seriously it was definitely one of the best finale i've seen ; ;

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Hey - When was Misha listed as a regular for Season 13? When they announced that they were confirmed for season 13? I've seen this around and I just want to be really sure before I let myself calm down and believe my heart and soul of the show is going to be okay. This show doesn't work without Misha, in my opinion.

Hello!  First and foremost, he’s listed as a main character in season thirteen on Supernatural wikipedia page:

He’s also listed as one of three confirmed characters for season thirteen here:

There was also apparently a tweet confirming from one of the writing staff, but it was deleted before I could see it (to build suspense, probably.)

Moreover, Dabb loves Cas, and seems to have a lot of fun with him as a character.  He wrote some of the best Cas-centric episodes, loves Team Free Will, and I seriously doubt he’d ever get rid of Cas for real.

He also wrote last season’s finale, in which Cas believes Dean to be dead, so this season leaving off with Dean believing Cas to be permanently dead provides perfect (if sadistic) symmetry. 

Finally, I’ll remind you that Cas was very definitively “dead” for most of season seven, not to mention all the times he briefly exploded before that, and he always wound up popping up again, just as I’m absolutely sure he will next season.

So sit back, read some of the many, fluffy fanfics available (I’m going to create a masterpost of those later, just to help calm everybody’s nerves) and know that there’s no way he’s gone for good.  Just for the summer.

Imagine Optimus Prime Using Pick Up Lines On You

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“Alright, and that is the last of it!”, (y,n) confirmed, gently flicking their finger against the green vile.

“With the way these bots fight, it still won’t be enough. And I’m not talking about fighting against Cons, I’m talking about them fighting each other!, Ratchet scoffed earning a giggle from his apprentice.

Finishing putting away the other medical supplies neither had noticed their leader walk into the room. Optimus felt fine, till he saw his targets back, and felt his spark speed up. Coughing to clear his throat, both Autobots turn to see him, (y,n) acknowledging with a nod before turning back to their work.

“Ratchet, Bee needs your assistance.”

“With what now?”, Ratchet groaned.

“He’s gotten himself stuck and the other Autobots are planning to play, I believe it’s called, tug a truck with him.”

“And why couldn’t you get him out yourself?”

“I’m afraid I might break him.”

Ratchet sighed before gathering up some things and making his exit. Optimus felt himself slightly relax, having thankful that part one of his plan had worked. Well, Bumblebee and Sam’s plan really. Heck, Bumblebee wasn’t even stuck, just hiding somewhere with his human friend. The only reason Optimus was actually committing to this was because they threatened to tell (y,n) straight up how they made him feel. And speaking of said bot, Optimus quickly stiffened remembering the next faze that was about to occur.

“How’s it going Boss Bot? Got any rest like I told you?”, (y,n) checked in, not looking up from their clipboard.

The counter they were working at moved slightly and they looked up to see the male Cybertronian trying to casually lean against it. They quirked a metal brow at him; something was up.

“If you were a Transformer-”

Wait, what? But they are a transformer-

“-you’d be a hot-o-bot. And your name would be Optimus fine.”

Oh no.

“Um, Optimus-”, (y,n) placed down their clipboard, examining the Autobot with skepticism. Was he alright? Did his processor get damaged or something?

“I’m not a photographer, but I can picture you and me, together.”

The smaller bot clenched their cervo, still staring appalled and trying to grasp that this was actually happening.

“Can I follow you home? Because, my parents told me to always follow my dreams.

They honestly couldn’t believe what was coming out from their normally stoic leader. But here he was; looking like he was about to give out from embarrassment but still delivering each line rather smoothly.

"You must be a parking ticket, because you have fine written all over you.”

At this point, (y,n) had completely grasped that this was indeed real. They felt their cheek plates heat up, and with every word that fell from Optimus lips, replaying again in their mind, they fought desperately to hold back their building laughter.

“There must be something wrong with my phone; your number isn’t in it.”

Optimus felt his spark clench when he took note of (y,n) expression. A small snort escaped their vocalizer as they bit down on their metal lips; optics crinkled in the corners, an obvious sign that they were enjoying this. While he loved seeing them like this, Optimus couldn’t help his fans kick up in heated discomfort; he must’ve seemed so ridiculous right now.

“Oh, boy…”, he took in a breath, remembering the next pick up line to deliver, and felt himself slightly stiffen.

“I thought happiness started with an h’…”

Optimus Primes started when his blue optics gazed into the subject of his admiration. Seeing the anticipant stare, and how their optics reflected with a beautiful shine, he suddenly felt a burst of courage. He had to make this one count; make this one show how he felt. Narrowing his own optics, Optimus straightened off the metal counter, gazing down at the smaller mech with determination.

“Why does mine, start with you~?”

