and Uncle finally woke up you were fully dressed, reading through some articles on your phone. Dad’s eyes landed on you, then fell to the barely creased duvet and he sighed, perching on the edge of the bed next to you. “Couldn’t sleep, huh?” He asked softly, not giving you room to escape the question.
You shook your head, not looking at him. “You’re gonna need energy if you want to help on this hunt.” He subtly lectured you.
“I know…”
“Y.N, I know it’s hard. But you’re going to have to focus for me, focus on the hunt and nothing else…Just, try not to get too worked up, love.” He gave you a quick side hug, holding you close to him and pressing a kiss to the top of your head. When he stood up, he held his hand on your shoulder for a second before going to the bathroom.

“Hey, Kiddo.” Uncle Dean sat down next to you this time. You felt stupid, like you needed some kind of constant reassurance. “You okay?” He asked, nudging you with his elbow lightly.
“Yeah, I’m okay.” You nodded, smiling lightly.
“As crazy as this sounds, Sammy’s died before. I know what it feels like to be without your sibling. I know how tough it is.”
“But he came back.” You fiddled with your thumbs.
“Yeah he did…But it’s the same pain you’re going through.”
“Not if they didn’t come back it isn’t.” You chuckle bitterly, not sure whether to laugh or to cry.
”Your Dad; struggling as much as you are, Y/N. He’s lost one of his Daughters. I’ve lost one of my Nieces. Yeah, we didn’t meet her, but she was still our family….I’m sorry, kid…” At that moment your Dad wandered back into the room, Uncle Dean looked up before saying “Come on, let’s meet this Hunter. That should take your mind off things.”

“I’m not mourning her.”You said, putting your phone in your pocket and rising from the bed to gab your jacket. “I’m just…so much has changed for me. When too much happens and I get overwhelmed my go-to is…was…my sister. I’m not mourning. I’m just trying to cope.”

Your Dad nodded seriously, doing his best to understand your situation. “You’ve been through a hell of a lot, kid. You are coping.” He ruffled your hair when you walked past, making you crack a smile.
“See?” He noted your smile “You’ve just gotta keep doing that.”

“Mandy?” Uncle Dean read the Waitresses name-tag “That short for Amanda?”
“Obviously.” You mumbled, realising she’d said it at the same time and sharing a smile with her.
“Can I get you anything?” She asked, smiling at you.
“Just a tea, thanks.” You smiled, ignoring Uncle Dean’s offended stares.
“Hey uh, what’s the wifi password?” Your Dad looked up from his tablet.
“Extra cheese.”
“No thanks I’ll just have normal.” Uncle Dean butted in, not understanding.
“No..that’s the wifi password.”
“And anything for you, handsome?” You almost laughed out-loud when she flirted her way through to Cas, noting down his meal as slowly as possible while she thought of something to say.

When she walked away you chuckled, eyeing Cas’ confused face. He shot you a frown, but you didn’t say anything as you continued to smile. You got your phone out, typing “extra cheese” before…one bar??? You scoffed at the awful wifi,putting your phone away. You wouldn’t get far with that.

“The internet here sucks, but I’ve found some things that might help us with the case. So-” Your Dad began, only to be cut off by Uncle Dean.
“Yeah no one cares. Okay Cas, you’ve gotta get in there. This good be some really good practice for you.”
“Kill me.” You whispered to yourself, sinking into your chair, making your Dd chuckle.
“And the upside? They always smell like food.” Uncle Dean declared, making you grimace: “That’s disgusting…in what uncultured alternate universe is that an upside?” You questioned.
“Food?!” Uncle Dean couldn’t possibly see how it wasn’t an upside.
“Upside? That they smell like food?” Your Dad scrunched up his face in disgust, joining in with your side while Mary sat in between, watching with a tolerant stance. 

“Okay, screens down. Eyes up!” Mary declared, almost making you jump.
“Sorry…” Everyone looked down, sat up straight and shifted awkwardly in their seats.
“Okay. Good.” Mary nodded.
“So uh…You guys have met those fancy Men Of Letters?” Wally asked, although he seemed to be aiming the question at you. Wally was the Hunter who asked for help with the case, he’d contacted Mary who’d brought the four of you into it.
“You mean the British Men Of Letters?”
“I lived with them. So yeah.” You nodded, raising your eyebrows.
“And yet your Dad’s a Winchester?” he was curious, not rude, so you answered him.
“Yeah…My Mum was English so I grew up in Europe.”
“In London?” He seemed fascinated.
“Yep. It’s pretty dull, but foreigners seem to like it.”
“I’ll bet.” 

“Those guys have gadgets, but they kept my Niece from me and they tried to kill my Brother.” Uncle Dean grumbled, you gave a tight smile, feeling like a slight outcast as they spoke about American Hunting as though it deserved it’s own trade mark symbol. You hadn’t realised, but your Dad was eyeing your reactions.

Spraycan in hand, you drew out a circle, adding in the runes and symbols to trap the demon that would hopefully fall into it’s centre. When you stepped back your Dad threw a rug over it and watched as you tied your shoe laces, wondering if he should bring it up or not. To his surprise, you said it instead: “Stay behind me? Don’t do anything stupid? Be safe?” You guessed his words, crossing your arms slightly.

With a disapproving look, he nodded. “What? You say it every time!”

“And I mean it every time!” He retaliated. Only, his voice was more harsh than you thought it would be. You backed up slightly, aware you’d crossed some sort of line.
“…Y/N, I’m sorry…I’m just worried about you…” He looked down guiltily.
“I know…I’m sorry too. I’ll stay behind you guys.” You exclaimed, offering a tight smile. He nodded before saying “Okay, everything’s gonna be just fine.” 

But, it really wasn’t.

After a few minutes of positioning yourselves you decided on your stations- Wally was outside in case he came from a different entrance, Uncle Dean was in the doorway, his gun aimed towards the front door, fully loaded with demon-trap bullets, Dad was at the side of the front door, prepared for a different angle of attack, Cas was behind and Mary to the side. You were next to Mary where she had hand out to stop you from going any nearer towards the door. As much as you appreciated their determination to keep you out of harms way, you were a little irritated by the over protectiveness of everyone. However, you’d told your Dad you’d stay back so that’s exactly what you did.

Seconds after you’d sharpened your knife, a faint whistling could be heard. Everyone shared a look and you all prepared for impact. 
The whistling grew louder and you knew something was wrong. The way he seemed to whistle was too confident, too repetitive. He knew- you were sure of it -he knew you were in there.
Before you had a chance to test this theory, he opened the door, tilting his head at Uncle Dean. “Why the hell are you in my house?” The demon snarled.

Uncle Den fired, ignoring the question, yet, despite the bullet going straight through him, he didn’t seem at all phased. Chuckling slightly he stepped forward, Uncle Dean shot again but nothing happened. There were no signs of pain let alone death. The demon kicked away the carpet, revealing the devil’s trap you’d spray-painted earlier. “Hunters.” He spat. 

In an attempt to rid of the demon, your Dad attacked from behind, digging his demon-blade into the back of his vessel. Again, no result.
The demon opened his mouth to speak, but he changed his mind when his eyes landed on Cas: “Angel”. With a deathly stare he marched straight for Cas, pushing Uncle Dean and Mary out of the way.
He threw Cas to the floor and a fight kicked off. You weren’t sure what was going on with your Dad and Uncle, but by the sounds of it they were occupied with demons of their own.

Focusing on the demon in the room with you, you swung your blade at him, dodging when he tried to hit you back. He threw you to the floor without making contact, a thrust of his hand and you were down. Mary raced over to you, trying to help you back up only soon she was sent backwards as well. “Hiya sweetheart.” The man grinned, his eyes flashing a flaming yellow as he stared down at Mary. 
With Cas back on his feet he distracted the demon, giving you and Mary time to recover. Rising from the floor and ignoring the pain in your hand, which must have been a broken wrist or something, you raced reached out for your blade which had fallen from your grip.

As you managed to grasp hold of it you heard a deafening smash to see Cas being sent crashing through the window out on to the garden. “Run!” Cas managed, shouting at you and Mary.
Mary nodded and grabbed hold of your upper arm, dragging you away from the scene.”I’m not leaving him.” You bitterly declared as you tugged yourself away from her grip, chasing after Cas.

