seriously i should just give up

I actually kinda like getting rickrolled

I almost always know it’s coming and even when I don’t it doesn’t make me feel stupid, more “ohhh should’ve known lmao okay let’s listen to this actually really nice song about how Rick Astley is never gonna give me up”

it’s seriously the kindest prank in the world, no jump scares, no screamers, nothing offensive, just Rick Astley never going to give you up

The signs being bold
  • Aries : No but just the two of us... doing... WHAT PEOPLE DO WHEN THEY ARE NAKED SERIOUSLY
  • Taurus : We could climb up a moutain watch the sunset... OR go to my room, giving each other a massage... naked.
  • Gemini : What talents do I have ? hahaha I give nice blowjob *wink*
  • Cancer : Hahaha leave me out of this, this is too much OH MY GOD
  • Leo : Present ? My body is the present.
  • Virgo : Look at this book. We could do the same.
  • Libra : Bitch you're the 45th, now get to work.
  • Scorpio : Everyone should be my slave... Like you.
  • Sagittarius : What do I want ? Oh please hahaha How can you not see I'm horny af seriously
  • Capricorn : See how I handled this work ? Imma gonna do the same with your body
  • Aquarius : What do I want? Like expressing my sexual urge with you ?
  • Pisces : The stars, the universe, the beauty of bodies being embraced... NO I WAS SAYING WE COULD FUCK.


After letting these doodles/sketches rot on my harddrive for months, it’s time to just slap ‘em up here so they don’t meet the same fate ast 99% of my other art lol

These were doodled like 4-5 months ago (or at least that’s what it feels like) except for the colored one which I did in 10 minutes today

I seriously need suggestions or something to stop letting myself give up art OTL

The more I think about it, the more and more beautiful it gets because like. Viktor was lost, he had no clue what he was going to do next season, but then this drunk, hot mess comes up and is like “you know what you should do? coach me” and I don’t think Viktor really seriously considered coaching before that point, but here comes this boy just giving him an idea. A spark. And four months later Viktor hops on a plane to pay him back for it and god

Adorkable (a phanfic)

Summary: Just a little something with no real plot about Dan and Phil being their usual dorky selves.

Genre/Tags: Fluff n stuff, domesticity, comfort, dorks being dorks

Warnings: Profanity/swearing (this is Dan and Phil we’re talking about, so it’s to be expected); one very, very brief reference to kinks/sex (you have to squint to see it)

Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction. I am not making assumptions or statements about any of the characters shown in this story, it’s all for the sake of story-telling and should not be taken seriously. 

Word Count: 2.1k

A/N: Inspired by a moment from the PINOF 8 Bloopers where Dan talks about his ‘Dandle’ and Phil gives a cute eyeroll (even though i didn’t mention it in the story), I though it was too good of a prompt to pass up! (Lbr though, there were so many cute moments in PINOF 8 as a whole, they’re too precious to exist.)

Also, the events that take place in this are in no particular chronological order so yeah

(This was so much longer than I expected it to be, but as it’s my first I’m pleased with the final result!)

Reviews/advice are appreciated ^_^

Thank you to @kathax397 for being my beta! :3


Dan often found himself contemplating why his and Phil’s fans called them dorks.

He wasn’t disagreeing, it was just funny to see how the phandom responded to the way they presented themselves, especially as its opinion could change from day to day. One day they might be called ‘soft and squishy’, the next ‘dads’ and ‘sexy noodles’.

Other opinions stayed consistent - they were normally the truest ones. Nerds? Hell, yeah. Lanky? You know it. In love? Of fucking course. Well, the last one wasn’t information they’d released to the world just yet but their fans could see it anyway.

‘Dorks’ seemed to be more on the consistent side.

Dan pondered the accuracy of this statement. Just how dorky were they?


The two of them were sat in their office filming a Gamingmas video. Today it was a second attempt at Akinator, but they were making the genie guess Christmas-themed characters instead. Both boys felt content and weren’t taking anything seriously.

Well, anything except for Christmas on Phil’s part.

Phil had always been a holiday enthusiast, but it amused Dan to see just how seriously Phil was taking it.

Sure enough, when they chose to talk about Mrs Claus, and inevitably the first question to pop up was “Does your character really exist?”, Phil set about convincing Dan to answer ‘Probably’ instead of ‘No’.

Neither believed in Mr and Mrs Santa Claus of course, but Phil was insistent that they kept up the Christmas spirit. (One excuse he’d used in the past was that he didn’t want to ruin it for younger viewers, but Dan doubted many of their viewers were of that age group.)

