seriously i really want to reread them


“He always does this, always fixates on Tim’s aperture and it’s probably a bit possessive, this attention Jason pays to the ink that he etched into Tim’s skin but maybe that’s another thing Tim likes a little more than he should.” - “put your pieces back into place” by defcontwo

“But he knows about ‘Blue Jay’, knows because he’d gone through some of Jason’s old notebooks years and years ago, knows that Jason had had plans and sketches of what his life might be like post-Robin, when he grew up like Dick … The boy who wrote them dead and gone and so he’d folded up the notebook and put it away where he’d found them, letting himself out of Jason’s old bedroom never to return to it.” - put your pieces back into place” by defcontwo


THEYRE ALL PICTURES inspired by defcon’s awesome tattoo verse which I loved reading (and rereading) and I TRIED TO DESIGN THE TATTOOS GIVEN TO TIM and I really hope they’re… okay I’m not the best at designing tattoos but it was really fun to do!

THE WAY YOU WRITE THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS SERIOUSLY SOME OF MY FAVORITE, I’M SURE I’VE SAID THIS BEFORE BUT THE WAY YOU balance their personalities with one another (hopefully that doesn’t sound weird) locks me in like you wouldn’t believe, and the way your WRITTEN PROSE IDK WHAT YOU CALL IT (sorry I’m was going to try to be articulate but honestly IDK what I’m saying) IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND DESCRIPTIVE BUT TO THE POINT (LIKE I SERIOUSLY WANT TO DRAW JASON’S TATTOOS ONE DAY ONE DAY) BUT ISN’T BROKEN BY THE DOWN TO EARTH DIALOGUE IS HUFF HUFF LIKE, okay no seriously you’re a great writer please always find the inspiration to write and write on… 

(Okay I just reread what I wrote and I’m so embarrassed by how I talk but please find it somehow endearing as I spill my heart out to you)


PSS: I ACCIDENTALLY DID THE WRONG QUOTE TO THE WRONG PART, It was something else at first but then I was like “Wait I remember the perfect quote for this…”


theoryofeventually  asked:

I've been looking for good Darry fics but come up short do you had any suggestions?

yes absolutely and i apologize to the anon who had asked the same thing ages ago, i had completely forgotten to post the list! 

i’ll also throw in a small blurb about it. Sorry if the blurbs are kind of drab xD I don’t want to give anything away

Long Fics:

Bond: A must read for literally any drarry fan. I’m not even kidding. This is popular, and it’s amazing.

Forced ‘marriage’ bond? Draco and Harry? Stuck together? A trope that we’re all familiar with, but this is good. A hogwarts-setting fic. 

Must Love Quidditch: I will never not love this fic

Harry and Draco are both on this anonymous dating site where they stumble upon each other and…well, the story goes on from there.

Starts With a Spin: Mind the smut!

This is a sweet mix of smut and fluff. It all starts with a spin the bottle game and then escalates! It’s not just smut, and it’s a very sweet story!

Mental: more tropes xD

a ligilimens spell gone wrong, and now both draco and harry can hear each other in their heads! they’ve got to deael with that!

Get some: Er, i know i read this once and i remembered liking it but i don’t really remember what it was about.

the given blurb though is that Harry has had enough of all this attention, so he latches onto the one person who won’t bother him with the potter name

Tempus Fugit: *screaming because of this brilliant fic*

Harry and Draco get sent to their future, where they’re apparently together! They’ve got to deal with that as well as finding a way to get back home.

It’s Not A Love Potion: mind the smut? Same deal, i rememebr reading and loving, but forgot.

Blaise gives Draco ‘not a love potion.’ Okay but seriously i remember really liking this fic. read it.

Changing of the Guard: xD I’m currently rereading this!

Harry’s in charge of a company that gives people ‘strangers’ and Draco wants to get disowned since his parents won’t accept the fact that he’s gay. He hires Harry’s services and..well!

Secrets of the Forbidden Broomcloset:  nice nice nice

Everyone thinks Draco’s gay. He wants to prove them wrong. Even with harry’s help!

