seriously i stared at this picture forever trying to understand it

I’m In Love With My Best Friend – Cody Christian Imagine

Requested by Anon: Could you write an imagine where you told your sister that you have a boyfriend so she’d stop trying to set you up with guys, but now she’s coming to visit for surprise and you need a fake boyfriend during your sister’s visit so you ask Cody (your best friend) to pretendbe your boyfriend and everything seems goes right until the act stop being act?

Word Count: 3,141

Warnings: None other than Cody saying a curse word, ha. Fluff?

Author’s Note: Y/S/N = Your Sister’s Name. I did this because in previous imagines where I’ve named a sibling or best friend, some of y’all have mentioned it was weird to read your own name. So I decided to let y’all use your actual sister’s name or come up with the name yourselves if you don’t have a sister.

Also, I sneaked in a line from Gilmore Girls. I wonder if anyone can point it out.

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

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“Come on. Come on. Come on.” Y/N whispered repeatedly as the phone rang. She paced back and forth in her bedroom, hoping her best friend would answer. “Pick up the damn ph-”

The sound of her best friend’s groggy and sleepy voice interrupted her rambling. “Hello?”

“It’s about time! Why aren’t you answering your phone? I only called you like a hundred times! I could have been dying and-“

Cody noticed the nervous rush in her voice and rubbed this tired eyes. He cleared his throat before he interrupted her. "Okay, first of all I was filming all night and I just got home a couple of hours ago. Second of all, you’re obviously not dying so this better be good, because as much as I love ya, you know I get cranky when I don’t get enough sleep. Lastly, breathe. Just breathe,” he inhaled and exhaled, which Y/N mimicked, making her feel a little better.

“Now tell me what’s wrong?” He asked groggily yet genuinely concerned at the same time.

“I lied to my sister,” she started as she finally sat on the edge of her bed.

“About…?” He trailed.

“That I had a boyfriend. I only did it so she would stop setting me up with all these guys she knew. I thought my plan would work,” she continued.

Cody hummed, following along with her story with his eyes closed. “I remember you told me that. So, what’s the problem?" 

"The idiot decided to surprise me by coming into town without any warning! Now she’s on her way here, because not only does she miss me, but also because she wants to meet my boyfriend of two months…” she trailed for a second, silently praying Cody would agree to the favor she was about to ask him. “So, I was hoping if you could come over and play the part.”

Cody’s eyes flew wide open. He heard what she said but he still had a hard time believing it. “Come again?” He asked, needing confirmation.

“I need you to be my fake boyfriend for my sister,” she explained as she fiddled with the hem of her shirt nervously. “I promise you, I’ll get you a gift card for Chipotle that will last you for at least three months,” she bargained knowing Chipotle was Cody’s weakness.

Cody quickly sat up, “I’m getting in the shower right now and I’ll meet you at your place.”

Y/N smiled widely. “Seriously, you are the best. Thank you so much.”

“Hey, you know I’d do anything for you,” Cody smiled back even though she couldn’t see him. “What time will your sister get there?“ 

"She said she was about 2 hours away,” she answered.

“Alright, I’ll get there before she does,” he said as he walked into his bathroom. “Hey, Y/N?”


“Don’t forget the gift card,” Cody smiled as Y/N laughed.

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Summary: Jughead Jones, facing the reality of having nowhere to stay anymore when the Drive-In gets shut down, finds temporary shelter at the Blue & Gold office. But what happens when an upset Betty Cooper catches him on the act?

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(Sooooo, I’m watching Riverdale and my feels about Bughead are over the moon!! And now that we learnt some bits and pieces about his life and that he doesn’t have a house anymore (my heart is broken, I just love Jughead) I had no other choice but to write this, hope you all like guys!!!)

Jughead knew the routine by now. Scrunched down and trying to make his trademark combat boots as soundless as possible, the raven haired boy cautiously popped his head from the corner he was hiding, icy blue eyes scanning the empty corridor in from of him. A quarter to nine, the great clock over the entrance of Riverdale High informed him and he slightly frowned, biting anxiously on his down lip and drumming his slender fingers on the tiled wall next to him in anticipation. Radio commercials along with the icky sound of track soles stepping on wet floor could be heard faintly inside the now lifeless school building, a tell-tale sign that his misery for the day will soon be over and Jughead could be nothing but relieved about it. He was tired and even more so mentally tired, with all the small town drama and its joke of residents as well as his spiraling thoughts about his novel and the newfound reality he had to adjust to, that being his current situation of well, yeah, being homeless, plus the here and there thoughts about a certain girl next door, a girl he knew all his life and a girl he always knew belonged to his best friend, that lately seemed to invade his mind an awful more lot. Yeah, Jughead needed a place to lie down, even if that was the dusty floor of the Blue & Gold.

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Can’t Help Falling in Love

Character: Jungkook - BTS
Genre: Angst
AU: Fuckboy!Jungkook
Authors Note: You all have Challenge Anon to thank for this. <3 Also, please don’t ask for a part two as I won’t be writing one.

Enjoy and let me know what you think! ^^

- Admin T

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anonymous asked:

Good night! :) The request are still open? Maybe can I ask some HC, please? I've got this idea for a time and... How do you think the RFA boys + V & Saeran react to a Fem!S/O who's always been treated like a man for her family and friends? Like she talks, dress, act and treat other people like a man, but gets all shy and blush when her S/O treats her like a female because she thinks that she's not pretty enough to use dresses and stuff like that. Maybe a little bit of nsfw in this? Thank u!!

Good night/day to you, anon :) And of course, you can request things! My ask box is always open!! 

I hope I got your request right - it’s like a…”tomboy” mc, yeah? ahh I’ll try my best, please let me know if I read your request wrong ^^;; I hope you enjoy anyways! And for you, a little nsfw thrown in~ 

alSO I know anon said the rfa boys, but I can’t leave my wife out so she’s in a separate post! edit: which is now [here]!!!

nsfw-ish! (tbh it’s not that nsfw but i tr ied) 


  • it never really occurred to yoosung that mc wasn’t very ‘feminine’, but he did realize the only time he saw her in a dress was at the party
  • which was totally her choice, but it was also how she acted
  • she seemed to always try to be tough, taking on things she probably shouldn’t be doing but again, go her! 
  • but he felt bad that she wanted to carry all those heavy boxes and such
  • then when they went shopping one day, he saw her eyeing this dress 
  • he asks her about it and she says no, which made him pout
  • they left without that dress but he was determined to get it for he did, surprise! 
  • mc grinned at first but then got all shy and asked him why he bought it
  • “Because you wanted it! I could tell..I just..thought you would like it..” what an angel
  • she tells him that yes! she does like it, but she doesn’t think she could pull it off *confused yoosung noises*
  • “honey, you’re beautiful!!” she gets even more blushy and shakes her head 
  • yoosung literally attacks her with kisses until she’s all giggly - kissing her face, neck, and to her shoulders, that they end up on the couch
  •  “come on, hun. how am I beautiful? I never wear dresses!” “you’re beautiful no matter what you wear-even wearing nothing, I want you to wear whatever you want”
  • this whole time, he’s like on top of her on the couch
  • “even wearing nothing?…” mc asks, smiling up at him. he blushes. 
  • “yes. and i’ll show you.” and boy oh boy he does

707 / Luciel / Saeyoung

  • saeyoung kinda knew what was going on, but really found out when he was trying to convince her to cosplay with him
  • “but mc, it would be so fun!!” “but saeyoung, you want to put me in a dress.” 
  • *pouts* “but you’ve seen me in a dress..” “that’s not the point”
  • “please please?? i won’t show anyone or take pictures and even put it on myself!” to really prove it, he throws on a dress himself
  • mc finally agrees 
  • he lets her pick the dress, but doesn’t let her lift a finger after that 
  • helps her undress and even put the other dress on 
  • mc is all blushy 1. from the undressing and 2. from wearing the dress
  • saeyoung grins at her when he’s done and ends up staring a bit
  • mc blushes more, “saeyoung, you’re staring..” “well…you’re hot”
  • “you’re ridiculous” “no seriously. I admit that I glanced a little while helping you” “sAEYOUNG”
  • “I mean, I can return the favor” and he literally takes his dress off right there
  • wow mc is red 
  • and now he starts pointing out his physical insecurities, all of which mc finds ridiculous he looks so good
  • she can’t help herself and starts kissing to what he points to 
  • and now her dress is off and he’s doing the same for her 
  • at the end of that, they look at each other until saeyoung pulls her into a deep kiss
  • guess we’ll have to cosplay another day


  • they were looking through his old costumes and some of them were a little, uh, revealing not anywhere bad geez i mean they were ripped
  • mc is kind of amazed. she asks how he wears them without being so self-conscious 
  • turns out he has a process, it’s not just his ego my boy here has his share of  insecurities 
  • she tries that process one day with a dress when he wasn’t home
  • but he got home early !! and saw her !!! 
  • obviously zen thinks she looks like The Most Beautiful Person Ever 
  • but mc blushes and runs to the closet to hide 
  • “babe! where are you going? that dress looks great on you!” 
  • “no it doesn’t, zen! stop it. I’m just gonna wear jeans forever, even to the party.”  what a dramatic couple 
  • he convinces her to come out of the closet, the dress still on
  •  but she has he arms crossed and is all pouty and not looking at him
  • luckily, he knows exactly what to do
  • he takes one of her hands and kisses from her hand to her shoulder, whispering little compliments until he gets to the other one 
  • and the next thing she knows, he’s doing that for everything?? 
  • her face, stomach, chest, even her legs hahahah i love the body worship hc 
  • and now she’s blushing for a whole other reason…which zen also takes care of ;))


  • oh boy
  • this man wants to spoil mc with dresses, but she never wears them 
  • he asks about that at dinner one night
  • and mc spills that she thinks she’s not pretty enough to wear dresses and it’s so much easier to just…be not feminine 
  • he understands, a little
  • and you know, he could just.. tell her that he thinks she’s beautiful and that she could try wearing dresses if she wanted to 
  • but noooo 
  • this man had to buy her a bunch to tell her
  • mc is shocked when she got home 
  • “i just..” jumin starts, “I think you’re beautiful, and I want you to feel comfortable in whatever you wear. So I thought we’d practice, just here”
  • she indulges him and they have a mini fashion show that’s just her 
  • jumin is there like “wow my wife is amazing”
  • she starts getting more confident at like, the 6th dress but she also starts getting tired
  • so they take a break, she sits next to him on their bed
  • he pulls her over and makes her look at him
  • “see, my love? you’re beautiful in anything..” mc smiles “which was your favorite?” she asks 
  • “this one.” he answers, “because I’m taking it off”

V / Jihyun

  • also pretty much doesn’t care and actually didn’t notice she never wore dresses (ps this baby got the surgery here he deserves this)
  • until he asked her to do a photoshoot with him! 
  • he get so excited about backgrounds and outfits its so cute
  • but mc starts getting shy and of course, he notices  
  • so he asks her about it 
  • and looking into his eyes, mc has to tell the truth i couldn’t lie to him either tbh
  • he listens and smiles at her softly when she finishes talking
  • “oh, can wear absolutely anything you want and if you don’t want to wear dresses, you don’t have to.” 
  • however, she decides to wear one. Just for him and the photoshoot
  • she surprises him when she comes out of the changing room and V is like, in awe 
  • he thinks she is amazing! wonderful! and he lets her know! 
  • *cue blushy mc* *and grinny jihyun*
  • he gives her a kiss for the surprise and wants to give her like, thousands more
  • but since he’s not that into pda, he takes her into the dressing room to shower her with kisses
  • and then mc says she’s “uncomfortable” in the dress again and that she needs his help “taking it off” bad mc
  • thank god he has his own studio 


  • my bean here gives no fucks 
  • mc is thankful bc she’s so comfortable around him and can do whatever 
  • until the rest of the rfa tells her she has to wear a dress for the party
  • so she tells him to complain a little, but she’s still gonna do it
  • “i think it’d be nice to see you in a dress. different, but nice”
  • aw damn, now she really has to 
  • they go shopping together, saeran picks a really pretty one and she loves it
  • but in the dressing room, she doesn’t think she looks that good
  • “hey, mc! do you need any help in there or?” he calls out
  • “uh, no thank you..I don’t think I’m gonna get it though, Saeran”
  • “why? let me see.” and so he comes in 
  • he tilts his head “you look great in it, why don’t you want it?”
  • she gives him the mini explanation given their whereabouts
  • he frowns and turns them to face the mirror again 
  • “look, I think you look beautiful in this dress. and I know the rest of the rfa will, too. if you really don’t want to wear it, I’ll tell them myself, but if you like it, get it.”
  • both of them are blushing now, but saeran means it
  • and she buys it. they walk out of the store holding hands
  • look i have a hc that saeran is ace so…. 
You bring me home (Part 5)-Newt Series

A/N: Here we are, my loves. I loved writing this, seriously. I live for war romances. ❤️

For those wanting to catch up go: Here

~War series~

Weeks had gone by since Newt arrived at the medic center, and everyday that flew by just brought you both closer together. He had slowly opened up, speaking of his family, his school days, and his interest in creatures. Though, when you pressed him for more details about them he seemed to leave out quite a bit. You couldn’t understand why, of all things to hide, animal knowledge seemed quite tame. But, you stopped bugging him about it, and instead enjoyed the conversations you both had during your breaks.

“Dear god, I’ve gone and trapped myself again, haven’t I?”

The soldier chuckled at your words, looking over the board at you as he debated his next move. You both knew he was going to win, as he always did, but you’d like to think you’ve gotten better at it. Playing chess with him was something that made the times easier, and it was a good distraction for the both of you.


Newt reached over, grabbing his piece and slowly drawing it forward, his fingers slipping over your own as he stopped on your side of the board. At his soft touch you looked up, meeting his beautiful green eyes as he stared at you. It felt like forever, just the two of you glancing at each other, as if the conversation was still going on in your head’s. But, as time ticked by he finally smiled, letting his fingers purposely slide against yours in a slow manner before he knocked your chess piece down.


You laughed joyfully at his victorious smile, and you clapped your hands together as you admitted defeat.

“I do believe I’ve lost every match, Mr. Scamander.”

“There’s always next time, Y/N.”

