seriously i said i want to gif this whole thing so

I’m sorry for not being on here as much… at least on Saturdays.

Those have become my busiest days of the week. So I’m sorry if you have been trying to contact me… I’ll be right offline after I post this until later tonight due to a live stream happening somewhere *coughcereusbluecough*. 

But thank you @sugartalesans… I’m now in the mood to do one of these…


And when I’m done with this that’s when I’ll be active on the RP blogs again! Consider it as a ‘thanks for waiting so long for me to get crud together’ video! It’ll mostly be focused on PJ (due to my main RP blog) but it will cameo other characters and RP blogs!
Like here it’s @siren-hatane and @askinfresh! (I am sorry if this is OOC…)

But seriously… I really want to animate this whole thing… I think I have… um…let’s see… it’ll have about 20 or so characters in it. Give or take 3…

But yeah… I really want to cram as many characters into this but I think that would be very difficult. O_O

Anyway… Like I said I’ll be offline for the rest of the day from tumblr… sorry! I’ll be more active tomorrow.