The medbay fell into a silence. (y,n) gleaming up at Optimus with bitten lips, and Optimus looking back, starting to feel the pressure of no reply.

Pfft! Haha!! I-I’m so sorry-hahaha!!”

Optimus felt his shoulders slack when the laugh he’d come to adore had finally escaped (y,n)’s throat. Oh Primus, he must have seemed like a complete idiot to them. No one had ever seen Optimus Prime act this way, it was in his name, Prime. Primes didn’t show or act silly, but he did for them, in hopes that it would spark the same feeling he had for them, inside them. But no, they were laughing, grasping the counter to try and keep themselves up right. The overwhelming weight of embarrassment was too much for the Prime, his fans in over drive, and decided that now would be best to just leave. Before Optimus could take a single step though, a smaller cervo had gently latched onto his wrist, and he looked back with much confusion.

“I-I’m so sorry about that, but…heh, was that your way of asking me out?”, (y,n) questioned with a grin, fixing their slouched over posture to stand straight before Optimus.

Optimus optics fleeted to the side, his cheek plates heating up just like theirs.

“Yes…it was…”

“Well, then I say yes.”


“I’ll go out with you!”

“Even after all of that? After I’ve just made myself seem less in your eyes, and look like a glitched up fool?”

“I don’t see you as any less from the strong leader I’ve come to follow. And you’re not some glitched up fool. Trust me, I’m a medic, I’ve seen some pretty crazy bots; heh.”

(y,n) giggled at the end, smiling up even brighter if possible.

“Besides, I loved it!”

Optimus felt the weight, of this at least, lift from his shoulders. Even with the copious amount of other stresses, for some reason, this one seemed to take a ton off of him on its own. His spark felt light, and he allowed himself to smile while taking (y,n)’s cervo.

“Um, hey…”, Optimus started as they began to leave the medical facility.


“Don’t mention any of what happened back there to others. It would definitely ruin my imagine with the Autobots. They’d never take me seriously.”

“Aw, but you were so cute!”


“Kidding!! Just kidding!”


FFXV Week 4 Day 5: Intervention

Title: Intervention

Summary: Gladio and Ignis are getting sick of it: all the high-fives, slaps on the back, and especially the hugging.  It’s time to tell Prompto to stop. (Little bit of Promptis.)

Rating: T (for mild language)

Theme: 8/17 | Day 5: Touchy Subject

Read on AO3 or under the cut:

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HELLO~ I know this might seem redundant (as I've seen it on other h/c blogs) but I wanna request your take on an h/c where MC is a genius hacker and also the rfa (+vanderwood, v & saeren) reaction to it bc they're adorable ♥

Don’t worry about sending me things that have already been done. I will do all the things. You guys can send me the most cliche overdone things and I will still write them. And I’ll do my best not to make them exactly like anyone else’s (not intentionally at least. It’s hard, I’ve read so many) E>


  • The way Zen keeps it together after the whole Echo Girl situation is impressive
  • But you notice that all the hate he’s getting has been starting to get to him
  • No way are you going to have that
  • You learned hacking to fight for human rights and Zen is a human so
  • Hackerman to the rescue (Hackerman is a gender neutral title btw anyone can be Hackerman)
  • You notice his mood improve before he notices why
  • But he does notice eventually
  • How long has it been since the last angry email? Weeks??
  • He’s also noticed there are like no hate comments on anything he does anymore?
  • Or any negative comments at all really??
  • You: sweats nervously
  • Haha yeah weird I guess everyone just loves you hahaha
  • lol ya probably
  • But one day he’s looking at his fan page
  • And he sees a comment about how he’s “just another arrogant pretty boy. he’s not even that hot tbh”
  • And then literally before his eyes, he refreshes the page and the comment changes from hate
  • To “I don’t know anything because I’m just a bitter loser who’s probably going to die alone with like 30 cats lolol”
  • (Zen doesn’t know this but the hater’s phone has also been reprogrammed to autocorrect “Zen sucks” to “Zen is literal perfection you fucking trash bag”
  • And “hey” to “Zen is a god among men and I would happily sell my children for a chance to lick his sweet abs”
  • The hater does not know this yet either but they are going to find out, hopefully in the most hilarious and awkward way possible)
  • But all Zen knows is he definitely saw the comment change
  • So either that person had a very sudden change of heart
  • Or there’s something else going on here
  • He opens a chatroom like “hey MC do you think Seven could be filtering comments on my fan page”
  • Why on earth would he do that
  • Do you know how many there are
  • I mean I’ve never been on your fan page what are you talking about you can prove nothing
  • Eventually you tell him that you did it
  • He’s touched
  • No, seriously. He’s so touched. Your support means everything to him.
  • But he tells you that you don’t have to do it anymore
  • Knowing that he has your support and love is more than enough for him to be able to deal with the haters
  • You’re the only fan he needs *wink emoji*
  • When you tell him that you usually use your hacking skills for more activist type stuff he offers to help in any way he can
  • If there’s a cause you feel especially passionate about he’ll use his fame to reach out to fans you now have an army of teenage slash young adult women who will  gladly die for support that cause