He settled back into his seat, clearly enjoying your company. He had grown accustomed to your presence every day, and whenever you were absent he found himself completely lost on what to do. It was frightening at times for him, because out there in the trenches, there wasn’t much time to worry about anything but staying alive. And now…now he found himself aching for the company of his nurse, and when you weren’t around he laid in bed, trying not to lose his mind.

“Oh, it’s time to prepare meals. I’ll be a moment.”

You glanced up at the clock, panic setting in when you realized you were behind your schedule. Time always went by fast when in Newt’s company, but neglecting your duties to the other soldiers wasn’t acceptable.


Newt reached for your hand, grabbing it gently as he looked up at you. He wasn’t even sure why he did that, but his mind told him to stop you, to try and keep you near because it was a rare comfort for him.

He didn’t say anything else, but you could tell by the look in his eyes what he wanted. You smiled, giving his hand a soft squeeze before letting it go and apologizing.

“I’m sorry, I’ll be back shortly. I promise.”

The soldier just released you, watching you go down the hall, his heart already beginning to ache from the loneliness.

“Merlin’s beard…”

He rubbed his face, trying to regain whatever dignity he felt he lost just then. Yet, he couldn’t deny what he felt, seeing you leave was something that set many alarms off in his head, and he wanted to jump out of his chair and go after you. But, he resigned himself to writing instead, hoping somehow this would quell the ache inside.


“Alright, soldier, I have your lun-”

You stopped just at his bed, frowning when you saw him hunched over his desk, quill moving quickly across the parchment. He took one glance at you, then hid the letter under a book, smiling to try and defuse the situation.

“You’re back.”

With a disappointed look, you set his tray down on the edge of the bed, taking a seat next to it as you stirred his soup.

“Mr. Scamander, we’ve know one another for a long time now, you don’t need to hide such things from me.”

The corner of his lips turned up into a grin, and he played with the end of his quill as he spoke truthfully to you.

“It’s not what you think.”

“And what do I think?”

You knew though, what he meant. That somehow he started writing to that girl, Leta, again. It had been a good while since you saw him pen that name, and you had just assumed perhaps that woman had left him. That she grew tired of waiting back home for a man who wouldn’t likely come back anytime soon. And yet, the same conclusion always came back. How could anyone be foolish enough to leave a man like Newt? He was entirely too perfect for words sometimes, and he held a kindness in his eyes you hadn’t seen in any man for quite some time.

Newt leaned forward in his chair, placing a hand over your thigh as he traced the patterns on your dress.

“This isn’t a nurses outfit.”

“My other one was covered in-….well, this was the only thing I could find.”

Newt trailed his eyes along your clothing, taking in all the details. He wanted to etch a perfect picture in his mind of you, something to keep him sane during the lonely nights he was likely to experience once again.

“Mr. Scamander-”


You smiled weakly at him, letting go of the spoon and cupping his cheek instead. “Don’t change the subject.”

He chuckled, sinking back into his chair as he ran a hand through his clean cut hair.

“As I said, it’s not what you think.”

“Then why are you hiding it?”

Before he could respond, the hospital director came rushing down the hall, waving you over in a panic.

“Y/N! New injured, come on!”

She ran back down the other way, her hair a mess, and clothing completely drenched in sweat and blood. Your heart began to race, and you rose without a second thought, leaving Newt once again.


“Yes, Sir.”

“Then you have your orders, Scamander. I suggest you ready yourself immediately. You’re being thrown into the eastern front.”

Newt saluted to his superior, standing at attention until the man sauntered back down the hall. He felt that familiar dread fill him, and as he looked down at the uniform set neatly on his bed he thought of you and only of you.


You turned the corner of the medical unit, sweat dripping down your brow as exhaustion began to overtake you. But, you weren’t quite done yet, there was still a few hours left in the day, and at least one of them could be spent with Newt.

As you walked down the hallway, smoothing out your smock, you glanced up stopping dead in your tracks when you came face to face with the very soldier you meant to see. Newt stood at his desk, placing his hat on his head, his eyes now meeting your own tear filled ones.

He offered you a sincere smile, and it was that moment that you understood how badly you wanted him to stay here, to never leave and be safe right next to you. You couldn’t help him out there, if he got injured, there was absolutely nothing you could possibly do to make it better, and that thought frightened you.

He grabbed the letter from his desk, and with a brisk pace he moved towards you, his boots scuffing across the ground.


“You’re leaving…”

You choked back your sobs, a painful tightening feeling developing in your chest as you did. But, crying wasn’t going to solve anything, and if this would be the last time you see him…well, you needed to be braver for him.

Newt nodded down at you, trying to remain positive as he brushed a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“Eastern front.”

You looked up at him, lifting a hand towards his face but at the last minute you lost all your resolve and you simply laid it against his jacket. You traced the metal of his many pins, trying to distract yourself from the idea of losing him.

“Mr. Scamander…”


He brought his hand up, holding it over your own that was clutching tightly to him, and rubbed his thumb over your knuckles, trying to offer some comfort. But, there wasn’t much else he could do now. He would be leaving tonight, that much was certain, no matter how desperately he wanted to stay with you.


His name escaped your lips in a broken cry, and you walked forward, laying your forehead against his strong chest. His warmth enveloped you, creating a sensation that managed to bring you ease for once. It took all your strength not to break down and cry, to hold him and beg him to stay, but when he slowly wrapped an arm around you, that was it.


Newt sighed deeply, resting his chin atop your head as he took you into his arms. This contact was foreign to him, at least as far as he could remember. He hadn’t been this close to anyone in years, and just the feeling of your body clinging to him was enough to make him grit his teeth and fight back the tears that threatened to fall.

“I’m so sorry.”

He pulled back from you, smiling as best he could under the circumstances. He fished through his jacket, pulling out the letter and placing it into your hands.

“Please make sure that reaches her. It’s important.”

Despite your emotions, you simply nodded, wanting to give him some hope even if it was sending out a letter to another woman that seemed to have his full affections.

Newt let out a soft chuckle, wiping a few of your tears away before leaning down and kissing your cheek. His lips lingered there for a moment, but whatever he was thinking he decided against it.

“Don’t read it.”

Even through all your blushing, you looked up at his handsome face, wondering why he’d say such a thing. It’s not like you ever peered into his other letters, you always took them to the post, and that was it. But, when you noticed the grin on his features, something told you he wanted you to do the exact opposite.


He walked passed you, turning one last time with a small smile before heading towards the many other soldiers ready to be shipped out once again. Your eyes never left his back, and you stood silent there in the hall until he was just a memory again. Hopelessness filled your mind, and you sank back into his bed, feeling like your whole world was swept from under you. You traced the wax seal on his letter, and when you turned it over your eyes widened.

There, in his handwriting, was your name. Not Theseus, not Leta, yours. With the quickest of movements, you broke the seal, and hastily opened the parchment.

“Ms. Y/N,

I do believe I’ve grown quite fond of you over these weeks, perhaps even more than I care to admit…words cannot express my gratitude for your most gracious care. So, allow me to just say, thank you.

If I had not bore witness to your pretty face every morning, with a tray of awful food in hand, I might’ve very well lost my mind.

Even now, you think this letter to be for another, my apologies for hiding it. I assure you, this woman you believe to be my sweetheart couldn’t be any less so…I really can’t say much of her now days. People change…I’ve changed.

I owe that to you. To you, who has given me the strength to continue, and to have something…someone, to return to once this war is over. If you’ll have me…

May we meet again, under far better circumstances.

Newt Scamander

P.S. Do practice your chess, you’re quite awful at it.”


Please do give feedback if you can!!!! ❤️

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Haikyuu LATE NIGHT Airport Headcanons

I was people watching at the airport at like 1 AM and decided to make this for fun! Sorry they’re so random.


•If he has a coffee in his hands at all times, he will stay awake and alert

•If he doesn’t have his coffee he will be a hot (and annoying, according to Iwa chan) mess

Must be the prettiest person in the entire airport

•Does not grasp the concept of waiting in line.

•Loves flying at night because he feels closer to space

•Lets Iwa chan sleep on his shoulder and pretends like its no big deal

•It’s a big deal


•The Sprinter™

•Ends up on the opposite side of the airport for layovers and does crazy stunts to avoid running into people

•Is awake when he has to be, but is otherwise completely tuned out staring at the floor

•Always ends up carrying all of Oikawa’s luggage but never knowing why or how

•Can still beat Makki at arm wrestling even when he’s half asleep

•Is clingy when he’s tired


•Will fight everyone

•Angry and tired

•Is always late to everything no matter how early he leaves

•Will not hesitate to throw tantrums

•As soon as 2 AM hits he turns into that one person un-ironically singing 2010 pop songs in public


•Craves silence

•Doesn’t speak

•Seems awake and normal but is actually contemplating the inevitability of death in his head

•Once tied his and Makki’s wrists together so they wouldn’t get lose each other (the plan backfired when they both got lost and couldn’t find their gate)


•Emotionally distressed

•Cries when he has to wait in line

•Everything bad somehow always happens to him (ex: How the second his flight gets in all of the airport stores decide to close at the same time)

•Has lost his suitcase 8/10 times

•Uses Kenma as a pillow

•Seriously he always hangs on him all the time if Kenma isn’t near him he gets panicky

•"What do you mean it’s not socially acceptable to sleep on the airport floor where else am I gonna sleep?!“

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Ease - Part 2



Length: 2.4k

SummaryYou and your best friend Taehyung have recently got into the same university in the capital of Seoul. Hoping that this was your year to finally admit your romantic feelings towards your said best friend, uni seems an exciting prospect. But of course, the future never really goes according to plan.

A/N: Whenever there’s a word in italics and in bold, it means you’re speaking in English :)

1 ♡ 2 ♡ 3 4 5 ♡ 6 7 ♡ 8 ♡ 9 ♡ 10 11 ♡ 12 ♡ 13 ♡ 14 ♡ 15 ♡ 16 ♡ 17 ♡ 18 ♡ 19 - End ♡ Moodboard

Tapping your foot, you checked your phone for what seemed to be the hundredth time. What’s taking you so long, Tae?

Just as this thought popped into your head, a familiar honey smell filled your nostrils. Taehyung sat down sheepishly opposite you, giving you an apologetic grin.

You cocked an eyebrow. “So you text me asking if we can meet up at this café which you found, and you arrive 20 minutes late?”

“Better late than never,” said Taehyung, cheekily looking out the window with a smirk plastered over his face. He’s an idiot. “So,” he continued, turning his attention back to you and letting his eyes trail over your choice of outfit, “I see that you’ve already adopted the student life.”

“Oh, buzz off,” you replied, not all that seriously. “I only wore sweatpants because I thought I was going to be late. Turns out I needn’t have rushed,” you added, just to make Taehyung that extra bit guilty. You weren’t really that mad at him; in fact, you could rarely be mad at Taehyung. He always found a way to make you smile again, despite getting on your nerves almost daily.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving your look… which reminds me!”

With his eyes lighting up, Taehyung reached into his bag and pulled out a small white box with a picture of a man with orange hair on the front.


Please don’t let it be what I think it is.

“Could you help me dye my hair orange?”

You stayed silent, trying to ignore the puppy dog eyes that Taehyung was now giving you. However, Taehyung was hard to ignore.

“Please, please, please,” he begged, reaching across the café table to grab your hand tightly. “I’ll love you forever if you do!”

You looked down to where your hands were now entwined, his warmth sending warm rushes of heat up into your arm. You could feel your heart melting and yourself giving into his wishes, but you kept your gaze firmly on your hands. The control Taehyung had over you was terrifying; was that all it took? A simple touch to win you over so easily?

Taehyung’s voice grew soft and gentle. “Y/N? It’s okay if you don’t want to, I could probably manage it myself…”

You finally looked up and met his gaze, and to no surprise, a mischievous glint twinkled in his eyes, despite wearing a solemn face.

Shaking your head out of your stupor, you mumbled, “Yes, it’s fine, Tae. I’ll help you.”

Taehyung’s smile returned, lighting up his features. “Your place or mine?”

“Yours,” you replied quickly, your mind still half-focused on the fact that Taehyung hadn’t let go of your hand. “My housemates are… funny.”

A girl, supposedly one of your new housemates, opened the door to your share house. Her expression matched her clothing style: uninterested and dull.

“Come in,” she said in a bored tone. “I take it you’re Y/N. Back of the room, door on the left. No noise after 10pm, switch off electronics when you’re not using them, and no boys.”

Without another word, the girl turned on her heel and disappeared into the house.

Feeling quite shocked at your abrupt meeting, you stepped inside and made your way to your room, making sure to put on your house slippers before going anywhere near the clean wooden floor.

Dumping your stuff down, you flopped onto your bed and stared up at the ceiling, hoping that your other two housemates were more welcoming. The silence of the house was unnerving, and it made you wish you were living with Taehyung instead of random strangers. Neither set of parents agreed to you two living together, and no landlord or landlady allowed mixed gender residents anyway.

Sighing, you picked up your phone to see unread messages from Taehyung.

TaeTae [4:52]
so far so good – housemates seem nice, my room doesn’t smell like rotting food and I can see a food shop from my window

TaeTae [5:13]
I’m already invited to a party!!! do you want to come?

You sighed, throwing your phone down next to you. Taehyung was already going to a party when you hadn’t even spoken one word to the people you were living with. Listening to the occasional car go by on the road outside, you felt the familiar stone grow in your chest, the same one you got when Taehyung used to talk about his high school crush. Was it loneliness or jealously? You couldn’t tell anymore.

Picking up your phone, you wrote out a text to Taehyung.

You [6:01]
count me in.

“Hold still, Tae!”

“You’re getting water in my eye!”

“I wouldn’t be if you had stayed still. Also, close your eyes you moron.

“What did you just call me?”

“What, moron?”

“If you’re going to insult me, say it in a language I understand.”

Rolling your eyes, you continued raking your fingers through Taehyung’s hair, using the shower head to wash out the remains of the shop-bought hair dye. You had come over to Taehyung’s new house and immediately ruined their towels by leaving bright orange streaks on at least three.

“All done,” you announced, ripping off your gloves and turning off the water.

“Finally,” grumbled Taehyung, slowly standing up and rubbing his back after being hunched over the bath tub.

