seriously i'm bawling


Noragami: Chapter 67, Pages 11-12

Can I cry now??? Because look at how Yukine remembers Yato smiling and content and omg…

He’s gonna fucking die. Like fuck fuck fuck!!! But no like flashbacks are bad really bad!

But seriously can we appreciate Yukine’s character development from chapter 1-10? Like holy shit he’s grown so much ngh!

I’m listening to Mass Effect soundtrack music and crying even though Andromeda hasn’t finished downloading yet. Yep. That took a long time for me to turn into a space nerd wreck.


“You’ll Never Walk Alone” - Judy Garland

I kid you guys not, I started to cry. Judy makes me feel like I’m never alone and that I’m always loved. I’m breaking down like a baby and I feel so free.