seriously i love this movie so much

i don’t understand why atlantis isn’t more popular of a movie

i mean

amazing and unique art style 

spot-on humor

strong, badass female and/or POC characters

awkward but incredibly intelligent lead that isn’t conventionally attractive


history jokes that you won’t catch as a kid




did i mention




i just have a lot of feelings about atlantis and i think it needs more love than it gets

my fave parts in beauty and the beast:

  • gaston dragging agathe in front of the whole town and then just going like ‘no offense agathe’
  • when lefou asked gaston whether he seriously wanted to be part of belle’s family
  • “is that fair?” - “i don’t care”
  • when gaston told belle that she just had to find the right man and she was all like ‘it’s a small village i’ve met everyone’ like what kind of savage
  • “BE FREE!” iconic
  • lefou spelling gaston’s name
  • beast dragging belle for her taste in shakespeare
  • belle holding back tears when she’s in the library for the first time honestly same
  • lefou’s smile upon realizing that maurice was still alive
  • “there’s a beast running wild, there’s no question, but i fear the wrong monster’s released”
  • maestro cadenza going “ouch” when gaston ditches lefou
  • when chip apologized to maurice for moving and maurice was just like ‘it’s alright’ and then he fucking bolted
  • luke evans singing
  • “too much?” - “…yep”
  • belle teaching that little girl how to read
  • “i didn’t think she would say yes!”
  • when everyone was changed back


Pros of watching this masterpiece:

  • Stays close to the source material (though im only on the 3rd episode  so)
  • Niel Patrick Harris as Count Olaf
  • Kronk’s actor is Lemony Snickett
  • gives each book 2hrs, unlike the movie which shoves 3 books into an hour forty-five
  • Montgomery Montgomery exists and is a good uncle
  • this is a great series and everyone should experience it
  • netflix made it so no commercials
  • there are jokes bout the no commercials and other meta jabs


  • There are small bits of filler that might take away from the intense mystery, BUT they aren’t bad and explain a bit
  • its 8 hours of content at least so you might not sleep tonight
  • its only goes to the fourth book this season
  • nothing else, my only complaint is that i cant watch it all tonight.

Please go watch the show, I love these books and more people need to experience this story, its delightfully dreadful.

Guys I’m seriously about to cry okay so you know that new movie Storks? I found it online (sorry in advance for the quality) and this movie is not only really good, but look at these families getting babies from the storks (okay disclaimer this is near the end, but this entire movie is about families that aren’t ‘normal’ and is centered around friends-become-family trope)

It’s so cute, it means so much to them

There’s shock and confusion but also that awe of “Our baby?”







But seriously all I really want to do is talk about the Gaston song scene in the tavern because it was everything I hoped it would be and so much more! It’s always been one of my favorite parts of the animated movie and the live action blew it out of the water!

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I’ve been waiting for Beauty and The Beast movie for quiet a while! And at last! The movie has released. I thought that Brunei would postpone or banned the movie at all but no! Yay! Thank you! It is worth waiting for people!

I finally watched it! It was a perfect movie, I cried! You hear me right, I cried people! I love the Beauty and The Beast soundtrack from Emma Thompson but not to forget, I still love Angela Lansbury who sang the original Tale As Old As Time. It seriously brought me a moment down to my childhood lane. No doubt, Emma Watson played so perfectly as Belle and Dan Steven too even though he didn’t appeared that much in the movie.

Overall, I am happy with the comeback of Beauty and The Beast and I would give it a perfect 10. Thumbs up!


When you’re in love, you think love is just like in the movies, but that’s not how it works. I mean, I seriously thought William and I would be together forever. It ends where it ends, you know… No one lives happily ever after, because in real life in the end no one’s willing to sacrifice anything for love in 2016.

Saw Beauty and the Beast last night.

Seeing it tomorrow morning…and Sunday morning…probably more.

Why can’t every movie be this perfect? The original was done justice in my opinion, nothing was left out yet we were given so much more.

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My favorite thing about this story is that for once it’s the Prince that needs saving and the educated/fearless/head strong woman does the rescuing. 

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No love at first sight, instead we see a friendship blossom and an unexpected love emerge. It’s beautiful.

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The cast couldn’t have been more spot on, like seriously, they were born for these roles, especially Luke Evans, what a scene stealer.

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AND MIGHT I JUST ADD how happy I am that Lefou was LGBT. Praise! It’s 2017 and I am proud to say my daughters weren’t traumatized by it but instead loved that the two boys danced at the end. Like I said, beautiful.

Plus Beasts solo, Evermore, well lets just say I ain’t mad at it. Get it beast, feel that sorrow filled love!

Basically, everyone should go see it. Immediately. You won’t be sorry.

Take A Chance On Me // Cha Eunwoo

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Pairing: Eunwoo x Reader

Genre: Fluff ^_^

Summary//Request: awkwardbento said: Can I request an Astro Eunwoo? (since I see you have never written and Astro yet hehe) something fluffy and cuddly like possibly a first date? Thank you so much!! I love your works!

A/N: I was so happy to finally write an Astro scenario! I love Eunwoo he is so tall and fluffy and such a gentleman ahhh <3

For weeks, you had found yourself in a situation that you had only ever seen happen in movies.