Grabbing a towel, he began to work on drying his hair while you made your way to his bedroom. It was a decent size for a student, and although Taehyung had only moved in a few days ago, already the room felt like his. You sat down on his unmade bed, letting yourself be comforted by the sight of his familiar possessions. After a couple of gruelling days trying to talk to your new housemates, it was nice to be surrounded by a piece of home again.

The girl you met on your first day, Yeona, was no different the next day. You had come out your room to go on a large shopping trip to find Yeona sitting at the table in the kitchen area, her hair loosely tied back and wearing a baggy shirt.

“Good morning,” you had said shyly.

Yeona turned around to see who had spoken, and after catching a glimpse of you standing behind her, she replied with a ‘morning’ before turning back to sip her coffee and continue her book.

One of your housemates hadn’t turned up yet for this term, and the other girl, Jiwon, stayed in her room most of the time, too busy with her work. So no new friends there then.

Taehyung appeared in the doorway of his bedroom, his hair looking wild but almost dry. And very orange.

“Yah, what do you think?”

You stared at the mop of orange, a smile tugging at your lips. It should’ve looked bad, and on anyone else, it would have. But honestly, it suited Taehyung, matching his bright personality and brilliant grin down to the T.

“You look great, Tae,” you said truthfully, biting your lip as he ruffled his hair into place.

“Do I look handsome now?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows at you.

“Sorry Taehyung. Still a long way off that title.”


At that precise moment, you heard loud voices enter the house, saving you from Taehyung’s ruthless tongue.

“My housemates are back,” he said happily. “Come on Y/N, come meet them!”

Taehyung’s housemates couldn’t have been more different from yours. There was Namjoon, a clever boy who welcomed you as if you were an old friend; Jungkook, a younger, more shy boy with an innocent face but a wicked sense of humour; and Jin, the oldest, who honestly looked like a model but had the lamest jokes.

“If you ever need anything, Y/N, feel free to come round at any time,” Namjoon said kindly, as Jungkook put an arm around your neck.

“Yeah, we prefer you over Taehyung any day.”

“You’re a whole lot prettier, too,” added Jin.

“Okay Y/N,” interrupted Taehyung, ignoring the laughter from the other boys, “why don’t we explore the campus? We could sign up to a few clubs if you want?”

Knowing Taehyung was getting embarrassed, you accepted the arm he extended to you and together you headed towards the campus grounds.

It was a nice sunny day, with the gentle breeze playing with your hair as you walked. Breathing in the aromas of the city around you, you felt the most comforted you’d been since you arrived in Seoul. You turned to look at Taehyung, watching the sunlight sharpen his jawline and making his orange hair shine.

You knew that moving to the same university and doing the same course as Taehyung wasn’t going to help your feelings towards him. But you felt as if you had fallen into a well: the Taehyung Well. No matter how many times you tried to climb out and pretend that you didn’t like your best friend in that way, the more tired you grew of hiding it. Ever since you gave in to your emotions, just the thought of Taehyung was enough to make your heart lift.

You were surrounded by revision notes: flashcards, mind maps, you name it. And there, lying right in the middle of it all, was Kim Taehyung, fast asleep with his mouth hanging open.

True, it was 4am, but the exam was drawing ever closer and you needed to do this last-minute cramming. You remained hunched over your notes, rubbing your temples to try and help the information sink in. When Taehyung let out a particularly loud snore, you jumped in fright and kicked out your foot, which connected with Taehyung’s head.

“Ah!” he hissed, his eyes wincing as he slowly sat up, multiple sheets of paper stuck to his body. “What time is it?”

“Uh… 4:07.”

Taehyung’s eyes flew open. “What? Y/N why are you still working? You need to sleep!”

“I know, Tae. But I can’t afford to do badly in this exam!”

Taehyung continued to stare bleary eyed at you for a few more moments, but before you knew what was happening, he had stood up and had grabbed you around the legs and around your back.

Squealing a little, Taehyung lifted you up bridal style, holding you against his chest whilst carrying you to your room.

“Kim Taehyung, let me go!” you ordered, but your voice was far from demanding after realising how close you were to his head.

“I’ve got to look after my Y/N, haven’t I? I am older than you.”

Your heart fluttered. My Y/N? You stared at his cheek, trying to even out your breathing despite feeling Taehyung’s steady heartbeat against your body.

When he reached your room, he gently placed you on your bed and tucked you underneath the duvet. For added effect, he gave you a quick kiss on your forehead before firmly saying goodnight and closing the door.

As you lay there in the dark, still feeling the ghost of his lips against your hairline, your cheeks began burn like fire, making you glad for the lack of light. Your head was a jumbled mess of feelings and emotions. What was he playing at?

Rolling over, you let out a large sigh, trying to ignore the stone that had begun to settle on your chest after Taehyung left, but it was useless. It was like he was engrained in your mind: the image of him laughing, the image of him doing his goofy walk which always made you smile, the image of him concentrating in lessons with his eyebrows furrowed, the image of him watching his favourite movie with his eyes wide open in wonder.

You lifted your hand to rub your eyes, but instead it drifted towards the spot where Taehyung kissed you. You were almost scared to touch it, as if it would fade as soon as you did so.

What the hell is happening? He’s my best friend, why am I obsessing over this?

But you knew why. You wanted him to do it again, and not in a best friend kind of way.

Falling asleep that night, you let yourself dream of Taehyung, and it was the best sleep you had had in a while. Because you were falling for your best friend, and you didn’t mind it one bit.

Sitting in one of the many parks making up the university campus, underneath a large tree that let the sunlight filter through, you sighed in contentment as you rested your head against the trunk. Taehyung lay on the ground and rested his head on your lap, while you absentmindedly stroked his orange fringe off his forehead.

Lots of students milled about, making the most of the good weather. You could see Park Jimin playing football with his friends not too far off, making you feel like you were back in high school again. You were surprised that he managed to get into this university, seeing as he bunked class most of the time, but Taehyung explained that he never needed to try at exams to do well.

“I see Jimin’s dyed his hair silver,” you commented, watching him make a shot at a goal.

“Silver is for old people. I’m keeping it fresh,” said Taehyung, keeping his eyes shut. “Perhaps we should dye your hair too.”

“No thanks,” you replied, looking down at Taehyung’s peaceful expression. “I’ll look so different with dyed hair. I won’t look like me.”

“Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.”

You retracted your hand from his hair and instead dug your fingers into his sides. Taehyung rolled away, giggling as you tickled him but begging you to stop. As it turned into a tickle fight, you couldn’t help laughing out of pure happiness. So long as you had Taehyung, nothing could go too badly wrong.

“Alright! I give in,” Taehyung chuckled, flopping against the tree in defeat. “I swear, you could give Jungkook a run for his money. So damn competitive…”

Taehyung trailed off as he stared towards one of the buildings, his focus completely shifted.

“Tae? What’s the matter?” you asked, wondering would could have caught his attention so quickly.

Taehyung’s mouth hung ajar as he lifted his finger. “Look!” he gasped excitedly. “It’s Yeji!”

Silver Lining

Gokudera hates baseball.

He hates everything about it. From the needlessly complex rules to the overenthusiastic fans to the greasy food that’s all he can find to eat at the games; he hates every single aspect of baseball as a sport and as a hobby. He remembers ditching school once for an entire week, when his PE class was meant to be learning about the sport; and otherwise, he thinks he’s done a noteworthy job of keeping every aspect of the game out of his life.

Which makes his current presence at a live baseball game all the more remarkable.

“I hate this,” Gokudera mumbles to himself as he makes his way clear of the steadily-filling bleachers and around to the back of the stadium, where he can sneak a cigarette under the pretense of buying some of the aforementioned food. “Stupid baseball game. Stupid girls. Stupid everything.” He has his head down, is frowning attention at the pocket of his coat as he tries to dig down to the bottom where his lighter inevitably ends up. “Stupid best friend, I could be at home doing something fun and instead–” and it’s then that he rounds the corner of the bleachers, and runs hard into someone jogging in the other direction.

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He Fake Dates Kendall But Secretly Likes You


I walk quickly down the sidewalk, the rain pouring down onto my suit. The umbrella I’m holding doesn’t make a difference with the wind blowing this fiercely. Kendall groans beside me, a small squeal leaving her lips as thunder booms through the sky.

Her black dress is nearly soaked, but she has managed to keep her hair as dry as possible. She had to, just this morning we got a call that we had to be seen together publicly again. With our new album releasing within the next couple of months along with a new movie, the public had to be packed with us being active. For some reason, Kendall is my go-to. They always set me up with her when it came to publicity. I didn’t mind all that much, she’s very easy to get along with, but just hard to talk to. And plus, she’s pretty, naturally beautiful, I never understood why I never liked her like I should.

“This weather is fucking crazy.” Kendall mutters, “why does your mothers party have to be the same day as a fucking hurricane?”

I laugh softy, finally reaching my black range rover that had to be parked across the street. I unlock the doors as quickly as possible, both Kendall and I hopping into the seats of the car as soon as the car is unlocked. Water drips down both of our hands and clothes, wetting the leather seats below us. We laugh for a while, just cutting the small bit of tension in the air. We stay quite for a while, the rain pounding against my car as we try to dry off before attending my mother’s birthday party.

I start the car a little while after. I didn’t plan on bringing Kendall to the party, originally, it was just family and close friends. But just this morning we had to make plans, and i refused to cancel on my mother’s birthday party, so I decided to bring Kendall with me, even if morally it isn’t the best thing to do.

The car ride is silent, since Kendall had fallen asleep in the passenger seat. Her feet are propped up on the dashboard, her head thrown back as silent, short breaths escape her lips. The car ride is quite long, so I can’t entirely blame her for the short nap. I played music quietly from the radio, sure not to wake up Kendall but enough to keep me entertained on the trip.

I sing 80′s music the whole way down, tapping my fingers to the beat. I don’t listen to that kind of music often, but with the weather and gloominess of the day, it is something I felt good listening to. I’m humming along to a song I don’t know as I pull up to my mother’s home. Cars are flooding the driveway, the smell of a barbecue cooking from the backyard. 

“Hey, Kendall. Wake up” I mutter, shaking her gently from her shoulder. 

“Hm” she hums, reaching her arms up over her head to stretch, “thanks for waking me up.”

I laugh, shaking my head as I take the keys out of the ignition.

“I didn’t really have a choice, Kendall.”

She laughs, fixing up her outfit and hair in the mirror before making her way to the house, following me so that I can introduce her to everyone.

“Hey, mum!” I cheer when the door opens.

My mum is standing with a beautiful skirt and blazer on, opening her arms out for me. She gives me a tight hug, her smile rubbing on my shoulder, her hand patting my back ever-so-tenderly.

“My baby! You look handsome!” she beams, her lips meeting my cheeks in a soft kiss.

“And Kendall!” she says, “so good to see you again, thank you for coming!” 

My mum smiles wide, Kendall letting out a giggle as she reaches in to give my mother a hug. Kendall and I end up making our way to the couch, where we sit and chat for what feels like ages. We haven’t talked in a while, but catching up with her was always easy and enjoyable. She’s a genuine girl, very personal and introverted, but always out there in the most creative ways. It’s always a nice time to talk about life with Kendall, especially when we missed a while of each others.

“Oh, I’m so sorry I’m late! The weather is shit!” 

I turn around to see Y/n, slightly wet from the weather, a smile broad on her face. Damn, she looks so good. Her hair is curled loosely, ending just above her shoulders. Her pink dress flows around her figure, just tight enough to see her curvature. I haven’t seen her in about a year or so, but something’s changed in her. Something about her seems so much more real, so much more vibrant, I can’t even take my eyes off of her as she struggles to take off her raincoat with all the bags hanging off her arms.

“Happy birthday, Anne! I’ve missed you so much, I’ve been counting down the days!” Y/n says in delight, her arms hooking around my mother as she smiles against her shoulder.

“Darling, it’s so good to see you! You look absolutely wonderful, my dear.“

Y/n blushes, stepping away from her tight hold to place her gifts down on the front table. She hangs her coat on the hangers in on out our closets, still holding a conversation with my mother. Probably about Y/n’s new journalism job.

“Harry, you never told me she was gonna be here.” I hear Kendall say, a scowl stern on her face as she stares at Y/n, who is now making her way to speak to my cousins.

“She’s been my best friend since the fourth grade, she’s basically apart of this family. She wouldn’t miss out on this for the world.”

She wouldn’t. I know her too well. She’s always there for others, even if it’s inconvenient for her. She would sacrifice anything for anyone, especially my mum. Their bond so strong I swear my mum sees her as a second daughter, or even a miracle. She was there for us through everything, helped us go through our times of hardship and even family instability. When my mum got a divorce with my dad, even at Y/n’s young age, she’d pick flowers from her garden and give to Anne nearly everyday, also giving her pictures she’d drawn or letters she’d written for her. As much as my mum was heartbroken during this time, she took the letters with her everywhere she went, and kept every flower alive for as long as she possibly could. She said they represented her, and how she felt being a woman in such love and beauty, but having it die all too quick. I didn’t understand what she meant then, but I do now. I think Y/n knew what she meant, I think that’s why she never stopped until she heard her laughing again.
Y/n understood the whole separation process. Her mum left her at a young age, leaving her alone with her father. They were close, of course, they had to be, but she always said she missed having a mother. It killed her to only have one voice in the house, but there was nothing she could do about it. By the time she met me, and I kept bringing her over my house as the years went on, her and my mum have gotten so close, Y/n started buying her Mother’s Day cards. 

“I guess,” Kendall mumbles, “but I’m gonna get a drink, maybe some food. Want anything?”

“Just a water is fine,” I reply, “thanks.”

Kendall gets up off the couch, stretching a bit before making her way to the kitchen. When the couch was starting to feel empty again, I feel someone occupy her spot.

“It would have been nice for you to say hi to me. According to my calculations, it’s been about 289 days and 11 hours since we’ve seen each other. The least you could do is bow when I walk into the room, asshat.”

I smile down at her, looking at her as her eyes gaze into mine, trying so hard to come off as serious., but she and I both know better. Our relationship has come to all-in-all sarcasm and insults, in the most loving way, of course. But we still have all the seriousness balanced out. I come to her for everything, and she does the same with me. Despite all our demeanor of complete reckless fools and sarcasm, we trust each other with our lives on the line.

