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I dont know you, but for me it looked like Kaneki was a little disappointed when he tought he was overthinking things, like, he ran to her room at the sound of the word "kid" just to ask her if she was ok (I seriously want a boyfriend like him 🙊) a part of me likes to think that he actually hoped that she was pregnant


I WAS THINKING THE EXACT SAME THING ANON (!!!) i even mentioned this on twitter.

maybe i’m overseeing things… but to me, this is not the face of a man who’s relieved and happy to know that his girlfriend isn’t pregnant as he suspected. 

considering how dangerous it would be to have a child right now (apart from the biologic implications..) he should be jumping out of happiness to know that “she’s not” pregnant, he doesn’t look worried either… i don’t know, but i see disappointment in his eyes? a bit of sadness? maybe his reaction won’t be as bad as we thought it could be (or maybe he doesn’t know shit about biology&thinks the baby will be born just fine..) but like… imagine how touka would feel if she knows he’s not sad or angry about it? she’s been so worried to put that weight on his shoulders bc she knows how busy and stressed he is, i totally understand her fear and keeping this as a secret for now.. just imagine the spark of happiness that we can have 😭  *ignores centipede+toukareadingthereport+kaneki’seyebags+mutsuki+everythingelse*


Another possibility for Bakugou’s hero name I enjoy a lot, tbh


Harry shaking my life while making his shake.
ffs why is he so distracting?

I need to draw Nino more often (pls excuse the shitty design, i just picture peacock! nino as someone who takes superheroing as serious business/ a chance for people to take him seriously)

what i wanted focus on that was the eyes, specifically the sclera.

ive notices how most peacock designs dont incorporate the black sclera that duusuu has.

i mean come on i cant be the only one …

he and chat could be the colored/ odd sclera bros

“But right now, belief is all I am.”

Did y’all see the Doctor draw strength from River’s words. Her beliefs about him, is who he wanted to be. And it saved him. 

I can’t do this no mo.

I like to imagine a future where shao understands he is worthy of love, a future where he doesn’t have to hide his feelings, doesn’t have to be defensive about everything, doesn’t feel like he has to fight against the whole world. I like to imagine shao finding a boy who loves and supports and cares about him, a boy who shows shao he can be soft, can be loving, can be protective without being agressive, a boy who makes shao want to scream to the sky that he loves him, who makes shao feel like there is nothing wrong with being who he is and loving who he loves. I like to imagine a future where shao talks to zeke and the boys everyday, they still love hanging out and making music together. a future where he’s made peace with mylene and they’re always mocking zeke. a future where he and his boy love to go to clubs with dizzee and thor and they always end the night writing on the walls because old habits die hard. a future where shao still has fears, he still has nightmares about les inferno and fat annie, but he’s learnt to put all the emotions on his music and his art, so they can become something beautiful. a future where shao is as happy as he deserves to be.

URGENT: Cat Foster Needed

Since y’all have been the most incredible people in regards to helping me with my cat’s medical problems earlier this year, I’m hoping someone will help me with this in the next week–

I am in between places to live at the moment, and while my brother and sister-in-law have been wonderful humans in terms of looking after Henry for the past month, their own cat has not been getting along with Henry and so, since I can’t blame them, they want Henry moved out of their place by June 10th.

Which puts me in a pickle, since Henry can’t come with me where I currently live due to allergies.

So. If you live near Chicago/anywhere in the Midwest and are willing to foster a cat for a few weeks until I move to a place where I can have Henry with me, PLEASE let me know. I’m literally willing to drive Henry to wherever he’ll be looked after and, if you know anything about me, you know that I love Henry infinitely more than I love any human, so. 

Please let me know, and please reblog this to spread the word.

This cat is the love and light of my life, and I sincerely need help to make sure he’s looked after.

Please let me know.

Omg I am so late for @lanceweek ! Free day was a good opportunity so I coloured my entry for @voltroncoloringbook

Yeah, Lance and Blue again nobody can stop me
Mini lions would be super cute !  💙


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

so my darling bf @howtheskycries sent me this shirt which exists in real life:

and said “Au where everything is the same but rhys wears this shirt instead of his other one.

and I couldn’t stop laughing. Naturally, I had to draw him in it.

I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING. Rhys tries to justify this by saying he’s tired of cutting holes in all his shirts. It gives his arm more freedom.

I am still pretty rubbish at drawing bodies and clothing, but I tried to model Rhys’ face after the way @lutnik draws him! I am obsessed with their art style. Even though it seems they don’t use tumblr anymore, you should seriously check their work out (:


I relate to Keith cause

  • hasn’t touched a hairbrush in 5+ years
  • he flirts by purposefully going where he knows his crush will be, only to ignore them when they try to talk to him
  • on a similar note stares intently at his crush when they aren’t looking and feigns surprise when they approach him (oh i didn’t even notice you were here)
  • tries to be an emotionless husk but has a million feelings and the worst poker face
  • mixed race/nationality and he emo about it
  • hates doing what others tell him to do. but hates the idea of himself telling others what to do even more (still manages to be low key bossy tho?)
  • does something stupid on impulse. *consequences happen* ???????
  • his feelings dictate 99% of his actions
  • crusty af
  • paranoid as hell
  • that kid in class all the other kids hate because he’s homies with the teacher
  • naturally inclined to be good at school
  • but then grows up and doesn’t even know how to like do taxes or like… socialize
  • horrible fashion sense
  • dumb, really niche sense of humor
  • has to have normal jokes explained to him
  • even when he thinks stuff is funny sometimes he doesn’t laugh and he can’t fake laughter so he just sits there smiling to himself
  • high key a hermit
  • only has like 6 friends
  • gets attached to friends really quickly and gets bummed out when they don’t seem as attached to him as he is (so he masks it behind his emo so they don’t notice but they all know)
  • would protect them with his life in a heartbeat but play it off later like it was nothing
  • easily jealous but just pouts and broods on his own instead of doing anything about it
  • horrible case of one-track-mind like the dude cannot multitask
  • a shack in the desert is like #dreamhome
  • hates admitting he’s wrong
  • doesn’t like when people make fun of him but when he claps back it only makes ppl tease him more
  • easily riled up and goaded into doing stupid shit
  • crosses his arms all the time because he doesnt know what else to do with them
  • once his head hits the pillow, it’s lights out OR stays up until 4 AM obsessing over something someone said to him in passing earlier that day
  • constantly having existential crises
  • wants to fight everything he sees but severely overestimates himself
  • voice cracks when he’s emotional (which is always)
  • (oh and loVES LANCE. WOULD DIE FOR HIM.)


Honestly? Jin and Jimin are /adults/. They’re not catty teenage girls going behind each others backs and insulting each other, this was a part of a /game/, where the point is to roast someone basically.

Obviously, no one is trying to say that the statement that Jin made was okay or not uncalled for in any way (it personally made me cringe, and yeah, I’d rather it not have been said). But to criticize those kinds of statements means you should criticize them when they’re being used against anyone, including the /countless/ times they were used against other members i.e. Jin.

Going back to the adult thing, Jin and Jimin work and live together, and have for almost 5+ years. All of the boys are very close, and if there is an issue, I am sure at this point they are mature enough to address it with one another and talk it out.