seriously if you don't want them to make out you should reevaluate your life

Friendly advice

Hello! So…

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of posts/asks and stuff in here saying like “but  *insert name* said that they don’t believe it anymore :((((” and I just wanted to ask you… Why are you even here? Are you here for other people’s beliefs or your own beliefs? Why does another blogger’s opinion matter so much to you? Why would you feel defeated because another person decided that this is not healthy for them anymore? Why should it matter? 

I know that it’s not been easy to keep up, it’s not been easy to cope with everything, and I totally understand the need for support (I myself looked for it because it’s been hard, and seriously, it’s alright.) but our beliefs shouldn’t depend on someone else’s beliefs. If you are in this because of another person, please reevaluate it. This is not how it works. This is not good for you, for that person, for anybody.

I understand how the influence of some people count a lot. It’s like they become our references of strenght and we end up mirroring them because they’re seem so certain of stuff  and so we wish we could be like that. It’s almost like having a big sibling who you admire and look forward being like them, it’s totally understandable. 

But we have to think for ourselves and have our own conclusions of things.We have to be here for our own beliefs, our own strenght, our own desire, to give our own support. It’s okay to look for assistance when it gets too much, but it’s not alright to become dependent of someone, and this applies to anything in life, not only your blogging experience. 

And talking about blogging experiences.. This is it. It’s a blog. If this is not being good for you anymore, just log out. Give it a break, go out for a walk, bake a cake, listen to some music, dance in your bedroom, do whatever makes you feel your best. When you feel like you’re fine again, everything will still be here, you’ll just have to catch up, it’s not the end of the world. 

So put yourself at first, always. Do it for yourself, do it for what you think it’s fair, what’s real, what’s truth. Do it for your own reasons, because that’s what really matters. You above all of this. If you try this, you’ll have a much better time in here, trust me.

All the love and be safe folks! xx.