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So I’m doing a small shout out right now...

Okay so there’s this band right? I think they’re really good. I think they’re amazing, actually, and I think they could be a new addition to Hi Or Hey Records. They’re called Adelphia and their tumblr is cakewithfruit​. I think it would be cool to somehow get this around to 5sos-official so they could look them up and listen because I really think they’d like them. If they follow you on twitter or if you have any connections with them, please get this message around to them. I could be wrong, but its worth a shot right? And even if 5SOS doesn’t want to sign them, at least we’d be spreading Adelphia around and getting them the recognition they deserve. I seriously, seriously think this band is amazingly talented and they could be big.

If you guys wanna look them up, here’s a few links.

Do Your Worst

Lost At Sea

Better Off (feat. Rebecca Need)

If I Fall


As some of you know, I’ll be going on a road trip from Maryland to California. That’ll be August 31st - September 6th. Then I’ll be heading down to the beach for a whole week. So i’ll be gone for 2 weeks. you can reach me on Skype. I would really love it if you would Skype call me or just talk. I’ll be very anxious on the road trip because I’ve never stepped out of MD like this. I’ll be going on a plane all by myself. So guys, I just wanted to spend tonight & tomorrow spreading love by making a couple positivity posts because i love my followers. I’m just going to have the ride of a lifetime. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t you guys. I seriously thank you all for helping me get to this point. I might be gone for 2 weeks but you all know how tumblr addicted I am. I’ll be answering asks, reblogging beautiful posts of the boys, and making a shit ton of OOC statuses. I want you all to join me on this journey. I really won’t be gone, but when I get to the beach, it will be rare for me to go on here. I’ll be busy hanging out with good friends of mine that I haven’t seen in a year.  Anyways, I really want to thank you all. In case anyone hasn’t told you it yet. 

You’re Unforgettable, Beautiful, Captivating, && Loved. 


P.S. My Ask box is always open. I won’t be gone. just not rping..

So, I had some time between two classes that are in the same building. I decided to chill in one of the study areas and play LoZ Ocarina of Time on the PJ64 emulator on my laptop.

I’ve been playing for a minute when a fellow student sits down beside me. I don’t want to harshly stereotype, but I’m sure this person has owned a fedora at some point in time. Anyway, he starts staring at myself and my screen pretty intensely. When I notice, and can no longer take it, I glance his direction. The following conversation ensues:

Him: “Ocarina of Time, right?”
Me: “Yeah, man, sure is!”
Him: “That’s a hard game. It’s okay if you don’t beat it. It took me years, and I game pretty seriously.”
Me: “I have beaten it. Several times. I can beat it in two hours. It’s my favorite game of all time.”
Him: “Oh, really? Sorry, you didn’t look like the type.”
Me: “I’m not sure what ‘type’ you mean.” *put my headphones back in*

Honestly, what the fuck does that even mean? What ‘type’ should I fit to play this game?

I think we all know what he was getting at.

I just want to shout out all my followers for being so amazing and special shout out to all my followers who commented and left me some great advice, opinions , and even recommendations for the
@anastasiabeverlyhills dip brow. You
#instaGLAMMERS came in clutch ! You replied so quickly and really helped me out. This is why I love the beauty community. It seriously is all about helping each other out as well as encouraging and inspiring. I love talking to you glammers! You guys are the best!
Thanks again ! next post is what I bought ! (at

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Name: Marilyn

Nicknames: Mar

Birthday: June 4

Star sign: Gemini

Gender: Female

Height: 5′7″

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Favourite Colour: Blue (& mint green)

Hours of sleep: I need 8 optimally, but I’m getting less lately.

Lucky number: 13 (have it tattooed on me!)

Last thing I googled: Icelandic national costumes

I tag: nlexe itssygis aphnorja miryam-chan krimsons llamas-aru scandigayvians nerdybirddanie onemillionreddresses

Only do this if you want to! Seriously, no pressure. I won’t mind either way.

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Have you met Taylor?

No, I haven’t. But I want to and I’m kind of on a mission in order to do so. Long story short, I’m seeing her on the 26th of September and my birthday is on the 28th so that’d be a hella cool birthday present, ya know. I started this post on my personal blog, but she doesn’t follow me nor has she liked anything. So it’s been kinda difficult. taylorswift hmu


If you are awake right now like this or something and I will follow you.


