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I’d love to see a version of Twilight where Edward is only interested in Bella because he obsesses over not being able to hear her thoughts, because that’s really the only reason we’re given anyway.

I’d love to see the vampires sparkling have more of an impact on the plot than “if we stand in the sun we’re all shiny and stuff”.

I’d love to see Charlie as more of a character, especially using the fact that he’s a cop in the narrative.

I’d love to see Edward’s abusive behaviour called out by the characters.

I’d love to see Bella actually struggle to keep up with her old friends, both from Arizona and in Forks after she becomes a vampire.

I’d love to see Bella give something up that she actually cared about in her transition to glorified mosquito.

I’d love to see some of Tyler’s point of view after his van nearly kills Bella and see how he copes with apparent PTSD - without Bella’s self-absorbed narration filter over it.

I’d love to see ONE conversation between any two characters that didn’t make it sound like everyone hates everyone.

I’d love to see Bella refer to her parents as “Mom” and “Dad” rather than “Renee” and “Charlie”.

I’d love to read the plot without being able to guess what happens next. (IDK you guys, but that dream in the first book was SUPER SUBTLE and I’d have NEVER guessed that Jacob would turn out to be a werewolf when he appeared in it and turned into a wolf!) (Ignoring the fact that Meyer apparently didn’t plan that, so she was either being extremely unoriginal, lying or subconsiously spoiling her future books in the laziest way possible. At least make him into a werespider, an ogre at night, a zombie, a dancing skeleton with a tophat, a leprechaun, or SOMETHING other than that thing that was heavily implied in a FUCKING DREAM SEQUENCE)

I’d love to see Bella actually care about characters that aren’t vampires or Jacob, including herself.

I’d love to see a reason for me to care about Bella, Edward or Jacob as characters.

I’d love to see Bella’s physical appearance described in more detail, and not just by having Bella describe how average and uninteresting she is. (Especially since Meyer apparently didn’t describe Bella much so that the reader could insert herself into the book and then made Bella the worst female role model this side of the 20th century.)

I’d love to see a scene between Bella and Edward that made their relationship adorable, like if they talked about anything that didn’t involve the danger that they were in or how much they ~*~loved~*~ each other on the ~*~astral plane~*~.

I’d love to see the characters show how much they loved the other, rather than just repeating it in dialogue to try to get the reader to believe it.

I’d love to see more indication that Edward is actually over 100 years old, including struggling with electronics, complaining about how easy “Kids these days” have it, and providing his own point of view of historical events. What was he doing when WWII was happening? The Cold War? Did he listen to Elvis? What does he think of comics? What did he do with his life, aside from waiting for ~*~the one~*~?

I’d love to see Bella enjoy Jacob’s company for him, rather than just for providing a distraction from Edward.

I’d love to see what the other vampires do with their powers in their daily lives, and how they’ve lived with these powers for so long that they don’t remember that they shouldn’t morally be doing any of it. (Jasper can control emotions, for god’s sake. Nothing important would be lost if this power - or character - was removed. Did he ever make a girl super horny to get her to sleep with him, or just get some random guy super unbearably angry when he got bored at school just to watch him flip out?)

I’d love to see any of the characters actively working to improve.

I’d love to see any single character’s personality evolve between the first book and the last.

I’d love to see Edward at least attempt to make Bella feel better about herself as a person.

I’d love to see any character respecting another character’s personal space, privacy or free will.

I’d love to see the main plot begin before the halfway point of the book.

I’d love to see Edward turn out to be gay at the end.

I’d love to see ONE person at least comment on how creepy imprinting is.

I’d love to see the influence of Shakespeare, Faulkner, Chaucer or any of the other famous writers who are namedropped in an attempt to sound more well-read in the writing.

I’d love to see a werewolf imprint on someone who ultimately rejects them, especially considering the apparent wife-husbandry involved.

I‘d love to see a werewolf imprint on someone terminally ill or only minutes away from death.

I’d love to see any character not end up in a relationship by the end of the book. Especially the baby.

I’d love to see evidence of imprinting actually being a rare thing, especially considering it happens to at least three characters after it’s introduced.

I’d love to see the Volturi actually hinder the characters at any point.

I’d love to see a description of Edward that told us what he looked like, rather than that he was attractive, because that tells us nothing.

I’d love to see female characters who aren’t bitchy, and male characters who aren’t SUPER HYPER MASCULINE.

I’d love to see an actual conflict at the end of the series.

I’d love to see the Volturi snapping their fingers dramatically as they approached the main characters at the end of book 4.

I’dlove to see Edward actually have to contain himself from eating Bella when they are relaxing on the couch, instead of having it as a threat that might totally happen maybe.

I’d love to see a characteristic of Bella’s that matched up with what people actually said about her. (”intelligent”, “intuitive”, “selfless”, “mature”, “amazingly non-whiney”, “non-violent”, “honest”, “not a manipulative person”, etc)

I’d love to see the plot twist that Edward’s beautiful, glorious, godlike appearance actually turns out to be a product of his vampiric form, and all the times where Bella can’t bring herself to be angry at him, becomes physically weaker at his kiss and skews her priorities so hard that she’d give her life just to keep from seeing him unhappy are actually her falling under his hypnotic influence.

I’d love to see Bella snap out of her trance when she turns into a vampire herself and finds out that she’s been tricked and she can’t go back.

Mostly, I’d love to see any of this done by an author that isn’t Stephenie Meyer.

Twilight actually has some cool ideas, but they’re all executed terribly. No character experiences real loss, character growth, or any conflict that isn’t about romancing the opposite gender. Every character that we are supposed to like gets everything they ever wanted and everything they didn’t know they wanted at the end. I never thought a book with vampires, vampire government, werewolves and sentiend disco balls could be so boring.


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Pink's "What About Us" Is the Gorgeous Ballad You Need to Close Out the Summer

Just under the wire, P!nk released a new single that is the perfect bookend to the rest of Summer 2017’s greatest songs. “What About Us” is the first track off of her upcoming album, Beautiful Trauma (out Oct. 13), and it’s catchy as hell. P!nk’s voice is fiery as always and will have you slamming the repeat button in no time (seriously - just press play above and see what we mean).

Grimdark Monster
Rioard Jandes
Grimdark Monster

The sound is very quiet, so you may want to turn it up. There are no jump scares in this audio. It’s creepy, but it is not shocking.

Rioard Jandes and art - novasiri
Voice - diesnovo


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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (Joshifer oneshot)

Alright so I don’t want to disclose the terms of the fic bet I had with @rubyfalls​ but I will say that I lost my bet and so here is my promised fic. As fic bet commissioner @keep-encouraged​ helped choose the theme, which ended up being “two idiots bickering over Christmas decorations.” So that’s what we have here. Merry Christmas!

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Stars on 45 - Beatles Medley


History - What am I to You

For those of you that have never seen this, just press play now