Phil pointed to the screen and said, “No! Nhh- probably! PROBABLY.”

Dan just leaned towards Phil and gave him a look while he rambled on about not ruining the Christmas spirit. Truth be told, he found Phil’s insistence quite endearing, but he wasn’t one to admit it.

He only looked at Phil for a second or two, but it was an affectionate one that said, God you’re a dork. Phil was none the wiser to Dan’s gesture, and so Dan withdrew and returned his focus to the computer screen.

Again, he secretly loved his boyfriend’s enthusiasm and it brought him joy to see him so passionate about something, but that didn’t change the fact that his boyfriend could be a total dork.

So how dorky were they? Quite dorky.


Everyone has bad days.

Whether it be because of illness, or drama, or just feeling crap, everyone has bad days.

Dan knew this all too well, as someone who was prone to an existential crisis every other week. He had learned to accept it over time.

The one thing he couldn’t bear to see was Phil having a bad day.

Phil was, as many of their subscribers had succeeded in pointing out, a ray of sunshine. He was too humble to agree, but that didn’t make the statement any less accurate. He was always smiling, always optimistic and brought brightness with him wherever he went. He always knew exactly what to say, what to do, what to offer when someone was feeling down. Ever since they’d known each other he’d been like a beacon or a light at the end of a tunnel for Dan. He’d always supported and loved him unconditionally. He was literally his guardian angel.

So to see his guardian angel feeling down in the dumps felt worse for Dan than when he himself felt like that.

It didn’t matter what was happening: Phil took priority, especially when it was a bad day. End of discussion.

He had woken up one morning exhausted and with a nasty fever, and probably wouldn’t have said anything for fear of being an inconvenience if Dan hadn’t noticed the heat radiating from his shivering form. They had been supposed to go to a meeting that day; Dan told Phil that he’d chain him to his bedpost if he had to to prevent him from going (not in a sexy or kinky way, to which Phil feigned disappointment) and that he certainly wasn’t abandoning his sick boyfriend for just a bloody meeting, which could be rescheduled anyway.

Dan made himself Phil’s personal slave for the day which made Phil, being a ‘selfless little shit’ to quote what Dan told him, feel quite guilty, but he hadn’t even the strength to get out of bed on his own and Dan, being an ‘even more selfless little shit’ to quote what Phil replied with, insisted. He supplied extra pillows and blankets, kept him sufficiently watered and fed, gave him all the required medicine, made sure the thermostat was always at a warm temperature and helped him to the bathroom for the toilet and even a warm bath.

However, most of the time Phil just wanted Dan there with him in bed holding him. Whether they were watching an anime, scrolling through Tumblr and laughing at all the memes and gifs, taking a nap, or just lying there, Phil wanted Dan by his side. Dan was more than happy to oblige, clambering over to him, settling down under the duvets, wrapping his arms around Phil protectively and pulling him as close as he physically could.

Having Dan with him was the one thing that really made him feel any better. Of course, Dan’s body heat warming him up helped, but really he was just glad to have such a caring and compassionate person close to him in his life. He was grateful that he could have someone so perfect as his boyfriend, as someone who loved him back and reminded him of that with the words “I love you” every few minutes (although Phil wasn’t sure why he didn’t think he was anything special), as someone who risked getting ill himself by holding Phil and kissing him on his temple, his cheeks, his lips, anywhere on his face, but didn’t give a fuck.

With Dan he felt safe and protected. With Dan he felt like he was worth something.

Dan didn’t normally show his sappy side, so Phil always enjoyed the show while he could, snuggling up to him and intending to stay awake but barely being able to keep his eyes open while Dan encouraged him in gentle tones to get some rest. It continued like this for most of the afternoon, drifting in and out of consciousness until he finally fell into a deep sleep and awoke in the early hours of the morning, still feeling disgusting but not quite as much as he had twenty-four hours ago. He reached for his glasses and realised that he was still wrapped up in Dan’s warm embrace. Phil tried to shift his position a bit without waking up his slumbering partner so they’d both be more comfortable, but despite his best efforts Dan woke up anyway, smiling as he opened his eyes and took in the sight of Phil still in his arms. He pulled him in for a soft kiss before asking quietly,

“How are you feeling?”

“Still feel like crap, but it’s been worse.”

Dan seemed content with that answer, so he snuggled up and made Phil promise to wake him up if anything happened before closing his eyes and starting to drift off again. Before he could however, Phil whispered,

“Thank you.”