As you raced down the stairs, just dodging a demon as they tried to shove past you. You ignored the shouts of your Dad and Uncle, determined to get to Cas in time.
“Hey!” You shouted. The demon was stood above Cas, holding some sort of spear. When he lowered it towards his body you practically screamed at him to stop, sprinting towards the scene. The weapon stabbed through Castiel’s body, making him cry out in pain. You raced over, attacking the demon with the same defenseless blade because that was all you had- and you had to do something. 

“Y/N…” Cas managed before the sound of a car cut him off. You looked up to see Mary coming to a halt and leaping out of the car. “What happened?” She asked, kneeling down next to you and Cas.
“He stabbed Cas with…I don’t know what it was.” You shook your head, looking about the place in case he was coming back.

“We need to go, we can’t stay here.” You insisted.
“Yes, go” Cas nodded in attempt to keep you both safe. Mary shared a look with you and you grabbed one of Cas’ arms each, heaving him off the ground and into the car.

You sat in the back with him, blood was pouring on your hands, but you kept pressure on his wound, ignoring the river of red. Cas was shivering in your arms, his whole vessel breaking up. “You’re gonna be fine.” You assured him, changing hands on the wound. Orbiting the gash were lots of vein-like black lines slowly seeping their way along his skin. You watched in shock, having never seen anything like it, but made sure your face didn’t show it as not to frighten him.

“Let’s go in here.” Mary suggested, parking just outside some sort of barn house. You nodded, trying your best to help Cas out of the car while still keeping the cloth on his wound.

You and Mary helped Cas into the barn-house, an arm each round your shoulders as you gently laid him on the floor, leaning against an old trough. “Cas, hey come on. Stay with me.” You held his face, looking into him desperately as he struggled to fine his bearings. Mary’s phone rang so she stood up away from you both: “Yeah…take a left and keep going…we’re at an old farm house…yeah she’s with me….she’s fine, but….it’s Cas…”.

Your wrist had bruised slightly, swelling a little. You grimaced slightly at the pain, but focused on Cas. Kneeling down next to him, you felt helpless, you didn’t know what kind of magic that was, but it wasn’t a regular wound. 
“Y/N, come here.” Mary’s stern voice made you pull yourself away from the injured to see what she wanted.

You both turned away from Cas and spoke in hushed voices “How bad is it?” She asked.
“Pretty bad…I’ve never seen anything like it…It’s some sort of magic that’s for sure.”
She sighed and looked down “We need to do something.” 
“I know…I just don’t know what.”

At that moment the door swung open and your Dad and Uncle walked straight over to you both. You pulled your sleeve down over your wrist as not to worry anyone and slipped away from the huddle to check on Cas. 
“Hey, love.” You whispered, feeling your eyes want to cry. You blinked away the urges, smiling comfortingly at him. “Y/N…you’re hurt.” He nodded at your wrist and you almost laughed. 
“Cas, that’s the least of my worries right now.”
He cried out, shouting in agony, his body jolting a little. 

“Cas?!” Uncle Dean’s worried voice grew closer as he knelt down opposite to you. You looked at each other with worried eyes.
“Sam.” He ordered, clearing his throat before adding “Sammy.”

Dad looked towards where you were both crouched over Cas’ wounded body and hurried over. He knelt down next to you, placing one hand gingerly on your back. “Cas..?” His tone of voice said it all. It was bad. And there was nothing you could-

“You idiots. You’re all going to die.”

Looking up, you frowned at the man. It was Crowley- King Of Hell. He stepped forward and looked down at Cas with an unreadable expression. “What happened?” 
“He got stabbed with some sort of silver-tipped spear thing.” You said, not taking your eyes away from his wound. The vein-like structures had grown in length significantly, now curving towards his face along his neck. It was apocalyptic.

“Not a spear, a lance.” Crowley corrected you.
“Hold on a second,” Your Dad rose from his position in thought “Those other demons were yours.”
You frowned.
“They were my demons. Only they were there to keep others out. You should never mess with…” Crowley sighed and paused, considering his next words. “Does the name Ramiel mean anything to you?”
You shook your head, a chorus of “no”’s erupted from the rest interrupted by a “yes”. Turning to look at Cas, he adjusted himself slightly, wincing, “Prince Of Hell.”

You weren’t one hundred percent sure what a Prince Of Hell was, but it didn’t sound good. Crowley explained the story of Ramiel, his offer to give Crowley the throne and his wish to be left alone. When he was finished you asked “Can you help him?”

Crowley shook his head “There is no cure.”

“There has to be! If you can trap Lucifer you fix a wound!” You shouted at him, making him jump at your sudden increase in volume.
“I’m…sorry. But there’s nothing you can do.”

“Help us or get the hell out of here.” Uncle Dean demanded, standing right up against him menacingly.

You stayed next to Cas, leaning against a hay barrel looking defeated. Dad, Mary and Uncle Dean were discussing something about a plan. You got out you blade and sharpened it, contemplating going outside.
“Y/N.” At the mention of your name you rose to your feet, giving Cas a reassuring smile before joining your Father. “Yeah?”
“You ready?”
“Why, what’s the plan?”
“Hit him with all you got.” Uncle Dean crossed his arms proudly.
“But he’s a Prince Of Hell, surely “everything we got” will just go straight through him?” You raised an eyebrow, aware you weren’t being overly optimistic.

“We’ve got to do something.” Mary cleared her throat “And this is that something, if you’ve got a better idea I’d love to hear it.”
“That’s not what I meant…”
“We know,” Dad offered a tight smile “Just be safe.” He squeezed your hand and you turned round to see Cas coughing and spluttering.

“You have to go.” Cas managed, his voice weak yet still of authority.
“Cas…” You didn’t know what else to say.

“I mean it. Save yourselves and run. I love you,” He paused, taking a deep breath “I love all of you. You’re my family.” 
You smiled through teary eyes.
Please. Please don’t let my last moments be spent watching you die.”

Your heart broke and ached at the sight of him. Your mind trailed back to when you’d first met and he healed your foot for you, it was a small and yet kind gesture. He’d used his healing powers for you and you had none to give in return.

“No…Cas. We’re not going anywhere. We’re not leaving you.” Uncle Dean declared decisively. 
“We’re fighting for you Cas.” Dad agreed “And we’re not going to leave you.”

If Dad had anything more to say he was cut off by a crash, you all turned to see Crowley’s body hunched over. He’d been thrown in by…it must have been Ramiel.

As if on cue, his whistle sounded once more as he walked into the barn. “Evening.” He grinned, his eyes falling on you for a second, then to Cas. You stepped closer to Cas, ready to defend him.

Uncle Dean held up his lighter and dropped it, causing a ring of fire to arise round the Prince Of Hell. “Cosy.” Ramiel didn’t seem to be overly phased which made you wonder if he could escape.
“You know we wouldn’t be in this situation if you hadn’t just left me alone.” He snarled. “Anyway,” he glared at all of you “You’ve stolen something from me. if I don’t get that back within thirty seconds…well…we’ll see, won’t we?”
You shared a look of confusion with your Dad,before turning to the rest. “Stolen?” You echoed, trying your best to make it sound like it wasn’t a lie…which no doubt made it sound like a lie. Ramiel nodded “I don’t know which one of you it was, or if it was all of you. But I want it back.” 
He reached into his jacket pocket and took out a pocketwatch, starting the timer. 

“Look, we don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.” Uncle Dean tried his best, but there was no stopping him now.
“Twenty seconds.”
“I’m serious. No clue.” Uncle Dean’s voice became louder as the tension in the room rose.
“Ten seconds.”
You looked at your Dad, then to Uncle Dean, then to Cas. All of which were waiting on something, looking more and more worried. Your eyes then fell on Mary who was staring back at Ramiel, she seemed to be ignoring your eyes.
You swallowed.
He stepped forward.

Confidently, his hands reached above his head where the Lance appeared through a clouded mist. He slammed it onto the ground, making you almost lose your footing and putting the fire out so he could escape.

Time to fight.

Everyone was instantly on the move, swinging blades and shooting bullets. He wasn’t disturbed by anything. Yet, you still kicked him off Uncle Dean, ducking under his incoming fist.
As you parried to the left, Dad stabbed his back with a demon blade, making Ramiel’s attention turn elsewhere. With his back turned, Mary also stabbed him, only he was fast and had her on the floor in seconds.

You backed away, aware he had the Lance still firmly in his grip. He held it out in front of you, taking it back to swing at you. You twisted your body so it just missed and grabbed hold of the sides, now fighting to take it from his grasp. You struggled as your wrist was still bruised up and no doubt broken in places so your Dad held on too, allowing you to let go to kick Ramiel’s chest, separating him from his weapon.

