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Friendly Reminder: America voted for Clinton, not Trump. He won because of the electoral college, which he said was a ‘scam’. We are not “Trump’s America”. I believe that the wall is stupid, costly, and discriminatory. I believe that refugees have the right to look for safety and find a job here. I believe that gay conversion therapy should be illegal. I believe that joking about sexual assault is horrible and his hate is too. And I believe that the ‘Muslim Ban’ is awful and has no basis. 

America is not Trump. 

The majority does not stand with him. 

And for American Muslims, people of color, and the LGBT community: I will never stop trying to protect you, no matter what. You are valid, you are perfect, and you shouldn’t have to be afraid in the ‘land of the free’. 

Memos in the Citadel (31/?)

To: The Kingsglaive
: Clarus Amicitia
: Inappropriate language

Due to a recent increase of complaints towards the Kingslgiave members I have decided that all of you are going to be subject to series of workshops committed to fixing our few less eloquent members.

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The Denny’s rule book: A simple guide

Denny’s is your local, friendly diner open 24 hours a day every day of the year. A place to relax and enjoy a breakfast at any hour, a fulfilling lunch or delicious dinner. All are welcome at Denny’s, and it’s your safest location, provided you follow this very simple guide for the nightly hours.

  1. Never close your eyes in a Denny’s parking lot. 
  2. Walk calmly to the door; you will hear sounds. Do not look behind you.
  3. Always make sure the door closes behind you, unless it was already open when you arrived, in which case do not touch the door.
  4. Never sit at the table farthest from the front door. Your server will sometimes try to seat you there. Politely refuse and ask for another table.
  5. If you see a table with two salt-shakers, walk past it; that table is taken. Sit at the table directly across from it instead. 
  6. Eat your pancakes. Box any leftovers; it would be a shame to waste food. It might attract something.
  7. Do not, under any circumstance, look into the eyes of your own reflection in the bathroom.
  8. If your server’s eyes turn black, do not panic; order a coffee with extra cream. Do not ask for a refill. Do not stare.
  9. Think you recognize someone who just walked in? Best to ignore it. It’s probably not what it seems. They will proceed to sit at the table farthest from the door.
  10. If you are walking past a Denny’s and you see yourself sitting in the corner booth through the window, keep walking. Do not eat at Denny’s that night.
  11. Did you tip? You better double check. It’s only polite to leave a tip.
  12. Do not ask questions. They will Notice.

Your local Denny’s is the perfect place for a delicious meal at all hours of the day. Hope you enjoy your next visit to any Denny’s Diner!

hello my name is tony stark and today i’ll be using my anxiety to design a suit made to withstand every possible worst-case-scenario i can come up with


- In which the beast really only needed to work on loving himself a bit more, while beauty signed up for kicking some ass and not that magical bullshit.

I spent the whole evening listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack and couldn’t control myself.


I’m a serious artist, I tell myself, every day a little less convincingly