“Mhhhhmm? For what?”

“For being here. For looking after me, when you could have gone to that meeting or got some video work done. Instead you’ve been caring for me all day, loving me, trying to make me feel better, and I appreciate that.”

“I’d do anything for you,” replied Dan, before pulling him in for a longer, deeper kiss.

When they pulled away, Phil shuddered mockingly.

“Jesus Christ, you’re a sap.” Not that he didn’t like it. Quite the opposite.

“I’m your sap.”

“Dork,” retorted Phil.

As they both settled down and Phil was once again embraced by sleep, he heard one final murmur,

“Your dork.”

So how dorky were they? Very dorky.


The 19th of October.

For most people it was just another day in the run-up to various holidays.

For Dan and Phil, it was the day their lives changed forever.

It was the day they first met each other, at Piccadilly Station in Manchester. It had been one of the best days of their lives.

One of, because over the years many more happy memories were to come.

On the morning of their anniversary, neither could be bothered to get out of bed. Normally this was because they rarely woke up before noon, but today they were content to spend the morning basking in each other’s presence.

As they lay tangled up in each other’s arms, one couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began. The only sounds to be heard were content sighs and whispered declarations of love between passionate kisses. They worked together to create a dance of romance, of amour, of devotion for the other.

Today was all about them, about the ups and downs they had gone through, the unbreakable bond they’d created.

Some time after noon, they were still in their cocoon of love and affection but were instead lying against each other, enjoying each other’s company. Eventually, they gathered enough willpower to get out of bed and binge-watch some Netflix in the living room, but space between them remained non-existent. They had their arms around each other’s waists, and Dan practically laying on top of Phil with his head in the crook of Phil’s neck. They didn’t really watch anything, instead they focused on feeding each other pancakes and looking into each other’s eyes, which could captivate them for hours on end.

However, they didn’t have hours on end. Phil had booked a reservation at a restaurant (nothing too fancy, as their combined social awkwardness, clumsiness and other traits didn’t bode well with ‘fancy’) as a surprise. They’d been to it the first time they had travelled to London all those years ago when the prospect of their own radio show had arisen. He figured Dan would appreciate the gesture and the sentiment.

The problem was, Dan was also planning a secret date night out.

Not only that, it was at the exact same restaurant.

They thought alike in that way.

As they lay there on the sofa, just enjoying the moment, both of them were contemplating when they should speak up that they’d organised a surprise. Of course, neither knew that the other had made plans and weren’t even sure if the other would want to, so for fear of being turned down they remained quiet.

Until finally, Phil spoke up,

“Hey Dan?”


“So I was thinking, I kinda have a surprise for you later…”

“What? Are we going out?”

“Yeah! I just really wanted to get out and, y’know, have an official celebration! So what do you think?”


Phil froze. He wasn’t sure how Dan would react to the prospect of going outside, even if it was their anniversary, but he wasn’t expecting this.

“So… no?”

“No, nononono- fuck, that’s not what I meant, fuck fuck fuck… I’d never turn down any opportunity to be with you, you know that.”

“So what’s wrong?”

“The thing is… I kinda made plans for us as well…”

Phil stared at Dan, who was burying his face into his shoulder in embarrassment, before bursting into fits of giggles.

“You… made secret plans wh-while I, too, made secret plans… M-may I ask what th-they were?”

“To got to the first restaurant we visited here in London, when we came to visit about the radio show,” murmured Dan quietly.

Phil’s giggles turned into full-scale laughter.

“Don’t laugh, you’re embarrassing me!” Dan complained.

Phil calmed down enough to say, “Ummmm, this kinda ruins the surprise, but I may or may not have booked a reservation at the same place…”

Dan looked up for the first time and said disbelievingly, “Are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me?”

Phil started laughing again at Dan’s expression, shaking his head in response.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” replied Dan before burying his head in Phil’s shoulder again but this time shaking with laughter.

Eventually they both calmed down and just smiled at each other, still amused at the hilarity of the scenario.

“You’re such a dork.”

“That makes both of us.”

“I guess we really are perfect for each other, then.”

So how dorky were they? One hundred percent dorky.

But they were dorky together.


And there it is… My first phanfic! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it!

I don’t know who’s behind kookmin9795 on twitter (if you’re not a follower yet, you should go follow), but it is a really sharp shipper account, you guys! (The owner is Korean.)