  • It’s not like you’re cheating for him
  • I mean, you could hack the LOLOL servers and make him unbeatable
  • But you aren’t
  • Because you don’t condone cheating
  • …much
  • It starts out small
  • There’s a rare drop that Yoosung really wants and he’s decided he’s going to stay up until he gets it
  • that was 3 hours ago it’s 5 am Yoosung go to sleep
  • But he is determined
  • And so you decide that the only way to get him to go to bed is to get him the damn item
  • So here you are
  • At 5 in the god damn morning
  • Hacking into LOLOL to get your dumb boyfriend what he wants so he’ll go the fuck to sleep
  • It was supposed to be a one time thing
  • But he was just so excited when he got it? He got all happy and it made you feel warm and fuzzy inside
  • You weren’t cheating. You just. Made sure he got rare drops and good deals at the shops and stuff.
  • He has no idea.
  • He just thinks he’s had really good luck lately?
  • And then one day Seven is bragging about how he still has the number one spot in LOLOL
  • And you just
  • Fix that
  • It doesn’t count as cheating if you hack a hacker right
  • Everyone knows two hacks make a right. Or something
  • And Yoosung is SO HAPPY
  • And Seven is SO NOT
  • He looks into it because obviously he suspects foul play how else could his precious title be lost like that. And that’s when he finds out LOLOL was hacked
  • “Yoosung are you a secret agent too”
  • “Yoosung how long have you been living this double life”
  • Yoosung is so confused
  • You kind of have to tell them at this point Seven probably already knows tbh
  • Yoosung is… a little bit upset?
  • But when you explain to him that you just did it because you wanted him to be happy and to kick Seven’s ass he’s kind of touched
  • Also his s/o is like a Seven level hacker you must be a genius???
  • Jokes that he’s going to get you to do all his homework I’m kidding MC stop glaring at me please
  • You won’t do it for him but you will definitely help him
  • He honestly sees you as some kind of superhero when you tell him that you’re a hacktivist
  • Superman Yoosung and Wonder MC!


  • Jaehee is always tired
  • We all know this
  • But she thinks she’s finally starting to lose her mind
  • She keeps turning on her computer to do her work
  • And it’s already done???
  • She doesn’t remember writing this report
  • When did she put this spreadsheet together
  • Is she developing short term memory loss???
  • Have Jumin’s work ethics and cat projects finally snapped her????
  • You end up telling her that you’ve been hacking into her computer to finish her work because you’re worried that if you don’t tell her she will actually lose it
  • (Jumin cuts in like
  • Wait so if you’re a hacker are you the one who keeps changing my phone’s wallpaper to a trashcan labelled “this u”
  • …that’s irrelevant shush)
  • Jaehee makes you promise not to do her work for her anymore
  • Because she has pride and integrity and she can’t let someone else do work assigned to her
  • You agree on the condition that she starts taking care of herself more
  • She says she’ll try but she doesn’t really have the time
  • You shrug and super casually suggest that maybe she’d have more time if you came over more often to help her with stuff
  • And like
  • Maybe you had better stay the night to make sure she actually gets to bed at a reasonable hour
  • And you do this so often
  • That she suggests you just move in in a totally platonic way of course haha
  • And that’s the story of how i met your mother you hacked your way into becoming Jaehee’s roommate


  • You’re not sure what to think when you first meet Jumin
  • As a hacktivist who fights for the little guy you have zero clue how to interact with the Big Guy. 
  • Is Jumin the enemy??
  • You’re distant with him for the first 24 hours as you thoroughly do a background check into his company
  • And it comes up surprisingly clean???
  • C&R is good shit good job Jumin and Mr. Jumin’s dad
  • You’re honestly so relieved because this precious dumb cat mom is not someone you’d want to have to hate
  • Your hacker activities kind of fade to the background for the next few days
  • Except one time when Zen was being rude to Jumin you changed Zen’s profile picture to the most only  unflattering picture of him you could find
  • Then Glam Choi and Sarah show up
  • Seven and Jaehee both have so much work to do so you tell them both not to worry about it
  • You’ll look into it
  • You’re, uh, pretty good at research, you say. You know all about The Googles.
  • How you got the information doesn’t come up until later, after he’s finished with all his dramatic theatrics
  • He asks you how you got it
  • And you figure you might as well be honest since you’re basically engaged at this point
  • “I’m a hacker”
  • He stares at you
  • “Do you mean like Luciel, or…?”
  • You explain to him that you’re more of an independent activist type hacker
  • He doesn’t like it. You could get caught and arrested. 
  • You sarcastically promise that you’ll try your best not to affect his precious reputation while you’re off fighting for truth
  • “I’m not worried about my reputation I’m worried about you.”
  • You blush.
  • Oh. 
  • Well. 
  • You immediately apologize for snapping at him and explain you’re used to people either looking down on you or trying to talk you out of it.
  • But he gets it. He feels the same way about cat projects. It makes sense if you think about it
  • He supports you and is already prepared to throw around all of his power and money if it keeps you from getting caught
  • And if you happen to focus a little stronger on exposing corruption and secrets in C&R’s rival companies that’s just a coincidence~


