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I love love love this shot of my Hera taken at SWCO by @FuryZhil on twitter.

This was right as Celebration was shutting down on the last day and we were slowly inching our towards the exit

@pilferingapples Have I mentioned lately that you’re awesome? Because you are.


School starts in a couple of hours, but I was inspired and I had to write something for this extremely creative piece by @hadesafterdark!

Jumin x MC

I don’t know how to categorize dis XD

Word Count: 1177

I wanted to surprise him, to be totally spontaneous and unexpected…and this was the best way to go about it.

I nervously fiddled with the ends of a new silky lingerie Jumin had bought me and stared up at the clock on the wall.

Be patient. Don’t be nervous.

I sprawled out onto his bed, closed my eyes, and tried to calm my breathing.

You can do this. Sensual. Be Sensual.

I stood up and noticed that I had forgotten to pin on the fluffy cat tail and matching cat ears I had purchased some time back, without Jumin’s knowledge. I grabbed them and moved to the bathroom to adjust it properly.

Then I heard the front door open.

“Darling, I’m home.”

BAM! I slammed the bathroom door and pressed my body against it firmly.

What time was it again? He was home early, too early, oh my god.

“H-Hi, Jumin!”

“Are you all right, love?”


Damn it. Too loud.

“Are you sure?”


Damn it!

“I-I’ll be right out!” I moved away from the door and stared at myself in the mirror.

It’s not too late. You can take this all off and take a bath. You can forget you ever tried to attempt this.

I moved to take the lingerie off.

“How was your day, darling?”

His voice made me jump. “F-Fine! How was yours?”

“I met with a new partner today. Pleasant man. He gave me a bottle of Chateau Mouton Rothschild 2010 from Pauillac, Bordeaux, France. I’d like to drink some with you.”


“…Do you have a stomach ache, darling?”

Yes. “No!”

“All right. Take your time.”

I straightened the lingerie as best as I could, examining both the front and the back.

Okay…here we go.

I opened the bathroom door and saw him standing there, organizing papers into folders.

“Welcome home, Jumin.”

He looked up at me…and his eyebrows rose in surprise. His mouth slightly fell open, and his folders fell from his hands and onto his desk. I gulped softly and slowly began to make my way towards him.

Carefully…even steps…you can do this…

“…Darling, you…you…” Jumin cleared his throat and adjusted his tie. “…you look exquisite.”

“I was hoping you’d think so…” I smiled goofily. “Now come here…let me welcome you properly.”

Without any hesitation, he made his way towards me and wrapped his long arms around my waist. His nose nuzzled up against mine and our lips collided sloppily, our eagerness for one another more than obvious. His hands traveled from my waist to my butt, and as he squeezed, I let out a surprised hiccup.

“I’m sorry—”

“Don’t be. Keep going.” My lips smashed into his again and I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck.


“Mm…” he began to suck at the base of my neck.

“Jumin, my…my lingerie…”

His lips continued working their way down. “Mm…?”

“My lingerie is fa…fall…it’s falling off…”

Jumin pulled back and I hastily adjusted the bust. “Okay!” I placed my hands on his cheeks and we continued kissing. I grabbed his lower back and pulled him closer to me, just as he had always done when he was kissing me. My hands trailed up his back, my nails digging into his striped shirt. He lifted me up, and I entangled my fingers in his raven black hair.

“I want you, right here, right now, Jumin.”


An opening. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled his hair from behind, forcing him to look up at me. His eyes were clouded with desire and confusion, just like mine were.

“You heard me. Don’t pretend you didn’t.” I pushed my lips against his neck this time and sucked, just like he had.

“Ah, ouch.” he hissed.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry ” I pulled back and released his hair. “Are you all right, I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

His eyes widened a bit further. “MC—”

“Damn, blasted…” I moved to re-adjusted the bust of the lingerie and glanced at him. “…could you put me down really quick?”

He smirked and gently set me down. I fixed the bust and I turned back towards him, pinning him up against a wall. “Okay!”

He smiled and covered his mouth to hide it as best as he could. I smiled back at him and moved his hand away from his face. “You think this is funny?”

“Ehm…no.” he bit his lower lip. I pulled him down by his tie and kissed him again, pressing my body against his, running my hands all through his chest, his abs, and his hips…

And I felt my lingerie slipping off me again.

“Son of a…” I pulled back and adjusted myself, again. I heard him giggling softly, and soon enough, I started giggling as well.