Look at this! This gives me so much feels just looking at this! 😭😭😭

We could be wrong and that JK didn’t really check his paper when JM revealed his team, but I’m pretty convinced that he did! Every single day, JK gives me more and more reasons to love him! I am seriously all for JK for JM! Please, God, let them have their happily ever after! What a shame for these two precious boys and their hearts to not end up together like they’re destined to! 😭😭😭


“Would you leave me alone already.” You say in annoyed tone when Bjorn follows you outside. Somehow he always had to get mixed up in your problems and it was beginning to bother you. You could take care of yourself just fine.

“No I’m going to stay.”

“Seriously I could have handled that on my own, I don’t need you to protect me all the time.”

“I know.”

“Really because it does not look like you do.”

You pick up a training sword nearby and face him. If he insisted on protecting you he should prove himself first. You knew he could fight but so could you. Bjorn tilts his head, giving you a doubtful look before getting a sword himself.

“Really? You know I’ll win.”

“Oh you did not just say that.” You growl angrily and storm towards him while raising your sword. You’re not bad but he’s better. He has you lying on the ground in no time, hovering above you with a satisfied grin.

“See? Told you so.”

You jump off the ground and angrily stomp away. He really, really got on your nerves sometimes. Today was one of these days.

“Shut up…asshole.” You mumble as you walk away. Bjorn catches your wrist before you can leave and pulls you back.

“The sun could burn out, and the whole world could die, but I’d still be utterly in love with you.”


“I love you, idiot. Why do you think I insist on watching out for you.” He gives you a genuine smile this time, not the smug face from before.


“Yes I know…you love me too.” He says before pulling you in for a kiss.

Matchmaker (Part 2)

Characters: Steve x Reader, Bucky

Summary: Bucky and Natasha decide to play matchmaker….

Genres: fluff

Warnings: None


Masterlist here | Part 1 (previous) | Part 2 | Part 3 (next)

“So… I know Nat’s been giving you a hard time lately. But seriously, any special ladies? Or guys? Anyone? I won’t tell.” Bucky cleared his throat, looking up from his book. Steve was sketching, and the two of them lay sprawled on the living room floor, just like old times.

“It’s kind of hard when you’re so much older than anyone else,” Steve sighed. “What about you?”

Keep reading

  • George: Lockwood we're out of our depth here
  • Lucy: Yeah, we should go back to Portland Row or else we're gonna die
  • Lockwood: Die?☠️💀🤔 NEVER turn back🚫🙅🏽NEVER give up❌❌ NO case is ever too big to solve💪🏼💪🏼🔥 NOTHING⛔️can stop 🤛🏼 my grind😤👊🏼 not even DEATH☠️💪🏼

Is the ship seriously sailing?!! 😍

Mutsumi-senpai finally realized what he doesn’t want to give up the most. It’s not that he was just going with the flow in the beginning, it’s just that, he was only sunconsciously aware of what he really wants. Take into consideration that, among the 4 rivals, he is most probably the one who spent more quality time with Kae.
》Shinomiya is a member of the Nursing Committee, along with Kae. However, everyone should know how he used to treat her when she was still fat. He was like very disgusted at her appearance, so I can pretty much say that they didn’t spent time together despite being in the same committee.
》Nanashima and Igarashi are both Kae’s classmates, but obviously they didn’t pay much attention to her fat appearance then. Nanashima was rude to her. Igarashi was nice but it’s nothing special, she’s pretty much like air to him.
》Nishina was in a different year and had no prior connection to Kae except their fujoshi traits. Though she noticed her already when she was still fat, she wasn’t able to recognize her when she slimmed down. Because of this, they obviously couldn’t spend time together.

Now comes Mutsumi-senpai. They are in the same History Club. Considering how Mutsumi treats her when she was fat and now taht she’s thin, and how Kae respond to him, I can conclude that they are quite close. Kae is very comfortable around him that she thoughtlessly took a bite of the takoyaki Mutsumi gave her. She doesn’t mind skinship between them (it’s like natural) that she could easily grabbed Mutsumi’s hand when he was scared in the dark. Why is that?.? Because even before all this love-rival things started, before the timeline of this story begun, Mutsumi had always treated her kindly. I could just imagine them both talking about this historical stuff in the clubroom, naturally. Mutsumi was the only one who recognized her immediately when she became slim (even her best friend wasn’t able to). They already have a special connection before all of this even started. When the 3 guys wanted to confess to Kae, he probably felt threatened (man instinct). These guys suddenly wanted to get close to Kae, it’s like taking away their time and special bond. But he was a kind guy, and dense. He was not fully aware of his feelings so he simply enjoyed their time with added friends. And now… the time has finally come…