  • When you find out that 707 is a hacker your first thought is
  • hahaha nope
  • Somehow the fact that you’re a hacker doesn’t come up  until Seven is physically in your apartment
  • And when he does find out his initial reaction is to be suspicious af
  • Can you blame him?
  • A mysterious hacker shows up in the messenger. You show up in the messenger. 
  • A mysterious hacker tries to get into Rika’s apartment. Now you’re in Rika’s apartment. 
  • The fact that Saeran broke in and tried to kidnap you doesn’t make sense but maybe it was a set up
  • He’s tired and confused and angry and upset and he’s not really thinking straight
  • You come back in from the kitchen and he towers over you
  • Are you working with my brotherr?”
  • In hindsight you probably should have told him 
  • It’s an easy enough misunderstanding to clear up
  • But it’s a wake up call for Seven
  • He should have known. It shouldn’t have taken him almost a week to find out that you were a hacker. He should’ve made sure there was no chance you were the hacker from day one. 
  • You really were distracting him
  • So he tells you to let him finish his work in peace
  • You offer to help but he tells you it’s fine, it’s a one person job anyway
  • Over the next two days you ask again several times if there’s anything you can do to help. 
  • You may not be a super secret agent like him, but you’ve helped out on some pretty big hacking jobs before, you know–
  • “You don’t know anything!” 
  •  He’s not some fucking superhero wannabe like you, and you have nothing in common with him so stop trying to act like you’re in this together because you’re not
  • Now can you please take your naive views on justice out of his face so he can finish this?
  • It takes a while for you two to talk again
  • When you do he admits that he doesn’t want to drag you down to his level
  • You’re like the complete opposite of him. You are a superhero. Defender of Justice MC, fighting for the truth.
  • And he’s the opposite… that makes him the villain so please just hate him and let him die alone like villains are supposed to.
  • You shake your head
  • He’s a superhero too. He’s been fighting for the RFA, and for his brother, his entire life. And he’s going to take down the real bad guys and save his brother with you as his sidekick
  • “You know something else about superheros?” You ask him, bringing your hands up to his face.”They always get the girl ;)”
  • “MC did you just say “wink emoji” out loud” “Shut up Saeyoung”
  • After everything settles down he probably helps you with your hacktivist stuff
  • Especially in terms of security. This boy is good at covering his, and now your, tracks.


  • V is a suspicious dude
  • And you really want to like the guy because you’ve been talking to him a lot and he honestly seems like such a sweetheart
  • And you don’t really want to be suspicious of him
  • But you can’t deny that this man is obviously hiding things
  • And it’s obviously causing a lot of unrest in the RFA so
  • You reason that in the end you’d really be doing everyone (V included) a favour by figuring out what’s going on
  • You want to know where he is
  • Seven doesn’t even know where he is
  • And you know Seven could find out if he tried but the boy trusts V so unconditionally he won’t do it
  • Which leaves only one option
  • hacker mode activated
  • He’s using a phone with super amped up security
  • Probably something that Seven gave him
  • But you think you can find him
  • While you’re doing this you also try your hand at tracking the weird emails
  • It takes you two days straight but you finally have the location of both
  • You’re about to message Seven about the hacker’s location (the boy is so overworked you figure he could use a hand)
  • When you notice something
  • The hacker’s location and V’s location
  • Are the same place
  • No
  • no no no no no
  • You call V
  • Again and again and again until he finally answers
  • “…who is this?”
  • What the hell are you doing at the hacker’s building, V”
  • He has to figure out on his own that you’re MC because you haven’t introduced yourself
  • You’re too busy ranting and crying and demanding an explanation
  • V doesn’t know what to do
  • He can’t tell you, he can’t involve you in all of this. But he can’t not tell you because then you’ll tell the rest of the RFA and he can’t involve them in all of this.
  • It’s lose-lose
  • In the end it’s your tears that decide it for him. He can’t stand hearing you cry over him and he wants you to go back to the happy person you were in the chatroom
  • He tells you that he’s there undercover and that it’s complicated
  • You tell him he’s an idiot
  • He says he’s sorry
  • He says that a lot
  • You try to convince him to let you help. You know he has Seven, but you’re a hacker too and–
  • You’re a hacker???
  • Does Rika know?
  • “Please don’t mention that in the RFA messenger.” “Why?” “Just… please.”
  • (He’s worried that Saeran will find out and tell Rika
  • He doesn’t want Rika to try and recruit you or anything)
  • In the end the best you can do is promise him you won’t tell the RFA and make him promise to contact you if he needs anything.
  • This is not something that can be resolved in one headcanons post guys
  • But now that he knows you’re a hacker he’s extra worried about you