I laugh, throwing my head back slightly at her comment, I reach out for her to pull her against me. She giggles against my shoulder, her breath hitting against my neck. I take an uneasy breath in, feeling her small laugh fill my ears, her fingers running down my back. 

“I haven’t seen you in forever, how have you been?” 

Her voice snaps me out of my trance, my eyes blinking a few times before I pull away from her. Her eyes are glowing, her blue eyes dark as the ocean on a stormy day, her lips covered in my favorite eggplant lipstick widening a smile. God, what the hell happened in these 200 days?

“I’ve been good! But I don’t want to talk about me, I wanna talk about you, I’ve missed you.”

Y/n rolls her eyes, a small smile playing on her lips as she lets out a snort.
I notice her arm is still around my back, fingers dancing along the end of my jacket.

“The way you’ve been ignoring me for the past three weeks says different. But i’ve missed you a lot. Been a little busy with the new job but it’s been well.”

“I’m sorry for ignoring you, I’ve been really busy with-“

“Kendall?” Y/n asks completely dumbfounded.

Y/n knows a lot about my friendship with Kendall, she doesn’t really mind it. However, her and Kendall never really got along. It wasn’t anything personal, at least not to Y/n, they didn’t didn’t see things in the same light. Y/n is upbeat and lively, an extreme extrovert, and Kendall couldn’t stand it. She says it almost seems to be her asking for attention, but that is not how Y/n is at all. She may be out there, but she gives all her attention to the people, never herself. 

My head snaps over to Y/n’s stare, Kendall holding the bottle of water and a plate of food in her hands. She looks down at her, a slight scowl on her face, trying to cover it up with a small smile. She winks down at Y/n, almost in a threatening kind of way, and I can see Y/n’s entire demeanor change the second she does so.

“Harry didn’t tell you I was coming?”

“Oh, um” Y/n stutters, “I had no idea you were attending. It’s nice to see you again. I’m sorry for intruding your time together, I’m going to talk to Damien. Haven’t seen him since Anne’s Christmas party. See you later!”

Y/n smiles softly as she grabs her handbag, hooking her fingers on the handles before walking toward my cousin, Damien. They get along well, they’ve actually had a thing at one point. She never told me she liked him so much though, all she ever said was that he was nice and treated her well. I never knew why she dated him if she never felt something, maybe because Damien was shit at hiding his feelings for her. He would buy her flowers, compliment her on her worst days (even though her worst days are never nearly as bad as she thinks they are), and even had confessed his love for her before they started talking. He was in love, and from my understanding, he still is.

“Will she ever understand that all this shit is for press? She keeps acting like we’re a couple or something.” Kendall sighs while plopping onto the couch.

“Well,” I sigh, “she’s not really into this whole lifestyle, she doesn’t really understand that. Plus, I didn’t tell her about this yet. She probably thinks we are a thing if I’m bringing you to my mum’s birthday party.”

She shrugs, taking a bite of her chicken wing. 

“Why would she care if we were or not in the first place?”

I don’t know how to respond to that. So I don’t, I just stay placed on my couch as I watch my family come together, eating food and drinking wine. My eyes wander to Y/n, seeing the hand that once held her purse holding a glass of wine, her back against the closet door as she watches everyone mingling. Damien must have gotten her the wine, but I don’t know where he would have left to leave her alone. She doesn’t seem to mind being alone, but It just hit me that I’ve barely been speaking with her just to sit on this couch, next to Kendall, who hasn’t even spoken to me all that much since she’s seen Y/n.

“Harry, can I tell you something?” Kendall asks.

I barely hear her though, because I’m already off the couch before she finishes her question. I nod, not looking at her, though, I just nod and walk away from her. She’s probably thinking I’m being an inconsiderate dick right now, and I have to agree, I am. I’ve given her the cold shoulder the second I saw Y/n.

“How you enjoying the party?” I ask once I approach Y/n, nudging her shoulder slightly with mine.

She smiles, taking a sip of her wine before she speaks.

“I’m enjoying just fine, Haz. But aren’t you forgetting somebody?”

“No. Look, Y/n, you know we aren’t dating, right? This is for press as of right now, she wasn’t even supposed to come before morning.”

Y/n turns to face me, her eyes soft as she reaches her free hand toward my arm. She touches me tenderly, squeezing her fingers softly against my flesh.

“You don’t have to explain this stuff to me, it’s alright. Besides, I don’t care if you guys are dating or not. I just thought you wanted to be alone.”

I shake my head, my eyes closing softly. I reach my hand out to hers, grasping her fingers in mine. It feels like forever since I’ve felt this close to her, and it is in this moment that I finally understand my feelings. Ever since she walked in it was like my entire world had stopped, I barely spoke to her the past couple of weeks and hadn’t seen her in nearly a year. I missed her in the most mysterious way. It wasn’t like I had just missed her presence, or just missed talking to her in my most comfortable state, or just knowing she was in the same house as mine. I missed everything, every part of her and everything she did. I knew I was missing her more than I ever had in my life, but I thought it was just a sign of home sickness. But seeing her after all this time, there’s some part of me telling me that being without her is what makes me home sick. It’s not home, it’s her.

“Even if I was dating her, I’d never want you to leave. You’ll always mean more.”

She frowns, her gaze fixating on the floor. Her hair falls loosely on the sides of her face. I can tell she feels wrong, something in her feels wrong. The way her teeth graze her bottom lip, her eyes looking at anything but mine, she feels distant somehow; something is getting in her way. 

“Don’t say that. She’s your guest, I’m fine here by myself. I don’t ever stay still, and I know everyone here. I’ve got Damien and your mum, and-“

“You and I both know Damien is either not going to leave you alone or actually leave you alone. And no matter which one he does you’re going to be uncomfortable.”

“I’m never uncomfortable.”

“Then why’d you leave Kendall an I?” I tease. But her face hardens at my question, her face hard with offense as the words leave my lips.

“For fuck sakes, Harold!” Y/n groans, her foot stomping on the floor, “why the fuck does this matter to you? I just thought you wanted to be alone with her!”

And suddenly, she’s crying. My breath hitches in my throat and I take a step back. Y/n is never one to cry, especially in public. But there is no reason I can think of for her to get so emotional. She was happy and her normal, perky self only a couple of minutes ago. Now she has tears clinging to her chin, which thankfully, no guest apart from me has noticed, and her eyes are shouting with humiliation. 

I frown at her, confused by her abnormal behavior. I reach a hand out to touch her, hold her, even move her hair away from her face so that it doesn’t stick to her cheeks, but before i feel her on my fingertips, she’s gone. She’s rushing past me so quick I can feel her air moving around me, leaving a series of chills to cross my body. 

My mouth stays agape from the confusion. What the hell just happened? What was so wrong with our conversation? I can feel the fingers around my cup loosen as I look around the room, no faces showing concern, no eyes even staring in my direction. 

“H, these wings are so good. Would Anne mind if I asked her the recipe?” Kendall asks.

She occupies where Y/n stood, her left shoulder leaning against the wall as she continues eating the food on her plate. Her right leg crosses in from of the other, eyes wandering around the room.

It almost feels strange to see Kendall in my home, standing in the same room with my family. Even if she was for publicity or not, it doesn’t feel right. Kendall and I have had a strange relationship, we’ve been on and off to the public and even in real life. We do talk when the roles are off, but it’s nothing special, we just check up on each other. But when the roles are on, all we do is talk. She’s everywhere, simply because she has to be. But seeing her in my hometown, acting like she’s apart of my family seems misplaced. 

“I’m really glad we’re doing this again, Harry. I really enjoy talking with you and experiencing things like this with you. I mean, I’ve known you for years and I’ve never once stepped foot in this house, and I never met your family. This is absolutely incredible.”

I can see her lips moving, I can hear what she’s saying, but I don’t register anything coming from her mouth. My mind is blank, my surroundings a blur. All I can think about is that Y/n  is upstairs in some room, alone, and crying, and instead of being there with her I’m talking with Kendall about my mum’s fucking chicken recipe. 

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do-Harry?”

I ignore Kendall, I don’t even take a glance at her. I can’t stay here, I can’t do this anymore. I can’t live a life where I have to lie about love, where I have to lie about who makes me happiest. Kendall doesn’t effect me as a man, doesn’t influence me to be a better person, isn’t there for me when I need someone. How could I lie about love? I’ve been so concerned about publicity that I was willing to create a relationship based on a lie, willingly allowing myself to hurt others around me.

I run up the stairs, skipping a step with each leg. I can’t live with myself knowing I had done something to make Y/n cry. I haven’t thought about her in this way since I saw her this evening, in her beautiful dress, her beautiful wet lashes blinking against her lids. She looked so tender, so soft, she was glooming and so vibrant. What happened since the last time I’ve seen her? What changed in her? What changed in me?

“Y/n?” I call quietly, making my way to my old room, where I know she’ll be.
“Y/n, can I come in?” 

I knock lightly on the door, just using the knuckles of my pointer and middle finger. I hear her feet pad over to the door, slowly opening it to reveal her tear stained cheeks. Her hands are trembling against the knob, her breath broken with soft, gentle cries. Her eyes are wide with sadness, wet and red from the tears she rarely ever cries.I’m even more confused when I see her like this.

I open my mouth to speak, to ask her what happened, to ask her why she feels this way, to ask her if she’s alright, but my breath is taken away from me, my body ripped away from the barrier blocking me from Y/n, crashing onto the nearest wall. I don’t even have time to breathe before I feel a desperate pair of lips meet mine. She cries as she kisses me, her trembling lips moving against mine. My hands are running wild against her body, grabbing onto every part of her I can reach. I don’t fully understand what’s unfolding, why this is happening or why I’m feeling so alive in this moment. I always saw Y/n as a sister to me, I never thought I’d be touching her like this, feeling under her dress and tongue rubbing against hers, but it feels so right. All of it seem so perfect, so addicting and I never want it to end.

Suddenly, she turns her head away from me, my lips meeting her neck subconsciously. I suck on her skin, but her hands move to my cheeks to push me away from her. She buries her face in my chest, moving her arms so that they’re around my waist. She begins to cry again, her tears soaking through my shirt, but I don’t mind at all. I let her calm down, I let her hold onto me as she tries to catch her breath. She doesn’t have to say anything, and neither do I. What just happened was supposed to happen, we both know that. There is no regret in me, and I know there is none in her. But something is running in her head, driving her to the brink of insanity. I hold her against me until she’s able to get her thoughts together, I even kiss the top of her head a couple of times.

“I’m tired, Harry.” she whispers.

I kiss her forehead gently, “I know.”

“I couldn’t take it anymore. I thought I’d finally be alone with you after all this time. I missed being close to you, I wanted to be closer to you in different ways and I didn’t understand, Harry, I didn’t get it and-“

“Sh sh sh” I shush her, my lips grazing tenderly along her cheek.

She takes a deep breath, her fingers fisting the back of my shirt tighter than before. She rests her chin on the top of my chest, letting out a sigh. Her fingertips trace patters on my back, her eyes flittering closed as I push some of her hair off of her face, making sure it doesn’t stick to her wet cheeks.

“I didn’t get it,” she whispers, “I was so confused, and when you didn’t answer my calls or texts I thought you didn’t find me important. And I was under no right to be upset about it, because you’re busy and you have priorities. But when I saw you today, I didn’t see you as the Harry I always have, I still can’t tell you what I saw but I wanted every part of you. But when I saw Kendall I-“ 

She squeezed her eyes shut, her bottom lip trembling slightly. I frown at her, I never really see her like this. She hardly ever gets emotion, especially over guys. Hell, especially over me. 

I reach my hand up to capture her cheek in my fingers, running my thumb along her jaw line. I saw Y/n in an entirely new light today, but at least it wasn’t a one way street. She felt that too, she saw me in a different way, in the same way I saw her. What I felt when she walked in is the way she felt when she sat down next to me, where Kendall sat previously. Thinking about it now, it makes me feel like shit.

“I know, Y/n, I know” I whisper, “It was never like that between me and her.”
She nodded, “No, I know, it just didn’t make me feel good. I thought you started to like her.”

“Mmmm” I hum, shaking my head, “no, I started to like you.”

She blushes, her cheeks turning crimson as she, again, buries her face against my chest. I felt her lips smile against me, a vibration of a soft giggle against my skin. I feel her fingernails scratch down my back, I almost take her to my bed to kiss her all over again. I want to see her squirm beneath me, sweat from our movements, feel her whispers of “I love you” caress the skin of my neck. I want it all with her, with the Y/n I’ve never seen before. I want to love her the way I never have before.

