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Sugar Sweet  | 1 |

word count: 8.9k (seriously, what a mouthful)

genre: smut & fluff



part 2 | part 3

Your best friend & roommate Changkyun just wanted to help get you laid. Instead you found solace in a pink haired man named Kihyun who had a smart mouth with sharp words you weren’t afraid to let cut you.

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Hey gorgeous... just stopping by to say hi ❤ you're amazing and I can't imagine my life without you. I wouldn't want anyone else by my side through everything life has to throw at us ❤😘

Ughhhhhhhhh I love YOU!!!!
Seriously you’re literally sitting right next to me doing your homework and I kinda miss you…
You’re truly the best thing that’s ever been mine.
I love you baby.
Counting down the days until we share the same last name ❤

To Find Rest in Each Other’s Arms

For Katie (@tillthebooksrunout), who has so graciously included me in her Follow Forever. I woke up this morning to see I was tagged on your list and it immediately inspired this story, I cranked it out in 30 minutes and if I didn’t have class I’d have posted it right away. Seriously, I’ve never written so quickly. This idea came out of nowhere but did come to me the moment I saw my name on your list. I was so incredibly inspired so, I’m dedicating this to you!

It’s an honor to be included and to know I’m one of your faves. Besides wanting to make myself feel better, a primary reason I write fic is to make other people such as yourself happy and your list was validation of that. I can’t thank you enough. So, one last time, thank you and congratulations on your milestone!

This is set after the last episode, 5x17, in which Captain Swan find a moment alone to catch a breather. It is a ‘sharing a bed together’ trope.

Hope you like it!

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It’s awkward.

Large, the bed may be, but neither of them are used to it. 

(A ship being no place for a king-sized mattress and Emma, having grown up in bunks that barely fit her body once she was a teenager during her earlier years then living alone for most of her adult life, never needing anything bigger than a queen.)

After divesting themselves of their jackets and beanies and boots and gloves, they gravitate towards each other but even with miles of space all around them, somehow, they knock into each other still.

Emma’s long locks in his face, Killian’s knees bumping into her legs, her elbow at his ribcage and his stump pushing into her shoulder.


“I could–”

They can’t seem to find a comfortable way to fit, no matter how they position themselves. Amidst adjusting once more, Emma ends up kneeing him in the groin and Killian falls flat to his back as he groans.


Killian’s hand is down there to ease the ache and instinctually, (despite never reaching that level, never having the time), Emma’s hand makes it there as well. But when her hand touches his over, well, him, she realizes what she’s doing and snatches her offending limb right back.


And then she’s laughing – she’s laughing at the situation because it’s… it’s awkward but it’s pretty damn perfect too. 

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Second edition of free drawings of your guardian with the character you want! This time as a theme you had the choice between romance or friendship! Lot of people asked for friendship (only two romance; see Valkyon) which surprised me! It was nice!

I’m way too tired to put the name of all participants and give them a little comment as I did last time (<- click). Also I’m sick, beautiful combo. My eyes hurt…

Anyway, can you believe that Valkyon is so popular? In two rounds, 12 drawings, he was asked 4 times! What is your secret, dude, seriously? (if you’re curious, the second most popular is Nevra, with two drawings)

You can read so randomness if you click on the pictures. HAVE A NICE DAY EVERYONE. Don’t be sick because it suck. I’m gonna sue germs.


****if your name is Emma change it to whatever you’d like****

“Come on, live a little!” His words now pounded through your head.
You thought it would be fine. You thought it wouldn’t lead to anything. You never thought it’d be the biggest mistake ever as you now sat covered in your own puke with Will staring back in shock at you.

Let’s rewind to last night- shall we? It’ll make much more sense, I promise.

“Come on, live a little!” Will begged, “you’re always cooped up at your desk!”
“Because I have a career, William,” you teased and scoffed at the use of his real name.
“Seriously y/n, you’re going to work yourself ragged. Look at you, you’re so stressed! But it’s nothing a couple of drinks can’t cuuurrreee,” he winked.
“I don’t want to go out bar hopping with all the guys.”
“Noooo, Emma is gonna be there! Don’t you guys get along good?”
“Then you’re coming that’s it, I don’t want to here any buts about it young lady!”
“I don’t want to here any buts!” Your roommate backed out of your room slowly pointing his finger jokingly at you.
“At least shut the door,” you giggled.
“Gosh, she thinks she’s so entitled now,” he smirked and shut it gently.
Getting up from your desk, you let out all the breath you were holding. How were you going to pull off tonight? You hated Will’s girlfriend. She was always so snarky and degrading towards you. Everything you did seemed to tick her off, so you ended up lying about your “friendship” in order to please your best friend. He really seemed to care about her alright…last night he even told you she might be it….
You couldn’t lie, it really hit a chord. You’ve liked Will for a long time, but every time the moment was right to tell him, something came up. Like the call from his agent that he won the role in Maze Runner, or how you got accepted for a huge scholarship, or that time your mom had to call you home for a “family emergency” that turned out to be your basement flooding and having to trash most of your child hood items (yet your sibling’s(s’) stuff was fine?, and also Emma :). You finally gave up and just excepted Will was happy with her, and seeing him smile like that was kind of worth the storm that was “Emmy”.
You opened your closet and pulled out your favorite club dress made of burgundy velvet with the sleeves that fell of the shoulders, showing off your assets. Show m what he’s missing.


You saw Will saunter in, arm slung around Emma, beaming without a care in the world. The sight ignited a spark of furry.
“Anyone up for shots?” Blake, a friend of you and Will’s from high school, called out.
“I’m in,” Emma cooed up Will.
“Me too.” Will returned the affection with a little Eskimo kiss. An explosion of rage now.
“Hit me up!” You stood grabbing the small glass and doused it in one go. You grabbed two more and shook it off moving over to the dance floor.
“Wanna dance with me Blake?” You pouted innocently, if Will didn’t see what Emma was after all these years, it was finally time to make him jealous. Your Plan B.
“S-s-sure,” he replied surprised.
Will raised an eyebrow at the pairing off, but didn’t seem to offended. After 45 minutes of uncomfortably running into people and getting danced up on, you finally stumbled for the bar area again.
“Having fun?” Will shouted over the music.
“Of course!” You slurred ordering a beer.
“I think you’ve had too much!”
“What are you talking about?” You took a giant swig of the new bottle.
“Come on, let’s get you on back.”
“William, are you making a move on me?” You tripped into him.
“Watch it bi-” Emma began but stopped once he turned to catch what she was going to say next and flashed her pearly whites instead, “is she feeling ok? You want me to take her baby?”
“No, I got her, I’m tired anyway. See you later, babe?” He kissed her quick and threw one of your arms around him for support.