Your Dad then swung and plunged the blade through his chest. He gasped in pain, stumbling backwards slightly before shouting out. His call fell to nothing as his body crumbled into nothing but a hazy mist of blackness. Everyone relaxed and caught their breath, staring at where Ramiel was just stood.

A series of coughing and spluttering made you all race over to Cas. You knet down next to him, putting a hand on his shoulder. He struggled to take his next breath, his body jolting with spasms. The next series of coughing made some sort of black substance seep through his lips. Gasping for air, his body stiffened.

You stared at him, his eyes becoming more and more lifeless as the seconds went by, everyone else was staring in silence. You then tore your eyes away to see Crowley holding the Lance, he looked up at you, holding your gaze a moment before looking back down at it. He then grasped hold tightly of either side and snapped the handle in two. 

Some sort of blue orb of light erupted from the break, making you look away. It shined so bright the room disappeared from your vision before going back to normality. When you looked down at Cas he was perfectly fine, his face still had a few scratches, but his wounds were healed and there was no sign of infection of any kind.

“It’s all in the rune work.” Crowley broke the silence “’re welcome.”

“So that’s it, you’re okay?” Mary asked hesitantly, leaning forward slightly.

“Yes.” Cas nodded slowly before saying “What did he mean…about somebody stealing something?” 

A few seconds of silence broke out when Uncle Dean sighed “Who knows what that crazy man was talking about. Come on, let’s go home.”

On the way back to the Impala, you walked behind the rest, your hand running over your wrist. It had purples splotches over it with red tinges round the edges of them. You din’t notice your Dad fall behind until he spoke “Your wrist okay?”
You nearly jumped when he said so, but cleared your throat before nodding “Yeah…it’ll heal.” 
You tugged your sleeve over it and looked at your feet, paying attention to each step you took. “I’ll get you a bandage when we get back.” Dad offered, trying his best not to keep going on about it and yet remain worried.

“Thank you.”

“How’re you holding up?” He asked, putting his hands in his jacket pockets and slowing to a halt. This forced you to do the same. 
“I’m…” You chose your words carefully “Okay.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah…I mean, as strange as it sounds hunting kinda helps. It takes my mind of things. 

“Yeah no I get that.” He nodded. You looked over to see Uncle Dean and Mary leaning against Baby, talking about the case no doubt. 

“Has uh…Mick been in contact since last time?” 

You thought about it before shaking your head. “No…he’s been quiet.”

“Too quiet, or just quiet?”

“I don’t know yet… But he’s not stupid. Mr K and Toni are ignorant, but Mick’s brain doesn’t work like that. He’s just insistent.”

Dad nodded, probably clueless as to what he could say.

“They never had intentions of keeping me as part of the Men Of Letters. A few changed their minds over time….especially when…when Max died. Mick was one of the only ones who kept the promise of letting me go.” When you noticed your Dad’s face you added “I’m not defending him. I’m just…I don’t know…”

“No, that’s okay. I get what you’re saying. We just don’t particularly trust them.” Dad explained.

“Yeah…frankly they don’t trust each other so it’s a wise decision.”

He chuckled halfheartedly, before sighing. “So you’re okay with this? With being moved to another country…another continent…with a new family…It must be a lot to take in.” Dad empathised. It made sense that he was talking about this now, you probably wouldn’t have opened up as much when you first met. 

“There’s no hunting in England. Everything’s surveyed…I never really did much field work until now-”
“Really? You’re a pretty impressive Hunter for someone who hasn’t done so before.”
“They train you pretty good. Plus Mum let me hunt with her sometimes.” You smiled at the memory. Whenever Mum got a whiff of a possible Hunt you’d practically beg to go with her. “If I stayed in England, then I wouldn’t even have a family…It’s better here…even if you guys don’t have Marmite.”
Your Dad threw you a funny look and you couldn’t help but smile. “What?” He frowned, a smirk growing on his lips.
“Hey don’t look at me, you love it or you hate it.” You chuckled, turning to head back to the Impala.

What?” He followed you like a dog, curious to what you were talking about.

“You guys don’t have jaffa cakes either..” Your mind was now going through a list of food you hadn’t seen in a while.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Dad admitted, but he was enjoying your ramble none the less.
“Or curry…how can you not have curry?!”
Your Dad was grinning at you,his eyebrows raised as you mumbled to yourself- your face screwed up in thought “And Yorkshire’s! How could I forget Yorkshires..”

Part 13- Trust


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Thanks for being amazing people, stay gorgeous x

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Five in the Morning- Angelica Schuyler X Reader

Once I started reading, that’s all I was doing for the night. It didn’t matter that I had set several alarms throughout the night to try and get me to periodically take a break and maybe go to sleep because I knew once I opened the book that it would be one of those nights. I felt my eyes begin to close to my annoyance and I forced them to stay open so I could continue reading again. A satisfied feeling sat in my stomach as I watched the right stack of pages grow smaller and smaller until… finished. I closed the book, smiling a bit before realizing that it must’ve been at least a couple of hours. I groaned, turning over in my bed and I squinted at the window, seeing light coming through curtains.

Shit how long was I up for? I wondered and I saw my phone lying on the floor, discarded along with a charger cord and headphones. I reached over to grab it, nearly falling over the side in the process. The digital clock read 5:09 am and I set my phone down on the bed and I sat up and approached the curtains wearily, knowing that if I did this now, I wasn’t getting any sleep this morning. I opened them up, the first rays of sunlight filling my room and illuminating the sky in beautiful colors. I frowned a bit, knowing that I was going to hate myself later for not getting any sleep.
I absentmindedly began to play games, sending requests to my friends and not thinking anything of it before putting my phone back down, realizing that it was at three percent. I began to walk to my kitchen when I heard my phone buzz and I frowned, wondering who in their right mind would be up at this time. I picked my phone up and I stared at the name on my phone.

The Sassiest Schuyler Sister: wth are you sending me candy crush requests at five in the morning

I opened my phone and I opened Messages, staring at the screen before typing quickly.

Me: why aren’t you sending me candy crush requests at five in the morning

I exited our conversation and went over to mine and Lafayette’s conversation.

Me: please play candy crush

I knew he would be up, considering he always was at this ungodly hour.

French Fry:why are you up already? have i been sucked into an alternate universe in which you *gasp* get up early?

Me: i may or may not have started a good book last night

Me: therefore causing sleep to become unimportant

French Fry: i’m out getting caffeinated drinks right now, i’ll be at your apartment in ten.

Me: bless.

I smiled a bit and I exited our conversation and went into Angelica and mines conversation, seeing that she had left a new message.

The Sassiest Schuyler Sister: guessing you found a good book last night so that’s why you are still up

Me: no i am just really passionate and dedicated about candy crush

I smiled as I sent the message, knowing that she would either be shaking her head or laughing, or possibly both at the same time.
Someone knocked loudly on my front door.

“My slightly insane friend, I’ve brought offerings!” Lafayette practically yelled and I laughed a bit before running out of my bedroom and opening the door to let Lafayette into my apartment. He was holding five cups and I took the one he handed me gratefully. He set everything down on the table and looked at me seriously. “You look tired.”

“Thanks I try.” I rolled my eyes at him and he grinned, rubbing my hair and messing it up. I looked at him, raising an eyebrow at the remaining four coffees.

“Are you going to drink all four of those?” I asked him and he grinned.

“Ah, no. They are for Laurens, Hercules and Hamilton. And me of course.” He told me and smirked slightly at my caffeinated beverage, which I began to eye suspiously.

“Laf what did you do?”

“Nothing?” He tried and failed miserably to look innocently at me. I shook my head and I continued to inspect the cup. On the part where you’re supposed to write the persons name, he had requested the barista to write ‘date angelica’. I felt my cheeks turn red and I looked at Lafayette, who was choking on his coffee with laughter.

“I may be tired but I can still kill you.”

“I believe you but if you are in jail then how are you going to see Angelica?” He teased and I punched him without force.

“Okay but don’t you see what I see in her?” I asked him, looking at him as if he is crazy. He smirked and looked at me.

“No but please do tell.”

“Laf she is… amazing. I mean have you seen her smile…? Have you seen the way she looks when she is thinking about something? She is amazing. Her mind is extraordinary and she gets so silly when no one else is around. And her eyes! Her eyes light up every single time she reads something amazing and she starts saying the words out loud when she is reading! And…” I noticed I was staring off and when I turned back to Lafayette, he was smiling. Not smirking or snickering but smiling, genuinely excited.