“Hey,” she whispers, a small smirk playing on her lips, “aren’t you forgetting someone?“

anonymous asked:

How about headcanons for this: The RFA and them finding out the MC is a "Forever" style immortal (i.e. whenever they die they wake up naked in the nearest body of water and they stopped aging the first time they died.)

sure thing, anon! also thanks for clearing that up, I have no idea what that is >.> I hope I get this right! ^^; it also might be short, since i don’t know much about this topic;;;

woah rfa, so no saeran! also, i’m assuming that this probably happened to mc already and like the rfa is finding out…yes? oh well


  • so get this, they were sharing childhood pictures and zen notices something weird about mc’s pictures
  • like, they’re really old pictures. older than his 
  • but mc totally said they were like, 23 
  • he doesn’t want to seem too weird, so he casually asks
  • “hey mc, when’s your birthday? I want to know your star sign..and your chinese zodiac” smooth move, zen 
  • and they answer their full birthday because chinese zodiacs need those 
  • now, zen isn’t the best with math, but he knows that year would not make them 23
  • it took a minute for mc to realize what they said though
  • they both stare at each other for a bit before mc breaks the silence with a profound “um..” 
  • and now they have to explain while zen is trying to wrap his head around this
  • “wait, so you’re…not 23?” duh zen, catch up “technically, no. physically, yes.” 
  • at the end of that discussion, he kind of comes to terms with it 
  • is kind of sad that they have to live forever, so his selfie habits get worse is this the first time i mentioned his selfies? i think so wow
  • believe it or not, he also gets cheesier. “i want to leave the biggest impression on you”


  • he needs the most time to wrap his head around it
  • it was one of those nights where they were spilling secrets about themselves and mc couldn’t help but tell the whole story
  • at first, he doesn’t believe them. it’s too crazy
  • but they start bringing up more pieces of evidence and now he’s just amazed
  • they spend the rest of the night cuddling and telling happier stories
  • guess what happens the next day, though?
  • yoosung bought a polaroid 
  • that’s right, it’s about the be Aesthetic 
  • but seriously, he just wants tangible pictures in their hands as soon as they take them
  • because it’s so present and in the moment
  • and that’s where he is with mc
  • even if they spent a while doing other things, meeting other people
  • they mean so much to him and he hopes he can mean as much to them 


  • she is…surprised, to say the least 
  • honestly, she doesn’t spend too much time thinking about how it happens to mc, but rather how time is so weird and both limited and unlimited
  • how she found out, was because she was gathering data on mc and decided to find their birthday
  • she dug up some interesting stuff, like wow 
  • tells mc what she found and they’re kind of embarrassed, but they tell her everything
  • now, she’s more open with pda and with herself in general 
  • admittedly, she’s much happier than she was before
  • and it’s all thanks to mc
  • so it becomes her mission to return the favor 
  • time is a Lie, so she wants mc to feel like the time with her is forever


  • is interested in the concept
  • look, he reads weird books, i’m sure he read at least one of these
  • mc is now going to be Extra Spoiled
  • call him materialistic, but materials last forever and mc can keep them forever
  • takes more time off because “i have to spend as much time as i can with my spouse, you don’t understand”
  • really tries extra hard to sort out his feelings and mc is actually really helpful with this
  • they like to read with him and knit and stuff, they are the cutest
  • jumin knits too, he made them a scarf 
  • basically, everything becomes like 5 times more domestic 
  • learns to take proper pictures too 
  • because wow! he needs 8454754 pictures of mc in his phone now 

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • ahhhhhh
  • now he has the desire to live long 
  • so much that he actually starts taking care of himself 
  • “we will get married at the space station, it can be our 4th wedding if we need it to be, we will get there”
  • he made a robot version of himself
  • and a game of just him and mc, doing domestic and cute couple things :)))))
  • basically, if there’s a way to make sure he is immortalized with mc in some way, he’s going to do it 
  • has no time to push them away now, he is super clingy all the time 
  • sometimes, he has nightmares :(
  • you know his, “i’ll wait for you in another universe?” yeah. that becomes his Thing 

v / jihyun

  • so v here pulls his whole “i am your sun” stuff, again 
  • and mc pulls out “if you’re the sun, I’m your stars.” 
  • yes i know, they’re both stars but hear me out
  • mc makes the connection because v, like the sun, is so bright and there. you can’t miss it’s presence. it’s warmth touches everything
  • but, when the sun is out of sight, stars come out and keep the sky bright. they’re not warm, they’re old. most of them are probably dead, but they’re there. 
  • and the stars, like mc, help people through dark times 
  • v was going through some dark times
  • oh no, he’s crying oh no im crying
  • he also gets the surgery as soon as possible, he needs to see mc clearly
  • when he finally sees them clearly, mc smiles at him and says, “seems like it’s a clear night..”
  • he happy cries and is like “it is..I can see the stars…it’s been a while” 

…where did all this deep stuff come from?

Lost in Fire ---- Chapter 4

Back again with a new chapter!

Finally meeting Alex in this one ;) The ride is going to be wild girls, get ready for it!

You woke up by the sound of your phone ringing. You whimpered when you lifted your head from your matrass. “Ugh, shit…” You never had a headache worse than this one. The sun was already high in the sky and the light hurt your eyes. Squinting you took you phone and saw Marie had tried to call you four times already. “Hello…” you answered with a broken voice. “Finally! I was started to think you were dead!” Marie said at the other end. You moaned and held the phone further from your ears as her yelling felt like needles in your head. “I feel pretty dead right now Marie, please stop shouting. I’m having the worst hangover in my life”. After you told her what happened last night, Marie was more cheerful, happy that you were enjoying yourself. You talked for a while about your time apart. “I’m glad you’re having fun, you should send me pictures of these Danish boys because clearly I’m missing out! Don’t keep them all to yourself girl!”. As you thought of Peter and Elias a devilish grin appeared on your lips, enjoying the warm feeling you got thinking of their faces.

You got up and took a shower, taking something to ease your headache. When you got dressed you heard the familiar ‘ping’ of a message. “Hope you had fun last night! I sure did. Haven’t heard  from Peter or Elias, pretty sure they are still crashed LOL. They told me they would like to hang out again maybe later this week? If you’re interested….”. How could Nora be this cheerful after a night like that? You remembered she didn’t drink as much as you did. “They want to hang out again?” you thought to yourself, not being used to so much friendliness after hanging out only once.  “Honestly, I feel like my head is going to explode. I have no memory of half the night, but I def had fun! You guys know how to party J You don’t need to feel obliged to hang around with a lost tourist, I totally understand if you just want to hang out with your friends…” you texted back, not sure why these cool people wanted to hang out with someone like you. Within a minute Nora responded: “Why are you being so hard on yourself? We had fun, you had fun…Let’s hang out then, yes?! I’ll text you when I get off work”. Nora was at work?! You had barely managed to get out of bed.

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noct's perky nipples are distracting everyone he talks to

today seems to be the day in which Dys says “yeah sure, why the fuck not.”


The first time it happened, Noctis didn’t really noticed.

The rain came out of nowhere, and with Prompto freaking out behind him Noctis ended up opting to hide in one of the abandoned shacks. Ignis was going to kill him and Gladio was going to skin him alive for not returning to camp, but the rain and the heavy wind didn’t mix so well with Prompto’s camera. It wasn’t like the two were going to be stuck here forever. The rain usually didn’t last that long, and they could cover Prompto’s camera with his jacket if it kept sprinkling.

“Urg, I’m wet and it’s cold,” Noctis shuddered and rubbed his arms with his hands. He glared at his friend from the corner of his eyes.

“Hehe, sorry dude, but it was totally worth it. Did you see her? She was a beauty. I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I get these pictures ready.” Prompto grinned from ear to ear, holding his camera with one of his hands as if he was showing off a trophy.

Prompto was of course talking about a white chocobo they caught a glimpse of while gathering some herbs for Ignis’ cooking. It was impossible to get Prompto to leave the poor bird alone, so of course Noctis was dragged along and had to pretty much babysit Prompto while his friend tried to get the perfect picture.

“I don’t think that’s going to help me right now,” Noctis lightly shoved Prompto, and ignored his friend’s laugh. The rain was already starting to slow down and the wind wasn’t making the small shack tremble anymore. Noctis took this chance to get his phone out and call Ignis. He didn’t want the two to think they got lost or were in troubles. Well, not yet. The sun was going down and they needed to head back to the heaven before the deamons decided to crawl out from within the shadows.

“Here,” Noctis took off his jacket and tossed it over at Prompto. “Use it to cover your camera. The rain is slowing down, I’m sure we can start walking outside soon,” Noctis kept talking but stopped when he noticed that his friend wasn’t really paying attention to him. He frowned and tilted his head, wondering why Prompto was just staring in his direction. Did he have something on his face? He subconsciously rubbed one of his hands over his face, but there was nothing. He frowned and looked over at Prompto again, noticing that he was staring at something lower. He stared down at his shirt, and lazily ran one of his hands over his chest as a blush slowly crawled over his cheeks.

“What are you staring at?” Noctis rubbed the back of his neck, looking away awkwardly as he turned his body away from Prompto.

It was like Noctis’ words suddenly snapped him out from whatever trance Prompto was trapped in. He was blushing and shaking his head. “N-nothing, just…tired,” Prompto mumbled quietly and wrapped the jacket around his camera, the whole time avoiding eye contact with his friend.

“If you say so…”

The second time it happened, Noctis was starting to notice.

It was too early in the morning, far too early, but he promised Ignis to help him cook breakfast, and a promise was a promise. He couldn’t just ditch his friend. Noctis crawled out from within the tent and stretched with a loud yawn. He went around to wash his face with a bucket of water they kept near the tent, and then brushed his teeth. He went along with his morning routine, his body still warm from sleep. When the first cold, morning wind hit his face, Noctis couldn’t help himself but to shiver as goose bumps quickly crawled all over his arms. Why was it so cold? Why were mornings always so cold.

“Ah, there you are. I was afraid you forgot about our arrangement,” Ignis smiled and walked around the tent. He motioned for Noctis to follow. How was he so awake and how was he so happy this early? Noctis couldn’t understand, but still ended up following Ignis.

Noctis lazily ran one of his hands through his hair and walked over to the small grill. Ignis was already chopping up some potatoes for breakfast “What do you need me to do?” He shrugged one of his shoulders, and walked over to where Ignis was standing.

“If you could, can you please stir the pot by the fire,” Ignis motioned for the pot on top of the grill and Noctis shrugged again and walked over. It was then that Ignis turned to look at him and didn’t stop looking. At first Noctis figured it was because Ignis was making sure he didn’t burn the sauce, but a quick glance told Noctis that he was for sure not looking at the pot.

Noctis frowned a little bit, not understanding what Ignis was staring at. He washed his face, so there was no way he had saliva clinging to his cheeks. He brushed his teeth, and even though his hair was still messy, it couldn’t be that distracting. He was cold and it showed because of his skin but asides from that he was sure there was no reason for Ignis to be staring at him so interestingly.

Noctis tried to look down, and see if maybe he had something on his shirt or clothes. Maybe Ignis was noticing that there was a hole on his T-shirt, but no. Ignis was staring at something else, and Noctis found himself slowly following his eyes until they ended on his chest. He blinked a couple of times and stared down, not noticing anything out of the ordinary. Except for one thing…

Noctis face turned a dark shade of red and he quickly moved one of his arms over his chest. There was no way Ignis was staring at that, right? There was no way. But as soon as he moved his arm, his friend was looking away from him. Ignis was trying to hide his flustered face by turning his attention back to the potatoes, although by now it was too late.

Noctis was staring to notice.

The third time it happened, Noctis was sure his friends were perverts.

It wasn’t something new for Noctis to be woken up by Gladio dragged him out of the tent by his ankle, but today he seriously did not feel like training. He was still wearing his blue jeans and white T-shirt from the day before and all he wanted to do was to keep sleeping until mid afternoon. He was well aware that wasn’t possible, but he could dream.

“Raise and shine, princess. Come on, you gotta train,” Gladio chuckled and walked away to get the training equipment ready. He left Noctis there, on the cold ground, glaring at the rocks not far from where he was.

Noctis took his sweet time getting ready, mostly because he wanted Gladio to feel a fraction of the same annoyance he felt whenever he was forced  to wake up. But getting ready at such a slow pace only earned him a bucket of water being dumped over his head and Gladio laughing about how he was now ready. Oh, it was on now.

The morning was cold, as always, and now he was wet and annoyed. If anything he probably looked like a cat throwing a hissy fit but he didn’t care. The training session went on for a good hour or so, with Noctis annoyingly fighting Gladio until his friend’s smug smile disappeared. Noctis was able to make him fall on his ass. One point for Noctis and zero for Gladio. He smiled mockingly and was not at all surprised when Gladio huffed and came charging at him with new found rage.

By the time they were done Noctis was drenched with sweat and his shirt was clinging to his chest. He was panting heavily with his cheeks red from the heat. He ended up collapsing on top of one of the rocks, and sighed in relief when the cold stone pressed against his hot back. He shivered and twitched, relaxing at the new found coldness that was slowly making him shudder.

When Noctis opened his eyes again Gladio was standing not too far from him. He was drinking from a bottle of water and staring at Noctis the whole time. He was sure Gladio was probably judging his “scrawny” body but it didn’t look like that. Gladio’s stare was too intense and Noctis knew it too well. He arched one of his brows and lifted his body with his elbows, but Gladio didn’t even blink.

Noctis narrowed his eyes and followed Gladio’s gaze. He was sure he knew what was going on, but at the same time he wanted to think it wasn’t happening. He was right though, his eyes landed on his chest and his face turned a bright shade of red when he noticed that his white T-shirt was now see through. Not only that but he could clearly see his hard nipples against the white fabric. Noctis was embarrassed beyond anything else and he quickly got up and covered his chest with both of his arms.

“You guys are all the worst!” Noctis screamed as he ran towards the river not too far from the heaven. He needed a shower, and he needed the staring to stop!

The next time it happened, well, it didn’t. If anything there was disappointment.

It was almost as if it was something to be expected. The dungeon was cold and the waterfall was almost freezing. The fighting ended up with them rolling around in the water and their clothes getting soaked. The cold water had them shivering and running towards a small heaven within the small jungle.

Noctis was shivering non-stop, he was rubbing his arms together and taking off his jacket within seconds. The wet piece of clothing was heavy and it was only making him feel colder. As soon as his jacket was off though, he could feel the stares. Noctis smiled in an overly confident way and turned as if he wasn’t noticing anything. But he noticed the confused looks, and acted as if nothing was happening, instead he gathered some wood and got a fire starting. All the while he ignored how his friends were looking in between each other with a frown and confused stares.

“Should we camp?” Noctis voice interrupted their inner monologues.

“Yeah, sure,” Glado said with a sigh, and Noctis didn’t miss how disappointed he looked.

“I’ll start making a small meal,” Ignis looked less enthusiastic about cooking than ever before.

“I guess I’ll get the tent unpacked,” Prompto mumbled and kicked a rock out of the way.

Noctis, however forgot how very wet they all were, and it was no a surprise at all when his friends started to undress. They needed to dry their clothes by the fire after all. Oh, he didn’t plan for this at all. Prompto of course was the first one to notice that Noctis wasn’t removing his clothes at all, and gave him a suspicious look.

“Noct, how are your clothes gonna dry?” Prompto tilted his head, frowning at his friend.

“You’ll catch a cold if you don’t take them off,” Ignis added as he set up his cutting board to start prepping the ingredients he needed.

“Yeah, hurry up,” Gladio was in the middle of removing his pants.

All of his friends were only on their underwear now and Noctis was the only one fully clothed. He swallowed heavily and removed his boots and wet socks, before doing the same with his pants. Just like his friends he kept his boxer briefs on but, unlike his friends, he kept his shirt on.

“Noct, you need to let the shirt dry. Aren’t you cold?” Now he was getting Ignis’ attention and concern, which meant everyone’s eyes were on him.