And that’s all you remembered- until now.
Once you got back to your apartment, Will sat you one the couch and went to get you an Advil and a blanket.
“Why Will?” You drunkenly rambled.
“Why what?” He laughed.
“W-w-why Emmmaa?”
“You’re so drunk!”
“No, no, I mean I I I am…but, why Emma?”
“She makes me happy. The guys aren’t too found of her though, thank god you are.” He handed you the tablet and you quickly swallowed.
“I hate her!” You quickly blurted.
“Y/N, I think that’s the alcohol talking now.”
“No, Will it’s not. I mean maybe, but it’s the truth!”
“You hate her? Really?”
“I never wanted to tell you,” you flopped over, “I haven’t seen you smile like that in a while.”
“Oh,” was all he could manage.
“Will….I think,,” you held up a finger, “I know I…I..”
You keeled over and threw up on the cold, wood floor.
“I love you, Will…” You closed your eyes.
“Now that’s definitely the alcohol, time for bed!”
“No!! Since the 9th grade, when we met! Remember? Baby beluga in the deep blue sea!!!” You croaked out.
“How much did you drink?”
“‘SAVE THE WHALES!’ You screamed at me!” You recalled in a haze,“that’s when I knew. Willy…free willy!” And then you blacked out.


“So, do you?” He winced.
“Do I what?”
“Do you….you know,… love me?” He scratched his head.
“Oh ho ho ho, you’re too funny Will, you know that? Why would I say that?” You got up and felt the blood pound it’s way into your head causing you too fall back down.
“You were pretty drunk, as you can tell by that nasty hangover,” he handed you a tablet and a glass of water like last night.
“I must have made an idiot of myself….”
“Just a little bit, but you were a cute one.” He paused after what he said and stared straight ahead.
“You think..I’m cute?” You smiled.
“Well, drunkingly singing Baby Beluga at the top of your lungs was pretty amusing.”
“Wow…” You exhaled the words, “that drunk huh?”
There was a long pause.
“I think I know why I said, I love you…”
“Thought I was Blake?”
“Ew, no. I was just using him to get to you…it’s true, I have loved you since Baby Beluga and how you tried so hard saving and being dedicated to what you love most. I guess that’s why I didn’t say anything with Emma, cause I hadn’t seen you as happy since. And truth is…I really hate her,” you signed. “You’re the one I want to be with, Will, it was always… you.”
He didn’t say anything.
“I know it’s not the cliche thing you want to here from the girl with throw up at down her front but…”
“What?” You sat up.
“Why now? Seriously, why?!” He pulled out a small box from his pocket and threw it down on the bed, “After all these years of trying to get over you! And you- you pull this?!”
You opened the box to confirm your suspicions, and your stomach dropped.
“You were trying to get over me? When were you…er….on me?”
“It’s not funny y/n…I thought marriage would do it, I’d finally realize I can’t have you.”
“Why couldn’t you have me?”
“Because it’s you!! Y/N! Open your eyes!! You never showed a sign of liking me romantically and you were my friend, roommate, “one of the guys”.“
“It would change everything.” You said in unison.
“So do you, do you love her?”
“I don’t…know…I don’t think so…”
“So why waste your time?” You handed him the box, “You want to be miserable forever?”
“No,” he laughed. “Y/N, it’s always really been you….”

And that, that was the night, the night you still can’t even remember coherently, that changed your life.

Laziest tag job ever, @daesungismyeverything. ;))))

Rules: Complete the survey and say who tagged you in the beginning. When you are finished tag 5 people to do this survey. Have fun and enjoy!!!

1: Are you named after someone? Kind of. So my mom wanted to name me Lila after her favorite aunt, but it was kind of old fashioned. Then she wanted Lily because it was a little more updated. She was worried I wouldn’t be taken seriously in a professional setting though, so she changed it to Susan, which means Lily in Hebrew. I usually just go by Lily among my friends though.

2: When is the last time you cried? The last time I had a panic attack. So like last week.

3: Do you like your handwriting? Noooooo.

4: What is your favorite lunch meat? The kind I put in my mouth.

5: Do you have kids? Fuck naw.

6: If you were another person, would you be friends with you? LMAO, no. I’m a downer.

7: Do you use sarcasm? Yes.

8: Do you still have your tonsils? Yes

9: Would you bungee jump? LOLOLOLOL no.

10: What is your favorite kind of cereal? Rice Chex!

11: Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? No.

12: Do you think you’re a strong person? Yes and no. I’ve survived a lot, but it just feels like it never ends, you know? I’m kinda beat down atm.

13: What is your favorite ice cream flavour? That’s like asking me to choose which of my children I love the most.

14: What is the first thing you notice about people? I don’t.

15: Red or pink? Reeeeeeeeeed.

16: What is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself? My body.

17: What color pants and shoes are you wearing now? Gray pants. No shoes. It’s time for bed.

18: What was the last thing you ate? Low Sodium V8 Juice?

19: What are you listening to right now? Glee S4.

20: If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Black

21: Favorite smell? Tamboti Safari from Partylite.

22: Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? The lady who does the scheduling at the endocrinologist’s.

23: Favorite sport to watch? None.

24: Hair color? Brown

25: Eye color? Green

26: Do you wear contacts? Not really

27: Favorite food to eat? Noodles. Any noodles. All noodles. Give them to me.

28: Scary movies or comedy? Comedy

29: Last movie you watched? I’m not sure…

30: What color of shirt are you wearing? Gray.

31: Summer or winter? Summer

32: Hugs or kisses? Pass on both.

33: What book are you currently reading? Kiss the Dead: Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #25 (I think).

34: Who do you miss right now? Nobody

35: What is on your mouse pad? Don’t have one.

36: What is the last TV program you watched? Glee…

37: What is the best sound? Silence. Total and complete silence.

38: Rolling Stones or The Beatles? Rolling Stones

39: What is the furthest you have ever traveled? I’ve been all over the place. I guess in terms of miles from home, California is the furthest. Maybe Florida.

40: Do you have a special talent? I have talents coming out of my asshole. 

41: Where were you born? Wisconsin.

42: People you expect to participate in this survey? No one, lol.

Tagging whoever wants to do this.

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Odd multiples of three and even multiples of seven

Oh dear.

3. If your boyfriend or girlfriend was into drugs, would you care?
I’d be seriously concerned.

9. Where was your last kiss at?

14. If you could go back and change something in the past 5 months, would you?
A few things tbh.

15. You’re locked in a room with the last person you kissed, any problems?
Yeah. We’d have a few things to talk about at the very least.