Reparations: ohhhhhygod

anything by this author is perfection. Draco’s a healer and so is Harry, and they work inthe same hospital, and just…it’s so sweet and cute.


This story had me clutching at my heart. I’m not even joking. This hurt me. Harry gets a glimpse of what his life would be like if he had saved Draco instead of hurt him. 

The List: oh lord this one

this is a cancer fic. or at least, an illness fic. Harry has the illness. He’s kinda ooc but at the same time…it’s brutal and it’s painful. 

Fics With Their Kids:

Marathon: xD i recently finished this 

Harry saved Scorpius’ life and so now Draco owes him a life debt. Can he help fix the relationship between Harry and his own kids while still sweeping the man off his feet

Learn To Love: Awww this one was sweet

It has Scorpius and Teddy, and Harry is Scorp’s teacher in primary school, where he meets Draco. 

There’s a pureblood custom for that: another sweeet one!

It’s been awhile since i read this but i believe it has Harry saving Scorpius and Draco fro public humiliation and they owe him a debt, and apparently there’s a custom for everything that happens between the one paying a debt and the one receiving it. 

Short fics:

At Your Service: This is such a great fic

it’s short and sweet, and something strange has happened to the school ever since the war! and Draco’s most likely the source of the problems. 

A Portrait of the Artist: short and hilarious

Draco’s a journalist, Harry’s an artist. Draco’s doing an interview. Harry’s art…….sucks.

The Standard You Walk Past: this one was so adorable i loved every minute of it!

an 8th year fic, Draco and Harry are forced to room together…and Harry sleepwalks. Draco has to reluctantly deal with it!

Right Hand Red: hehehe this was cute

It starts off with a game of twister!

Side Along: I finished this shortie last night xD

For some reason, whether by floo, by knight bus, by broom, or b apparattion, Draco always finds a way back into Harry’s living room! *little smut near the end.

alright, i swear to god i’ve read more especially more short fics however i really can’t remember them and i didn’t bookmark many of them. But the long fics should satiate you enough since they’re..well, long. 

If i do remember any more, i’ll make a new list xD and in the meantime, i hope you all enjoy/have enjoyed these fics that i as well love!

Wings of Darkness [f.t V]

Originally posted by auriee

“Will you stay by my side?
Will you promise me?
If I let you go of your hand, you’ll fly away, you’ll shatter
I’m afraid, afraid, afraid”

- Butterfly, BTS

Genre: Bleeding lips & a kiss of Death…

Word count: 1000+

Earth is an unfair place and life always has its own unique way to show each of us that. To some of us, some struggle here and there is enough, while to others, the feeling of hopelessness, the urge to give up and to end everything keep toying with your head - messing up your mind.

You got to learn it the hard way.

They told you to spend your last 365 days on Earth as happily as you possibly could. 

What a fûcking joke. You felt like one too.

Getting all these sympathetic gazes made you feel sicker. All the whispers, careful words, thoughtful actions made you feel a child, someone who needed other’s protection in order to survive.

It messed up your mind.

You spended 127 days living so, with a messed up mind as you waited for each day to pass. Until he came along.

He was the type of person that made you wish for the time to stop ticking away. The type of person that made you wish for more time to spend with. The type of person that made you wish there were more than just 238 days left to spend on this dark place called Earth.

Kim Taehyung.

You wondered if his name would still stay with you once it’s time to say goodbye.

“When am I going to get my payment?” His voice was urgent, desperate and… tired.

“Once everything’s over. How are we supposed to know if you’d still treat her the way you do now once the money’s yours?” Your father’s deep voice responded. “Just keep doing your job and we might even give you more-”

“It’s been eight months! I can’t keep coming here every single day and spend it with your daughter, no offense but it’s getting quite tiring and I really need the money.”

“Keep your voice down-”

“____? C-Can you hear me?”

Your eyes fluttered open, only to close again at the blinding light.

“____? Are you okay? Pleas-”

His deep velvet voice sended chills all over your weak body, causing your aching heart to pound loudly inside of your chest.