“N-no, I’m fine. Yeah, totally f-fine. I didn’t get that wet,” Noctis laughed nervously and sat by the fire, pulling his legs close to his chest. He was staring at the fire like it was the most interesting thing in the world.

“Don’t be a brat, no one is going to say anything about your flat abs. We have all seen them multiple times by now,” Gladio rolled his eyes and without any warning yanked on Noctis shirt by the back of his neck. The strong pull hardly gave Noctis a chance to cling to his shirt, before he knew it his chest was exposed and his face was a dark shade of red.

Noctis noticed the stares again. He was so mortified and his face was so red he felt like he was going to faint. He wanted to crawl underneath a rock and never come out. The only thing he could do was pull his legs close to his chest and hide it. He wanted to hide the two large bandaids that were covering his nipples, and keeping them from sticking out against his shirt.

Noctis was so embarrassed he hid his face against his hands, his lips trembling as he rubbed his knees together. This was the worst. This was for sure the worst. He was trying to hide so much he didn’t notice the smiles of his friends and the looks they were giving one another. But he for sure heard the snort that came from Gladio.

“S-shut up! This is all your fault! You guys are the worst, the worst. U-urg!” Noctis finally moved his hands to glare at them, but was instead met with smiles and smirks that were for sure not so innocent.

Oh…he was so screwed.

About VidCon and meeting Mythical Beasts in Amsterdam

It’s been a week since VidCon EU happened. Isn’t that crazy? What a wild concept! Now that I’ve mostly overcome my VidCon hangover (because nobody warns you about that happening) I feel able to actually report back to you guys! 

TL;DR: It was a journey about instant friendships and Mythicality!

I’ll be as candid as possible even though it is embarrassing and probably awkward~. Also I’ll highlight the Rhett & Link part for the sake of you not having to endure most of my personal rambling.

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Requested by anonymous from the Drabble Game.

Number 3.

Author’s Note:

This is surprisingly short!! Hahahah I hope you guys like. Please, don’t be mad at me because of, well, if you read it, you’ll understand what I’m talking about hahahah my imagination is just running wild lately, and I like to run away from clichés and stuff.

Masterlist ❁


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t i t l e : Forget-me-not,  勿忘草   -   twelve leaves clover
r a t i n g : G
r e l a t i o n s h i p s : KomaHina, platonic KomaHinaNami
g e n r e : flower shop au, modern setting au, romance & friendship, fluff
c h a p t e r s : 1/1
w o r d s : 5 935

n o t e : Here you go a Flower shop AU because I thought this fandom lacked of Flower shop AUs. //throws petals
illustration © me

Komaeda Nagito works at the photo studio near the station, and Hinata Hajime and Nanami Chiaki are selling flowers. The three of them become friends, prove to Komaeda he is worth everything in the world, and Hinata and him fall in love.
This is a story of fluffy hope in another world and despair never reaches them.

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When I Look At You

[Amamatsu] After the killing game Kaede and Amami are the only survivors. All Amami wants to do is get close to her, but Kaede wants him to leave her alone. [Mentions of past Saihara x Kaede]

Kaede laid in her bed trying to ignore the sound of the constant buzzing noise. She groaned as she knew who responsible for blowing up her phone.

It has officially been a month since the killing game took place. There were only 2 people who escaped the game, that being herself and Amami.

Out of all people it just HAD to be him. Just thinking about him, and his stupid smug face made her insides churn. She pictured his face, and his facial expressions. The one that came to mind first was the one he had one when he so gladly convicted her sweet Saihara.

Saihara, oh God how she missed him. It still hurts just thinking about him. Even though he murdered one of her friends she still loves him and she still wants to be with him.

Why couldn’t it have been him. Why couldn’t he still be alive, and that fucker Amami could just be rotting in hell. Saihara might have killed somebody, but he will always be a better man than him.

Kaede took a much needed deep breath. She glanced at her phone, and she hesitantly started to reach over to grab it. She looked through his messages. All of them saying “Oh we need each other right now.” or “Please answer you are the only one who understands.” God he was pathetic.

She decided responded with a simple fuck off. She was expecting for him to plead for her to talk to him like he usually does. However his response was something she wasn’t really expecting. He told her that if she went and got coffee with him he would leave her alone, for a while not forever.

There was no part of her that wanted any further contact with him at all. She didn’t want to say yes, but she thought it would be better to have a break from his constant messages. She ended up agreeing, and then he sent her where and when to meet him.

By the time Kaede had reached the little coffee shop she was instructed to me at she was already 45 minutes late. It would be a lie if she said it wasn’t on purpose. She even decided to walk so her arrival would be delayed even further.

She walked into the shop, and started to look around for Amami. When she didn’t see him she smiled thinking that he had it tired of waiting and left. As she turned around, she saw a glimpse of him waving at her. She groaned as she started walking towards him.

She hated herself for saying yes to this, but what other choice did she have just let the little shit keep bugging her for the rest of her life. He was sitting in a booth by the window, and he hasn’t already ordered any coffee or muffin.

“Hey,” he said smiling. Oh how it disgusted her just hearing his voice, and seeing that smile once again. She didn’t respond instead she just sat in the booth seat facing him.

“So um are you ready to order?”

Amami paid for both of their drinks. Kaede wasn’t about to let herself pay for a coffee that she would’ve never bought if he didn’t drag her here. They say in their booth for five minutes in silence. Kaede began to tap her fingers on the table out of annoyance. She wasn’t sure if she should be pissed off or relived that they weren’t talking, but the first feeling is what she was feeling the most of.

“So this it it you drag me out of my house just so we can drink coffee in silence,” Kaede said flatly. You could tell how badly she didn’t want to be there.

Amami put down his drink and tilted his head and said. “Well what would you like to talk about?”

“I don’t know you’re the one that was just DYING to see me,” Kaede said rolling her eyes.

“Well I just thought that-”
“Thought what that I was just dying to see you, that I wanted to confide in the person that got all of my boyfriend executed, THAT I WOULD WANT TO SPEND MY DAY WITH THE ONE PERSON WHO I HATE MORE THAN ANYTHING!” Kaede said with her voice was getting louder with each statement.

At this point all of the people in the shop were staring at them, but Kaede didn’t care. She was too focused on her anger towards him. Amami just kept his head low, he couldn’t look at her in the eyes after hearing that.

“Didn’t know you felt that way about me,” he said quietly.

“Of course you didn’t know what do you know, you couldn’t even take the hint that I didn’t want to be here.”

“Well then why are you here?”
“Good question,” Kaede said as she started grabbing her stuff and headed towards the door.

He went after her naturally. He was able to catch up with her fairly quick. He grabbed her shoulder as a way of getting her attention. She immediately shrugged it off, but she did turn around to face him.

“What,” she said in a very pissed off tone of voice.

“Why do you hate me, I think I at least have the right to know why you don’t like me.”

“Well for starters you have too many piercings like seriously what kinda man has that many piercings, you are a self righteous arrogant asshole, and it’s because of you my Saihara got gone,” after finishing that statement she was out of breathe.

“So what you just wanted him to get away with murdering somebody, I don’t understand why you hate me because of a choice HE made.”

Kaede looked at him straight in the eyes and took a deep breath. “I don’t hate you because of that,” She paused. You could tell she was tearing up. “It’s just I will never be able to look at you and not wish it was him who was with me.” A single tear fell down her face.

She turned around and walked away from him without saying goodbye, and he just stood there letting her walk away from him.

It’s been 2 weeks since the coffee shop incident, and Amami kept his end of the deal. He has not tried contacting her.

Kaede found herself drinking at a local bar alone. She promised can herself just to come in for just a small drink. However once the painful memories started to replay in her kind she stayed longer.

She drank and drank until she no longer felt any pain. She felt tingly and free and she loved it. She was so drunk that she mentally replaced Amami with Saihara. She thought that he escaped the game with her instead if Amami. She even replaced the coffee shop meeting with a happy date that never happened.

She decided that she wanted to see her beloved and pulled out her phone to call him. Sober Kaede deleted all the phone numbers of her friends that died. So she dialed Amami’s number still believing that it was Saihara. He picked up the phone after the first couple of rings.

“Kaede what are you doing calling so late are you ok?” He asked with a worried tone of voice. Kaede then looked at the digital clock hanging on the wall and saw that it was 2 in the morning.

“Ah Saihara-san come see me I miss you,” Kaede said full of joy. He could tell that she had been drinking not only by the tone of voice, but she called him Saihara. That hurt him more that in should have.

“Kaede where are you?”
“Why I am at the bar by that cute little store that sells the candles.”
“Stay put I’m coming to get you.”
“Yay Saihara-san is coming to see me.”

Amami rushed to bar, and after 5 minutes of reckless driving he had arrived. He walked in to see Kaede dancing on a stool with the bartender desperately trying to get her down.

“I’ll take it from here,” Amami said shooing the bartender off. Once Kaede saw Amami she jumped into his arms.

“Saihara-san your here.” Kaede said. Amami just frowned seeing how strong beautiful woman turned into a drunken mess who now thinks that he is her dead boyfriend.

He carried her to his car and gently placed her in the front seat. He decided not to ask for her address, and instead just drove her back to his apartment so he could stop her from doing anything stupid.

Once they reached his apartment building he carried her all the way to his room, and gently placed her onto his bed. He gently kissed her forehead, and turned to walk out of the room when she said.

“I love you Saihara-san.”

Amami didn’t say anything back instead he just looked at her and smiled.

Kaede woke up with a pounding headache in a room she didn’t recognize. She looked down at herself to see she was dressed in her casual clothes instead of pajamas. She was a little bit relieved that she was at least wearing clothes, as it proved that she didn’t have sex with a stranger. However she was still uneasy about how she was currently in a strangers home.

She got out the bed and tiptoed to the bedroom door and cracked it so she could see if anybody was currently home. She could only see the kitchen but there was nobody in there do she decided to make a break for the door.

She was halfway there when she heard the words “Good morning.” Kaede froze and slowly turned her head to see who was talking to her.

What she saw was a shirtless Amami laying on a click under a blanket that stopped at his waist. Kaede would punish herself later for looking at him, but she couldn’t help noticing how much more muscular he was compared to Saihara.

“Why am I here?” She asked in a annoyed voice. He got up from his couch and dropped the blanket revealing his old faded pair of sweat pants.

“You called me drunk at 2 in the morning wanting me to come see you, well wanting Saihara to come see you anyways.”
“Wh-What do you mean?”
“You kept calling me Saihara, when you saw me you even thought I was him”

Kaede wanted to believe he was lying to her, and that he abducted her in her sleep but she knew he was telling the truth. Her migraine and the place she was in only helped confirm that. Kaede just sighed and turned around heading to the door.

“Wait,” he shouted. Kaede stopped but she didn’t turn around to face him.
“Stay here for a little while at least until your hangover is gone, after a night like last night your hangover is bound to be terrible.”

He was she was in no condition to walk home. But she really didn’t want to be there, especially not with him. Kaede swallowed the lump in her throat. She knew she would regret her decision later, but she really didn’t want to end up throwing up all over the sidewalk. So she turned around and nodded.

She had been at his apartment for a long time, and she hadn’t moved from her spot on his couch. She was wearing a pair of his shorts and an oversized shirt. And he was still wearing the same sweatpants with a plain white T-shirt loosely hanging around his neck. He was sitting on that farthest side on the couch, while Kaede was laying down with her feet placed on his legs. She was starting to recover from her hangover, but she still felt nauseous. Although she would never admit it and she didn’t know what it was, but there was something about laying there with him on the couch in a small apartment that somehow felt like home.

They were watching a marathon of an old detective show. Amami tried changing that channel because he didn’t want her to be thinking about Saihara while watching it, but she insisted that they watch it. She was fine for the most part with a few memories and thoughts here and there, but then there was an episode that hit to close to home.

It was the series finale, and the main character was dying from and injury he got from the previous episode. He was lying in a hospital bed saying his goodbyes to his friends, and then his wife walked in. They had a long emotional talk full of I won’t let you tears and emotions. She then watched as the love of her life died in front of her.

She related to that woman, after all they both had to watch their detective lovers die. She didn’t realize it, but she was crying.

“Kaede,” Amami said in a soft voice reaching to wipe away some of the hot tears on her face.
“What’s the matter?” He asked even though he felt as if he already knew the answer to that question.

At this point she was bawling. Amami shifted himself in a position where he was embracing the crying girl. She stiffened still not being used to him or his touch. However she loosened up and have into his embrace. She just cried and screamed for 10 minutes straight, and he just held her while she did it.

She eventually calmed down, and they just sat there not wanting to move. Kaede looked up at him, and started to gently rub his ear.

“Your ear,”
“What about it?”
“You took out your piercings.” She said still rubbing his ear.
“Yeah well after that comment you made about how much you hated them then I decided it was time to take them out.”

Kaede didn’t respond back, but she was still stroking his ear. She finally looked up at him and for the first time since the killing game they looked at each other in the eyes.

She wasn’t sure if he pulled her closer, or if she leaned in. She decided on a mixture of both, but that isn’t what she cared about. She was focused on the man who inches away from her face. She could now feel his breathe on her face. After what seemed for like an eternity they kissed. It wasn’t intimate or romantic, but instead it was comforting.

“Take me home,” she whispers.
He just nodded and picked her up to take her to his car. He placed her in the front seat of his car, and then got to the drivers side. She gave him directions until they reached her apartment building. He stopped in front of the building waiting for her to get out, but she didn’t. Instead she held her hands out insinuating that she wanted him to carry her. He rolled his eyes and smiled as he drove around to find a parking spot. He got out of the car, and walked around to her car door. He picked her up and closed her car door. He carried up 2 flights of stairs and went down a small hallway.

“It’s the next door down,” Kaede said yawning. She had grown very tired from all of the crying. He placed her down on the welcome matt. She dug the key out of the pocket of the pair of pants she was holding. She never changed out Amami’s clothing, but she made sure that he grabbed them on their way out.

She unlocked the door and walked into her apartment. She waved goodbye and shut the door behind her. She then went into her room and laid down in her bed. She then fell asleep in Amami’s clothing.

It was currently noon and Kaede was walking around her apartment. This supposed to the part where she realizes that she always loved him, but it’s in fact the opposite. Kaede was pissed.

She was pissed at him for taking advantage of her when she was weak. She was pissed at herself for giving in and staying with him, but the thing that was eating her up inside the most was the fact they she felt that she betrayed Saihara.