“Stupid piece of…!” I rested my head against Jumin’s chest and let out an embarrassed groan.

“Let me help.” Jumin spun me around and hooked his thumb onto the suspender belt. My back was against the wall now…but I could still work with this. I began to unfasten his tie and undo the buttons on his dress shirt, and as soon as I was done, his lips hungrily greeted mine again. I bit his lower lip, moved my knee up, and a pained hiss escaped his lips.



“Jumin, are you okay?”

He flashed me a pained smile. “I’m fine.”

“…Oh my god, no you aren’t!” I tried to move him onto the couch, but he stood his ground and placed his hand up against the wall. His thumb was still hooked under my suspender belt, and a light blush graced his cheeks.

“What the hell am I doing!” I rested my head against the wall and started laughing, laughing at myself, at the lingerie, even at him for allowing me to try taking control and failing.

Failing miserably.

Tears began to roll down my eyes from laughing so hard, and my knees started feeling like jelly. Jumin graciously held me up, and I was totally unaware at how he gazed down at me, beaming at the clumsy oaf that he fell for.

Eventually, I wiped away the tears from my eyes and cleared my throat, a few giggles still escaping me. Jumin carefully brushed the hair out of my face and stroked my cheek tenderly.

“I love you.”

“Ha…haha! I love you, Jumin!” I moved to kiss him again, gently this time.

But he wasn’t having any of it. He squeezed my hip and pinned his body against mine. His kiss was a bit more aggressive now, way more powerful than before…

…Uh oh…

I felt my lingerie slipping again and I turned my head to break the kiss off. “Ju-Jumin, my lingerie—”

“It’s falling again?” his voice was deep, deeper than I had ever heard. His eyes met with mine and a sly smile glided across his face. “Don’t worry about it. It’s coming off anyway.”

My eyes shot open and I gave him the same sly smile. “Yes, Mr. Han.”

All right, fronds, it’s something less than 20 days until OB, and Tor has published at least 20 chapters of it, and while I want to stress that everyone’s been doing a REALLY GOOD JOB of tagging spoilers, I just wanted to throw out a quick reminder to KEEP! TAGGING! SPOILERS!!!

Again, everyone’s been doing a really good job; there have only been a few untagged posts in the public tags. But as we get closer to the release date, it gets harder to remember that not everyone knows all the stuff from the preview chapters that you might think is common knowledge now but is still spoilers to most of us. So even in your excitement, please, please, please try to remember those of us who are waiting until the 14th, and want to go in totally clean.

And because Tumblr is dumb and hard to figure out sometimes, I’m going to tldr my previous spoiler etiquette post, just because it’s a good resource and we should all get a refresher every once in a while:

  1. Read mores are your friends.
  2. Wait until the fifth tag.  If you put #one #two #three #four #five #brandon sanderson, (or similar “junk tags”–I tend to use // marks), then stuff won’t end up in the tracked tag and it’ll be easier to avoid spoilers in the public, tracked tags.
  3. The first five tags work the other way, too! No one wants to scream into the void and not get a response–I’m on board with that. So somewhere in your first five tags, put #oathbringer or #oathbringer spoilers or even #stormlight archive spoilers.
  4. Don’t put reactions in the tags. A lot of people have blacklist settings so that even if a post is blocked, the tags still show up as readable–this makes it easier to see why things were blocked, but it also runs the risk of tags like “#omg and then JASNAH did the THING and I DIED” spoiling even tiny things. Keep tags for…well, tags for a few months, and add additional screaming or reactions to the bottom of your actual post.
  5. Discord and Mibbit are your friends.
  6. TAG EVERYTHING! Even if it’s a meme or a stupid shitpost or a vagueblog or something that doesn’t seem like it’s spoilers–TAG IT ANYWAY. If it’s even tangentially related to Oathbringer, TAG IT.
  7. KEEP tagging stuff, even after the book is released! Some people read slower, or have time commitments or work keeping them away from the book. Just because you read fast and are finished doesn’t mean everyone else is, and continuing to tag for spoilers is super necessary, even six months–or longer–out from the release date.
Anyway, thanks everyone!

