seriously just look at this guy

hannibal, basically


lots of murder

pretty golden time-reversing

“this is my design”

hannibal and will being hella gay

*hannibal cooking people to the sound of classical music* 

*hannibal feeding people other people* 

will getting drugged

will getting kidnapped

will getting stabbed 

seriously guys pls stop hurting my son

that is not the consistency of blood

garret jacob hobbs 

abigail hobbs looking scared

hannibal and will being hella gay

“hey what new and convoluted way should we mutilate people this time?” “how about making that guy peel his face off and eat it” “bloody genius, mate” 

alana being completely convinced that hannibal/will is 100% innocent

alana being completely convinced that will/hannibal is 100% evil 

hannibal and will being hella gay

chilton being a sassy salt queen 

chilton having a really bad time

weird uncalled-for sex scenes

bedelia. just. bedelia.

“will did you take in another stray dog” “maybe” 

did I mention hannigram? BECAUSE FUCKING HANNIGRAM— 

canon lesbians 

and their son

“our own baby a verger baby”

never looking at pigs the same way again 

an eel 

hannibal drawing things 

fancy art museums, usually with mutilated dead people in them 

“you think you’re in control, but you’re not”

oh, bella’s arc is so sad, she— oh she’s gone

wait no look bella’s back

aaaaand we’ve forgotten her again

“demonic sexuality” 


and, of course, the series finale: you can’t have a double suicide aloooone~!

edit: oh wait yeah will had a family for like two episodes what happened to them


Hello, friends!

Meg here for another TUTOR TUESDAY! Today let’s look at noses! They can be quite pesky, I know. If you have any tutorial’s you’d like to see just shoot me a message here or on my personal blog! Seriously guys, send me requests! Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next week!

probablymuse  asked:

your voltron headcanons give me life, seriously. if it's not a problem, could i ask if you have any with platonic allura/lance?? :)

absolutely my guy

  • “so allura, if you absolutely had to choose, and don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings here, who’s your favorite pala-” “it’s hunk”
    • lance can’t even be mad bc. same.
  • one fateful day, the Great Ear Debate finally happens. round ears are insulted. food is thrown. feelings are hurt
  • “princess, can i just say that you look awfully alluring today??” “lance
  • allura keeps tabs on lance using the mice to make sure he doesn’t lock himself in a cyropod again
  • lance learns altean swears secondhand from allura
  • *allura voice* “it is, as you humans say, lit? did i say that right? lance??why are you laughing”
  • they’re both card carrying members of the Would Die For Coran club
  • lance is so jealous of how pretty allura is
    • like. her hair. her eyelashes. her skin. do you think allura has ever worn a face mask in her life?? no
    • lance’s skincare routine is now driven by allura-fueled spite
    • one time lance asks her what type of conditioner she uses and she deadass looks at him and is like “what’s conditioner?” and he screams
  • “hey, lance, what are you doing tonight?” “more like who am i doing tonight lol” “……..” “………….no one. i’m free. what’s up?”

#and this, ladies and gentleman, is what i call - development

I just want bring up this little shot right here - wherein our favorite drunk Huntsman transitions from initial shock and pain, to confusion, to an open expression of actual fear in seamless beauty - and point out something that not many people seem to be aware of.

Qrow is an extremely vulnerable character.

Saying a character in fictional media is vulnerable is not synonymous with saying they are weak. It simply means that the character has something to lose; something weighing them down emotionally, a constant fear or worry. Vulnerability is that little doubt on a bad day that makes you want to cry.

Think about it. Consider everything Qrow has to deal with, past and present. 

He shadows RNJR in hopes of keeping Ruby, and her friends, safe while in all likelihood knowing full well that he’s the one who set them on such a perilous path in the first place.

His team fell apart because of, now we know, his own sister. Raven tore them apart, Summer died, and Taiyang shut down for an indeterminate stretch of time. 

His Semblance prevents him from being around those he cares for for fear of causing them pain; mental, emotional or physical. He keeps his distance because if he doesn’t, he’ll hurt those he loves. Something will go wrong, and it will be because of him - see the fight in Chapter 7, as it’s a stellar example.

He feels he has no choice but to pick up where Ozpin left off; shoes which are not easily filled. 