What a pathetic soul.

“I’m fine.” Your response came out a lot harsher that you intended to, causing the guy to flinch slightly before you watched his face paled almost immediately.

However, the shocked reaction only last for a second before he quickly threw on one of his charming goofy smile and took your hands in his large ones.

Stop it.

“Do you know how much you scared me when we found you laying on the floor-”

You didn’t let him continue. “It’s funny, how you’re still playing this role of yours so perfectly.”

“I- I don’t know what you’re talking about-”

“Playing with my heart so carelessly. You really are something, Kim Taehyung.”

As his name left your lips, you felt like your heart started to bleed before it finally turned black. No pain like any other love stories, only one numbing heart.

You wondered which one was worse, the hurting heart or the dead one.

“____- I- I can explain.” His words were getting desperate and he used the same needing tone as he had with your father. “Please, I know how bad it sounded like but it’s-”

“Money. Is that what you want?” You whispered, looking at his tearful eyes. “Then take it, I’ll call my father-”

“You’re right.” He told you weakly, looking down at his clenching hands before standing up from his chair. “That’s what I want, that’s what I need but I also want you- I want you enough to throw all of those away- No, fuck it, I need you, alright?! 

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anonymous asked:

I don't want to annoy you! But your work is seriously the best I've come across. Every metaphor and analogy and word is just great and I really want you to know. I've reread it all so many times and I'm just so happy you exist!

You are so sweet, I can never get enough asks! You could NEVER annoy me. I love hearing anything and everything from you all and it makes my work & effort all the more rewarding when I get to hear what you think. As much as I appreciate them, sometimes likes aren’t enough so I can assure you you’ll never be a bother. Thank you so much ❤️

anonymous asked:

hi!! i recently read some of your fics a freind recommended and i wanted to know if you have more?? or if you also have fics you can recommend?? i only got into aokise not that long ago and i'm trying to fin d fics to read but there's so many to choose. :'(( i also like some of your roleplay posts but the stories are cut off cause i dont know where the rest of the parts are?? is there a way to read them all at the same time?? ?

[ aww, this was such a nice ask. mahalo for the nice things and for taking the time to read. I’m glad you enjoyed the fics and welcome to the hell that is aokise. all of mine are tagged here and just bc you asked for recs, please also mosey on over to my better half’s fics here. all of kaijoskopycat’s fics are golden. ALL OF THEM. most of our stuff’s also on our joint ao3 account (some people say it’s easier to read on ao3 anyway haha). my fics are tagged “h things” and hers are tagged “v things” for distinction. :D all our aokise threads are tagged and listed here. now on to other fic recs. these are just off the top of my head and I’m super tired, so I might have missed some really awesome ones. hope this list suffices for now. ;D ]