“Y/N, I think you love her.” He said, his smile soft.


“Have you heard yourself talk about her?”

“I mean yes but… I don’t think she loves me in that way. I’m her best friend.”

“And so you’re just going to stand to the side?” He asked and I nodded.

“That was the plan, yes.”

“God you’re worse than Burr. Just kidding.”

“No you’re right. At least Theodosia and Burr are dating. He told her and I’m just waiting for Angelica.”

“You just don’t know how to tell her and that’s alright. Just take your time.” I heard a knock on my door and I moved towards the door and opened it, not expecting to see Angelica. When she saw me, a relieved smile until she studied me closely. Her smile reflected her concern and she grew more worried.

“You look exhausted. Lafayette, get back to the boys and please don’t give them caffeine.” She said, crossing her arms. Lafayette held his hands up in surrender and he smiled a bit before he grabbed the cup holder containing the coffee and he left, hugging me before he did. Angelica watched him leave and she hugged me after he did. I relaxed into her touch. She backed away and looked at me.

“You really need to sleep more.” She whispered and I shook my head.

“I’m not tired.”

“Look me in the eye and tell me that you aren’t tired.” She countered and I laughed.

“Okay okay you caught me. But I am going to make breakfast or something first.” I protested and she shook her head.

“You are going to end up burning your apartment down. I’ll make some just go to sleep, alright?”


“You are desperately in need of sleep. I’ll wake you up in several hours.”


“Of course. Now have a good sleep, Y/N.” She smiled and headed into my kitchen and I went into my bedroom, closing the curtains and I plopped down into my bed and passed out almost instantly.
Several hours later, I felt someone shaking me gently from sleep.

“It’s too early.” I groaned.

“It’s noon. I figured that seven hours of sleep would hopefully be enough for you.” Angelica said, a joking tone in her voice.

“What did you do for seven hours?”

“Cooked pancakes for you and read a book. I must say that Lafayette has an amazing nickname for you, on that cup.” She added and I sprung up, looking at her.

“Oh sh-”

“I feel the same way, if it’s any consolation.” She smiled and grabbed my hand.

“It is.” I smiled back and she leaned over and kissed me gently.

9773 Melas Road- jeon jungkook

Group Member: jeon jungkook of BTS

Genre: Romance/Mentions of Sex/AU/Horror


Not all witches have pointed hats.


9773 Melas Rd.

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theemoestdemon  asked:

So in one of your recent fics you mentioned that Tom has triggers that cause him to have panic attacks, can y9u write a fic about some other triggers that he has?

Of course I can! This was such a sweet idea! And it really helped me out because recently I’ve been working on trying to associate my triggers with more positive things, so they won’t cause me so much anxiety. And this helped me sort of lay that out in my head and junk. Enjoy!

Tom laid down with his head on Marco’s lap. Marco hand his hands resting gently on the demon’s ears so he couldn’t hear the rain outside. The noise made Tom skittish, and when it picked up it could send him into a panic attack. The thunder clapped and Tom flinched. Marco just petted his hair and soothed him back to rest. “The storm is almost over, Tommy.” Marco whispered. Tom sat up and wrapped his arms around Marco’s neck.

“I-I’m okay…” He mumbled. Marco rubbed his back and Tom jumped at another loud clap of thunder. He buried his face in Marco’s hoodie. “It’s the noise.” Tom explained, he played with the string on Marco’s hood and the human nodded.

“I know.” He hushed. Tom had told Marco everything traumatizing that happened to him. Or at least the pones he didn’t force himself to forget. And from what he’s been through it made little sense that Tom would be so scared of certain noises. That’s what led the human to believe Tom had some repressed memories that were trying to get out. “It’s just noise, it can’t hurt you.” Marco promised. Tom shook his head.

“No. No the bad things come with the noise the bad things make the bad noise.” Tom now had tears running down his face and the human scooped him up in a big hug.

“Hey, it’s alright, it’s alright.” Marco soothed. Tom rubbed his eyes and jumped when he head the thunder boom and the rain fall harder. He began shaking like he was cold. “Tom? Tom are you okay?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head and began shaking harder, this time hyperventilating. “Tom, look at me.” Marco begged.

“It’s too cold I-I can’t feel it’s so cold…” Tom shook harder. Marco shook his head and hushed him, wrapping a blanket around his shoulders.

“No, it’s not cold at all, see?” Marco smiled and Tom just kept shaking his head.

“It’s cold here I want to go home.” Tom blubbered. Marco cupped Tom’s face in his hands.

“Tom, where do you think you are right now?” Marco asked.

“It-it-it’s raining so hard I… I’m so cold…” Tom blubbered. Marco took Tom in his arms and held him for a long time. The demon’s shaking continued, and got worse every time there was a boom of thunder. Finally Marco ran up off the couch and got something out of the kitchen drawer. He came back and put big headphones over the demon’s ears. Tom’s shaking stopped and he looked ahead with wide eyes.

“That works every time.” Marco grinned, recalling the times he would sit with Tom, as the demon listened to Love Sentence while Marco held his hands. That was exactly what they were doing now, Tom let the music drown out all the bad noise, and Marco just held his hand gently. “Next time it starts raining I’m gonna give you those right away.” Marco made a mental note. He then reached out and brushed Tom’s bangs aside. “Oh you poor thing.” He whispered.

Tom looked up at Marco curiously. “Did you say something?” He asked, speaking way too loud. Marco giggled and shook his head, motioning for Tom to keep the headphones on. Tom got the message and nodded. “Is it still raining?” He called over the music in his ears. Marco looked out the window and shook his head. He reached over and took the big headphones off Tom’s head, smiling at how his hair stood up.

“No, it’s all over.” Marco told him. Tom seemed to sigh in relief and then he held onto Marco.

“Thanks for staying with me.” He mumbled. “I-I know it doesn’t make sense that I’m scared but… I am and I can’t help it.” Tom closed his eyes.

“Don’t thank me. I want to be here with you. And you don’t need to explain yourself.” Marco soothed. Tom smiled and Marco wiped away one of his stray tears. “There, there.” He soothed. “It’s all over. How about we go out and do something fun?” Marco suggested. “You’ve had enough seriousness for one day, let’s go get some ice cream.” He beamed. Tom grinned and sat up, tucking his hair behind his ear.

“Y-yeah… I’d like that.” Tom’s face brightened. “Let’s go have some fun.” He giggled. Marco took the demon’s hand and the two made their way down the street. The sun was now shining brightly, and you could see the water from the rain evaporating up on the sidewalk. “Woah, Marco, look!” Tom smiled. “Look how cool that is!” Tom jumped and he tilted his head.

“Yeah, when it’s a hot day, and the rain stops, it gets hotter faster. So you see the water evaporate.” Marco explained. He thought it was so cute that the simplest things on Earth seemed so extraordinary to the demon. Tom stopped jumped and stared for a long time. The sunlight shone through the mist and made a rainbow.

“That… that came from the rain?” Tom asked. Marco nodded and Tom stared for a really long time, with a look of confusion. “It’s nice… it makes colors.” Tom tilted his head and Marco held Tom’s hand.

“Are you done looking?” Marco teased. But Tom shook his head.

“No.” He responded. Marco smiled at him and they stared at the rainbow that reflected through the evaporating water for some time longer. “The rain made that…” Tom mumbled, and he looked closer. His pupils dilated like a cat’s and he pulled away suddenly, trying to pounce on the mist and catch it in his hands.

“How did that work out for you, Tommy?” Marco snickered, and leaned on the fence near the demon. Tom looked in his hands and saw he didn’t catch anything. He tried pouncing again, but once again failed. “You’re not going to be able to do it, Tom.” Marco giggled. Tom tried a few more times before getting tired of this.

“Okay, fine, the stupid mist wins.” Tom grumbled. “Let’s go get ice cream. As if I needed ANOTHER reason to hate rain…”

how to prevent sensory overwhelm

The downside of being autistic is that our nervous systems tend to be very sensitive to sensory input, and tend to go into overwhelm, causing meltdowns or shutdowns. (AKA “sensory processing disorder”.) That’s a simplistic explanation, but this piece is aimed at people who already know what I’m talking about :-D

The beauty of being autistic is that we come with built-in ways to calm our nervous systems. I think of these as autistic superpowers (and not the only ones we have, imho). But a lot of allistic people play a kind of “unless you’re a savant/genius, autistic people aren’t worthwhile human beings” game with us so some of us are not into the idea of having superpowers. If that’s you, just think of it as a handy built-in tool.

