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I may or may not freaking love this blog I scroll through it like everyday and I swear I have never done that with any other blog on this site. This blog needs to be in the history books. It's just too beautiful to not be.


A Cuddly Morning (Draco x Reader Oneshot)

Summary: Y/N and Draco are in bed and theyre late for a class but all Draco wants to do is cuddle ;)
Warning: Fluffiness, cuddly Draco aw

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You lay comfortably in Draco’s bed, sighing in the comfortable warm sheets. Your head was rested on his chest, and his muscular arms were wrapped around you. Suddenly you were snapped out of your daydream when your alarm rang.

“Fuck.” you groaned and rolled around. “Draco. School.”

“Noooooo Y/N lets just stay in bed todayy.” Draco pouted and rolled onto his side to put his arm around your waist once more. 

“Dracoo. We have McGonagall.” you writhed under his arm but he kept you in place.

“5 more minutes.” He kissed you cheek. “please.” He kissed your ear. “Please.”

“Mmmmmm FINE.” you give in and turn to face him. He smirked and fell asleep again. 

You took this time to look at him. God, he was so adorable when he was sleepy. His blonde hair was all messy and ruffled and fell slightly in front of his eyes. You chuckled softly as his nose crinkled and moved the tickling hair out of the way. You watched his chest rise and fall as he breathed. He always slept shirtless, which was to your advantage because you got to wear his shirt and see his abs ;) You were wearing his Slytherin tshirt and it was so comfortable. It was slightly too big, it was soft and filled with his scent. Your eyelids started to droop and you fell asleep again.

“Agrhfdj what time is it?” you woke with a start, some time later.

“jdwsujdeod Y/N will you shut up.”

You got up and pulled the green hangings open. Crabbe and Goyle were already down to breakfast, surprisingly, and Blaise was reading. You opened the window to let the sunshine in.

“Nice pants Y/N.” Blaise said. You blushed, suddenly realizing that Draco’s shirt hardly covered your butt. Draco frowned at his friend, got up and picked you up to put you back onto the bed.

“Hey hey sorry mate, im only joking.” Blaise shrugged, going down to the common room. You were about to get up again when Draco said:

“Oh no kitten, we are not getting up yet.” and he plopped down next to you and put an arm and leg around you.

“Draco, class starts in 20 minutes.” But he was already asleep again. Man, that boy can sleep. 

“You’re really cute you know.” you whisper, tracing your finger down his nose.

“mffmh i know” he mutters incoherently. 

“K seriously lets get up.” you said again but all Draco did was whine and hold you closer.

“I want to stay in this bed forever with you Y/N. “

“Aw I’d like that too but I also want to pass Transfiguration.”

“Whatever” he mumbled, kissing your neck. Okayy so this was nice. Maybe you can stay like this for another minute. One glance at the clock changed your mind however. Class just started.

“Okay, just gotta get this cuddly maniac to get up.” you thought. 

“Draco. If you dont get up now, I wont have sex with you for a month.”

At this he sat right up, his eyes wide. You laughed and got up to change.

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handy tip: don’t point out that a fic author is taking a while to update/didn’t update when they said they would

we don’t get paid to do this

so sometimes, lo and behold, this little thing called ‘life’ gets in the way of writing (for example; personal lives, jobs, university, general lack of co-operation from our muses, travelling, illness, technical problems, etc.) (i know, how dare we put anything above writing, right?)

regardless, please consider that before telling us how we’ve broken promises/are taking too long to update/aren’t putting in enough effort to our fics - why don’t you try writing a novel-length book on the side of your regular daily life?