21. Have you ever kissed someone with a name that starts with an S?
No but I’ve wanted to.

27. Do you dry off in the shower or out of the shower?

28. Have you ever kissed a football player?

33. Do you prefer warm or cold weather?

39. Is there a girl that knows everything or almost everything about you?

42. What is wrong with you right now?
Lots, you’ll have to be more specific.

45. Would you date someone right now if they asked?
If it were the right one yeah.

51. Do you hate the person you fell hardest for?
I don’t hate but I certainly resent how they treated me.

56. Do you like to cuddle?

57. Are you shy?

63. Think back to October, were you in a relationship?

69. Do you have any stickers on your car?

70. Would you rather listen to Luke Bryan or Lil Wayne?
I don’t know either of them.

75. Are you 16 or older?
Much older

81. What does your last status on facebook say?
I haven’t put an update on it since I remade it recently.

84. Have you ever done cheerleading or gymnastics?
My mom had me in a gymnastics class sometime before first grade.

87. Would you rather wear heels or flip flops?
Flip flops but I don’t want to wear either.

93. …Had sex in a car?

98. Have you ever had a friend with benefits?
Nope. The whole casual sex thing never appealed to me.

99. Have you ever passed out from drinking?

I gotta give you more questions next time.

Phantom {Part 2} (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

@lclb52 requested:

I need a part 2 to this! THE moment steve sees you with bucky walking into the towers and you tell them about your new powers, bucky remembers some of steve, but also tries attacking Nat , but you restrain him with the sound of your voice. He gives in and kisses you since you spent time together.

  • Words:  1.836
  • Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
  • Warnings: A little fluff, and a little violence.
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name (Y/L/N) is your last name. @ilovebeingjoyful is my baby and she loves Bucky! So I want to apologize for not doing things in order, but this one just came to me like a snowball to the face and I seriously had to get it out of my system. Hate me as much as you want. Part 1

“So what’s next Buck?” You asked out loud; knowing the answer was going with Steve and the team as soon as humanly possible.
You had been out of HYDRA for a month now, but you were not really sure how long you were out. Approximately 6 months since you woke up in the base, but the true time was not really certain. Bucky said that you were there for a year, but his sense of time was also not really trustworthy as he was wiped a few times during your stay. The only ones who actually knew were the Avengers.
You wondered if they missed you, or at least if they ever mourned your death. You were close to all of them, but were they really sad about it? You hoped they were, if not, all those years of friendship would have been flushed down the toilet.
“I think we seriously need some new clothing…” Bucky suggested “We’ve been wearing these things for what it seems to be forever”
“I don’t have the keys to my apartment…” You sighed tiredly, remembering the cozy place you had in town. It really didn’t have much, but it was all yours and it was arranged the way you wanted.
It was the middle of the night in New York City. Central Park was empty as it was a freezing cold December. The only ones around were stray dogs and cats, and a few homeless people asking if you had something to eat or drink; preferably an alcoholic drink. You thought of how much you needed one yourself, and urgently. There were so many things that had happened that you needed to make softer with some booze. You remembered the moments in which you go seriously wasted in Tony’s parties.
“But… Can’t you go inside?” Bucky asked taking you out of your daydreaming; he had your hand in his metal one and for that moment, the world wasn’t as heavy on your shoulders now that you had another pair to help you out “I mean… You can turn intangible, right?”
“I had forgotten about that…” You said absentmindedly “I can get inside and take something… Or maybe I can make us both get in”
“We’ll figure it out baby” He gently squeezed your hand and when you looked up, a sweet smile awaited for you.
Your free hand instinctively pulled Bucky from the back of his neck to crash him against your lips. You had been officially together since your escape from the HYDRA base and since then you had never felt more alive. You had nothing but each other now and hopefully the team would forgive you after all the horrible things you both had done. Phantom and the ghost story… What a great combination of fucked up people.
You spent the night under a tree, with each other’s body as heaters. You had such domain of your abilities that you could become invisible in your sleep. The fear of Bucky turning into the Winter Soldier was always there for both of you but he pushed away all thoughts because he had someone to take care of and it was bigger than the feeling of being a human weapon.
The morning light had woken you both up and a puppy had found a warm spot next to you. Bucky’s grip on your waist was tight, enough for you to not go away but still not firm enough to hurt you in any possible way.
“Rise and shine, sunshine” You groggily babbled, tracing a path of feather kisses all the way up to his lips “I have an idea”
“I’m all ears” He kissed your forehead after you stopped.
“I was thinking that I can go to my place, I mean I won’t take long” You started “I have some men clothing there…”
“You do?“ Bucky rose one of his eyebrows; you had never shared something that personal and the things you did share never included a man; enough reason to make him feel something he had not felt for a long time: jealousy.
"I love stealing Steve’s hoodies…” You smiled lightly while your mind drifted on the memory of Steve scolding you because he couldn’t find his clothing “I mean… I loved it… Past tense” You shook your head and pursed your lips.
“You will get your life back, and that’s a promise” Bucky cupped your face in his hands and the words seemed like the most sincere promise he had ever done to you “But you haven’t told me your plan yet”
“Yes, I can go there, pick up some clothes and something to eat that hopefully is not rotten and come back here… It’ll be a minute” You smiled.
The dog that laid next to you cuddled with Bucky while you ran to your place. The only thing you thanked HYDRA for (apart from getting to know Bucky) was that they left you with amazing abilities. Apart from being super-fast and that you could become invisible, you discovered that you could go through walls. Hopefully, this was a great side effect that the gem had on you.
You looked around the apartment for hoodies, but the food had gone rotten a while ago and it was not healthy to even give it a little taste. You saw some boxes around the living room. It had your stuff in it. Someone had been there already. You took out some stuff and got back to Central Park; it really took you a minute or two.

“Mr. Stark, there’s something you need to see” Jarvis said to Iron Man.
A screen displayed in front of the man and it was a female figure going inside (Y/N)’s apartment. Tony thought it was only a burglar until Jarvis told him to look more closely. The apparent thief stole some pieces of clothing and checked the fridge for some food, nothing really important. Tony saw the footage and it was only a few minutes ago.
“Why is it that you’re showing me this, Jarvis?” Tony asked rolling his eyes and rubbing his temples with his thumbs.
“I thought you might ask that so I made copies of some things you needed to see. First of all, the door was never broken or even forced. Look how this burglar goes through the wood without opening it” Jarvis played the tape once again so his boss could see what he talked about. That was the first thing that caught his attention “Then” The AI continued as the tape kept rolling “, you see how the burglar actually ignores the electronic devices that Miss (Y/N) has; her TV, the radio and some other thing that could be quite interesting for a normal thief”
“Ok, you might have a point, what’s next?” Tony rested his elbows on his knees and his head on his hands.
“Then, our burglar looks into all the apartment and she, because let’s assume it’s actually a she, absentmindedly looks into the camera and this is the thing I want to show you…” A facial recognition settles a 80% match between (Y/N)’s face and the burglar’s “Maybe Miss (Y/N) is not as dead as we thought”
“Jarvis, that’s impossible” Tony scoffed.