The downside (again) is that many of us are forced out of using those built-in tools by people who don’t want us to “seem autistic.” So, often, we never discover them, or are viciously forced to suppress them. Additionally, each of us has slightly different tools. For example, rocking might help me, but make someone else feel seasick.

The following is a short guide to how to find the tools that will get YOU out of overwhelm, or prevent you from even going into it.

First, you need some options for what your tools might be. I’ll put a bunch of suggestions at the end of this post. You may also have some things that have helped you in the past.

My experience was that I had a handful of things that I knew helped, but I didn’t use them consistently. Part of the purpose of this piece is to encourage you to be aware not only of what works for you, but of when you need to use it. It is A LOT easier to do this kind of self-care when you have a sense that it will actually work consistently, and a sense of how well it will work for you!!

Also, if you are the parent of an autistic child: this is the shit you should be teaching them. Thank you. Sincerely, a former autistic child.

STEP ONE: On a scale of 0-10, where 0 is “perfectly calm,” 5 is “getting overwhelmed,” and 10 is “already having a meltdown/shutdown,” rate how close you are to sensory overwhelm. 

Autistics, please note: it does not matter if you “get it right.” There really is no objective gauge for this. It doesn’t matter, because we are measuring how much (or whether) this number changes.

So if today you say you’re at a 7, and tomorrow you feel the same way but you have a better sense of how overwhelmed you can get and you now call the same feeling a 3… it doesn’t matter.

All we care about here is how far you currently feel like you are from 0, and then, how close we can get the number to 0. So just pick something that sounds pretty accurate. 

STEP TWO: Write it down. Please and thank you.

STEP THREE: Pick a thing to try.

STEP FOUR: Set a timer and try it for three minutes. UNLESS you hate it. If you hate it, or even just find it really annoying, please stop immediately, pick something else, and try THAT for three minutes.

(Please note: three minutes is a little bit of an arbitrary number. I find that it’s a pretty good amount of time to actually shift things, while not taking too long to try something else. But if you want to try it for more or less time, go right ahead. I do recommend trying everything (that you don’t immediately reject) for the same amount of time - it just doesn’t have to be three minutes long.)

STEP FIVE: Stop doing the thing, and gauge where you are on the same 0-10 scale.

STEP SIX: Write your current number down.

STEP SEVEN: If you have found something that significantly reduced your overwhelm, you can stop. I mean, you can stop any time anyway, I’m not the boss of you. But you don’t have to go through and test everything on the list below. Just find as many things as you want; or spend as much time doing this at once as you want. You can always do it again later if you want more tools.

That’s it!

anniegst served as my guinea pig for this method yesterday. Thanks, Annie!

She rated her overwhelm as an 8 initially. I found a no-talking, crinkle-sounds ASMR video and handed her the headphones. She almost immediately was like, “this is reaaaaallly annoying, sorry.”

I asked her if there were other sounds that would not be annoying. She said that she thought even white noise would be okay, like rain or something. I switched to the white noise app we both use (Relax and Sleep, which is awesome bc you can play more than one sound at once – it’s free on both Android and iOS) and put the fountain noise on.

She listened to it for about three minutes, and re-rated her overwhelm. As a 2!!

She said that she thought if she kept listening (or if the dog in the other room stopped barking) she would be able to get down to a zero.

I didn’t check in with her to see if she did. But I did get the dog to stop barking!

Here is the list of different things people said helped them, when I requested your “autistic swiss army knives”. There are A LOT OF THEM, and there are likely far more out there. I think this gives a great overview of the possibilities though, thanks everybody!!!!

I’ll give you the summary first: By far the most common ones were rocking, and pressure from blankets/sheets, either weighted or wrapped tightly. Flapping and music – in general or loud, or on repeat, or specific pieces – were also extremely popular. I’ve mostly tried to only put each of these once when many people suggested them, but I’ve included a few variants below.

There were also multiple people mentioning echolalia, chewing on things (gum/chew necklaces/toys/fingers), singing, playing with one’s hair, reading, drinking tea, playing with textures, drawing/coloring, and showering!

Try whatever you like, and enjoy!

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Smells like Dean Spirit

Imagine after a hunt you blasting Nirvana in the privacy of your room in a very revealing outfit, and Dean barging in after you couldn’t hear his knock.

Relationship: ReaderX Dean

Warnings fluff


This hunt had been BRUTAL. You had been expecting one vamp, and it turned out to be a whole nest. It took you, Sam, and Dean three long days to kill them all. In the meantime, you had been thrown across the room into a wall and had the bruises to prove it. Your rib cage was a mass of purple and red.

Dean had almost been turned. Only your quick thinking and even quicker reflexes had reached him in time and lopped the vamps head off before she could feed Dean her blood and turn him.

Sam had been thrown through a glass window and was cut all over. Dean had stitched him up while you picked glass out of his hair.

“Dammit Sam!” you grumbled. “Why do you have to have so much hair?”

Sam frowned at you. “You said you liked my hair.”

You patted his head gently. “I do baby, I do.” He still winced in pain.

You were not in a good place.  The fact that you came so close to losing Dean had you rattled.  The two of you had flirted for ages, but it never went further than that. But when Sam was already down, and that vampire bitch had sunk her fangs into Dean’s neck, It hit you like a punch in the gut.

Somewhere along the line, you had fallen in love with Dean Winchester. You had broken your own Cardinal Rule.  What now????

“How’s your head, Sam?” you asked when you entered the kitchen.

“Good. I think you got it all. Thanks Y/N! How are the ribs?”

“I want painkillers and beer. In that order.“

“That good huh?"Sam grinned weakly. “At least Deans in one piece…..mostly….. You really saved his bacon out there.”

At that moment, Dean walked into the kitchen, his hair wet from the shower. “Did somebody say bacon?”

“Do you ever think about anything besides food?” You asked, frowning.

“I think about lots of things, Y/N.  Want to know what I am thinking about right now?” He winked at you.

“You are such a flirt! I am too tired and too sore for this right now Dean.”  You turned you back on him.  Now that you knew how you felt about him, you were sure he could see it in your eyes.


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Kiss the Devil

Ricky Horror x reader
​Warning: language, suggestive themes
​A/N: this series may contain sensitive or triggering topics for some, I’ll do my best to put them in the warnings.  Just be advised it’s going to get dark.

The club is dark, and Ricky can feel the bass beneath his feet as he shuffles begrudgingly through the crowd.

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Shattered - Part 7

|Prologue| |Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5| |Part 6| |Part 8| |Part 9| |Part 10|

Member: Taehyung

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2394

Summary: Time breaks relationships, but it can also rekindle them.

A/N: Sorry I’m posting this quite late, but I’ve been extremely busy and this week is just going to be hell at school. Aside from that, I’m actually quite excited with where this story is going (disclaimer: there may be a few typos here and there because I tried to finish this as quick as possible to post). Enjoy xx 

Originally posted by kths

Months have passes by and nothing has changed. Actually, no. That is a lie. Nothing has changed in the sense that Hanseok still has his terrible temper and behaviour when he’s at home, but recently, he has been coming home at even later hours and whenever he gets into bed, he reeks of alcohol and cheap perfume. You can’t say that you don’t feel a stab to your heart overtime he gets into bed with the smell of another woman on him, but unfortunately, it’s to that point where you are numb to all of this. The only reason why you’re continuing to live like this is because of your son, Jaemin. He deserves so much more than this, but he also deserves some sort of a father figure.

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son-of-rome  asked:

will you guys please do the "we work out at the same gym" one for percabeth?

Shut Up

A/N: dan i’m sorry it took me two billion years to write this and that you’re getting the first thing i’ve managed to produce in a little over two months. so please excuse how rusty i am. anyway, hope you like!

also thanks to somethingmorecreative1 for taking a look at this way back when! love u.


It’s eighty-seven degrees out and a Wednesday when she officially meets him.

Annabeth’s been a member at her gym for four months—ever since she was met with a fractured tailbone from using her neighbor’s old work-out DVDs she bought at their garage sale last March. (Okay, so maybe they aren’t so much actual functioning discs as they are homemade VHS tapes starring Mrs. Peterson performing an eighties exercise groove. But that’s besides the point, really.) The embarrassment of explaining herself at the following doctor’s visit had provided enough motivation to spend an extra twelve dollars a month for a membership at the fitness center two blocks from her apartment. The one directly across the street from the bakery she’d come to know quite well.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request an imagine of Yoongi liking Taehyung's best friend but Tae also loves her? And when she and Yoongs talk Tae gets clingy and possessive but she doesn't realise either of them love her? Perhaps at the end an argument between V&Yoongi? 💕

Possessive best friend

OMG!!! So happy that I finally got my first request. Hope you like it, love :*

Requested!!!! :D

Genre: I don’t really know xD angst I guess, a little fluff

Word count: 1 131

Summary: What to do when two guys like you….

