seriously i need these items

Looking to rebuild and find FR blogs

Hello! I remade my blog after an accident with deleting my former one, so I lost a lot of my daily fr content and stuff.

I was formerly celestine-geode but you might also know me as clan-guardianite from the Lore Helplist 2.0 post sometimes drifting around!

I’m looking to refind and refollow people and find new blogs too, so please like or reblog if you:

- Are at least 98% a FR blog/sideblog
- Fully tag and/or post minimal drama
- Feel free to also introduce your lore, art etc to me! I love discovering new stories and art

please boost if you can ;v;

hi guys, so i just found out that if you’re in college, you can get a free 6 month trial of amazon prime! all you need is an .edu email address.

amazon prime is super convenient for anyone who doesn’t want to leave their dorm room/house to shop. also, you can get free two day shipping on pretty much any item! it’s seriously a lifesaver when i need a last minute birthday gift or a nice outfit for an event. feel free to use my link here to join, and i wish you guys all the best in the upcoming school year!

i want to know what the target audience is for this item. is it college boys who like frozen? is it little girls who like beer?? 

most importantly why does it say that love thaws everything if you want to keep your drinks cold???