You were entering the Stark Tower. It was so familiar to you; it was just the same, even the same secretary was there. She couldn’t see you as you walked inside in “stealth mode”. Bucky had you on his back while you indicated him the way to the hidden elevator that would take you directly to the common room of the tower, where you usually hung out with the team. You both became visible again, and a gentle voice welcomed you.

“Miss (Y/N). It’s very nice to see you again” The AI greeted you “I saw you at your apartment today”
“Jarvis, it’s very nice to hear you after so long” Your voice trembled in emotion “But I’m gonna need Captain America… Can you make him meet me at the meeting room?”
“Won’t be a problem”
When the elevator’s gates opened up, you saw the hallway that lead to the various rooms in the tower. You left Bucky well-hidden while you went again to stealth mode and quickly made your way to the room where hopefully Steve was waiting for you.
“Jarvis, I still don’t understand why you brought me here!” Captain America said tiredly.
“Steve…” You whispered, becoming visible again “I’m back…”
He turned around to see you and his jaw dropped. You were definitely not the same girl that didn’t die in the collapsing building. You had more muscle but these last couple weeks of boing outside and sleeping rough had done a lot in you. You lost a few pounds and you had dark bags under your eyes, but Steve still saw his girl in you.
“(Y/N)?” He couldn’t believe his eyes “Is this…?”
“It’s me” You smiled widely, running to hug him as tightly as your arms could.
“How?” He mumbled when he pushed you away a few centimeters. His eyes started to fill with tears “How is this even possible?”
“HYDRA, and I’m not alone…” You voice was shaky, and he suddenly understood why.
While you explained Steve everything that had happened to you in a year; the missions, the gem and the powers it gave you (of course he asked for a show) and the person that was with you now, someone entered the room desperately. It was Clint and he said that Bucky was attacking Natasha.
“Fuck” You quickly ran to him and saw it.
He had her by her throat. The silver hand was tightly wrapped around her pale neck and she was trying to kick him and the few members of the team were also trying to get him to let her go, but no one could.
“Bucky!” You yelled. He turned around slowly, but he still had Nat up in the air “Bucky, let her go, now!” The Winter Soldier looked at you with a terrified expression and slowly put her down “Bucky…”
He ran to you and buried his face on the crook of your neck. He quietly sobbed a few tears while you patted his hair. You whispered sweet nothings to his ear. It was the first time you had seen him like that in all the time you were runaways.
“Bucky, hey look at me, what happened baby?” You cupped his face in your hands trying to calm him down. He kissed you, but apart from the love he showed you, he had so much fear of becoming the Winter Soldier again. In all this time of being all alone with you he tried hard to get himself together, to push away the HYDRA memories, but as Natasha was his target once, apparently everything came back around.
“(Y/N) get away from him, now” Steve chimed in “He’s dangerous”
“He’s not…” You assured Captain America “He’s just scared… He just needs some time… Steve, we need to talk to you”

14. Part 2

Light knocks came from the door, placing my bottle of water down and making my way to the door. This must be my bodyguard, I called him to get some clothing for me and Robyn but making sure nobody knows. I seriously want to just spend time with Robyn and I am enjoying this, after having sex with her last night Robyn felt tired so we slept, she is so lazy. Opening the door without checking to see “boss” my bodyguard held a backpack up and another bag “I have packed your things and also Melissa I think her name is gave me this bag, I have not told them anything even though people seem worried” opening the door wider “place it there bro, I appreciate this. You bring my car?” he placed my stuff down “yes!” he threw my Lamborghini keys at me, catching them quickly “thanks, you parked it where?” my bodyguard sighed stretching his back “in the car park under the building, the guys in reception told me too” I forgot all about the underground parking “well thank you bro, I’ll call you when I need you” shaking his hand “no problem boss” rubbing my head walking back into the living room hearing the door bang shut.

“Who was that?” Robyn said, looking up into her hazel eyes. Her chest was heaving and I was finding it extremely difficult to keep my eyes from her breasts. She had wrapped another sheet around herself. I remembered that I still had her panties in my pocket. My lips curled up “just someone dropping some clothes off” I’m just thinking of her naked body right now “oh great, you still have your clothes on from yesterday” placing my hand in my pocket and bringing out her panties “you’re so sick” Robyn hid her face “that is straight up nasty” shrugging bringing the panties up to my nose “stop!” Robyn whined, chuckling reaching my hand out to press softly against her neck, feeling her pulse racing erratically. Bringing my lips to her throat I suckled at the skin there. So soft, so smooth. The erection that I’d had earlier had left. But now it was back in all its former glory. I nipped at her throat softly; then took a harder bite. She moaned and wrapped her arms around my neck tightly letting the sheet fall to the ground pressing herself into me. She dipped her head and grazed her teeth all the way up my neck roughly.

Her hands knotted tightly in my curls, and her lips crashed into mine. Pushing her back against the wall, I attacked her lips with mine. My hands ran down her body, my tongue went inside her mouth, she moaned against mine, and I eagerly ate them up. I bit her bottom lip between my teeth just as I rubbed my covered erection right onto her core. The moan that exited her throat was long and low. I pulled away from the kiss and watched with satisfaction as her eyes rolled back in her head. I bucked my hips hard into her, causing her to gasp. “You love my dick game huh” I purred into her ear, slipping my hands down her body and playing with her wet lips between her legs “always making me hard” I panted “my pussy too good” she moaned when I dipped one finger inside her. She ran her hands down my chest, scraping her fingernails over my naked chest. Picking up her naked body into my arms, I carried her back to my piano. Her legs wrapped around my waist, her naked pussy pressing against my belt. She shivered from the cold metal against her. I felt her erect hard nipples against my chest and I growled.  She ran her hands down my back, trailing her nails against my skin so hard it almost hurt. I hissed sitting down hard on the piano bench. Her ass hit the keys, odd chords ringing out.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty sitting naked on my piano looking absolutely fuckable. My fingers rubbed her clit roughly and my lips attacked every inch of her skin, biting and nipping. “Shit” she cried out when I began to pump my fingers inside her. Suddenly she slid off the piano, harsh notes filling my ears and sank to her knees before me. “Let me” she murmured, looking up at me. Then she undid my pants sliding the black fabric down enough so that my hard member sprang out. Just the sight of her kneeling only inches away from my hard dick was enough to make me bite my lip and groan. She placed the head of my dick between her teeth, holding it gently in place while she swirled her tongue around it. My hands clutched her hair, holding her head in place to keep her from standing up. “Fuck” I growled clenching my eyes shut. The hard piano seat was uncomfortable beneath me but I wouldn’t have moved for the world. She now filled her mouth with me, she sucked on me once, long and hard, before she grazed her teeth along my shaft. I groaned. “Damn it” I hissed. She then pulled her head back so now the only thing inside her mouth was the head of my pulsing erection. Using her hands to pump me, she abruptly increased her pace to almost a frenzy. The friction from her hands warmed my dick causing such pleasure inside me, I was sure I was going explode. Her head bobbed back and forth, I bucked up into her mouth not coherent enough to wonder if I was hurting her. “Oh fucking shit!” I growled when she squeezed my thickness and pulled sharply. She sucked hard on the head and I was lost. I came hard and fast into her mouth releasing in three streams. She swallowed every bit to my surprise, she is usually quick to spit it out. I groaned again at the knowledge that she readily swallowed, I was hard all over again.