  • basically all aokise written by shizuos - she is the reason I started shipping aokise. her drabbles started it all even before I ever watched or read knb and her writing is magical gold wrapped in rainbows surrounded by dancing leprechauns.
  • here comes the sun by pyrodynamo - established aokise, future au, some angst, but mostly lots of fluff and the end we all really want them to have. this was one of the fics that ingrained aokise into my soul. I can’t even count how many times I’ve read and reread this. pretty much everything by this author is worth the read.
  • you were a kindness by shingekinokyojin (aka utsu on ao3) - future au with tattoos and piercings and amazing world building detail. but seriously, aomine inked up and pierced, dear daiki help me. this one I found recently and has me legit patiently not so patiently waiting for the next chapter. not complete yet, but she updates every saturday. :D 
  • yellow by selfish-cat (aka neko-nya (neko_fish) on ao3) - the deathblow of all aokise angst. warning: major character death. I am still not over this fic. I will never be over this fic. this fic destroyed me more than any angst fic I’ve ever read, but it’s so beautifully written that I powered through the pain anyway (a full box of tissues later). I was in mourning for ages after I read this oh god. 
  • a target of war by corporation-tshirts-and-fanfics (aka reincarnatedrainbow on ao3) - implied aokise, unrequited haikise. I am so in love with this more than I thought I would be. the visceral descriptions are amazing and the characterization is some of the best I’ve read. ever. 
  • half a heart without you, the prison!au, and just breathe by moustachiopenguin (but really, everything written by Mo is fantastic with amazing characterization)- the first is an age difference au where aomine is seven years older than kise. lots of fluff and a happy ending. prison!au is self explanatory and omg, it’s fkn amazing. just breathe hurts my heart and warms my soul. 
  • victims of love (a tale in three acts), victims of shamelessness (anecdotes from the life of kagami taiga), the permanence series, rules (are made to be broken), and kise-sexual by puella-magi-cassandrabunnyhips (aka beautifulthief on ao3) - there’s lots of fluff and comedy and the kagakuro bonus melts my heart. basically most of cassie’s fics are worth the read. 
  • advice by kurokobun - kuroko asks kise for some sex advice which turn out to be pretty useful. really funny and light and fluffy. :D
  • drunk on love by bexara - pwp. hot smut that starts in the car with an adorably drunk kise. haha 
  • it’s a very simple game by ninannarambling (aka ninanna on ao3) - kise and aomine pretend to propose to each other at various restaurants to get free food until the one time when it’s not just pretend. 
  • let the wheels do the talking by pseudorganized / cimberelly (aka cimberelly on ao3) - lots of bitchpls cocky playful kise and a gorgeous car that screams “Aomine Daiki”. 
199. Your boyfriend breaks up with you

Dan: Your boyfriend had stopped by your place one afternoon. He had confessed that there was someone else and he wanted to break up with you. You weren’t even sad, just angry. After you calmed down once he left, you grabbed your car keys and headed towards the front door. As you passed the lounge, Dan asked, “you alright?” You knew that he heard everything. Things weren’t exactly civil. And the walls in the apartment you shared weren’t exactly thick. “I’m going for a drive,” you mumbled. Dan stood up and walked over to you. “Oh no you don’t. Give me the keys,” Dan ordered as he held out his hand. But you just stood there, not willing to hand them over. “C'mon. I’ll drive. I know how you drive when you’re angry.” You sighed and placed the keys in his hand. “Thank you. We can go look at puppies or something,” he offered. “Alright,” you replied, cracking a small smile.

Phil: Seriously? Through a text message? What were you guys? Thirteen? You scoffed as you reread the message. i want to break up. i don’t think this is working. To be honest, you were a little relieved that he was the one to bring it up first. You didn’t think this was really working either. But still, a text? You sent back a snarky response. Once you were finished, you threw your phone down next to you on the couch. “What’s wrong?” Phil asked as he looked over at you from the other side of the couch. “Just got broken up with through a text,” you said nonchalantly. “Seriously? Through a text? What is he, like fifteen?” Phil asked. “Right? I mean, I was planning on breaking up with him anyway, but jesus, have some consideration.” The conversation ended after that. Although neither of you knew, both of you liked each other, and with your boyfriend gone, you could finally do something about it.

Desert Island Fenhawke Fics

I wanted to start gathering my official (yet always maleable) rec list for the fics that I’ve really loved. I decided to start off with my “desert island fics” the ones that I have and will reread again and again. If you haven’t read them already, please do. And definitely reach out to tell the authors you loved their work. I can guarantee they would love to hear from you.

Coffee, Black by black_ink_tide

The be all end all of coffee shop AUs. I seriously want to hunt this person down so I can hug them and ask permission to change the names and publish this as an actual book. I read it three times in a row during a rough time in my life and this book saved me in so many ways. It’s gorgeous and funny and the characters are so very much themselves while fitting so perfectly into our world. Original, creative, beautiful, heart-warming, tear-enducing. I want a hard copy so I can highlight passages and dog-ear the pages. That’s how much I love this fic.

Follow up by reading their Espresso Shots
A companion collection of vignettes. Fenris’s perspective this time and just as gorgeous.