He’s quite literally carrying the weight of Remnant on his shoulders.

So, yes. He is badass and has an attitude that could put anyone to shame. But as demonstrated in the above shot, he’s also so incredibly vulnerable, and human, it’s startling.

Props to CRWBY for nailing such a difficult character aspect.

This post goes hand in hand with my previous Ruby one. I’ll likely be doing this for at least one or two moments per character over the next couple episodes, because honestly, there are so many small things I don’t see the fandom mention.

u know what’s a cool & ugly dino that doesnt get lots of love? carnotaurus. it’s SO COOL

- we only have one fossil from the species but the fossil is so well preserved that we know it didn’t have feathers, that the scales overlapped, we know how it must have looked.

- while it’s not as big as trex, it’s still claimed to most likely be one of the fastest therapods. those muscular legs made it like sonic and it’s a cool lil guy with a big bite

- seriously it’s not a pretty looking dino, with a short snout and the horns above it’s eyes that r very specific to carnotaurus (it’s name literally means meat eating bull)

- paleontologists are baffled by it’s tiny arms that are even SMALLER in body proportion to trex bc carnotaurus has huge fucking shoulder blades and tiny arms sticking out of it’s chest

- IT’S JUST RLY COOL MAN we have 1 fossil from this dino and it’s so well preserved that we know so much about it, more than most dinosaurs


McHanzo Week 2016, Day 2 - Domestic Life
I wanted to draw them painting each other the walls in their new house (does this count?)¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tbh I don’t really like how it turned out but I still want to post something every day of The Week™, so here it goes, I guess


Now before I begin, NO. I am not taking requests on Nextale AUs or specific characters for said AUs. This is purely for fun and personal enjoyment and if I want to do more of these will depend on if/when my motivation and inspiration are properly aligned. Failure to acknowledge this will result in your request messages being automatically deleted.

🌙: Anyway, where to begin here.

In regards to the idea of “NexSwap”, I was always indifferent. Yesterday, when I saw the fanart of the NS-Skelebros, I was like “oh that’s cool!”

And then the ideas for NexSwap Frisk and Chara came and then they didn’t stop coming.

Holy shit, think about it! Beautiful Queen Chara is Magnificently Edgy King Frisk, the cold and calculating leader of the army and admittedly a bit more of a loose cannon compared to Nextale’s more composed Queen. (also fyi, I don’t mean actual kings and queens, that’s just my pet names for em.) and seriously look at this guy he is edgy as fuuuuuuuk

And the Queen here is a badass female protagonist~! Compared to NT!Frisk, she is definitely less shy and actually pretty sweet during certain times :D Also….determination katanas. Her design feels a bit more…ornate compared to Frisk’s. Actually, I think I might go ahead and tweak it a bit sometime…later.

Oh god, the thoughts don’t stop there! I get shit like “HHHH NEXTALE FRISK/CHARA VS NEXSWAP FRISK/CHARA I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE” and then the fun thought like “NexShift” and just….oh god help. 

Anyway ye, this be the designs for NexSwap Chara and Frisk~! I enjoyed this a lot~

also lots of people want NexSwap Frisk for Christmas, help

Jungkook dislikes being Called "oppa" by noona fans. Stop doing it.

Seriously, he brought up his discontentment about this way too many times for a while and it became worse these past few days. We can’t just look upon this anymore. Jungkook is done with this.Stop making him feel uncomfortable and put yourself in his shoes for two seconds. How awkward must it feel for him everytime a girl who’s at least 2-3 older than him calls him like that ?Honorifics happen for a reason and I wish ppl could use them when the right times calls for it. Don’t be using it for fun, “oppa” is a way to adress respect towards a close guy who’s OLDER than you.

I’m just saying this on behalf of my bias, cause he obviously will never state openly that he dislikes it cause he loves A.R.M.Y too much. He dropped hints, I think that everyone in this fandom is smart enough to understand his hints since we can come up with crazy theories each comeback. A.R.M.Y is a smart fandom and I’m not coming back on my words. So pls don’t disappoint this belief.

One last thing , GO VOTE FOR BTS !!!! 💗💗💗

“Mount Fuji.” Harry answers smugly – he was the one who named him, and Y/N looks over to him with the fondest eyes he’s ever seen.