“My dick is not ready to go down” I said pulling her up and setting her back on the keys of my piano. “Now you’re really getting fucked. You should know better than to go down on me when I’m trying to fuck you senseless.” I was half teasing and half serious. I hadn’t been finished with her yet when she decided to taste me. Now she was going to get fucked twice as hard. “Please …Be… Nice?“ Each pause was punctuated by the pace of my fingers inside her. “Maybe” My voice was only a growl, full of lust and need. “But I wasn’t finished with you. Now you’re going to get it twice as hard.” Just as I said that last word, I spread her thighs pulling them slightly upwards so the penetration would be deeper and slammed my dick into her. She screamed, her fingers struggling to find purchase on my chest, something to hold onto. She finally grabbed my curls and pulled my lips to hers. My mouth was hungry and insistent, not at all gentle. Robyn wrapped her legs around me, her heels settling into my ass. Disjointed, chaotic chords sounded around us as I held on to the ledge of the piano keys. I moved my mouth to her neck as I continued to pound into her. “Oh shit,” she cried out. “I’m so fucking close.”

“Nobody has ever fucked you as good as me” I knew they hadn’t but I just wanted to hear her say it. “Ohhhhhhh” she moaned deeply, her nails scratching my back. I pulled out, about to slam back into her when I realized she hadn’t answered me. Damn it, it was so hard to think when I was so close to cumming. But I wanted her to say it. My eyes trailed down to her body to her dripping pussy. I could practically see her throbbing with her need. “No, damn it! Don’t stop now” she protested, reaching down to pull my dick towards her. “Say it! Nobody has ever fucked you like I have” I half shouted “No you egotistical asshole” smirking at her annoyance.

I pulled her legs up so that they rest on my shoulders. Holding her hips with my hands, I thrust back into her. She arched sharply her ass digging into the instrument below her. Her scream of pleasure sounded around me “we about to have sex in every room in this house” gritting my teeth as I pounded into her again. Her mouth opened but nothing came out besides her moans and screams. “And I’m going to fuck you in each of them.” I made sure that she was staring into my eyes when I spoke again. “And hard.” She threw her head back and moaned. I could tell she was approaching her climax. Her walls began to clench tightly around my dick, milking me until I thought I would go insane. Then she clamped down on my dick and orgasmed, screaming profanities. That hot brick-wall of pleasure surged towards me. I continued to fuck her until I came.

When she began to come around again, I pulled her mouth back to mine for another kiss, Robyn pulled back breathing heavily “I fucking love you” she pecked my lips as we breathed heavily, my dick slowly slipping out of her “I love you more though” smiling a little “thank you for supporting me in everything, I will promise to trust you more” I know her heart is in the right place but she can cause me so much problems at the same time with her stupid record label and G “I told you from the start I got you, we need to work as a team and be strong. I am hoping we can do that while being together like this” I am hoping Robyn can actually work with me on everything because if not I don’t think we will work.

Walking over to the living area, my legs hurt so much and Chris will not stop being rough but I also enjoy it. I don’t think I would like him being all romantic because that is just him, and he never leaves me alone or makes me feel used even if we fuck roughly. I stopped midway as I was about to sit on the couch, mine and Chris’ mobile phone on the table in the middle of the room. Looking around to see if Chris is around but last time I saw him he was busy cooking, I smiled at the fact my baby is cooking for us. Picking my phone up from the table and dialling Melissa’ number ignoring every other message on my phone, I just need Mel to know I am fine. “Hello? Melissa!?” My forehead creased in confusion. I could hear Mijo’ voice near Mel, what the hell is she doing with him “oh sorry, I’m here” she mumbled sounding least impressed with me “I just wanted you to know I am okay and with Chris” Melissa took in a deep breath “yo bitch ass would be with him when I need you” I was about to speak but I stopped “look I am sorry, I will be home soon. Just listen to me because I am not supposed to be on the phone just let people know I am okay” trying to whisper but my whisper is more like my speaking voice “I am pregnant Rihanna!!” Mel shouted out of nowhere, my mouth fell open in shock. There was only silence on her end. I heard her breathe in deeply “it’s Mijo’ Rihanna, what the fuck am I going to do” I don’t know what I am more upset about, the fact she is having her second baby or that Mijo’ bitch ass has done it “look we will talk later Rihanna, just have fun” I feel so bad that my friend’ needs me and here I am, the phone cut off leaving me dumbfounded and staring at my phone.

I set the phone back in its place slowly sitting on the couch “fuck” I mumbled, Melissa is having another man’s child and Mijo is married “hmmmm” My heart spiked hearing Chris’ voice behind me, I hope he did not hear me on the phone. Slowly getting up from the couch turning around to meet his eyes, they seemed darker than when I had last seen them. Maybe it was the light in the room or maybe my mind was going, but there seemed to be something blazing behind his eyes. It didn’t look like anger, or even lust, but something deeper altogether. And I didn’t know what it was about him, but whenever he looked at me my body went out of control, my heart speeding and my breathing becoming shallower. “Are you ready for breakfast?” he asked. His low, erotic voice caused moisture to seep between my legs. “Yes,” I quickly said walking towards him, maybe he didn’t hear me calling Mel.

He sat two plates down at the table, both filled with French toast, and turned away from me to sit down on the opposite side. I didn’t know if I was supposed to speak or be silent. So to be on the safe side, I sat quietly at the table. I glanced up from under my eyelashes to see him looking at me “thank you for this” I smiled cutting up the French toast and popped a piece into my mouth. Damn, he has always been a good cook. I moaned softly, I thought I saw his lips twitch, as if he was about to smile at me but soon moved his face to look at his plate. “Did you ever think of me when you moved on?” I asked suddenly, unaware that I was even going to ask that question. “Not exactly” he began. “Because I was sick of being thrown to the side by you, I looked like a sick puppy lusting over you. You only got butt hurt when I got with a girl but I had to move on” His eyes never left his plate. "I love you Robyn so don’t worry about it, I was never happy with them. Just things ended up that way” I nodded, absorbing this piece of information. I know Chris loves me a lot and things have got in the way between us but maybe I am to blame for throwing him when I had the record label on my back.