“Stay away from my sister Barnes! I see what you’re doing, and it’s not gonna happen in your lifetime!” I hear the loud voice of my annoying little brother, repeating the same words for the hundreth time today.
The yelling is followed by a crash, and then more yelling from Bucky…
I quickly run to where the commotion is taking place, which is in the training room.
I turn the corner and see Peter hanging from the ceiling, and Bucky is webbed to the floor by his cybernetic arm.
“Seriously Peter?!?” I scold him in annoyance, ripping the strong webs from Bucky’s arm. “I will beat your ass!”
“He’s just trying to get with you (Y/N), I know it!” Peter defends his actions, which are completely irrational.
“I honestly don’t give a shit, and neither should you.” I sigh loudly, helping Bucky up from the ground. “And we’re just teammates, calm your tits man!”

Well I owe you guys an apology apparently

I was told I needed to sit in a corner and think about what I had done with that WIP, so I figure I should give you a (hella sketchy) follow up comic to make everybody happy again.  I didn’t mean to drop concentrated feels in your tags.  It wasn’t my intention.  Subtitles included beneath in case you can’t read my chicken scratch.

Arthur:  Mornin’ Lew…  Breakfast smells good.

Lewis:  Thank you.

Lewis:  Here.

Arthur:  Thanks.

Lewis:  …Listen…  If I went a little far with that arm thing, I’m sorry.

Lewis:  I was hoping it would make you feel better.

Arthur:  Seriously?  You just ensured the last thing that hand felt wasn’t gonna be me murdering you.  Trust me.  I feel better.

Lewis:  Okay.

Arthur:  Besides, you’re not the only one with a new trick.


Vivi:  Lewis, is something burning!?

Arthur:  *snicker*

Lewis:  ~ <3

Co-parenting with Derek would include...

•We have honestly created the cutest babies ever
• How the hell am I supposed to put her hair up?!
• Randomly coming home to Derek and your children watching cartoons
• Pick it up
• I picked it up last time
• It was your idea to have it
• Cuddling Derek and your kids every morning
• Babe, can you pick Y/D/N and Y/S/N after school
• Derek you seriously should stop giving the kids so many sweets
• Promise we have to teach Y/S/N to be a gentleman like his dad and we will teach Y/D/N to be a lady and should be treated like nothing less than a princess like you
• I can’t believe they are growing up so fast
• I don’t want them to grow up
• One day they will move out and the house just won’t be the same
• Derek, the kids really miss you
• Tell them that daddy misses them too
• Standing backstage with your kids and blocking their ears whenever one of the guys swears
• Y/N, my munchkins! What are you doing here?!
• We really missed you so we surprised you
• I love you all so much
• Hey guys, this is my family and I just wanted to tell you that they are one of the main reasons why I wake up every morning with a smile on my face
• Ew, mommy, daddy stop kissing!
• It’s only because we love each other hunny
• But its gross! My boyfriend and I don’t kiss
• What do you mean a boyfriend! You don’t have a boyfriend. You are not allowed to have a boyfriend. You will be a nun!
• Derek, they only hold hands and swap toys
• No, that’s my little girl. She’s not getting a boyfriend
• But my brother has a girlfriend!
• He’s not allowed to have a girlfriend
• Fine! I’ll just be mad at you
• Do you want ice-cream
• Yes! Yes!
• Okay but you cannot be mad then
• Okay I promise!
• Making cupcakes with the kids and Derek and getting all the flour all over each other
• Watching your son always looking out for your daughter and vice versa
• We are raising them right, right?
• We are
• I love my family

Sorry but I can’t think of any more. Thanks to @mendesfiction for the idea. Go follow her

Imagine Dean getting distracted by you on a hunt...

Whilst Sam and Dean were busy bickering, you dragged the garden table up to underneath the window. It seemed simple, enough to scramble in if you could just get level with it. Hoisting a leg up, you pulled yourself onto the table and with a bit of a huff you stood up and dusted yourself off.

“What are you doing?” Sam said, suddenly noticing your precarious position.

“I’m getting us in-”

“I should’ve bought a few dollar bills,” Dean grinned, cutting you off.

“W-What?” You said, confused as to what he meant but on seeing Sam’s bitch face it suddenly sunk in just as Dean elaborated.

“Well last time I saw someone with an ass like yours stood on a table, they were giving me a dance.”

“Seriously? Head out of the gutter, Dean,” You snapped, “Can we focus?”

He pulled a face and let out a sigh, “But-… Fine.”