“Mount Fuji? That just made him even cuter!” She all but whines, looking down at the dog seriously, “I will give all my love to you.”

Harry slides off the barstool, walking over and crouching down besides the two of them, “Y'know usually he doesn’t like strangers. Think you might be some sorta dog whisperer.”

Y/N looks over to him, but there’s no witty quips at her mouth, only smiling at him with the softest gaze he’s ever seen her have, eyes filled with so much unadulterated love for this Pug and it makes his heart swell with warmth.

Harry vows that one day, he’s going to get her to look at him like that.


Harry is on the football team and Y/N steals a dog

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The sad, quiet little look Kylo Ren and Finn exchange at the beginning of TFA is one of the most important points of the film. But it goes mostly unnoticed by fans and critics.

Kylo knows, in that moment, that Finn can’t be trusted. That’s he’s not a killer. And Kylo tells Hux later, with 100% accuracy, that he knows fine well Finn was the stormtrooper who helped Poe escape.

So why didn’t Kylo say anything at the Jakku massacre? Why not just kill Finn on the spot? Or tell on him to Phasma and Hux?

Because that last little bit of humanity he had got to him. He let it slide (temporarily). He let Finn go.

But it’s not just about Kylo, it’s about Finn: Because he looked right back at that guy and realized: “Well, I’m not a hero, but I’m not that, either.” It sets up Finn’s character motivation in the movie.

Seriously: Watch that scene again. It’s rather crucial to understanding the whole thing. 

So, Patty Tolan?

Patty Tolan.

The other ghostbusters are scientists, right?  They’re there because Science!, or maybe in Holtzmann’s case because Boom!.  Basically all the plot has to do for Abby and Erin is dangle the chance to do real, replicable science in front of them while removing any excuse to drag their feet.  So tangible ghost + fucking fired = done.

But Patty’s not a scientist.  Patty’s got a decent job, even if it’s obviously not what she wanted out of life.  Patty’s motivation appears to be that she’s basically just a good person and responsible citizen?  I mean, obviously she wants some excitement, and to feel like she’s making a real difference, but seriously.

We first see her stuck in her little booth, trying to be cheerful and positive at commuters who appear largely indifferent, until one guy comes along who’s clearly having some sort of mental health crisis.  She stays pretty cheerful, she’s kind to him, and then she gets out of her booth and goes looking for him when he disappears and she reasonably assumes he’s in trouble. 

Like, she could very easily have called it in and washed her hands of the situation.  It’s not her fault/problem that maybe the transit cops won’t get there in time to help if this guy’s suicidal or delusional.  I’m pretty sure people doing her job aren’t even supposed to leave their booths on-shift.  But no, she gets out and goes after this bro just in case.

And meets a ghost.  A terrifying ghost.  Who scares the dick out of her.

I mean, what happens in the Aldrich Mansion? The tour guide tells his boss, who goes to Erin.  Then they stay as far as possible from the scene while the women investigate.  Patty goes herself, on her own time.  Maybe her bosses didn’t believe her, maybe she knew she’d be dismissed and didn’t bother trying to explain what she saw, but she knows something’s up, and she takes it on herself to do something about it.  And then she goes back to the scene of the haunting with them, to see what happens.

Every time they turn around, she’s handing them useful facts and history about the sites they’re investigating.  Her interest in the city is keen and backed up by extensive knowledge.  Hell, when she runs into something that shouldn’t be happening and she can’t explain, the first thing she does is head for the likeliest source of expertise to learn about it.  She’s excited by it–it’s scary and maybe dangerous, but it’s new and interesting and she wants to figure it out.

Like, Abby might want recognition on top of that, and Erin so desperately wants to be believed that she risks the scientific mission for a shot at it, but Patty just wants to fucking know.

And she feels a genuine duty to help, too.  She might not be able to build a ghost-blasting plasma-cannon, but she notices when a teammate’s mood is in the toilet and takes steps to address it.  She knows the ghost-booster isn’t supposed to be in her subway, and that this is important.  When things get ridiculously dangerous, and city hall’s smearing their names in the press, and she’s still not getting fucking paid for this, she never even looks tempted to say fuck this shit and go home.  Her little monologue about going back to her booth is more to soothe/trick the ghost standing on her fucking shoulders than sincere.

