seriously i should calm down

Guys look what arrived today!

I’m so goddamn happy hjdfghjkajfgskvfgsjk !

This little cutie looks even better than a photo could ever show, I love it so so so so much!

Thanks to my favourite artist Atan @xatanic, I love you so much for this, for everything you do and for everything you are T__T <3 (Sheesh that was cheesy, I’m sorry! ~)

HEY GUESS WHAT. There’s a good possibility I will be on tv. Not like some standing in the background on the news I mean full on I have an entire episode at least dedicated to me tv. I can’t give out the details yet but when I can I will. Basically I will be getting a make over a bunch of clothes voice coaching and more along with a bunch of other male to female transgenders. I have still have to crunch out the details with the producers and then I’ll be flown out to new York for filming but yeah. You all better be ready because this gal is going to take over your tv screens