He hasn’t even been gone for 2 months and she let herself be kissed by another man. She wasn’t sure who she hated the most Amami or herself. She needed a drink, but she saw how that ended.

She just signed and then collapsed face down on her couch. Why should she love him anyways. Because that’s what is expected of her, because that’s what happens in all of the movies, because that’s what the universe wants them to do. Well God dammit Kaede Akamatsu refused to be apart of some stupid love cliche.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock at her door. She knew damn well who was outside and she was so angry at him that she wanted nothing more to do with him. But she seems to love making decisions that she will regret later as she went to go open the door for him.

She opened the door and saw Amami holding a plastic white bag. She was mad that he showed up uninvited, but she only had herself to blame. She was the one who had to let have him carry her up to her apartment allowing him to see which one was hers.

“Hey, I got lunch,” Amami said holding up the plastic bag. She could just tell him to leave, but she hasn’t eaten anything today. So she opened her door wider to let him inside.

She had to admit having him inside of her apartment was a bit awkward. She didn’t know why considering she spent the the day with him yesterday. She swore she still hated him but it was slowly staring to lose it meaning.

They ate the take out lunch together while watching tv. They weren’t paying attention to it though. They were more focused on each other and the fact they haven’t spoken a word to each other since he got there.

Kaede was studying his face, as she positioned herself in the same position as last night. Once again her legs were on his lap. He turned to her and he saw that her eyes were locked onto his face.
He stated to rub his thumb up and down her foot, and she began to rub her feet against him. They kept doing this for a while except his hands were going higher and she rubbed her feet against his the now throbbing erection. They looked at each other in the eyes, and tuner their heads to the tv.

Neither of them were surprised that they ended up in her bedroom. She was in nothing more than her bra and panties, and he was wearing a pair of tight boxers. She didn’t care how much she would hate herself later. She wanted this, she needed this.

Their hands were all over each other’s body. She kept touching his abs, and his hands were under her now drenched panties touching her vagina.

They were kissing each other hard, only proving that there was no love involved. He removed her bra and panties, and she took off his boxers. They were both completely naked.

“Can I?”
“Mhmm,” she responded through a moan.

They are now having sex. It was just sex nothing even close to making love. This was nothing like than the times with Saihara. Her times with him were slow and romantic. But Amami it felt like she was with a real man.

She kept her eyes closed the entire time, and Amami noticed that. Although it was a little disheartening staring at a girl who never once opened her eyes he kept going.

The entire time she was picturing she was with Saihara. Not once did she picture that she was with Amami. But she still knew she was having sex with him.

She hated this. She still hated him. She hated herself for doing and enjoying this. She hated hated how she felt she was leaving everything behind Saihara. She just hated everything.

Kaede : We shouldn’t have done that
Amami : I know
Kaede : I think we should stop seeing each other
Amami : Ok… If that’s what you really want
Kaede : It is

It was the following night and Kaede was sitting on her couch texting Amami. She refused to lay in her bed after last night. Amami left after a very awkward morning.

She was disgusted with herself. Oh what would Saihara think of her now. She just cried for the rest of night and eventually passed out on her couch because of it.

It has been a week since she had last talked to Amami. She was at the grocery store buying food to get through the week. She was walking past the aisles when she saw a familiar face looking at cereal. She only paused to look at him for a second, and he spotted her during that short second. She notice he saw her and tried to keep moving forward but he got her attention before she could. He then left whatever he was doing to talk to her. Sometimes she thinks the world is out to get her.

“Hey,” he said smiling. She would refuse to admit it out loud, hell she could barley admit it to herself but she missed the sound of his voice.

“Hey,” she said happier than she expected.
“So what’s up?”
“You know just shopping.”
“I could help you with it if you want.”
“Don’t you have your own shopping to do?”
“I only have to grab a few thing so it’s no big deal.”

She really hated how persistent he was, and how he couldn’t accept that she didn’t want to see him. But she also hated the fact how she always gave into him, and this time was no exception. She gave into him.

They just had small talked while picking out groceries. They were in the aisle full of pastries. She was struggling to reach for a box that was placed on the very top shelf.

“Do you need help with that?”
“No,” she replied quickly.

Her face became red out of embarrassment. She was struggling but she refused to give up, it just wasn’t in her blood to do that. Her shirt was rising up the more that she reached leaving her soft skin exposed. Amami noticed that a couple of teenagers were staring at her. One of them even had to nerve to lick his lips. So he placed his hands around her skin, and looked right at then teenagers causing them to instantly flee from the aisle. Kaede jumped at his touch out if shock. Her face reddened even more than it already was.

“Ugh I almost had it, why did you do that?” She said stomping her foot on the ground. He had to admit she was adorable when she was angry.

“Sorry a couple of teenagers were staring at you, it was my way of making them stop.”
“I see,” you could tell she wasn’t convinced. He ended up grabbing the box that she was struggling to get with ease.

“Show off.”
He just shrugged his shoulders and started to push her shopping cart forward.

They just got finished checking out of the grocery store. He was helping her put bags in the trunk of her car. Once they were finished he waved goodbye and turned around. She didn’t know why but she didn’t want him to leave.

“Hey,” she said casting him to turn around.
“Would you want to um come over to my apartment,” she was just as shocked as him with her words.
“Yeah I would love to.”

They arrived at her apartment building around the same time. They spent the first 5 minutes unloading the bags out if her car, and then another 10 putting them away. When they were done they both just collapsed on the couch. Both of them were tired from shopping all day.

“Thanks for shopping with me by the way.”
“It’s no problem glad I could help.”
“Oh and um thanks for the stopping the teenagers for staring at me, even if your method was a bit strange.”
“Oh come on you liked it admit it.”
“So what if I did,” Kaede said with a flirtatious voice.

She hadn’t spoken like that in a long time, not since she was trying to captivate Saihara. Amami just smiled as he placed wrapped his hands around hips and pulled her close to him. She was soon laying on top of his chest. She nuzzled against his chest. She could feel his steady heart beat, and soothing that caused her eyes to grow heavy. She then fell asleep in Amami’s arms.

Kaede was confused with what she wanted. She wanted to hate Amami and be with Saihara, but she also wanted to spend all of her time with him and wake up with him right next to her.

She needed answers fast. She figured the only way she would get why answers was by talking to him. She called him and told him that she needed to talk to him. He got to her apartment sooner than she expected.

She welcomed him in and walked over on her couch. She patted the cousin next to her inviting him over.

“So what do we need to talk about?”
“To be honest I’m not to sure myself,”
“Then why did you call me over?”
She sat there silent ignoring his question .

“Amami,” she spoke softly. If her were any further he wouldn’t have heard her.

“Yes Kaede.”
“Why do you love me?”
“What makes you think I love you?”

Kaede’s face instantly dropped. After seeing the effect his words had in her he instantly regretted his words.

“You know it sucks loving you.”
“And whys that?” Kaede said with sadness in her voice. Amami took a deep breathe.

“It sucks that every time I think that we had a connection that we start back from square one the next time we see each other, it sucks that you always play with my emotions, it sucks how we have good times together and then you stop talking to me for weeks.”

Kaede was taken back from his words. She didn’t know what to say. So she just buried her head into her knees. He felt bad about what he said but he meant every word. He scooted closer to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“That’s what you wanted to hear isn’t it?” Kaede looked lifted her head up from her knees and looked at him.

“You honestly thought I wanted to hear that you hate me.”
“I know you don’t want to hear how much I love you,” He then pulled her into a hug.

“I said it sucks loving you, but I never said I ever wanted to stop,” Kaede looked at him in the eyes. After hearing that every doubt she ever had about him vanished.

“I love you Kaede Akamatsu I really do.”
“I love you to,” she said leaning in closer to him. They then shared a long passionate kiss. She then pulled him into her bedroom. She no longer had to imagine that Saihara was the one who was in bed with her because the only person she wanted to be was the person she was in bed with.

2 years later

The sunlight peeked through closed blinds of Kaede’s and Amami’s bedroom. The light woke up Kaede from her peaceful sleep. She slowly opened her eyes and looked to her left seeing the person who she shared the bedroom with was missing. She got out of her comfortable queen sized bed and went to the bathroom that was connected to her bedroom to freshen up.

She was brushing her teeth and was looking around in her closet for something to wear. She ended up deciding that she wouldn’t change out of her pajamas just yet as she was to comfortable to change. She was wearing a pair of Amami’s shorts and a shirt he got her as a gag gift. The shirt was hideous as it was a dull shade of gray with heads of famous composers all over it. She decided to keep it just to spite him for getting it.

She walked out of the bedroom to see Amami was making breakfast. He was only wearing a pair of tight black boxers and an apron. God damn he was sexy. She walked over to him and saw that he was making pancakes. He put his arm around her shoulders and kissed her forehead.

“Good morning.”
“Good morning,” Kaede said while yawning. Amami looked at what she was wearing. Her outfit was a mess but she still looked cute.

“Why do you still have that thing?”
“Oh what this,” Kaede said looking at her ugly shirt. Kaede said walking towards the couch, Amami followed her.

“It’s so ugly, you should really get rid of it.”
“Funny that’s what people always said about you,” Kaede said with a grin. Amami then picked her up and dropped her on the couch, and then positioned himself on top of her. He took off her shirt and exposed her black lacy bra.

“See you look so much better without it,” Amami said placing his hands on her breasts. Then what started out as a kiss turned into a make out session. Amami removed her shorts exposing the matching black panties, and Kaede removed the apron leaving them both in black underwear. They were literally about to have sex in the couch whenever they smelled silently burning.

“Oh shit I left the stove on!” Amami yelled as he got off of Kaede and ran to the stove. Kaede just laughed at looked at him. And every time she looked at him, she knew that he was the one who was perfect for her.

Well that was my story. I had a very fun time writing it and I hope you enjoy it, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Changing Channels: Casa Erotica?!

Summary: When the Cas tries to save Sam, Dean, and Y/N from the trickster’s game show nightmare his plans do not go as planned. He vanished before his friends eyes leaving the three of them to wonder where he went. Soon Y/N finds herself separated from her friends and in a Casa Erotica set up, and who other knocks on the door other than her crush Castiel.

Characters: Castiel, Reader, Gabriel (Trickster), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Rated: M

Warnings: Smut and language

A/N: Ah this is so exciting, this is my first request ever! (Also my first smut/fanfic with Cas) I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved writing it @castiellerblueeyed!   

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                                                                                                                                                                            You watched in horror as a level smacked Sam in the crotch. He bent over cupping himself while Dean watched, completely and utterly helpless. You made your way out of the stand rushing to attempt to free Sam. The host was busy chatting away with one of the girls while you yanked at the restraints holding Sam down.

“Come on!” you groaned but no matter how hard you tugged and them they wouldn’t budge. Sam was bent over groaning in pain.

“You okay?” Dean asked, his younger brother groaning in response. You yanked as hard as you could as the doors in front of you started banging. You shot Dean a look before hastily hitting at the restraints, doing anything to free the younger Winchester, “Oh now what?” Dean looked back at the doors as they flew open. You breathing hitched as Castiel entered the room, his trench coat flowing behind his as he looked at the three of you, “Cas?”

Sam looked at the angel before at his brother and you, “Is this another trick?”

“It’s me,” Castiel’s blue eyes looked around the room, “uh what are you doing here?” he motioned towards the chaos of the room.

“Us? What are you doing here?”

“Looking for you, you’ve been missing for days.”

“Oh that’s comforting.” you muttered under your breath putting all your strength into free Sam’s feet. Sam glanced down at you before looking back at Cas.

“Well get us the Hell out of here then!”

Cas walked forward holding both his arms out towards the three, ‘Let’s go,” and just before he could zap the three of you four of you to safety he vanished.

“Cas!?” Dean shouted as the game show host made his way standing between the two boys.

“No, no, no, no. Mr. Trickster does not like pretty boy angels.”

An arm suddenly draped over your shoulder, “But I someone who does.” You turned eyes wide as the Trickster waggled his eyebrows at you. He snapped his fingers and suddenly you were no longer in the crazy setting of the game show.

You were on a huge king sized bed, candles, and rose petals scattered around the room. You furrowed your brow looking down at yourself. You comfortable jeans and t-shirt had been replaced with a oversized button down shirt and stockings.

“What the Hell?!” you stood up running to the nearest mirror looking at yourself, “What. The. Hell!?” you had makeup on your face and your hair was curled, you looked like you belonged in Casa Erotica, “No! No way in Hell! I am playing this stupid game!” You stormed towards the door, throwing it open you came face to face with Castiel. He looked at you his blue eyes going wide as he looked you up and down.


“Cas?” heat began to spread across your cheeks, “What’s going on?”

“I’ll tell ya what’s going on.” turning around you found the trickster sprawled on his side across the bed. He had a lollipop in his mouth as he looked at the two of you, “I need to teach the Winchester’s a lesson.” He sat up motioning to the two of you, “And that’s going to be a lot easier without the two of you cramping my style.”

“What are you trying to teach them?”

“Look,” He got off the bed snaking his arm around you, “don’t you worry about it.” He unbuttoned the top buttons to your shirt, “You have better things to do.” You tried pulling away, but you were unsuccessful as he turned you to face Cas. The angels eyes looked directly at your cleavage, “Y/N Y/L/N, let me introduce you to,” he motioned towards Cas with his thumb, “ ‘better things to do’, you two kids have fun now.” he snapped his fingers and vanished into thin air.

“Really!?” you shouted towards the ceiling, “You’re kidding me right?”


“Better things to do my ass!” pacing the floor you glared holes in the wall in front of you, “I mean there’s nothing serious going on out there!” laughing sarcastically you kicked the bed, “Just the freaking apocalypse!”


“What Cas?!” you whirled around finding him inches away from you, “Crap!”  you placed your hand over your heart looking into his blue eyes, “Cas, Dean’s talked to you about personal space right?”

He took a step back, “I’m sorry, I just don’t think yelling at the ceiling is going to help us get out of this room.” He had a point, you needed to get your head in the game. Sam and Dean could be in serious trouble right now.

“You’re right, we need to do something.” Cas nodded in agreement and motioned towards the door.

