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Marinette’s hand lingered on the bee miraculous for ONE moment before going over to the fox miraculous, and I kinda would like to think that, for a split second there, she actually thought about giving the comb to adrien (because you know, yellow, blond….. that kind of stuff), but actually chose to take the fox miraculous and give it to ALYA instead. And that would mean a whole lot, since it would show that she actually recognised that she doesnt know adrien as well as she knows alya, and that her crush is not as strong as her friendship with her best friend

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Im kind of curious, why did you go to korea? Or like what did you do for the 6 months? Ive always been interested in moving around and living in different countries for a few months each to learn about their culture and living styles etc but i dont know what to do for work if i did do that xD

This is probably going to be a little long haha sorry in advance for the essay!!

So, at college (I’m still in school rip), I study both the “international relations of America and East Asia” and the “anthropology of violence” (just a fancy way of saying violence in different cultures lol it sounds so pretentious RIP). I focus on post colonialism, mostly American imperialism and why we should 1. stop and 2. recognize and respond to the lasting effects of colonialism on societies (i.e. racism, cultural loss, economic disparity, social imbalance, literal dictatorships, genocide, war, etc etc). And since it’s in my region of study, I was interested in learning more about Japanese Imperialism in Korea.

Unfortunately, at my school the only class for Korea is a modern culture class. And while it was great to be able to watch kpop in class and write papers on how gender is represented in Korean media (that’s what i wrote my thesis for this class on!! I did it on transgender and nonbinary representation in Korea and it might get pUBLISHED aslfdjafjaklh) but I didn’t really learn anything about history.

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This time featuring smallina because i did tallina last time. There’s a tree climbing joke in here somewhere…

or: gee Carolina, how come your mum lets you have two subs

ive completely run out of relatable captions fuck

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can we all agree not to see the new heather’s movie? bc i know we all love heathers, but i really don’t want to sit through a movie where the plus sized, poc, and genderfluid characters are the villains who have to be taken down by 2 white straight kids…like that’s not okay…the entire purpose of the movie was that it was about a bunch of privileged white girls who are so diluted and unaware of anything outside of themselves that they turn suicide into a trend. i don’t want good representation to turn into another chance for the young, beautiful, white, straight kids to save us from the evil of diversity.

Okay but this is how bad 2017 was that I’m in my basement just now and a dandelion seed floats by and I’m like that’s weird, why is a dandelion seed floating right toward me in my basement where there’s no wind and in the middle of winter? And I let it fall onto my hand and stared at it for a moment before saying to it, “I’m a scientist and a very practical, down to earth person… but if you’re some kind of fairy, can you help me out, bro, and give me a better 2018?” Then I gently sent him on his way and wished him good luck. Keep your fingers crossed, people. XD

I get help on every comic you guys read!! Johel has been my flatter (an important part of the comic coloring process!) through-out all of Year Three and he did this awesome portrait of Bitty. (NGL IT MADE ME A LIL’ EMOTIONAL ;-;)

✰ Johel’s Portfolio | Twitter | Insta | @johelrivera

Give his work a follow if you can! He’s an extremely hard worker and Check, Please wouldn’t be possible without him!

Little comic with Remington and Emilia (ok?)

The Dark Side of Pocket Camp

Huh. This camper has an odd design. Kinda rusty, run-down… interesting aesthetic.

Oh well I’m sure it’s fine, let’s go inside.

Yeah, this is cool. Good arrangement, nice plantlife, love the stove. The food on the tables is a nice touch. The driver clearly thought through their design, this is more finished than most campers I visit. Ha, I wonder if they actually decorated upstairs–



WHAT ??????!?!??!??!


No no, it’s probably okay, they’re just… growing a garden in their camper with gasoline WHY IS THERE GASOLINE