“Y/N-ah!” I felt a pair of arms engulf me before the door could even close. Tae lifted me off my feet and spun me around until he almost tripped over his own feet thanks to the dizziness. He didn’t let me go though but at least I had my feet on the floor again.

“Tae, you’re seriously crushing me.” I said and laughed. He only squeezed me tighter.

“But I haven’t seen you in ages, I miss you and want to hug you.” I sighed playfully and hugged him back.

“Yah! Can we continue practising?” An irritated voice reached my ears and I looked up to meet the tired eyes of Jin. Poor thing, having to take care of these idiots all day long. Tae reluctantly let go of me and I pushed him in the direction of the mirrors. He glared at me and poked his tongue out like a child. I just shook my head and laughed.

“Y/N” My gaze shifted to Rap Mon who had spoken to me. “Could you go get Yoongi? He has been working on some new songs but we’re going to go through some new choreography and he needs to see it.” I nodded and made my way over to Yoongi’s little studio down the hall.

Carefully I knocked on the door and patiently waited. No answer. I knocked again, harder this time but either he wasn’t in there or he was deaf. With an annoyed sigh I placed my hand on the handle and pushed. Surprisingly the door was unlocked for once so I stumbled in thanks to the unnecessary force I had used.

The room was dark, the only light coming from the computer Yoongi was sitting in front of. A pair of big headphones were covering his head and I grumbled. How loud was he playing that? I stalked up to him and patted his shoulder. He jumped, making the headphones fall off and crash to the floor. He spun around in the chair and faced me with a scared expression. Once he saw that it was me he put a hand to his chest and let the breath he had held go.

“God, you scared me.” I couldn’t help but giggle at him, he just sighed.

“Sorry, not my fault that you play that music so loud.”

“I’m finished with it if you want to take a listen.” He gestured to his computer.

“I’m actually here to get you, the guys want you to go through new choreography with them.”

“It will only take a couple of minutes.” He picked up the headphones. “And you’re opinion is the one I actually care about.” After that he gently placed the headphones on my head and pressed play. It was actually really good which is not a surprise, it’s Yoongi we’re talking about. All of his songs are like amazing. The song eventually ended and I took off the headphones.

“It was incredible, I think you really exceeded yourself.” The smile on Yoongi’s face could literally light up the room right now, I’ve never seen him smile so big before.

“Thank you Y/N, it means so much to me that you think so.” He got up and hugged me, not as tight as Tae before, but a lot softer. It was nice.

That was when the door opened and my eyes met Tae’s. He huffed and crossed his arms in an irritated manner.

“You seem to be very comfortable.” He said coldly.

“Very.” Yoongi chirped. I let go of him and took a step back, looking at Tae. Why was he so mad? He wouldn’t even look me in the eyes.

“Come on, we want to start.” He said shortly and started walk away. Me and Yoongi looked at each other. “COME ON!” I jumped from the force in his voice but started following him.

Throughout their practise Tae wouldn’t even look at me. It seriously pissed me off, I didn’t do anything wrong. He didn’t have any reason to be mad at me.

“Tae! What’s wrong with you!?” Hobi looked at Tae as if he was crazy. He had kicked Jungkook so hard that he actually fell during “Danger”. Jungkook didn’t look like he was in pain but he sure as hell looked surprised. Tae put a hand through his hair with a frustrated sigh. Then he looked at me, he actually looked at me. I raised one eyebrow when he started making his way towards me where I was sat in the couch. He then plopped down beside me with an arm around my shoulders.

“Let’s take a break.” He was visibly tired, both physically and mentally. Soon I felt him wrap his arms around me and snuggle me as if I was a teddy bear. I tried pushing him off of me but he just emitted a whine and hugged me closer to his body. I was stuck.

“Tae let me go.” I mumbled and tried to escape, to no avail. He just shook his head and shuffled closer.The others was discussing of getting pizza and soon they were all in a battle of rock, paper, scissors. I heard Yoongi groan when he lost and had to get the pizza.

“I’m serious Tae, I don’t want to cuddle right now.” He still didn’t let go and I was starting to get annoyed.

“Come on, Tae. She doesn’t want to.” Yoongi said as he walked by us. Tae just scoffed at him. “Let her go, Tae.” He took hold of my hand and tried pulling me away from him making Tae hold onto me tighter. Soon he exploded, let me go so I crashed into Yoongi’s chest and stood up from the couch.

“What is your problem!” His eyes were literally on fire. “If I want to cuddle my best friend then let me cuddle my best friend!” He took hold of my hand and pulled me towards him.

“Not if she doesn’t want to!” And I was back to Yoongi.

“Don’t voice her opinion for her!” Tae walked up to us and pushed Yoongi off of me. He didn’t stop pushing though. The pushing only stopped when Yoongi ducked under his arm and backed away slightly.

“She said it herself.!” I noticed that Yoongi was on the verge of losing control. They stalked towards each other and I feared the worst. The worst would have happened if Jungkook and Jimin hadn’t held both of them back.

“You two, leave and cool off. Seriously, why are you being like this!?”Jin groaned and shooed them off. Soon the room was very quiet. I plopped down on the couch, shocked from what had happened. The other’s looked at each other.

“So, who’s going to get the pizza?”


This is How Our Love Began - Part 9

Short: After your mother Passed away, your father thought it would be a good Idea to move since your house was too big for the both of you. His best friend said you could live with them and their family. You had no idea that the playboy from school that keeps on teasing you, was their son


Genre: Fluffy fluffy fluff / Semi-Smut

Warnings: UmmmMMHM hmmhhm, None

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |

This is the day. The day everyone has been waiting for. It was prom night. Everyone buzzed around the school as they discussed meet up plans.
Couples excited to see each other all dressed up, volunteers running around the school trying to get things prepared, and last minute people trying to find dates.
You took a deep breath as you stared out into the empty classroom. You were waiting for Jimin. He was in detention for, who knows what. And it didn’t end until 5.
Half an hour left. You decided to finish up homework as you waited. Nothing except the ticks of the clock could be heard. It was peaceful. You plugged in your earphones and worked away. You didn’t mind singing out loud since no one was here anyway. Or so you thought.