“Let’s get out of here and find them.” and in a blink of an eye the door vanished leaving the two of you trapped in the tiny red room. Before you could start cursing the ceiling off, porno music began playing, “What’s going on?” Cas tilted his head to the side looking at you in confusion, “Is this music suppose to signify a battle?”

How the hell were you supposed to explain what porn was to an angel of the lord?

“No this is… this is uh…” your cleared your throat looking away, “this is the set up for a porno Cas.” He furrowed his brow in confusion, “You know like sexual intercourse, only it’s filmed and stuff.”

“Is the trickster implying that you and I need to have intercourse?”

This was not the way you pictured being with Cas. You have had feeling for the angel ever since you first met him when Dean came back from Hell. At first it was just a physical attraction, but soon you found yourself falling for the angel inside the vessel. He went against heaven, he wanted to help the boys stop the apocalypse. There was so much to him then just a pretty face, he was a warrior and everyday he was becoming less of a weapon of heaven, and more of a man wanting to save the world.

So of course the mutual friendship slowly became more in your eyes. You found yourself growing more attracted to him, wanting to be near him. Every time you would hear the flutter of his wings your heart skipped a beat. You really were falling for an angel of the lord, and he was standing right in front the two of you alone for once.

“Y/N?’ his gravelly voice rumbled, “is that what he wants?”

You crossed your arms over your chest sighing softly, “I don’t know what he wants to be honest Cas. He might just have stuck us in here so he could screw with Sam and Dean. I mean they have tried to kill him twice, this is the ultimate payback for him.” The two of you stood there in awkward silence, looking at each other before trying to focus on anything else. The longer the two of you stood there and said nothing the louder the music blared, “Seriously dude! Can you stop with the music please!?” The music screeched to a stop, “Thank you!”

“Uh…Y/N.” You looked at Cas who was staring at your body, “You uh,” you followed his gaze and your jaw dropped. The white shirt was now missing leaving you in nothing but a black lace bra and matching panties.

“Oh this is some sick shit you son of a bitch!”

“Do I need to spell the situation on for you two bimbos?” The tricksters voice boomed through the room as if he was speaking over an intercom, “The two of you are alone! The two of you like each other! There’s condoms all over the room! S.E.X!” And as soon as his voice came on it was gone, replaced with the same soft porno music. You looked up at Cas, who was running a hand through his hair.  

“You like me?” you nearly whispered under your breath, Cas looked at you slowly nodding his head.

“I do, at least that’s what Dean confirmed.” your heart was racing, “He kept telling me to tell you, but you know.” his blue eyes locked directly on yours, “But I’ve been looking for God, and the apocalypse needs to be stopped. I just haven’t had the opportunity to confess my feelings towards you.” He took a step towards you, “And you like me as well?”  

You hesitated before running your hands down his chest, “Yeah, I just didn’t know how to confess my feelings to an angel.” smiling sweetly you stood up on your tip toes kissing his cheek, “I’ve liked you for a long time.”

He stared into your eyes looking extremely nervous. Dean mention that Cas was a virgin to you and Sam, so it was understandable that he was freaked out. You gently stroked his cheek smiling reassuringly at him before kissing his lips. You started off with just a peck, pulling away to look at him. His cheeks were a bit flushed as his eyes moved up and down.

“Cas, we don’t have to do anyth-” he cupped your face in both his hands and pressed his lips against your. Stumbling back you fell on the bed, Cas falling on top of you. You moved your lips against his, slowly but confidently.

God he had sweet soft lips, you could kiss them forever. His slightly stubbled chin rubbed against your leaving your skin burning. Slowly you licked his bottom lip which took him by surprise.

“Open your mouth, follow my lead,” gripping the back of his hair you pushed his head towards you, your lips reconnecting. Only this time you slid your tongue in his mouth, slowly sliding it against his. It took him a second before he was able to pick up on your movements,. Soon enough though his tongue was massaging and moving against yours fighting for total control of the kiss, and you gladly let him.

Castiel was a fast learner, the hesitant angel was now taking over the whole situation. His hands cupped your face as his thumbs stroked you cheeks. All the while his tongue was dominating your mouth, drawing out whimpers and moans from you. If he was able to pick up on kissing this fast, he would be able to pick up on other things as well.

Before you could think twice you grabbed both his hands placing them on both your breasts. He pulled his mouth away from yours staring at his hands. He gulped clenching his jaw as looked at you for guidance. You placed your hands on top of his slowly moving them up and down, guiding them on how to touch you. He cleared his throat gently groping and kneading at them, causing you to shiver under his touch.

“Cas,” you whimpered running your fingers through his hair, “Castiel.”

“What, did I do something wrong?”

“No it feels good, don’t stop.” Castiel squeezed your breasts gently, “Yes, Cas!” you reached behind you unclipping your bra, “Cas I want to feel your skin on me.”

He slid the straps of your bra down your arms slowly. You watched his eyes the whole time, how they nearly went black with lust as he pulled it off completely dropping it on the floor. They darted back and forth taking in your bare skin. His thumbs gently grazing your nipples as he gazed into yours eyes, waiting for you to instruct him on what to do now.

“You can use your fingers, or you can use your mouth on my nipples either or will feel good.” He glanced up at you more time before leaning down taking your nipples in his mouth sucking on it gently. You arched your back pushing yourself closer into his mouth. His tongue swirled around the nipple, causing them to stand at attention, “You can also use your, ah fuck!” you groaned throwing your head back as he grazed the bud gently between his teeth.

“Like that?” he whispered against your breasts, “Is that pleasurable for you?” he looked up at you through his lashes as he gave the other nipple the same attention as the other.

‘Yes, oh fuck that feels really good Cas.” he kept sucking with his hand cupped and massaged your other breast.  As he gave your chest the attention you longed for, you slowly slid your hand down his chest cupping his cock in your hand.

Holy crap he was was already hard. You squeeze and rubbed at him through his suit pants, causing him to growl in pleasure against your bare breasts. He pulled away,  watching you waiting for your next move. You took his hands and let them down to your hips. Do you slowly slide your finger his fingers under the send Lacey fabric.

“Finish undressing me.” You looked at him, taking his tie off slowly pushing his  trenchcoat off the shoulders. “Then I’m going to show you how to properly make love to a woman.”      

“Y/N.” He curled his fingers under the flimsy fabric pulling them down your legs, “I feel so strange when I’m with you, like I can’t control myself.” You gave him your best smile as you work on unbuttoning his shirt.

“You make me feel the same Cas.” When the shirt was completely unbuttoned, you ran your hands over his chest, “I just can’t keep my hands off of. you. It’s like I have to always be touching you, I can’t control myself anymore.” You pushed him back by his shoulders giving you both enough room to finish undressing yourselves.

You and Castiel were completely naked in front of each other for the first time. His sky blue eyes stared at you, looking at you like he was a starving man and you were a steak dinner placed in front of him. You knew from the look in his eyes that you were in for a world of trouble.

Much like when you first started making out, you took control of the situation. You took his hand sliding down between your legs so he could feel the wetness seeping through your core. His fingers gently brushed against your slickened folds and his breathing hitched. He didn’t hesitate moving his fingers up and down them covering them in your slick, and God did it feel good. To finally be touched by the man you have had feelings for. You had only fantasized about this in your own room under your sheets when you touched yourself. But here Cas was in front of you touching you in a way that you had always imagined he would.

“I don’t want to be the only one feeling like this.” You reached between your bodies your hand grasping his cock. You stroked up and down the shaft causing Cas to furrow his brows groaning and pleasure. Seeing Cas was still a virgin, he wouldn’t last very long under your touch so you took it slow setting a steady pace. But it was hard not to want to make him come, you were drawn in by his facial reactions,grunts, and groans of pleasure.  You wanted to hear more, you wanted to be the one to make him come for the first time.

“Y/N, that feels so good.” At his statement you see stalled the movements of your hand. He opened his eyes, they were dull pleasure “Why did stop?”

“If you think my hand feels good you’re in for a real treat.” you lay back against the bed spreading your legs for him, “Just wait till you feel this.” you slid your fingers down to your core, spreading the lips of your pussy open. “I want you inside here Castiel it feels so much better than my hand.”

Castiel hovered over you, his face and inches from your own, “I’ll do whatever you want me to do Y/N, I trust you.”

You took his cock in your hand stroking it up and down slowly, “This is going to feel good for the both of us,” you push the head of his cock lightly against your opening, “I want you to thrust into me Cas, please.” Cas watched you before nodding in agreement slowly moving his hips forward.

Just the head of his cock slipped past your folds already filling you up. You gasped wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him to rest on your chest. He panted roughly buying his face in the crook of his neck as he pushed further inside of you. He was moving was so slow it was almost agonizing for you. All you wanted him to do was for him to fill you up all the way. You knew he couldn’t do that just yet though, it was his first time after all. As much as you wanted him to fuck you into the mattress you knew he wasn’t going to last very long. You could worry about teaching him how to fuck hard another time, right now you just needed to feel him.

“Am I doing it right?” He moaned against your neck, his breath tickling your almost overly sensitive skin.

“Yeah Cas you got it, keep going sweetie I want you to be buried deep inside of me.” Cas complied pushing his cock further inside of you, slowly but soon enough the shead of his cock was resting against your g-spot, “There you go,” you ran your fingers through his short dark hair,  “Whenever you’re ready for you can start moving.” He didn’t hesitate at you worlds and he began sliding in and out of you agonizingly slow.

With each thrust and rock of his hips he placed kisses up your neck and over your jaw line making you shudder under his body, He listened to you pleads whether it was him to go faster or slower he did whatever you wanted him to do. His hands moved from your hips, to your arms, he even massaged and teased at your breasts. For a virgin he was really good at fucking, he must have been getting pointers from Dean or Sam you’d have to remember to ask him later when you remembered how to speak.

With his cock inside for you and his lips against almost every inch of your body you forgot how to do a lot of stuff. It started off as being at a loss for words, then moved on to how to speak, and with his cock slamming into you, you nearly forgot how to breath. The only words you were able to shout as the pleasure took over your body was, faster, harder, deeper, and Cas.

“Cas, I wanna ride you.” You gasped out as he sunk his teeth into your neck his hips rolling against yours, “Please Cas I need to feel your hands on my breasts.” He pulled away from you neck looking down at you, a thin layer of what shined off his forehead.

“Okay,” you took full control and rolled the two of you over. Castiel’s head hit the back of the pillows as he looked up at you curiously. You reached down grabbing both his hands, placing them over your breasts as you slowly rocked your hips against him. He opened his mouth moaning as he groped at your breasts, but not once did the intense gaze of the blue eyes leave your own gaze.

“Let me take over, I’m going to make you feel really good Cas.” You rocked your hips harder against his cock, “Just relax and feel me,” you placed your hands flat on his chest as you began bouncing yourself up and down his cock, “feel me clamping down on you, feel what you do to my body.” He nodded his fingers twisting and pulling at your nipples as you continued to slam yourself down on his cock, “Castiel you make me feel so good, you make me so wet.” You took your bottom lip between your teeth naming on it.

“Y/N,” he moaned softly sending shivers through your body, making you bounce yourself even harder against him, “Y/N!” He growled throwing his head back against the pillows gripping your breasts harder.

You could feel his cock twitching inside of you, he was getting close to his orgasm. Knowing that he was going to come inside of you pushed you closer towards your own release. There was something about knowing you were going to get him off that made you want to lose all of the control you had. You grabbed on of hi wrists and lead it towards your clit, pushing his fingers against the little bundle of nerves.

“I want us to come together Cas,” you moaned out as you bounced as fast as you could, “Cas!” He took the hint and began rubbing you clit in time with you bouncing and rocking. You gasped shouting his name as the heated coil in your abdomen grew tighter and tighter, “Castiel!” You screamed as the coil finally snapped sending you over the edge your orgasm taking total control of your body.

Your hips trembled and rocked as the waves of pleasure rushed through your entire being. Cas growled thrusting up deep and hard inside of you, his hips stilling as he spilt his warm seed inside of you. He kept thrusting working through his own climax before he ceased all his movements. You collapsed falling on his chest panting and completely spent.

“Did I do that right?” Cas asked his arms slowly wrapping around you holding you close against his body, “I feel like I did everything right.” His deep voice was huskier as she tried to regain his breathing.

“Oh Cas you did amazing.” You grinned placing a kiss against his lips, “Hell you were even better than amazing, you were absolutely fucking perfect. Pretty good for someone’s first time, I’m impressed.”

“Y/N,” he rolled so he was on top of you, “you haven’t seen anything yet.” As he leaned down to kiss you again, the music in the background screeched like a record.

“Well now that I got the two lovebirds to see how they felt about each other, one part of my mission is complete.” You and Cas sat up looking for any sign of the trickster. Though you were grateful for him helping you and Cas get together he was still dangerous, and like an idiot you and Cas left yourselves opened and defenseless if he were to attack.

“We should get going.” You whispered the two of quickly redressing keeping your guards up. Cas was the first to finish he held out his hand towards you, but just before he could reach you he vanished, “Cas!?” You shouted putting the bra and panties back on.

“Don’t worry about him right now sweet cheeks,” the trickster appeared in front of you winking, “right now you have some explaining to do.” He snapped his finger, and the setting changed to some cheesy looking set up of a sitcom.

“Y/N/N?!” Dean and Sam said at the same time looking at you through an open door. The imaginary crowd erupted into laughter as you tried to cover your bare skin. Your cheeks flushed as you looked out to the crowd laughing softly.

“Son of a bitch.”

You would gladly take the Casa Erotica set up over this.

First Meeting

content: Sam meets his baby nephew for the first time.

word count: 1119

“Where is he? Where is he?”

Sam rushes inside the house before Dean even gets the chance to open the door completely, looking around excitedly.

“Hello to you too,” Dean grunts.

What? Oh yes, sorry, hello.” Sam waves him off as if he’s got no time for pleasantries. “So, tell me! Where is my nephew?”

He beams and bounces like an overjoyed puppy right before a sugar shock.

“My God, don’t wet the carpet.” Dean can’t help but laugh at his brother. Sam had been eager to meet little Bobby since forever but his bosses sent him to Colorado because of some special  case and he couldn’t squeeze in enough time to greet their newest family member. Sure, he had been flooded with pictures the last couple of weeks but he did never shut up about meeting the little guy in person.

“Bobby is upstairs, with Cas.”

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