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Hey I reallllllyyy love your art Could you do a drawing tutorial please? I want to draw Dan and Phil for my friends birthday but I'm so bad at drawing 💕💕💕

aw thank you so much! ok-I’ll try my best to teach sobs I’ve been wanting to make one of these so here is: 

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👋 so i recently hit 6k followers which is completely ridiculous to me and i wanted to make a little follow forever as a thank you (seriously thank you) for sticking around and putting up with me! i didn’t bother bolding anyone because i love u all just the same, thank you for making the time i spend on here that much better 😘

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and because i’m sure i forgot someone.. blogroll 💕


Hi guys!! I hit 2K followers a while back and I recently followed a bunch of awesome blogs. So I finally decided it was time for me to do a follow forever. I honestly can’t believe it and I’m thankful to all the people who take their time to enjoy my blog. I love when I read encouraging tags and get sweet messages from all of you. It genuinely makes my day. You guys are seriously awesome!!! I want to show my appreciation to all the amazing and talented people that I follow. I admire you guys and thank you for filling my dash with your creative graphics and your posts! I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone and sorry if I misspelled any names. 


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Hihihi, i’m usually a quiet one on tumblr but here’s my first follow forever! In the two years that I’ve been stanning BTS I still don’t have a bias. And I know so many armys feel my pain. (I swear all the members have been my bias at least once). I just wanted to say thank you to the people that follow me because I never say how much I appreciate all of you! I’ve gained a surprising amount of followers these past couple of months and I’m so close to my goal of  1k (also thanks for noticing my crappy gifs because I honestly didn’t expect anyone to reblog them). Coming on tumblr is a nice little get away for me and I seriously love every single person I follow. Everything you guys post makes me laugh at 4 am in the morning and I wish I could’ve found so many blogs earlier. It would be nice to name all the 470+ people I follow but I’ll just list a few. So thank you to the wonderful blogs that make my dashboard entertaining and lovely! I also have a blogroll so feel free to check that out and follow every amazing person on there! (you won’t regret it). 


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this was more than i meant to put but i still feel like I’m missing so many! Thank you again especially to these lovely blogs! ♡♡♡


hi everyone! okay soooo we are approaching the date when, three years ago, i started using this blog since i always do a follow forever to celebrate, here it is! it was very hard to choose who i was going to include since everyone has been changing their urls so often lately and i seriously suck at keeping track of those things (sorry), so i`m just do follow forever cuz I want to thank you for the beautiful 3 years <33

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So after getting only a few hours of sleep and being incredibly emotional, I thought of a few more things to say about OTRA Chicago:

  • There was cute banter between Niall and Louis where Niall said he was having heartburn.  Louis recommended he drink some milk.
  • I said in my report that Louis’ voice was amazing and I remembered that his solo in DFWYB was seriously unbelievable.  I was so impressed and so proud of him.
  • I loved the runs and note changes and things from Liam.  When you see people sing live, you want it to sound like the song you know obviously but you also want to hear their talents.  His additions made for a really cool concert experience.
  • Harry had so much crowd interaction and it was all so much fun to witness.  He really looked like he was having a blast all night.
  • From following each show, I’ve seen a lot of people saying things about on stage separation and whatnot.  I think because of that, I ended up feeling super surprised as to how closely they stood together during a lot of songs!  And seeing the stage in person, you really understand how huge it is and how it’s a ton of work to play to every side.  They each handle that in their own way and I thought that they did it really, really well.
Khaleesi’s SoMa Fic Rec List

A while back I hit 1.5k followers, and I decided what better way to celebrate than compiling a list of my favorite SoMa fics.

This is a very long, tedious list of fics I have read in the last few months and in the year that I’ve been in the fandom. They are all fantastic reads that I adore a lot and memorable in some way. The list is sorted by one shots, WIPS, and completed multi chap things. Some sadly haven’t been updated in a while, but they are still worth the read/wait.