Patty’s first instinct is to pool resources, and look after people, and encourage everyone to bring what they’ve got to the table.  She might be disappointed or angry when nobody meets her halfway–the concert crowd drops her, and nobody acknowledges her compliments when she’s in her booth–but it doesn’t stop her from bringing her A-game.  When the squad rolls out to save the world, it’s wearing her uniform and driving her car.

Just Patty Tolan, everybody.

Not today mv

Okay what the fuck i’m not moving at all since i saw it and I’m probably crying and my lip is bleeding because i bit it omg i cannot what the hell how could they do this to us like jimin wtf your pink hair and leather pants and that striped shirt and yoongi with his fucking tongue technology what the hell get out guys tae jesus christ that hair style and look in general and rapmon and hobi dancing and jin and i don’t even wanna start talking about jungkook because how dare u big hit film this devil so close how dare u bighit film this devil in general i don’t wanna see him dancing or smiling or doing whatever he does it literally kills me i’m not okay rn seriously I don’t know what to do anymore i’m just sitting on the couch without moving and i’m shook af what the fuck big hit

hamilton + kissing headcanons

ah somebody requested kissing headcanons i had to do it


  • is. such. a. slut. for kissing.
  • it’s really endearing
  • because he wants to kiss you so much
  • and so often
  • but sometimes it can become a bit much
  • like alexander please
  • i am trying to finish something


  • is the kind of guy who brings you super close
  • and looks at your lips
  • and smirks a bit before kissing you so softly
  • like damn the boy knows how to drive you crazy
  • he often cups your cheeks when you kiss
  • and when he pulls away he’s just so smiley


  • gives the best kisses
  • seriously whether soft or rough
  • he knows what to do
  • he’s just so passionate whatever kiss the two of you share
  • he’s the smile against your lips type


  • the type of guy to give you any kind of kiss
  • forehead kiss
  • kiss on the cheek
  • kiss on the nose
  • like all kinds of kisses
  • but the majority are on your nose 
  • he just finds you so little and cute 
  • he can’t resist it


  • also a really good kisser??
  • he brings you super close 
  • and waits for a moment for anticipation
  • before finally kissing you
  • nobody expects burr to be a tease
  • but damn he is a large one


  • such a sweet kisser
  • also gives nose kisses
  • but overall she loves full on kisses
  • and wrapping her arms around your waist
  • or when you two hold hands she brings your hand to hers and kisses it
  • most likely giggles or smiles when pulling away


  • seriously so confident
  • like she’s just so in love with you
  • and the same for you to her
  • and she knows it too
  • she sometimes dips you if it’s only you two
  • or in front of good friends
  • you often share giggly kisses as well


  • pretty shy believe it or not
  • she’s usually super big on pda
  • but kiss her in public she turns so red and flustered
  • because you just love kissing her and she’s like oh my
  • this person is mine
  • and completely fine with showing it


  • so fricken confident
  • like smirks whenever he leans in to kiss you
  • and always flicks his eyes down to your lips before chuckling a bit
  •  and then finally kisses you
  • like jeez louise 
  • are you trying to kill us


  • is one of the best kissers though?
  • he just loves seeing you smile
  • and when do you smile the most?
  • when kissing him
  • you two always pull apart smiling like fools
  • like it’s just so movie like
  • it’s almost like you and madison are a typical nicholas sparks movie couple 
Nice try, Malfoy
  • draco: you know what granger?
  • hermione: what do you want now malfoy?
  • draco: my father told me i can have anything i want in my life because i was a malfoy
  • hermione: i dont want to know any more about your selfishness malf-
  • draco: but then i realized it was all a lie
  • hermione: is there a point in this? you're seriously wasting my-
  • draco: i knew it was a lie because when i saw you, i wanted you but i never had you *stares intensely into her eyes*
  • hermione: *looks intently at him* nice try malfoy. no, i wont let you copy off of my potions essay. now will you please let me read in peace?
  • draco: dammit! i thought it would work. please? just this one time??
  • blaise: dammit guys, i thought that was for real
  • blaise: *cries silently in the corner because he ships dramione and was given false hope*