  • Saeran is kind of lost in life after Mint Eye
  • He has no experience in literally anything except for hacking and suffering
  • And he’s not content to live a pointless existence slowly wasting away in Saeyoung’s care
  • He’s getting restless because he wants to do something and it’s making him irritated
  • So one day you casually bring up the topic of hacktivism and specifically hacker group Anonymous
  • He’s intrigued
  • And listens attentively as you tell him about all the good things members of the group have done
  • About how they’re people who come together to hack in the name of truth and freedom
  • You tell him you’ve been a fan of them since you were a kid
  • But
  • Saeran is a smart guy
  • And the way you’re talking about the things they’ve done is waaaaay too knowledgeable for you to just be a fan
  • “Well yeah,” you shrug. “I’m a hacker too”
  • He’s shocked
  • You’re a hacker??
  • You’re… like him???
  • You’re surprised he didn’t know. You haven’t been trying to hide it. You’d been trying to hack and trace him since he first messaged you. You had added a whole tone of security measures to your phone and all your online information. Had he seriously not noticed?
  • Well yeah
  • He had just assumed that Saeyoung was the one who’d done all that.
  • There’s no way sweet innocent angelic MC is a hacker
  • Uh yes you are would he like you to prove it?
  • He’s kind of quiet after that
  • He has a lot to think about
  • If you’re like him… does that mean he could be like you?
  • He helps you with your next act of hacktivism
  • And even though it’s just a small thing the change in his mood is almost instant
  • You buy him an Anonymous shirt and he wears it around the house like it’s his own personal superhero outfit it’s so cute


  • Fuck
  • No
  • Not another one
  • They swear if you ever hack into their phone and change their background to dumb things they will taser you
  • just ask Zero Seven he knows this from experience
  • They’re lying they would never taser you
  • They’ll just
  • Taser 707 in your place or something
  • Why do you know how to hack anyways
  • Are you an intelligence agent too? Do you need them to help you get out of somewhere or something are you okay
  • You tell them it’s nothing like that
  • You just hack into vorrupt organizations and government officials’ stuff in the name of truth and justice that’s all
  • ’That’s dangerous don’t you know you could go to jail what if you’re caught
  • What the fuck Vanderwood you hypocrite
  • “Are you… worried about me?”
  • “…N-no.”
  • They’re not worried about you they’re just worried because if you get caught then they’re gonna be at risk of getting caught too that’s all
  • And since that’s the case as long as you’re both in this mess together they should probably help you out
  • Y’know. For the sake of your mutual safety.
  • In return for their help you make sure to keep an eye on the movements of what little remains of Vanderwood’s former employers to make sure they’re safe
  • No you don’t have to do that they can take care of themselves
  • “But I’m worried about you.”
  • What
  • You’re worried about them???
  • That’s. Uh. Unnecessary.
  • Why would you be worried about them??
  • “Because I like you.”
  • ?????
  • Oh great, you broke Vanderwood.

anonymous asked:

I've seen a lot of people discussing how the Captive Prince fetishizes male/male relationships, doesn't have good female characters, and there's glossed over abuse. I was planning on reading it from your praise but idk now.

oh, please. i consider captive prince my favourite series of all time; you must know i have higher standards than that.

i don’t know who you heard this from, but they’re either misinformed or seeing problems where there are none. i’m not going to say captive prince doesn’t have its share of flaws, but in my mind none of them are worth skipping the series for unless you are really uncomfortable with some of the heavy content, which i’ll get to later.

captive prince has one of the best-written, well-rounded queer couples i’ve seen in modern gay lit to date. it is in no way fetishized. perhaps the accusation of m/m fetishization comes from the nature of one of the societies the story takes place in: the kingdom of vere is incredibly decadent and incredibly casual about sex, but incredibly superstitious about children conceived out of wedlock. to avoid the inevitable complications, men and women who don’t have a wife or a husband respectively to have sex with have same-sex affairs. it’s just a cultural thing for them, and other cultures in the series do not share this worldview.