“How are you feeling today?” he asked changing the subject. “Soreness?” I could tell he was asking because of last night. I shifted my legs a little “no” I bluntly answered “Liar!” he spat, looking up at him being fake shocked “oh please you didn’t fuck me that deep” Chris didn’t react besides shaking his head “so what did Mel have to say for herself” my eyes enlarged staring at my plate “I do not know what you mean” mumbling looking up at him “I heard the conversation so why you lying?” I wish he didn’t “this is why I can never fuck you nicely” I groaned out “okay I did, sorry” Chris sat back in the chair “she said she’s pregnant with Mijo’ baby” Chris’ face lightened up “what!?” he spat smiling “yeah she is pregnant for the second time” sounding deflated “remind me to buy them some gifts” he laughed shaking his head, he’s finding this hilarious but I don’t.

“You want to go to the pool room? He inquired. “I don’t have a bathing suit” I replied, he knows I have no clothing. “You won’t need one.” He said with the biggest smirk on his face. “Meet me in the pool room in ten minutes.” His eyes raked over my body as if he could see straight through the white shirt I borrowed from Chris “I don’t want any clothing on you” He got up from his seat picking his plate leaving me here.

Chris and his crazy ideas pulling the tee over my head and dropping it on the bathroom floor, I was left completely naked, I shivered. Not like I don’t mind being nude anyways. Tiptoeing out of the bathroom and towards the room I remember walking passed saying ‘pool’. Taking a deep breath, I pushed open the door and what met my eyes was certainly not what I expected. There, in the center of the room was a pool table. Around it were various armchairs and couches. A table was pushed into the corner and a rack was hung on the wall holding the pool sticks. The curtains were drawn allowing no sunlight to enter. The only source of light was the stained-glass lamp above the pool table. I had been so wrong about what was in this room “fucking asshole” shaking my head in annoyance.

“You ready to play” his voice asked from behind me. I whirled just in time to see him shut the door behind us. Mean mugging him crossing my arms “why you mean mugging me? This the shit that gets you in trouble” I scoffed shaking my head “Yes I am ready to play” I replied, covering my breasts with my arms. “Good. But have you ever played while your being eaten out?” my face lightened up, Oh shit I mentally said “well no but I am sure you will show me” My eyes widened. I watched him as he walked to the sticks that hung on the wall. He selected one and applied the blue chalk to the tip. “Then this should be interesting. I shall make a deal with you.” His eyes glanced up into mine. “If you can sink all the even numbered balls before eight o’ clock then I will let you choose how we fuck next. If not, then I will choose” He handed me the pool stick. I took it from him. Oh God, if I don’t win then god knows how he will be fucking me. “I won’t go easy on you. I want you bound and spread for me, and I’m willing to work for it.” He is so serious about this, Chris is a sex addict but he is evil for wanting me to be naked while doing this "Begin.” He gestured towards the pool table.

I bent over the table to break the balls that were already in position. He moved out of my peripheral vision and went behind me. I knew I was in trouble, biting my bottom lip smiling. Right when I pulled back my arm to hit the cue ball I felt two hands cup my ass, squeezing tightly. I gasped and managed to knock the cue ball into the corner pocket, by-passing my target entirely. My juices poured out of my core. I felt his clothed body press against me, his hard erection rubbing over me. “You won’t win that way Robyn Fenty” he said running his hand to the front of my body, playing absently with my pussy. “You can do better than that shawty” His voice full of lust. I breathed raggedly, trying to control my erratic heart. He allowed me to walk to the end of the table to get the cue ball out of the pocket. His eyes never once left me, Chris is a fiend for me and I love it. His eyes were so intense that I was afraid I would cum just from looking at them. I carefully avoided his eyes and went back to the end of the table, my body screaming for me to run away and hide so he can chase me. This time he let me break successfully. The balls made a cracking sound as they collided, spreading out over the table. He was toying with me, teasing me.

Bending over so that I could aim for the ball with the four printed on it, I shot before he could distract me. It went into the side pocket easily. Feeling braver than before, I focused on the six, determined to win this game. Abruptly, he reached between my legs and began to rub my clit. I moaned and forgot what I had been doing. His left hand pressed me back into his body while his right hand roughly rubbed me. “Oh God” I moaned. He was too good. I couldn’t concentrate like this and he knew it. His lips trailed down my back eliciting shivers from me. “Mmmm I wonder how you taste.” His voice was low and deep, his breath fanning over my skin. He put two fingers inside of me and began to pump. I was dripping and unable to hold the pool stick correctly. It fell from my hands and I gripped the edge of the table for dear life, clenching my eyes shut. “You’re not giving in now” his voice sounding full of amusement “play.”

He leaned down and picked my pool stick up for me. I opened my eyes reluctantly and took it from him. “If you give up then I won’t touch you for a week and you can go home.” That was enough to make me focus on the game. My mind was hazy with lust and I could barely think, but I knew it would be much worse if he didn’t do anything to me for a week. I didn’t think I could endure that. I managed to hit the six ball, but it didn’t fall into the pocket I had been intending. It was difficult for me to aim. I aimed once again, determined to get this stubborn ball in the pocket. Then his hands spread my legs far apart and he placed his mouth on my core. I cried out, dropping my pool stick and clung to the edge of the table once again. His mouth worked at me roughly, plunging his tongue deep inside me. He bit and sucked at my hot folds, dragging my juices from my core. He was kneeling, his hands holding my thighs apart. He bit down on my nub and I screamed. “Oh God, oh God, oh God” I moaned. He ran his tongue in a circle movement along the walls of my pussy. My knees gave out but his strong hands held me from falling. My whole weight rested on the hands that held my thighs.

“Damn” he growled. “You taste good” I angled my hips so that he could eat me out properly. Suddenly he wasn’t there anymore. He sat my legs properly on the ground and moved away. I growled in frustration. Damn it! Why did he have to do this to me! I was nearly to the point where I would just attack him and force him to fuck me. I made sure I could walk correctly before aiming once more. This time, I sank two even ones in before he distracted me again. I bent over the table once more to sink in the two ball. “You are so fucking sexy” he purred in my ear. His hand squeezed my breast, kneading them in his hand. I felt something brush against my ass. Something that felt suspiciously like the head of his dick. I moved back into him to be certain, and sure enough his dick pressed hard into my ass cheeks. My eyes rolled back and I moaned. “Tease” he growled, his hands tight on my hips. “I don’t care about winning, just fuck me” He quickly turned me, holding my weight easily with his arms and sat me on the edge of the pool table. He positioned me so that my knees were bent and my feet were on the edge as well, spreading me wide open for him.