I want to thank everyone who chose to follow this crazy blog – even those that aren’t a fan of Soul Eater and handle my SoMa trash. Thank you to everyone who likes/reblogs my fics or posts; I seriously appreciate it so much. Thank you to those who have supported me during my moments of self doubt, sending me msgs of praise and love, and just being fantastic people. Thank you to those in the fandom that have made me feel so welcomed. 

Seriously, I wouldn’t still be doing what I do if it weren’t for y’all. So thank you to everyone in this wonderful fandom. A special thank you goes out to eisschirmchen who has been such a fantastic, wonderful friend since I met her. Thank you for being so supportive and there for me when I needed someone to cry to. I love you so much ♥♥♥

The fic rec list can be found below! Please enjoy all the lovely SoMa things ♥♥

Note: This list was supposed to be longer, but lately I’ve had no time to read things and this is so overdue so there shall be another list to come at a later date :)

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ok seriously if you all want a sturdy, safe, pretty, inconspicuous, and/or DIY stim toy:

step 1) get some of this stuff

that plasticky stuff, y’know?

now, what you want to do is make a keychain thing out of it. like this one i made:

I think using 4 is the best because it makes it thick enough and a little bit firmer than just two, but 4 is harder to start.

There are various tutorials on how to make these. I used this tutorial (starting the stitch), followed by this tutorial on how to make it swirly (if its swirly then there arent any corners! if u want corners, keep doing the same thing as the starting stitch!), then this tutorial for how to finish it. This person explains it, goes slowly, and shows you what they’re doing while they do it

Pros to this stim toy:

  • durable! i’ve been bending, twisting, biting on this and it’s in the same condition it was in before. my sister had one of these years ago (we got it when we were little kids) and it’s still very solid and strong! when i had to chew through a piece of this because i couldn’t find scissors (and that was one strand working hard) it took like 30+ minutes, biting, then anchoring with my teeth and pulling.
  • chewing on it is safe! it takes so much effort to break the string stuff that chewing on it won’t break it, especially not once it’s made like this. the stuff they use for it is non-toxic as well
  • nobody will think it’s weird to have! these turn out very pretty and people (at least used to) often keep them on keychains and stuff!
  • you can make it yourself or have someone make it for you!
  • you can make it up to 4 different colors, but if you want it all the same you can do that! (though i wouldn’t recommend it it’d make it hard to see what you’re doing), 2 colors, or 3 colors!
  • if you get tired of making it, (with this size, the 2-strand kind doesn’t do this), you can just set it down! if you’ve pulled it tight, it won’t undo itself! i left mine overnight! you can also be done making it any time and just finish early with a shorter thing!
  • making it is also stimmy!
  • it’s pretty

Cons to this stim toy:

  • very easy to mess up making (though easy to fix the mistake!)
  • you have to make it yourself (or convince someone else to
  • hurts your fingers if you work on it too long without breaks :(
  • (could also be a pro, it is for me) when you bend it it’ll probably make a noise and when you chew on it it’ll probably make a noise
  • smells like plastic :( i didn’t notice it tasting like plastic but if ur sensitive to flavors please be careful


I have officially reached over 500 followers and I’m still in shock. Seriously, this means so much to me and I’m grateful for every single follower that likes what I post. You guys are awesome and I really love talking to you all :) Btw, if anyone ever wants to talk, just send me a message. I love getting to know you guys! Now onto the follow forever. These are my favorite blogs/favorite people on here, so you should definitely follow them! Some are mutuals and some are not, so if you see your name on this post and have no idea who I am: hi, I’m Sarah and I love your blog haha <3 Once again, thank you for everything!  


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So, so sorry if I forgot anyone! I love you all so much, and thank you! <3

seriously, I don’t want to ruin your future or all your projects, but Ashton is in love with Bryana and they’re together and happy and who knows what future could give to them. Just accept that, and it shouldn’t even be hard because he will probably never fall in love with you. And I’m not being rude, I’m just trying to make you understand that hating so much on a couple, on two people who fell in love with each other, who are young and free to love and do whatever the fuck they want, will not make you a cooler person.
This shouldn’t be so hard to understand because I believe everyone is intelligent, so if you are, show it to yourself and to the world. Thanks.

Whenever self-righteous Christians claim they invented and defined marriage and therefore get to dictate its terms, I just want to beat them unconscious with a history textbook