this brings me to your second point about the lack of strong female characters. i beg to differ. there is definitely a shortage of female characters in the series, but there are a few, and they are strong characters; not only that, but their absence is explained. the first book takes place in a king’s court managed by a sexist, who has one female courtier who is stated within the narrative to have been hired as a Token Female, and who is disloyal to him. the rest of the story is set on the road, travelling with an all-male army. there are female characters with power. there are female character with strong ethical codes. there are female warriors who join the roving army for their own sakes. there are female characters who are manipulative. there are female characters who are independant. the series was written by a female author. while the absence of women is noticeable, it is narratively justified and pretty seamless – it hardly matters, and the women who do show up and are relevant are all different and well-written and all make sense in the context of the world.

finally, the glossed-over abuse.

i… i have no idea who came up with the idea that captive prince takes abuse lightly.

characters are abused. they are emotionally abused, they are physically abused, they are sexually abused, they are tortured. however, none of it is explicit in the way the characters’ reactions to the abuse are. characters who are abused display the effects of their abuse. given that, again, the greater portion of the characters are male, this is impressive for a work of modern literature. the abuse in the series is in no way glossed over, it’s just… not explicitly described. we learn, or we intuit what happens to the characters without having to slog through lengthy descriptions of people being raped and flogged. it is subtle, and because of that, it is more impactful, not less. not everyone in the book who had terrible things happen to them is saved, but a good number are, and it’s extremely satisfying when they are. captive prince is one of the most tasteful portrayals of a disgusting, horrible subject i have ever seen.

that being said, it does need a content warning for rape, pedophilia, incest, torture, and abuse. though these things are, again, handled well, i can see how the experiences of the characters and their feelings in response to what they’ve been through could be a bit too relatable for some people. there’s also a lot of sex, but it’s not like Explicit Porn Sex so much as a part of the characters and atmosphere. i don’t watch porn or read explicit fanfiction because it makes me uncomfortable, but captive prince didn’t make me uncomfortable, just more invested in the characters and the world.

again, i don’t know who you heard this from, but i should hope i am someone with better judgement than that. if you want, i can prattle off a bunch of worse queer lit (with regards to these complaints, as well as in terms of structure and characterization) that i’ve read if you’d like me to.

i’m not saying you have to read or enjoy captive prince if you don’t want to. what media you consume is entirely up to you. however, i’d like to insist that you not avoid reading what is, to me, the best-written book series i’ve read just because you’re concerned about stuff that really isn’t an issue because people want to complain without trying to really think about it too hard.

if you read it and don’t like it, that’s fine too – no skin off my back. just put aside the time to form your own opinion if you can. i still stand that captive prince is worth the read.

some cool things abt captive prince so nobody gets spooked by the serious stuff:

- phenomenal use of language
- like seriously it’s so great
- it can be serious but also hilarious
- every relevant character is dimensional
- political intrigue
- romance is relevant to the plot but it is not the plot
- despicable antagonist you really genuinely cheer for the defeat of
- nothing is contrived
- immersive third-person narration that lets you really get into the head of the main protagonist without annoying you with first-person
- the books are all good
- the books somehow manage to get better with every book
- you wouldn’t think it possible but they do
- they get even fucking better upon a reread like i’m not even kidding
- strong chemistry between romantic leads
- you want the protagonists to win
- the main protagonist is a bisexual man of colour
- hate to love relationship
- relationships among supporting cast members that don’t take away focus from the plot but are also well-written
- fantastic worldbuilding like a++++ worldbuilding
- character development all over the fuckin place
- damen
- laurent
- jokaste
- nicaise
- laurent
- erasmus
- jord
- the vaskians
- laurent
- the entire series basically
- extremely extremely extremely cathartic emotional payoff
- fluff AND pain
- 1000/10 all time fave book series award from me, eilidh smallnico

pansexualititty  asked:

Could you possibly make a nsfw egobang where Dan accidentally kisses Arin after a recording and turns out Arins wanted to dom him for a while ?? Maybe? (Sorry I've seen a lot of Arin being sub and it kinda bothers me cos I feel like it would be the other way around have a nice day I hope I'm not bothering you)

Late Nights

Ship: Egobang

Rating: Explicit

Read on AO3

Notes: Thanks for the request! You can also send me some and see all my ships/fandoms here!

Summary: “I wouldn’t leave you.” He whispered, and Dan could feel his heart break a little.

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Does anyone know a good plumber? I did one of those stupid rituals and now my shower is leaking. And there’s a faceless guy in my kitchen. (AKA the best scary story I've ever read)

(seriously, this one’s a doozy guys).

Does anyone know a good plumber? I did one of those stupid rituals and now my shower is leaking. And there’s a faceless guy in my kitchen. by narrativeofthelife

Does anyone know a good plumber? I fucked up one of those stupid ritual things that everyone is doing and now my shower is leaking and also there’s some faceless guy in my kitchen. My landlord comes tomorrow and he’s going to kill me, especially because I also have a cat and I’m not even supposed to have pets.

