seriously it's obvious


with every behind the scene video, every practice video, every pre recording video, the conclusion is :

jeon jungkook is fucking in love with park jimin

this is a super weird thing to rave about but like, i bought these pencils when i saw wicked last week and they’re amaaaazig



Started out as a doodle of all the starters, but then turned into a note about how they’re all pretty intimidating (lol calm yourself Arsene) except for Orpheus, who looks like a small fluffy emo robot musician (which is… accurate). But then Thanatos.

Why is it always the white haired ones that is actually secretly the barbringer of the apocalypse or something. Specifically white haired ones voiced by Akira Ishida with their heads cut off. Persona 3 is Actually Evangelion.

an important Dangan Ronpa announcement

From Kodaka’s Twitter:

Oh, that’s right. Dangan Ronpa is getting a live action adaptation too. Hollywood style! Stallone as Monokuma. Taylor Swift as Maizono. Justin Bieber as Kuwata. Lady Gaga as Enoshima. When Stallone says “Kill each other!!” he fires off a machine gun.

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Do you have any tips for people going to bts concert for the first time ever

1) Respect others
2) Respect BTS
3) Use the restroom before the show LOL
4) Don’t get dehydrated / Drink a lot of water 
5) If you’re using your phone/camera, be careful, but also remember to put it down every once in a while to really enjoy and take in the moment for what it is
6) Have fun! ^^
- Kristi

And Suddenly Ballpoint Pens Were Her New Favorite Thing

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What if the bat fam (dick, jay, tim, alfred and bruce) tried to give relationship advice to Damian about Jon? Cuz seriously it's obvious they like each other but Damian is too dense to realize it XD

“I gave him chocolates for Valentine’s and he still didn’t get it!” Jon sailed through Tim’s 5th floor window and flopped onto the dorm room’s bed. “You know you really should call ahead before just flying through my window” Tim said not looking up from his computer. “what if my roommate had been here” Jon wrinkled his nose “your roommate is my brother” 

“yeah and what if we’d been doing gay stuff?” 

Jon let out a groan “Don’t tease me Tim!” The 14 year old flopped back and covered his eyes with his arms. Tim turned his chair around to face Jon. “Damian still being thick?”

“yes! I mean come on! what else does chocolates on Valentine’s day mean? Do I have to go down on one knee and spill my guts?” 


“ugggh! are you sure he even likes me?” Tim flipped through the evidence in his head again “yeah very sure”

“how do you know!”

“world’s greatest detectives agree, Damian Wayne has it bad for one Jonathan Kent” 

“then why doesn’t he do anything!” question for the ages Tim thought

Gotham that night

Nightwing and Robin swung over the roof tops. “So hows Jon” Dick asked as they crouched on the top of a building. “Superboy, is fine. Why do you ask, Nightwing?” Dick rolled his eyes, his little brother had a real hang up about names in the field, worse than Bruce. “I just noticed he’s been around a lot lately, just you know wanted to know what’s up?” 

“tt, nothing, the Manor is an easier place to plan missions than the farm” Dick narrowed his eyes at the skinny 16 year old next to him, should have known it wouldn’t be easy. “I saw what he got you for Valentine’s Day”

“It’s traditional to exchange gifts on Valentine’s day”

“with people you like” Damian looked at him and Dick almost laughed at the look of total confusion on his face. “what? I am Robin, I don’t like anyone Grayson, people are one of 4 things, family, allies, in the way, and enemies” 

better than when they’d met Dick thought he’d have said people were in the way or enemies. “He makes you smile” Dick persisted. “He does not, and even if he did, many people manage to make me smile, like you for example”

“I’m touched”


back at the Manor, later

Damian sat at his desk in the cave working on his report, there wasn’t much to say but always better to get it out while it was fresh. He almost didn’t hear his father and Pennyworth come up. Pennyworth put down a tray with an overloaded sandwich and an energy drink. One of the many things Damian hated about being a teenager was the amount of food he seemed to need and how much more sleep he needed. He was grateful that Pennyworth never mentioned either. Damian tried not to wolf his sandwich. “so I heard Dick and you talked tonight” Damian was confused they’d been together for 6 hours of course they had talked. His confusion must have been on his face because his father clarified. “About you and Jon Kent” 

“I suppose, he didn’t say much, are you worried about the Kents father?” Jon and his father were allies but also A level metahumans. If someone was trying to control them it was a global level threat. If any one was trying to hurt Jon, a burning rage flashed through him at light speed and his fists clenched. “No, no, nothing like that” Damian relaxed, blaming his reaction on those teenage hormones, too much testosterone. “I was wondering if anything was um going on with you and Jon?” 

“we don’t have any missions planed, father, you know that it’s on the calendar”

“No I meant” Pennyworth cleared his throat. “Perhaps young Master Damian would like to invite his… friend over for a long weekend stay?” Damian wasn’t sure where that came from and suspected some form of trap, why was everyone acting so strangely about Jon? However he found he really did want Jon to come and stay, it’d never admit it but the idea did make him happy. “Yes, I think I would like that Pennyworth, I will text Kent in the morning” Damian missed the the look Alfred and Bruce gave each other over his head. 

Wayne Manor, that weekend

Jon and Damian were sitting on the couch watching a movie. Jon was sitting as close to Damian as he could, his left side tingled and nearly burned with how close Damian was. All he wanted was to… he didn’t even really know, just the thought of really holding Damian’s hand made him a little faint. The doors of the manor banged open. “HEY! Alfred! I’m Home!” Jon jumped at the noise. Damian didn’t react turning his head to Jon. “My brother, Todd- I mean Jason to you, Jason Todd, he’s rude” before turning back to the movie. 

Jon had met Jason a few times, mostly in the field, he wasn’t close to him the way he was to Tim or Dick. Jason stalked past the door way to the living room where the boys were sitting. Then he doubled back and stood in the door way hands on hips looking at the two black haired heads poking up over the top of the couch. 

“Jesus Christ, is this still going on?” 

“tt what are you talking about Todd” Damian barely looked at him, but Jon started to sweat he had a sinking feeling that he knew what Jason was talking about. “This!” Jason waved between them” Damian gave him a blank look. “Oh come on baby bird! even you’re not that thick!” Jason let out a sigh, “why is this shit always my job? He likes you!” Jon tried to will himself to sink through the couch or just die. “He’s crazy over the moon in love with you numb nuts!”

“Don’t be redic-”

“Shut it! because I know you like him too, you think the rest of us don’t notice you laugh at all his dumb jokes”

“Kent is very funny”

“bullshit! I know how you look at him when you think we’re not looking!” that shut Damian up

“oh and all your nude body sketches have his face” Jon and Damian both made a strangled sound “Those are private!” Jon’s eyes were the size of sliver dollars. “He didn’t deny it” Jason said conversationally to Jon who thought he was about to pass out. 

“tt! Todd! Kent! I….” Damian lapsed into silence. “I’m gonna leave you to figure this out, but I will shoot one of you if it doesn’t end in a kiss, got it boys?” 

Jason walked away before either of them could respond, and made his way into the kitchen. Alfred handed him an opened beer. “Thank you Master Jason, sometimes the direct approach is best” 

“and no one does direct better than me?”