You’ll Remember Me (When the West Wind Moves) by FoxNonny

You will never listen to that song the same way again after reading this fic. It will break your fucking heart and you will love it all the same. I rarely read super sad fics, but this one was so beautifully wrought that I could not stop reading it and cried my way to the very last page. I carried the impact of this story around for days after. Part of me will never be the same again.

These Fragments I Have Shored Against My Ruins by The_Real_Fenris

This story goes places you will not be expecting. Wonderful writing and an amazingly well-crafted Inquisitor are key elements in a fic that changed my view of Fenris, Hawke, and the meaning of love and loss in some very interesting ways.

The Longer Journey by BoneyardGracie

A collection of shorts featuring a sweet, autistic, but still very much in-character Hawke who falls in love with Fenris, throws himself too enthusiastically into the face of battle, and does his best to keep from being utterly overwhelmed by the world. You owe it to yourself to meet Tybalt Hawke.

What Time Has Given Us by FoxNonny

Because apparently I like to let FoxNonny try to kill me. Breaks your heart, but at least it’s a short this time. I’ll bring the tissues.

I try to picture me without you (but I can’t) by canistakahari

Hawke’s in trouble, Fenris seeks a healer, but that’s just the well-crafted frame. The meat of this story is the lovingly detailed character study of these two men in love intertwined with how they got that way. A short to leave you on a happier note.

Bonus: Desert Island Author

@kaerwrites Her stuff is under her my-writing tag. I’ve read all of it. Not a clunker in the bunch. Swift bits of fluff and beauty and heartbreak in wonderfully bite-sized chunks.

theunvanquishedzims reblogged your post “Then I typed in my code word, which … and added:

The more I hear about these books the more I want to read them. (I was banned as a kid, who knows why.)

I have been pleasantly surprised by how well the Animorphs series has held up on the reread. Like, sure if you start poking them with a stick there are plot holes and I am now more aware that some of the animal biology doesn’t hold up to intense critical analysis, but.

I think the thing these books do really well is that they take their subject matter seriously and they don’t talk down to their audience. Like, yes, they’re kids with cool powers fighting aliens and there is going to be silliness, but there is also going to be PTSD and nightmares and life-or-death decisions with no ethical solutions because that’s what war does to people. And also maybe at some point you’re going to need to claw your way bloodily through the stomach cavity of a writhing sea creature to get to its lungs because you and your best friend are suffocating and you don’t take that shit lying down. (*cough* Rachel. *cough*)

Despite that, the books aren’t really grim, and they’re short and light enough that you can fly through them. (And you can dig up a lot of e-versions of them online.) The range of narrators also gives a nice diversity of viewpoints, with a really pleasing web of relationships and friendships, and all the characters have their own motivations and struggle with different issues.

So, for example, just one scene that I hit recently and thought captured this well:

<This is a war,> Rachel said coldly.  <We’re fighting for our lives.  We have a right to do whatever it takes to win.>

<Maybe we’ll lose, maybe we’ll win,> I said.  <But if we win and someday it’s all over, you’d better hope there are still plenty of Cassies in the world.  You’d better hope that not everyone has decided it’s okay to do whatever it takes to win.>

Everyone fell silent for a while, and we just flew hard.  It was strange, the silence.  I’m supposed to be the leader, although every day that goes by I wish a little more that I wasn’t.  But one thing a leader does is try to understand his people.  I understood them.

I understood Ax’s near-silence.  This was a matter between humans.  Not his business.

I understood Rachel’s anger.  She felt like she was being accused of being immoral, compared with Cassie.

I understood Tobias, after thinking about it for a minute.  Tobias is a human being living inside a hawk.  Holding onto human ideas and human virtues is important to him.  He values pity and kindness, because he lives in a world where there is no pity.

I understood Marco.  Marco is one of those people who jumps right to the conclusion, without a lot of wondering and guessing.  You could say he’s smart.  Or efficient.  Or I guess you could say he’s ruthless.  He’s not mean or cruel.  He just gets from point A to point Z faster than most people.

-Animorphs #19, The Departure