Jimin POV
He impatiently tapped his foot, wanting time to go faster. He wanted to see you and apologize to you that he was caught in detention. As soon as the clock struck 5, he zoomed out of the door before the teacher could even say a word. He ran through the halls to find your class. Then maybe he thought he would surprise you. He heard a voice coming from inside. He thought he was going crazy.
The walls were thin, so you could always hear people from outside even with the door closed.
The voice he heard was beautiful, angelic if you say. He closed his eyes, immersing himself into the sweet tune of what sounded like “eyes, nose, lips” by Taeyang. He then realized that that was your room. You told him you would wait for him, but could this voice really belong to you? There was only one way to find out.
He slowly opened the door, careful not to disrupt the singing. He saw a girl, her head stuck in her book and she sang and bobbed her head to the music playing from her phone. It was you. He was amazed. He had no idea you could sing like that. He slowly walked up to you and started to softly sing along with you until you noticed.
“J-Jimin?!” You ripped the headphones out of your ears and stood up, “Don’t scare me like that!” You hit him on the chest, he only laughed, “Sorry baby. Ready to go?”
You nodded, embarrassed with flush cheeks. The two of you didn’t talk as you walked down to the parking lot to his car. Jimin broke the silence, “I didn’t know you could sing”
You stared at him confused, “What are you talking about? I’m a terrible singer” you laughed at yourself.
He shook his head, “Have you even heard your own voice before?”
“Well, yeah. But the voice in your head sounds a lot different from what it actually is. Like, you sound really good at singing in your head, but then, when you record yourself, then it’s basically like someone died inside of you” He laughed
“I think you have an amazing voice…” he said shyly, but loud enough for you to hear. You blushed, “Thank you”
You got home around 5:30 and as soon as you got inside, you had to go and get dressed. It didn’t start ‘till 7, so you still had time to get ready. You didn’t want to get your hair done professionally because of costs, so you did your own. You followed the tips your friends gave you. And Jimin’s mom helped you out a bit when you didn’t know how something worked.
You weren’t really the type that did your hair often. Sometimes you would tie it up, but that’s about as extreme as you would get. This was really a change.
“There” Mina said as she finished curling your hair and doing your makeup. She tied it up to one side and put a black rose on one side, which elegantly fit in to the style of your dress. “Wow” you stared at yourself in the mirror, was that really you? You looked completely different. Like a totally different person. Your makeup was done perfectly, but you didn’t expect any less from Jimin’s mom.
“Thank you so much. It’s perfect” You give her a warming smile. Tears were springing to her eyes, “Go put your dress on” You quickly nodded and went to your room. You zipped up the back and stood in front of your mirror. You looked damn good. And sexy. This was definitely an eye pleaser.
“Come downstairs Honey!” You heard Mina call from downstairs. You fixed a few things on your dress before heading down.
You saw Jimin’s head turned towards the door, facing the opposite of the stairs. He was talking to his dad.
“There she is!” your dad said, going up to you to give you a hug, “You look beautiful” he smiled.
You looked up to see Jimin staring at you. As soon as you made eye contact, he glanced away, the blush crawling onto the tips of his ears. Mina quickly turned her son around to face you, “Don’t leave your date by herself! Be a true gentleman!” He rubbed his neck as he walked towards you nervously. You’ve never seen Jimin like this. All flustered, barely looking at you. Maybe you just looked that good that you had a huge effect on him as well.
“Jimin?” You say. He looks up at you shyly, blushing, “Y-You look really… wow… You’re really beautiful, Y/N” You decided to toy with him a bit, “I’m only beautiful today?” You pout at him and turn the other way, “N-No! You’re always beautiful! You just… Look, I don’t know… Extra beautiful today..?” You laughed, “What the hell Jimin?”
His mom and your dad got several pictures of the two of you together before you were actually able to go outside.
You sat in his car for a few minutes. He was still shy and blushy. You liked seeing this side of him, but it was also kind of weird not seeing his usual teasing self. He rubbed his hands on his knees before he started the car, “S-Sorry, I don’t mean to be so, nervous and everything. It’s just. When you walked downstairs, I hardly recognized you. You literally took my breath away”
You blushed at his comment and looked down at your legs. He gave a quick peck to your cheek before he started driving.
He helped you out of the car as soon as you reached the school. He held your hand all the way inside. You could feel people’s stares on you. Along with whispers of, “Who is that?”
“Does she even go to our school?”
“She’s really pretty”
You felt more confident about yourself. Jimin squeezed your hand tighter and started walking at a faster pace. Could he possibly be, jealous? He found the table that had the both of your friends’ names on it. He sat you down as your friends screamed and told you how beautiful you were.
During Prom, you got up to dance a few times. Most of them were because you were dragged off your feet from your friends. But other than that, you would sit at the table and quietly look at your phone as your friends danced crazily. Jimin was with his friends, but he would walk back to the table to talk to you for a while before going back up because multiple girls wanted to dance with him.
He looked at you for permission and you just nodded and giggled as a wave of girls took him away. You shook of the small feeling of jealousy that settled in your stomach.
You decided now since no one was at the table, it would be a good time for you to get out of from all the heat, ending up in the hallway, which is evidently where you bumped into Taehyung. He was smiling as usual, “Where’s Jimin?” He asked
“I don’t know. He’s probably dancing with some girls” You rub your arm
“Huh. Have you slow danced with anyone yet? Or were you waiting for Jimin to ask you?”
You didn’t say anything. You just looked at the ground, which is what Taehyung took as an answer, “You want to dance with him, don’t you?”
You shyly nod, “You’re so tough looking on the outside, but in reality, you’re such a cute, fluffy person, here, come with me” he said as he pulled your hand back into the gymnasium. A slow song was playing and he took you to the middle of the room in between some other people.
“What are you doing?” You ask
“You and Jimin are honestly so innocent. Do you really not realize the feelings you have for each other?”
“W-What are you talking about? He doesn’t like me the way I like him.” Taehyung only smiled before placing his hands on your hips, “You have no idea how wrong you are.” You were about to ask what he meant by that, but you were too focused on the thought of slow dancing. You didn’t know what to do. No one taught you this. You apologized to Taehyung multiple times and all he did was smile and laugh.
“Why are we doing this Tae?”
“You’ll see” he swiftly moved with you to the outer rim where you saw Jimin’s head peeking out over someone’s shoulder. You saw him look at you with fire in his eyes.
“Just a bit more” Taehyung said, looking at Jimin as well. Jimin ran up to the two of you and teared you apart
“DON’T TOUCH HER! SHE’S MINE!” He pulled you into him and your face hit his chest.
Taehyung put his hands up, “Don’t blame me, you’re the one that left her sitting all alone at the table.” He teased
Jimin’s eyes softened as he looked at you. Taehyung took this moment to walk away and find a new dance partner.
“I’m sorry y/n. I didn’t mean to burst out like that”
You only chuckled, trying to hide your blushing face, “It’s fine Jimin”
“I didn’t mean to leave you alone! I was going to come right back to you! I… I just got carried away by other friends”
“Jimin. It’s okay” you laugh, “Don’t worry about it”
He just smiled sweetly at you before realizing the position the two of you were in. He looked at you with widened eyes. Here you were, standing in his arms, in his embrace. Giving him the look that drives him crazy, “Want to dance?”
“Of course”

~Admin Luna

Plane Confessions (Mark)

Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3

It was the winter season and as everyone already knew, Christmas was around the corner. You were in your dorm discussing with the rest of your band members who was going where for the holidays. “I’m going to be staying at my parent’s for a bit in Seoul.” One member said. “I’m going back to Japan to see everyone.” Another said. “We’re just gonna stay here for the holidays.” Two others piped up. “What about you y/n?” Your leader asked, to be honest you didn’t know what you were doing, you came from LA so it would cost quite a bit to go back and you didn’t really have anyone to go with so it would be quite lonely, but you also wanted to see your parents so bad, it had been so long since you’d seen them. “I don’t know.” You started, “I want to go home but … I don’t know.” You hung your head a little as you mentally argued with yourself about going. “Either way y/n you’ll be with people who love you.” You looked up to see all your band mates getting up and suffocating you in a big group hug. You loved these girls so much they always knew how to make you smile.

The next day you went to your regular dance practice, however you kept loosing your trail of thought with the music from the dance room next door. You knew exactly who it was and you didn’t really want to bother them since they were probably practising the choreography for their new song that just came out, but they were playing the music much louder than usual and it was interrupting your practice time too, you felt you had to go in and tell them to turn it down even a little bit. You quickly wander next door and slowly walk in to see your best friends Got7 happily dancing to their new song “Confession Song”. You catch Yugyeom’s eye as soon as you step through the door. He nudged Mark who was next to him and he quickly snapped his head around to see you standing in the door way. “Y/n!” He yelled as he made his way over to you and bringing you into a hug. “What are you doing here? Didn’t you know we had this room today?” He had to shout over the loud music so you could hear him and even them it was difficult. “No, I just came to ask if you could turn this down a little, I’m next door and it’s throwing me off a bit that’s all.” Mark quickly nodded and ran over to the stereo and turned down the music a little. “Better?” He called as you happily nodded your head and skipped back to your dance hall. Mark watched you leave and he let out a deep sigh as you disappeared around the corner. 

“So” Jackson said as he wrapped his arm around his hyung’s neck. “When are you going to tell her?” Mark’s eyes widened at his words. “Are you crazy, I can’t tell her, a girl like her won’t go for me.” Mark answered nervously. Mark had the biggest crush on you since your band debuted, and the fact you got close to him and the rest of Got7 made him so happy but it also meant regularly seeing the girl that he felt he had no chance with everyday. “Of course she will you two have so much in common and you’re obviously her favourite out of us.” Jinyoung joked as he walked over to Mark. He still didn’t believe any of it no matter how intriguing their arguments were. “Let’s just leave it okay guys there’s no way it’s going to happen and I’m not confessing anytime soon.”

-Time Skip- 

You were pacing around your room thinking about what to do about a flight home, you really didn’t know what you were going to do so you decided to phone Jaebum to see what they were doing. “Hey Jaebum I was just wondering what you and the rest of the boys were doing for the holidays, I’m debating on going home or not.” You said down the phone as you could hear all the ruckus in the background from the rest of Got7. “Well Youngjae, Jinyoung, Yugyeom and myself are going to stay at out parent’s for the week and Jackson and Bambam have already flown back to Hong Kong and Thailand.” Jaebum replied. “And what about Mark, is he going back to LA?” You asked. “He was debating on it, hey don’t you live in LA too?” That was when you realised if Mark goes back to LA he might let you accompany him on the way. “Well if he wants too I’ll join him on the flight home.” With that you heard Jaebum repeat your words to Mark. “Seriously, she’ll do that?!” You could hear Mark’s surprised yell from the other end of the phone. “He said he’ll go with you, it’ll be nice for him to have a friendly face with him.” Jaebum replied with a light laugh since he knew how much this meant to Mark. 