So…I just started watching Ellie’s streams about a week or two ago (some time around the release of AToTS) and she totally got me into this adorkable show/skit/animated short? idk (Amongst other things…my brain is chalked full of madeon and electro swing now, haha). I also wanted to credit the colouring style used in this picture to her because it’s actually a really fun colouring technique that I had only used for pencil drawings up until now, so…uh, yeah! It’s real awesome and makes the whole process really interesting! It’s really flipping great!! xD

But yeah, anway. *whispers* This little film is the best so you should really go watch it. At some point. Ye.


We don’t even know if i’ll actually do it.

I write to say a thank you
For the gift that you did pick
So thanks and never call again
You passive-aggressive prick

2butt  asked:

heyo m'dude just wanted to say i really, really, like seriously really like your work and its great to see you on the dash. been here since day 4 maybe and its so cool to see your style and see you improve. keep on rockin!

I really appreciate the kind words my man and i’m happy you’ve stuck with me this long. Thank you for messaging! (Excellent taste on the Karen avatar btw, you can have this bee).

(bee sketch related)

When someone says Voice Acting/getting into Voice Over is easy...

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It takes work, dedication, patience, diligence, passion, and an understanding that VO work is never about money. Voice Over actors are RIDICULOUSLY underpaid compared to many positions in the creative field, ESPECIALLY if you are a VA for an indie game. If you want to be a Voice Actor, it better be because you 100% want to be one because pay is NEVER consistent. 

It also takes a LOT of skill to be able to create a character using just your voice. No one is gunna see your actual face or body, so you need to channel all emotions and backstories into your voice. You have to CONSTANTLY take care of your voice and you need to not only maintain it, but consistently work to make your range larger and master your talent. 

What’s even worse is the changing times. Standards change ALL OF THE TIME so you have to learn how to adapt to every single director you meet and sign on with and you need to constantly monitor the quality and age of your equipment. If you fuck up, you could potentially sign the death wish of your career.

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If you ever hope to be a professional Voice Actor, then you better be prepared for:

  1. MULTIPLE FAILED AUDITIONS (You will not land many roles)
  2. CONSTANT COMPETITION (You will always have competition)
  3. INCONSISTENT PAY (Every company is different, especially indie)
  4. EXPECTATIONS OF GROWTH (Maintain your voice and keep getting better or be knocked the fuck out by other talents)
  5. CONTINUAL CHANGING STANDARDS (Every director is different. Suck it up)
  6. EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS AND NEVER-ENDING UPGRADES (You need to have a good microphone or you need to get in good touches with a pro studio, which will suck the money out of your pocket)
  7. LOCATION LIMITATIONS (If you don’t live in a certain area, some jobs won’t even listen to your demo reel)

When you can FULLY understand the items above and the expectations of a Voice Actor, then I DARE you to say that it’s easy to be a VA or to get into the field.

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here’s the thing

it’s not that we don’t want diversity or lesbians in your show

it’s that you literally wrote [even by accident] the perfect recipe for the greatest, most realistic teenage love story in a post-apocalyptic universe, with equality and all the shit we want in love, aND YOU REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE IT AND SHOVE A TOXIC RELATIONSHIP DOWN OUR THROATS 

So guess what I finally started and caught up on today








It is called Blue Skies by dolly-bassett, and I have been betaing this monster for ages and it is so achingly good, guy, I cannot even tell you. This is just the first chapter and it’s got a scarily good Leia, Han, and Luke - as well as Poe and his ragtag crew. Rey and Finn are showing up in future chapters and I won’t spoil you for them other than to say EEEEEEE, and it just feels real - everything about this story makes me gleeful and happy and hopeful, not just in a “yay the good guys win” but in the idea of doing great and terrible things for a cause bigger than yourself, of falling in love against the backdrop of horror, of finding a family in the most unexpected of places. 

I have pestered poor dolly about this story for weeks, and she has crafted something beyond my wildest dreams. Go read it - correction, go make yourself a cup of tea or coffee or hot chocolate, settle into your comfiest chair or pile up the pillows on your bed and snuggle in. And then go read it. You will be so glad you did.


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Hey Teen Wolf crew! Just wanted to stop in and drop you a quick note of appreciation for being awesome! I started watching when I found out on of my all time favorites, Shelley Hennig, was joining the show and watched the first 2.5 seasons in record time (I think). I fell in love with the show within the first 15 minutes! I am so excited for season 4, and for seeing Malia in action! June 23rd seems like a seriously long time away (it's kind of torture)! Keep up the great work!

Yay! Thanks for the support! Welcome to the pack!