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i'msorry explain the ghoul grumps au to me???

A nice summary for all of my new followers since Ill never get around to finishing that masterpost lmao Before I even start, this au ships REAL PEOPLE ™; Shipgrumps, polygrumps, whatever the heckie u wanna call it. so like, a big warning for people who Do Not appreciate that 

Ghoul Grumps (au!) is an idea i came up w for the original Ghoul Grumps halloween special. This was before they came up with additional designs for the rest of the crew. Ive been tempted to rename the au so it can stay out of the ghoul grumps tag but im not too sure what to change it too :/

Its the grumps as different hybrid creatures based off of common mythological designs; Arin and Barry as werebeasts, Dan as a Siren, Suzy is a Naga, Holly is a Harpy, and Ross and Brian are Angels. Theres more ppl but the general idea is that have humanoid forms and then a more Extreme monster version of themselves. Arin transforming into a massive bipedal Tiger, Suzy transforming into a snake, Ross transforming into a literal angel. Its just something nice to explore and very fun to draw overall (for me at least lmao)

Its parallel to real life; star//bomb exists, gg exists, its just different monster designs included. Its like your typical Monster au i guess lol

People used to send ALOT of headcanons to me and that the only reason this au grew so big tbh. Theres alot of ideas and spinoffs people added in (a reincarnation au thing for ppl like Ross and Brian, a species swap with all the ppl). Its not to be taken seriously and its just a way to explore lots of nice plots and ideas yanno? I still think about this au on a damn near daily basis, its been a very positive influence for me :> I would like to take the time to go through all of my content from back when I first started bc thats when I was the most active and when I put alot of love into this au.  <3

Seriously though the Left’s criticisms of Trump are really getting stale. I don’t like Trump but jesus christ guys have some imagination.

Its literally the same cringey jokes over and over and over ad nauseam, while they keep playing a laugh track of fake laughter every time.

You know… like The Big Bang Theory.

lowpolylives replied to your post “someone paid me to do some embroidery for them.   how do you charge…”

you could take into consideration amount of time you think you’ll have to put into it, and use the minimum wage per hour to calculate it, plus the cost of material. if you have a good embroidery ability you could charge more than min wage

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Imo it depends on how complex and how big it is yknow, also like if we are talking like charging like seriously for their stuff (not doing it as a hobby) then you can consider like cost of materials used added in but yea i agree that unless its rather small 8 might be under charging

i mean its not complex (it’s the house icon from homestuck) but it’s rainbow colored and about medium in size so it will take awhile.

i just quickly figured up the cost of material (thread is cheap) and said 8.  i didnt really know.  i also just dont know what my work is worth?

id have done it for free but they wanted to pay me

Desolation of Smaug featured a single white woman kicking ass and a handful of unnamed PoC in the background, racism and sexism is OVER good job folks we climbed the mountain

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I just had the worst exam of my life so do you have any headcanons about Enj helping Grantaire with maths because i feel like I'm about the same level as R now. Sorry if its an inconvenience, but thanks anyway!

Grantaire with dyscalculia is a big headcanon of mine so YES

Grantaire is okay with basic stuff if it’s reasonable, like adding and substracting is generally okay, if you don’t give him big numbers. However, give him anything above 60, throw in some letters and watch the man crumble because why did anybody thought this made fucking sense? 

Enjolras is a pretty logical in an arithmetical kind of way, so he can get by with maths. Grantaire has been introduced to function and… he really can’t. Seriously fuck that f(x). 

Enjolras is trying to have some colour coded memory tricks for Grantaire to learn and integrate the formulas, but Grantaire just can’t deal with how illogical it all seem. He needs solid stuff, who knew maths could be so whimsical!

They end up making a song out of the formulas and Grantaire awkwardly hums it during the test because that’s the only way he will remember

He gets a 13, which is like… a B- I guess, but it’s stiill good enough according to his standards, so he pins it on Enjolras’ fridge

           ”did you seriously just ask me if i’m
           fucking okay?” spencer yelled out of
           complete frustration. “I just had to
           bury my little brother !! of course i’m
           not fucking okay !!“ he added as he
           ran a hand through his hair, harshly
           tugging on the roots as he did so.