The time came for when you and Mark had to get your plane back home. You were so happy you got to go home it wouldn’t have been the same if you stayed in Korea and what made it better was you had a long flight with Mark by your side the whole time. You didn’t have to worry about any awkward silences since you were both so close to each other conversations just bounced off the two of you and before you knew it you’d talk for hours. That’s one of the many things you loved about Mark, that and he was just so sweet all the time, he was exactly what you looked for in a boyfriend but like hell was he going to go for you, he was the visual of Got7 there were so many other girls screaming his name he was bound to go for one of those over you any day. However You didn’t know that Mark felt the same way and that he was planning on confessing soon, he didn’t want to tell anyone else about his plans because he knew they’d do something so he kept everything to himself.

After boarding the plane and getting to your seats you both put in one of your headphones and played your music to go along with whatever conversation you were having. After a few hours you both relaxed and the conversation seemed to stop. You sat happily reading your book as Mark tapped his fingers to his music next to you. Your attention was soon dragged away from your book as he started quietly singing “Confession song” to himself, it was normal to you since you had always heard it either on the radio or one of the boys was singing it. You looked over at him to see him softly singing it to you, you didn’t think it was towards you at first and you thought he was just nosing at what you were doing but it all became clear when the chorus hit. He lightly held your hand in his and looked you in the eye. “I~ love you~” He sang as a shy smile came onto his face. You blushed as he continued to sing and hold your hand a little tighter. Your heart raced in your chest and you didn’t say anything, you just looked into his eyes until the end of the song and he stopped singing. “What was that?” You asked a little flustered from what just happened. “Exactly what you thought it was.” He replied casually while trying to hide his nerves. “Was that a confession?” You asked again trying to come to terms with the situation. “Umm … yes.” He blushed a bright shade of red which made your heart flutter. You knew he was cute but to do something like this just made you melt. You sung the chorus back to him and his eyes widened as you feelings spilled out to him with his song. Once you finished singing you leaned your head on his shoulder and held his hand lightly. He glanced down at you not believing what just happened but he wasn’t going to question any of it he was just going to enjoy the rest of the time he had like this with you and worry about everything later.


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varevare  asked:

psst can I prompt, DamiTim, maybe, with Damian trying to get Tim a proper christmas gift?

Title: My True Love Gave To Me (Part 2)
Characters: Damian Wayne, Tim Drake, (background Clark Kent, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Alfred Pennyworth)
Pairing: future?timdami, implied superbat
A/N: I don’t think I mentioned it in the first part, so I’ll fix that in a minute, but Damian’s like…I dunno, 19/21 in this story. Clark ships these two apparently, and wants to help them get together/be happy. I honestly didn’t mean for that to happen. The boys had their own little gift exchange, and will have one with Bruce and Clark and everyone else in a few days. Along with the books, Damian also got Jason some old/antique guns. Uh…I can’t really  give you a reason as to why Clark was at the manor and Bruce isn’t. Let’s just say he’s in the shower or something.

(Part one was requiemfordamian’s prompt and is right here!)


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Beneath the Stars Chapter 6

Chapter: I II III IV V

AO3 Linkage

Summary: In an effort to get to know herself better, Feyre decides to take him up on his offer to join the Student Body Council where she helps Rhys’s friends, including a particularly perky cousin, plan the upcoming Winter Formal dance.

Chapter 6

Amren was a vision in wicked delight when I pounced at her Monday afternoon. The prat had ignored my texts all weekend. She took one look at me, tucked her tongue between her lips right at the corner, and darted down behind her canvas.

Thankfully, there were no dragons nor mustaches littering the tableau on this occasion.

“Amren - what the hell!”

A gleeful, self-indulgent giggle unlike any sound I’d ever heard from Amren burst forth. I sat down like a lead weight. “Seriously - you gave him my phone number?”

Another giggle.

“And my address?”

Now she cackled.

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Love Me Like You Mean It | Rucas

A/N: Sorry if this isnt what you had in mind but I hope you like it regardless! xo
Word Count: 2,271 (including lyrics)

♡ ♡ ♡

♪ I don’t have time to waste on the boys that are playing the game

Or leaving the girls crying out in the rain

So tell me baby, do you got what it takes  ♪

“Whatcha singing?” Maya asks jumping behind me while I stand at my locker. She had a habit of surprising me usually with the intention of scaring me but today I was too lost in my own little word to be bothered.

Lucas and I have been unofficially dating for a while now but nothing’s really changed so far. We hardly ever have alone time together because our friends are always around and if it’s not our friends it’s our family constantly walking in on us to “check in” and see if we “need anything.” Really they’re just afraid of leaving us alone together for more than 10 minutes.

What really gets to me is that Lucas doesn’t seem to mind. He doesn’t get frustrated when my parents barge into my room while we’re in there or when our friends crash our one on one time. He just laughs it off like it’s nothing.

“Just a country song Lucas’ sister showed me.” I sigh, tugging the headphones out of my ear. “It’s pretty good.”

“Country music? Gross.” Maya scrunches up her nose, linking our arms together as we walk off to class.

“Hey guys did you hear about the big storm that’s coming our way?” Isadora asks as we take our seats.

“It’s supposedly has the potential to turn into a hurricane.” Farkle joins in.

“It’s already raining.” Zay adds as he walks in, Lucas at his side.

The two of them don’t have a home room this year so they get to school later than the rest of us.

Lucas smiles down at me as he slides into the empty chair next to mine. He seemed chipper than usual.

The top of his shoulders were wet from the rain and his hair looked like he had just gotten out of the shower. I don’t know what it was about water that made his eyes look a completely different color but the green eyes I know and love were now a crystal blue with hints of green and hazel.

“We still on for tonight?” He asks, keeping his voice low.

Tonight? I had forgotten we made plans to meet at Topanga’s, just the two of us.

I started taking shifts there freshmen year and still show up sporadically to cover or close up when no one else wants to. Tonight was one of those nights. No one wanted to come in so Mom asked if I could head over and close up. I invited Lucas to help, thinking he’d decline but he agreed to join me.

“Yeah.” I smile, bashfully, “still on.”

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Wonwoo: Don’t Leave

Summary: My friends asked me to do a Wonwoo scenario based on this preference (? is it a preference idk). I think it might have been a joke but hey I take every request to heart (unless it’s smut, we’ve been over this, I don’t do smut)

EDIT: This is a second revision, I changed some stuff after realizing that it wasn’t necessarily very pleasant….. I started to realize already while I was writing this so this wasn’t a spontaneous change….. I just couldn’t think of anything to change it to while I was writing, but I have now and it’s better and a lot cuter so :)

You groaned, hearing the sound of music penetrating the thin walls of your apartment building. The loud noises of guitars and Fall Out Boy were heard so clearly that it almost seemed as if they were coming from your room and not your annoying neighbour’s. You rose from your desk chair, storming outside and knocking on the door of the apartment beside yours. The door opened to a tall boy with black hair.

“Can I help you?” He glared, obviously recognizing you from the various times you had complained before.

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The Perfect Piece Steve X Reader

(Credit goes to GIFS original owner)

For Jamie

Fandom: Marvel,Captain America,Avengers

Charcters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes

Word Count: 1887


You sit in a room of the quinjet alone.The room is small,but cosy,with one of those fancy electrical fires to keep you warm. You are seated in a snug,bright pink beanbag,that is coated with famous signatures that you have collected over the past couple of months travelling.Inserted into your ears are two cupcake shaped headphones,playing “I’m holding out for a hero!” on constant loop,a counter measure to the quinjet’s engine,which made you somewhat uneasy.

In your hands there held a small note pad,filled with an assortment of various drawings of your team mates.The one the note pad contained most about was Steve,he had the greatest amount of good angles,and his expressions varied the most,a great piece to examine for artwork.Currently,you were working on a picture of Steve in a tuxedo,using a photograph for reference.You are so enamoured into your masterpiece,you completely bypass the landing of the quinjet,resulting in a knock on the door,which you could only barely hear due to your headphones.

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