It all started when I was drunk messaging a girl on Tinder and she said that the only way we would meet up was if I did this weird ritual thing where I summon a ghost or some shit. I think she called it Mea Culpa or something.

Actually, her exact message was,

the decaying flesh will not rest i am the alpha and omega i have seen the burning cities consume the earth hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [LINK TO RITUAL INSTRUCTIONS] our souls meet when darkness spills mea culpa mea culpa mea culpa kkkkkkkkkkkkkkggggggg

She was a weird chick.

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As Honest as You Let Me

I was up at two this morning (Fourth of July, woohoo!) and decided that I needed some fluffy dexnursey/nurseydex for today’s holiday. This is what I came up with.

Inspired by this text post here.

Also, the title is, cheese-ily, from Fall Out Boy’s song, Fourth of July. I know. Just let me have this.


         “Seriously, where the fuck are we going?” Nursey asks, carrying the shit Dex gave him and trudging behind Dex as they apparently make their way to the docks.

         “You’ll see,” Dex says, as he’s said the past four times Nursey has asked this question. Nursey groans in response, adjusting his grip on the bag Dex told him to hold. Dex isn’t holding anything, but does he offer to help? Oh no. It’s not like Nursey is the guest or anything. Nursey is so busy complaining in his own mind that he doesn’t realize that Dex has stopped walking. Nursey walks right into Dex’s back and Dex stumbles before righting both him and Nursey. “Watch it, Nurse,” Dex says as a reflex. He doesn’t look mad about it, though.

         “We’re here?” Nursey asks.

         “Sort of,” Dex replies ambiguously. Now, Nursey is all for ambiguity, but it’s windy and he’s only wearing a tank top and shorts, so he’s cold, and he’s being eaten to death by bugs because he was too “chill” for the bug spray Dex’s little sister was passing around. Damn him and his need to smell nice at all times around Dex. Dex, thankfully, takes the bag from Nursey before he can start complaining about it out loud and tosses it into the bed of the boat in front of them. Then he gets in himself.


         “Shut up,” Dex says before Nursey can complain about the sea air messing with his hair or something equally ridiculous. “Get on.” Dex holds up a hand and Nursey takes it, carefully stepping down into the boat and immediately sitting down on one of the crates when he’s inside. Less chance to fall off that way, he figures. Dex rolls his eyes, but he’s smiling, so Nursey grins back.

         “We’re going to miss the fireworks,” Nursey says as Dex moves to the steering wheel to turn on the boat.

         “No we’re not.”

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officialcatheronie  asked:

I saw that you reblogged that list of prompts and stuff and you should totally write the camp counselor au. I mean really. Bellarke and bonfires? A masterpiece.

Smokey Nights at Smokey Woods

I took this as an invitation to write an illicit secret camp counselor relationship and enjoyed every minute of it.  I figured no one would have an issue with that.

“Hey, Clarke.”

She looked away from the crackling flames to Bellamy, who was in the process of taking a seat on the log next to her.

“Hey, it’s great to see you,” she whispered back, softly so that none of the other counselors or their campers would hear the tinge of affection she only let in when they were alone.

He looked at the blazing bonfire and the kids and other counselors scattered around it, roasting marshmallows, making s’mores, laughing, talking.

“First day of a new session,” he mused.  “You ready?”

“More than,” she answered honestly.

He chuckled and she shivered a little.  “Cold?” he asked, looking over at her with a smile and a quirked eyebrow that clearly said he knew she wasn’t.

She pushed his shoulder.  “Jerk.”

He laughed.  “Princess.”

Her cheeks flushed and she looked away.  He knocked her shoulder with his.  She took the opportunity to lean into him just a little.

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Hibike! Euphonium Last Episode

It’s sad, but the Spring 2015 anime season has ended. Of course, while Summer 2015 looks pretty good so far, we’re all still missing our favorites from last season, including KyoAni’s rather groundbreaking (in terms of both animation and plot) Hibike! Euphonium. With its final episode, we saw the conclusion (for now) to a story that’s been captivating us for weeks. It is definitely a solid conclusion, and sure, it might not have addressed everything, which leaves us to ask, who knows? In this post, I’ll point out what this episode does address and how it relates to the conclusion as a whole. To start out with, here’s a quote from our newly emboldened protagonist Kumiko:

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anonymous asked:

I've been reading a lot of Kurt's fans feelings on the change in Kurt and the thing I keep coming back to is this and I would like your opinion? Could it be possible that Kurt is suffering from some form of Stockholm syndrome or how abuse victims find it hard to leave their abusers (it would be harder when it may simply be emotional abuse vs physical since others can't really see it)? Maybe what we have seen is just the tip of the iceberg and Blaine has completely destroyed Kurt's self-esteem.