IwaOi + Pinecone Headcanon

Aka ’How you win back your boyfriend’s affection from his pet hedgehog
(Half-credit goes to @hajimeiwazumi σ`∀´)σ )

  • Oikawa is jealous of Pinecone because it gets a lot of attention from his Iwa-chan. 
  • Oikawa tries to get a pet himself to make Iwa jealous but his parents are like “you’re not getting a pet just to get Hajime-kun’s attention.
  • Iwaizumi comes back home one day and sees Oikawa having a serious conversation with Pinecone about how they should divide Iwa’s time.
  • (“Please pay attention, Pinecone-san, this is very important! If i give you a limitless supply of lettuce, will you give me Fridays with iwa-chan?”)
  • (“Seriously, Oikawa, Pinecone-san?” “Shut up, Iwa-chan, we are having a serious discussion here!”)
  • While Oikawa is jealous that Pinecone gets to huddle with Iwaizumi whenever it wants, what Oikawa doesn’t know is that he can do the same and Iwa wouldn’t care at all.
  • Oikawa should know that the best way to solve his problem is to bond with Pinecone so that once Pinecone feels relaxed around him, it’d rest in his lap and Oikawa can occupy Iwa’s.
  • (Iwaizumi comes rescue the day again by secretly helping Oikawa bond with Pinecone and now he could huddle with his boyfriend and baby pet at the same time.)
  • Iwaizumi takes a lot of pictures of Pinecone. Oikawa tries to balance the pic collection by taking selfies of himself and Pinecone with Iwa’s phone.
  • (”So now that whenever Iwa-chan sees you, he’d think of me! How’s that, Pinecone-chan?“) 
  • (These pics become Iwa’s phone lock screen and Iwa updates it every week.)
  • (Iwaizumi also gets a new hard drive so he can store his ever-growing pic collection.)
  • Oikawa once takes a picture of the three of them and captions it “family picture~!”
  • Iwaizumi LOVES this pic. He has it printed and drags Oikawa to buy photo frame for it so he can put it on his nightstand. 
  • Alternative title: the happy hedgehog family!
▪ Sharing is Caring ▪

-Bucky heads into the kitchen to get a snack and finds his sister munching on a cookie while reading a book-

Bucky: *opens the fridge and scans for the Snickers he had left there earlier* Becca, do you remember seeing a candy bar in the fridge?

Rebecca: *looks up and thinks for a moment* Yeah, I did.

Bucky: Well…what happened to it? Did you eat it?

Rebecca: Nope. I gave it to Pietro.

Bucky: *deadpans* …why?

Rebecca: *shrugs* He was hungry.

Bucky: Seriously? Becca, we’re completely stocked on food. He could have made himself something. You don’t just take things that are not yours and just give it away!

Rebecca: *pouts* Big B, you should have seen his face! He looked so sad when he begged me for it!

Y/N: *walks in to get a drink and glances at the two* Hey guys. What are you up to today?

Bucky: Trying to understand why my sister gave my candy away to Pietro without asking me first…

Y/N: *smirks and turns to Rebecca* It was the puppy eyes, wasn’t it?

Rebecca: Yes! I’d feel bad if I had said no.

Y/N: *chuckles and tilts their head towards Bucky* Sorry, Buck, but Pietro is practically irresistable when he gives you that look. He’s pretty damn good at it.

-A sudden gust of wind blows around the kitchen as a certain speedster comes to a stop next to Rebecca-

Pietro: *plants a kiss on her cheek* Thanks for the snack, Printsessa. It was delicious.

Bucky: You son of a bitch. You knew-

Pietro: *grins at the soldier and dashes away before he could finish his words*

Bucky: *groans and runs his flesh hand down his face* One of these days I’m going to strangle him. *he turns and heads to the training room to blow off some steam*

Y/N: You think he’ll stick to that?

Rebecca: *chuckles* Doubtful. He’s a big softy.

anonymous asked:

What do you think about their pass photos that got spread around?

You probably mean passport, but I get what you mean. I’m disappointed in this fandom tbh. Not because the photos got leaked, because ARMYs keep spreading them around when they shouldn’t! And making fun of it is a low thing to do. We don’t even have the right to spread them around, just stop it right there, it doesn’t need to go any further. I mean what benefit does it have to you? Those boys work their asses off to give you what you want and people end up making horrible jokes about their photos? That’s just sad. If you see those photos, you should respect BTS’ privacy and report the posts that include them. I’m so sick of it. Seriously, think about what you do by spreading them around, gawd.

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