seriously i'm way too young for this

Okay, this was so abnormal and pathetic we need a new word to define it, but did you guys read the paragraph underneath?

“I’ve been able to do something that I never thought I had the ability to do. I’ve been able not to watch or read things that aren’t pleasant. And it keeps you young.”

So this is the President of the United States, also the man who ran on an anti-snowflakes platform, saying he doesn’t want to know about stuff that upsets him in any way. I don’t even know how I feel right now.

Sherlock doesn’t wear the suits because he likes the suits. Sherlock wears the suits because he’s an ex-junkie trying to make a career out of helping law enforcement, he’s trying to get people to take him seriously, he’s trying to get people to respect him, to believe him, when he makes a deduction, because if they don’t respect him as an intelligent, competent individual they discount him as a drug addict, as making it up, as lying, as the perpetrator. He is trying, essentially, to run a small business and he needs to look like he’s good at what he does, he needs to look worth paying. Sherlock wears the suits because that’s what a consulting detective would wear, that’s the image his clients expect out of a genius. The suits are only there to sell you on Sherlock the Ruthless Genius who will solve your case by any means.

Sherlock likes to wear soft inside out t-shirts and silk dressing gowns and bare feet, and he’ll like the way John feels on his skin too, if he ever gets the chance to try it.

Magic runs in your veins, young warlock.

  • Stranger: What do you do?
  • Me: I'm a professor.
  • Stranger: You're way too young to be a professor. You look like a student.
  • I'm in my 30s and I dress more professionally than my colleagues. But I'm also petite and female. My male partner, who has the same age and occupation, is never told that he doesn't look like a professor. It sends me the message that I'm an imposter, merely play-acting at being a serious scholar or authority figure. Made me feel like no one will take me seriously despite my accomplishments.

Let’s talk about this name in Felix’s apartment. Rimbaud is a reference to Arthur Rimbaud. Dude was a French poet who was talkin’ bout surrealism before it was even a thing. He wrote some genius level poems before he was 20, and then he stopped writing pretty much completely. 

He is pretty much perfectly aligned to the character of Felix. Rimbaud had affairs with men, questioned the establishment all the time, and was a brilliant artist. He also died young due to a misdiagnosis. COULD FELIX BE IN TROUBLE? I’m scared. ALSO. There appears to be another name above Rimbaud’s. Can anyone decipher it?