I think Kurt never really experienced what real love (outside of his direct family members, and his mom even died when he was very young) means. During his (high) school years he was underappreciated, rejected, neglected, ignored, ridiculed, bullied, used and even abused by his peers, his teachers, and most importantly also by his so-called ND friends. So how is he to know what love between equals who respect each other should feel like when noone ever really treated him equally and with respect?

Plus Kurt was lonely, very lonely. And seriously emotionally rattled because a bully scared him away from his old school and threatened to kill him. And at that precise moment Blaine came along. Blaine the teenage dream, the acapella dreamboat, the gay guy who everyone loved, who everyone accepted, who got everything handed to him what Kurt was denied for years, by the same people that claimed to care for Kurt first! How could Kurt not fall in love with Blaine, the only other gay guy he met who wasn’t shoving him into lockers? I think that feeling of finally belonging to someone was so strong for Kurt that he never really could let it go anymore, and that’s why he keeps circling back to Blaine. For now, that is.

That Blaine’s gradual growing emotional abuse is more subtle, more sneaky, but definitely also more damaging than Karofsky’s physical bullying ever was, was never picked up by Kurt imo. He simply accepted that treatment from his ‘loved one’ as ‘normal’ because:

1) Kurt never was used to not being ridiculed and being shoved back to a lesser, serving position, so how could he identify it as being wrong when his partner did the same thing everyone else did?

2) Kurt never really had other options but Blaine in high school (Karofsky loved him but they had a violent past together), and every attempt he made of even getting to befriend other gay guys was either shut down by Blaine (Chandler, Elliot), or never given a real chance by the writers because it didn’t benefit Klaine (Sebastian, Adam). Kurt basically got called a creepy stalker by his first (straight) crush, and on top of that was told he was poison for any straight guy he was around, causing him to back away from the only guy in school who was willing to accept him completely for who he was, the same guy who later became Blaine’s best friend (and wet dream). And the one time Kurt decided to let loose and kiss a hot, random guy he got tied up in bed and robbed.

3) Noone ever cared enough about Kurt to sit him down to talk to him about love, to ask him what he wanted out of a relationship, to stand up for his rights in his behalf. Maybe if his mother still was alive she could have done it, but noone else ever took the trouble to look out for Kurt. His father had ‘the talk’ with him, but only after Blaine prompted it, and then Burt practically shoved Blaine back into Kurt’s arms (twice!) after he cheated. His so-called best friends all adore Blaine and excuse everything he does, so Kurt could never complain to them about his relationship, and they never really had Kurt’s best interest at heart in the first place anyway. Rachel eagerly kissed Blaine but laughed in Kurt’s face when he tried to kiss her while acting. Santana ratted Kurt out to Adam and told him not to flirt with Elliot. Sam, who Kurt helped when his family was poor and who lived in his house, suddenly never connected to Kurt because he wasn’t a bro, but Blaine was his hero. And all of them, combined with his other bestie Mercedes and all his other ‘friends’ helped Blaine to pressure Kurt into saying “yes” after a public proposal when they were barely togeter again. His new friends like Isabelle and Elliot are gone from Glee. So who is Kurt to turn to after finally daring to say “no” to Blaine? I bet even Rachel will try to push Kurt back to Blaine this time, suggesting to him that he stay in Lima to win Blaine back (from his former bully, for fucks sake).

So I don’t think so much that Kurt has Stockholm syndrome, but I do believe he has low self-esteem (as proven by Adam in the ballet dance class), fears that noone else will love him ever again (when so few of his friends actually do, and all prefer Blaine over him), is taught from early on in life that he always has to compromise and be lesser and give more than the other to be loved in return, and really thinks he can do no better than Blaine.

But Kurt is getting wiser day by day. He won’t take all the crap Blaine pulls anymore, and he’s slowly getting more confident in his own talents and abilities: his singing and acting, his fashion sense, his new friendships. Kurt breaking up with Blaine this time is a good sign. Even if he wants him back again (damn you and your cows and crops, RIB) noone can ever say again that Klaine is a healthy, steady and stable relationship anymore. No more soulmates or klendgame crap. The foundation of Klaine is build on nothing but pebbles and quicksand: it will never hold and it will crumble down sooner or later. A wedding in the last episode won’t change that doom. Klaine is officially over, dead, even if it will be electroshocked into life again and put on lifesupport for another few months by RIB.

evenifuckdn-deactivated20161112  asked:

First of all, congrats on reaching 1000 followers!!! Second, UGH. All the AUs you listed are soooo good! It's so hard to choose just one! Lol but I (barely) managed to narrow my choices down to the hugged the wrong person from behind AU. I think it's just so unique and I don't think I've ever read an AU fic like that before. When I saw it, I immediately thought Felicity's definitely the one doing the hugging. It just fits haha so that's my pick! I think I've read almost all of your fics [cont'd]

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