seriously if people get this i'll be happy

Thanks to everyone for listening to me whine yesterday and trying to cheer me up. Just been kind of gloomy the last few days. Maybe it’s something about all this snow lmao

But I hope everyone that sympathized and said they were feeling the same way figures out a way to be happy with themselves and their art. I’ll keep drawing things that are fun and make me feel good (and hopefully other people too). And we’ll keep getting better the more we try new things and push ourselves! Even if it’s slower than we probably want haha! We’ll still get there!

tagged by @hello-pastel-dreams thank youu ! <3

When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then send to the last ten people in your notifications

1. my doggo!!! I love her so much <3 <3 <3

2. drawing and writing. it’s great when both my art and writing can make people smile :’D

3. my friends! seriously they’re all really cool and super sweet. i don’t know what i did to deserve them q0q

4. naps are really great tbh

5. haikyuu!! this series makes me so happy i’m not even kidding. it actually helped me through really tough times when i started watching it last year

ummm i’m not really comfortable with tagging people but i’ll go ahead and tag some really cool people: @possibly-part-alien @iwa-do-me-hajime @strawberry-jambouree @snepdragon @szeherezadaa and @mattsunflower. only if you guys wanna do it! don’t feel like you have to D:

What if Rickyl Went Canon

Seriously- I think all us Rickyl-shippers are realistically aware that we won’t get our Rickyl in canon. That’s what we have fan fiction for. But what if we got it? What if Daryl returns to Alexandria and Rick is so goddamn happy to see him that he kisses him. On the mouth. I mean he’s doing that now….just kissing arbitrary people on the mouth. So why not Daryl?

✨⭐ Don’t lose sight of your dreams !! Even the smallest stars light up the darkest sky