seriously it looks like a fleshlight

blaineandkurt  asked:

sex shop au with Klaine? Because that would be so hilariously awkward

oh fuck yes

It’s not the weirdest job Blaine could have found, all things considered.

… Okay, it is pretty weird, but still, manning the counter of an … adult entertainment store is not that bad.

… Okay, sometimes, it gets pretty bad, but 80% of the time, it’s just like any other retail job.

He smiles at every patron, doesn’t even pay attention to what exactly they are purchasing, rings them, asks them if they want a discreet bag or if they would like a tote bag with the name of the store on it (“Dildopolis”, really), smiles again and wishes them a pleasant day.

And that’s it.

Nothing weird about that, right?

Blaine is all for everyone having a healthy sexlife, however they choose to have it, and their book selection offers a wide (well, as wide as available, and no, that’s not “what she said”) selection of books on consent, and proper etiquette.

And on how to properly take care of the different toys, too.

Speaking of which …

As stated previously, Blaine’s job is pretty common 80% of the time.

But he has a feeling that the guy who just entered the shop and skipped to the vibrators selection belongs in the 20% of definitely, seriously, what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-you customers that grace the store by their very presence.

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