He unbuckled his belt and pants faster than I would have thought possible. His expression was firm and determined as I watched his erection spring out of his pants. He deliberately rubbed the head of his dick over my core. I stiffened, clenching my eyes shut. Then he entered me a little, only allowing a few inches to go inside me. I growled with annoyance. I wasn’t in the mood for teasing. Leaning up so that I could grasp his dick in my hand, I pulled him towards me. “Fuck me now, dammit” I hissed in his ear. A delicious growl rumbled through his chest as he thrust into me. I screamed at the pleasure instantly slamming into me. Oh my God, my walls clenched around his member as I struggled to keep from climaxing so soon. “Shit” he groaned slamming into me again. “How can you still be this fucking tight?” He grasped my hips with his hands, pulling me into each one of his thrusts. I angled my hips so that he could go deeper. His head hung forward biting his bottom lip. I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer, they involuntarily clenched shut as I struggled to handle the pleasure he was ramming into me. “God!” he muttered just as he pulled out “I fucking love you” He slammed into me once more, pushing me over the edge and into my orgasm. I screamed, arching against him with my head hanging back. I felt him release into me. Swiftly, he turned me around and bent me over the table. “I don’t know how I contained myself for this long, I been wanting to fuck you over this table. Hold on” he warned, squeezing my ass cheeks “just fuck me” closing my eyes.

I thrust my hips back into him. He positioned himself at the entrance of my pussy and plunged into me roughly. My eyes snapped open and I struggled to hold onto something, only the flat green felt of the pool table lay under me. I settled for the inside edge of the table. “Oh fuck!” I screamed when he moved into me again. My hips pushed back into him, greeting each of his thrust with my own. He is fucking me in an almost crazed pace, his hands grasped my hips positioning me so that I was impaled deeply on his dick. I screamed every time he plunged into me. I felt him cum twice inside me while I climaxed at least three times from that alone. “I win” he said into my ear while I was coming down from the extreme high of my multiple orgasms, his hands dipping inside my pussy “you lose” his breath hitting my ear, I didn’t have a chance in winning this I knew that.

After wrapping a blanket around me Chris carried me towards the couch “do you feel sore now?” he said chuckling at me “nope, try harder next time” If I don’t stop playing with him he will have me using a Zimmer frame for a while “mhmmm there will be a next time very soon, don’t push it” placing me on the couch slowly, he knows damn right I am sore. Watching Chris fiddle with his sweatpants and grabbing the TV remote, it made me smile. No matter how rough he is he will always cuddle me because he knows what kind of asshole he turns into, it’s like the devil enters him when we have sex “want to watch a movie or just cuddle and watch some random TV programs” smiling a little “cuddle and random programs” clearing his throat he laid his body behind me placing the remote at the side of me, unwrapping the blanket from myself and shuffling around to look at him “just can’t stop looking at me huh” placing the blanket on the both of us “well I like seeing you sleep” Chris laughed a little “I bet a look a hot a mess” sighing shuffling closer to him “nope, you’re even more beautiful without makeup” he bought his hand up to my cheek, lightly touching it “you know Robyn I don’t want you to be sad about Mijo and Melissa, that is their life. Me and you will get what we want” looking up at him in surprise “you said me and you” I said in shock “you usually say just me” he always makes out that I only want a baby and he is doing it for me “because I do want it but if it happens then it does, I am happy you are listening to me on this” Chris wrapped his arm around my body “just don’t be sad ok? This is our life baby, we about to do shit our way and if that means we dip on these motherfuckers then we do. We get to be us on the low and I like it” my smile grew “I love it too, it is kind of exciting” hiding my face in his chest, I didn’t think he would have realized I was upset about Mel being pregnant.

He Meets Your Parents

A/N: here’s another update for everyone! Thank you for reading. And most importantly, enjoy! xx.

“Relax, baby. We’re only going out to get coffee,” you said to Harry as you watched him try on different outfits.

He was on his 3rd outfit choice, clothes had been thrown onto the ground.

“I know but this is my first time meeting your parents. And what should I call them? First names? Last name?” Harry turned to look at you as he pulled off the previous shirt.

He put on a black button up and left his black jeans on.

“Last names for today,” you responded as a small smile spread across your face.

You’ve dated a few boys in your life. Not much, but Harry for sure was the only one who was taking this whole thing seriously.

You could feel his nerves surrounding him in the air. He asked every little question about your parents. He wanted to let them know that he was the one for you.

But he certainly was…no matter what. You were positive.

You slid on your sandals and grabbed your purse. “All right, I think we’re done now. Yeah?”

Harry nodded and put on his watch. He grabbed a pair of sunglasses from his collection and hooked them onto this shirt.

“Yeah, let’s get going.”


You both sat at a table towards the back of the coffee shop. Your parents hadn’t arrived yet.

You and Harry had bought a muffin and a slice of apple pie to share.

You could hear his foot tapping against the tile floor.

A habit he always had, especially when he was nervous.

Your hand moved under the table and rested on his knee, you rubbed it gently as he ate. Of course you wanted him to make a good impression, but you also wanted him calm and just himself for when your parents got here.

The tapping had stopped, and he was now picking at the apple pie.

The bell at the front door rang and you both looked up.

Your parents both came in. They were smiling and talking.

You felt Harry stiffen, you turned to look at him.

You squeezed his knee lightly and then stood up to greet your parents.

Your received kisses on your cheek.

“So this is the young man you’ve been talking about?” Your father spoke up as he greeted Harry with a handshake.

You smiled and nodded, letting Harry introduce himself.

“It’s nice to meet you, Harry. I recognize you from the posters our daughter has up in her old room back home,” your mother said with a small laugh after.

A slight blush spread across your cheeks as Harry grinned at the comment.

Of course your mother would bring that up. But it wasn’t a secret you had been a fan for a while.

Before you all sat down, you offered to get everyone their drinks at the front.

“I’ll be right back,” you smiled and stepped out of your seat.

Harry was now left with your parents alone.

“So Harry. I heard you’re a football fan? As in the Packers?” your dad started the conversation.

“Oh god. Here comes another football talk,” your mom said with a play full eye roll.

Harry chuckled and nodded. “Yes, I am. They’re my favorite team, hands down.”

When you came back with the drinks, a smile appeared on your face as you saw Harry smiling and talking with your father.

You sat back next to him and gave everyone their drinks.

Your dad looked over at you as he sipped his coffee.

“What a great young man you got yourself, honey.”

You smiled widely and looked at Harry.

“I know.”

Grazia Magazine

Me, My Selfie, and I - Natalie Dormer’s interview for Grazia Magazine, July 11th, 2016.

Who is your best friend?
I have six close friends who I’ve known for years. They help me to stay grounded and keep life in perspective. 

What’s your biggest regret?
I never did a gap year and I regret not taking a year off just to travel to places like Australia, Cambodia and Vietnam. I was too busy trying to get into drama school. 

What’s your biggest extravagance?
My puppy Indy, named after Indiana Jones. She’s a Rhodesian ridgeback. She’s being trained within an inch of her life because I want her to come on set in the future, so I’m spending a lot on training classes. 

What is your type?
A man who can make me laugh, that’s why I’m with an Irishman [director Anthony Byrne, above]. They need to make me laugh at myself too, because sometimes I can take myself too seriously.

When was the last time you were embarrassed?
Whenever Indy isn’t behaving. She can be overly affectionate with people so I’m constantly apologising to people about her sniffing them or jumping on them. 

When was the last time you lost your temper?
Today! I couldn’t find the right gate getting to Glastonbury because it wasn’t signposted properly. I went into the wrong field and we had to walk for ages through the mud.

What from the past would you delete from the web?
Any trolling and people being negative. I never go looking for it but it happens to most people. 

Who owes you an apology?
Cersei Lannister from Game Of Thrones. She’s responsible for a lot of bad stuff that happens to my character. In real life it’s a long list, but they know who they are. 

Who or what would go into your Room 101?
Aniseed. I avoid it at all costs. 

Tell us a secret.
I’m wearing pink knickers. Even my boyfriend didn’t know that. 

What’s the biggest misconception about you?
That I don’t have moments of vulnerability and weakness because I tend to play strong women. But I can cry and feel pathetic and like I want to give up, just like any other person. 

Who do you miss the most?
My brother and sister. We’re very tight. We speak all the time on What’sApp, God knows what any of us did before it. 

What is your biggest life lesson?
Perseverance. If you get knocked down eight times, get up nine. It took me 12 years to get to where I am, but anything worth fighting for can take time. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. 

Okay, this is a terrible facsimile because I don’t have photoshop on this computer (I swear it’ll look much better! I’m a real-life graphic designer, I promise) but I still need messages for the Wayward Daughters banner I’ll be presenting to Kim and Briana at Jaxcon! Send in anything at all. Seriously, anything.

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I’ve bought a photo op, so not only will we be posing for the photo with the banner, I’ll be giving it to them after we’re done. And I know with absolute certainty that they will read every last message.

So don’t be shy! Submit your messages to the @waywarddaughtersacademy inbox.

4/4 - Luke on your wedding day would be like:

  • “guys, gUYS, GUYS … I’m getting married today.”
  • Running around the room screaming like a child because he’s so excited
  • Debating whether or not to keep his lip piercing in
  • “Like, it’s a pretty formal event. But you know, lip piercing.”
  • Deciding to keep it in because you love it
  • Wrestling with Michael on the floor because he ate the last slice of pizza
  • “Bitch, that slice was calling my name and you know it.”
  • Joining in with Calum and Ashton as they sing ‘Michael Wants Another Slice’
  • “Seriously though dude, you owe me like 5 pizzas now.”
  • Laughing like crazy when he shows the boys that he bought two penguin toys, one dressed as a bride and one as a groom
  • “Is this not the best thing you’ve seen ever? In the world?”
  • Angrily tweeting the fans to ask for their opinion as the others say its ‘alright’
  • Feeling smug with himself when the fans say that its adorable
  • “C’mon guys, we have time for one more episode of How I Met Your Mother.”
  • Pouting when Ashton turns it off and forces him to get ready
  • Standing in the mirror and psyching himself up
  • “You’ve totally got this. You’re Luke Hemmings. You’re a pretty cool guy.”
  • Redoing his hair 27 times because the quiff ‘isn’t quite right’
  • Still wondering how much fabric must have been used to make his trousers (cause that boy is tall af, let’s be real here)
  • Writing his vows last minute
  • “Fuck this, I wished I’d stayed in school.”
  • “How do you spell irreplaceable?”
  • “Calum, now is not the time for Beyoncé, goddammit!”
  • Going all shy when Ashton decides to make a Keek because it’s finally sunk in that he’s actually getting married
  • “What if she doesn’t turn up cause she realises that I can rap better than her?”
  • Putting his headphones in to listen to the first ever song he wrote for you and getting all emotional :(((((
  • “Guys, I just wanted to say … thank you for this amazing life.” *my heart is breaking*
  • Wanting Ashton to carry him down the aisle and getting all huffy when he says no
  • Incessantly biting on his lip ring when he’s stood at the end of the aisle because he’s nervous
  • Liz giving him a kiss on the cheek as he says ‘You look beautiful, Mum.”
  • His heart dropping as you walk down the aisle as he didn’t think that you could be more perfect
  • Smiling to himself as you take his hand to support each other
  • Dropping the piece of paper with his vows on and struggling to pick it back up
  • “It’s because my hands are so soft, I can’t grasp things properly.”
  • High fiving you as he’s told that he can kiss his bride
  • “Here’s to forever, beautiful.” (dON’T TOUCH ME)
  • “Now tell me honestly - is there going to be a penguin at our reception?”

“For fuck sake, give it back,” Avery told the taller guy right in front of her, Declan Shelley was really out to make her life miserable even if it was just the first day of their sophomore year. It made her think on what has she done to make him hate her so much, she chewed on her lesser lip, with her arms folded on her chest as she looked at him, intensely, “Seriously, Shelley,” She uses his last name because it sounded more feminine than calling him Declan, “If you want to annoy anyone, just not me, please, not today,” She told him as she tried to snatch her books away from him but as much as she wanted to take it from his iron grip, he was taller than her, probably a head or two. “I will be fucking late for my first class, if you don’t give it to me, I will find you, ten years from now and take your first born and sell it to the black market.” They were attracting other students now, most of them were just laughing at the two, since it was so normal that the two of them are fighting, that’s what they always do anyways.


@mythsofunova I’m sure you’re becoming more and more aware of just how much trouble you’re in for this last update?! (Seriously why must you do this to us!!) But rather than give you the tears you want, I decided to express my feelings through fan art instead.

So truth be told, this one hit me a lot harder than I thought it would! At first, I never thought much about Swoobats until reading Myths of Unova, due to the fact that they are weak to a LOT of things. However, after reading your comic, I decided to train one in my White 2 playthrough. I named her Wendy, and even though she wasn’t really that strong, she ironically ended up destroying Marshall!

So thank you for inspiring me to play with a Pokémon I never would have considered using and good luck with the rest of the comic! And rest in Peace Mimi. Go give Jordan a smooch for me and the rest of the fans!