“Seriously? Notes in my locker? What is this, the 90’s?” you thought at first, seeing the light yellow Disney paper which had been diligently placed inside your locker by sliding it between the cracks. You lifted it up, trying to examine the handwriting, but you couldn’t recognise it to save your life.

“How do I confess to you? I wonder…”

This was the first note among many, much along the same lines but each time it felt like you were getting closer and closer to solving the puzzle. Of course, you didn’t tell anyone about it in fear of a rumour being spread like wildfire through the school corridors – that was the last thing you wanted. But you were burning with curiosity none the less. You had tried everything from going to school early to try and catch the letter leaver, to even making unnecessary bathroom breaks during classes in an attempt to sneak a peek; but you were always left none the wiser.

The last bell of the day rang out cheerily; music to everyone’s ears as it was Friday, thus marking the start of a long, bank holiday weekend. You lazily put on your school cardigan before neatly putting your books into your Mickey and Minnie Mouse satchel and walking out of the classroom, waving goodbye to your teacher as you left. It was then you remembered your gym bag which you had left in your locker, so you turned on your heel and began walking down the corridor in the opposite direction.

As you made your way through the students all heading towards the exit, you had a clear view of your locker. You continued walking, keeping your sights firmly locked on your target, trying your best to avoid bumping into people when you heard your name being called upon reaching your locker.

“Hey (Y/N)!” a familiar voice came from your left. You turned around to see Dong-Min, or as everyone else called him, Eunwoo. He was in several of your classes in school and you both talked occasionally, but seeing as both of you had different groups of friends, you never really got the chance to hang out or get to know each other that well. So upon him calling out your name, you were a little shocked to say the least.

“Oh, Eunwoo! Hey” you smiled nervously at him as the hallway quickly started to empty.

“What’s up? You heading home now?” Eunwoo asked you, smiling down from his height as the afternoon sun which poured in through the window reflected off his soft, brown hair. You wondered to yourself why he was making small talk with you all of a sudden, but you smiled and answered him anyway.

“Ahh, not much! Just glad to be going home, and yeah I was headed out when I remembered that I left my gym bag in my locker. How about you?” you asked politely, as you reached to open your locker.

“Oh! I see! Well, um, I was just on my way home too. What are you up to this weekend?” he chuckled loudly, making you turn back towards him. “What…?” you questioned his random behaviour silently to yourself, before opening your locker to see the familiar small yellow Disney envelope out of the corner of your eye. “Oh God…” you thought, hoping that Eunwoo wouldn’t see it and question it. You took the letter, along with your gym bag and stuffed the envelope into your cardigan pocket.

“Uhh, I’ve no plans actually. I’ll probably just…stay at home and be lazy? Listen Eunwoo, I have to get going now so…uh, I’ll catch you later? Have a good weekend!” you said quickly before running off down the hallway, itching to open the letter and have a look at what your mystery admirer had written. Eunwoo chuckled and widened his eyes in both shock and jest at your actions, thinking just how cute you looked when you were embarrassed and shy. He put his hands to the back of his neck before exhaling sharply, leaning against the lockers and getting lost in his thoughts.

You made it on to the bus, taking the back seat where there weren’t too many people, before taking out the envelope. It felt…thicker than usual. You scrunched your eyebrows together, wondering what could be inside before carefully opening it. You pulled out the contents, your jaw falling to the ground as you read the letter.

“Dear (Y/N)

You’ve probably been wondering for a while who I am, right? Truth be told, I’m a shy person myself. And I don’t know how to approach you and ask you on a date, so I’m taking a leap of faith here, in the hopes that you will too. Maybe you think this is all too old-fashioned, but I hope you can see how much I want to make you smile. The time and date is on the ticket, I hope you can make it. If you decide to take a chance on a stranger, I’ll be waiting past the ticket gates to the left beside the information centre for you. I hope you can make it ^_^”

You held your breath as you seen a ticket for Disneyland attached to your letter. You widened your eyes before you let out a breathy chuckle, completely dumbfounded. You examined the ticket which was dated for tomorrow at 10am. Millions of thoughts began zooming through your head at 100 miles an hour when the bus came to your stop. You quickly got off and walked the short distance to your house, trying to make sense of the situation.

“What if it’s someone playing a prank on me? What if I go and it’s not a student, it’s a stalker? What if….what if…what if….” you debated back and forth all evening. You had a shower, washed your hair and got into your bed, before deciding that you should go. What the worst that could happen? What would you have to lose? If it was a prank, at least you’re at Disneyland and you can have fun anyway. You were never the type of person to take such big chances; because things like this, things like this that only ever happened in movies never happened to normal girls like you. You set your alarm, before turning over and getting a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, you woke up and began getting ready for your mystery date. You did your hair in a nice, simple pony tail and your makeup was light and natural. You decided it would be best to wear a casual but event suitable outfit – you were going to an amusement park after all. After you had everything ready, you told your mum you were going to meet your friends in town, before kissing her on the cheek and running to catch 2 buses to get yourself to Disneyland.

As you sat on the bus which was almost at Disneyland, you began to feel your nerves kicking in. “I must be crazy…or desperate…maybe both” you thought to yourself upon seeing the park getting closer and closer. Of course you wanted someone who you could be close to. You craved having someone to have a crush on, to go on cute dates with and to create amazing memories with. You wanted to have those feelings you dreamt about before getting into a relationship – those nervous butterflies and secret glances…and finally the first kiss. As the bus came to a stop, your heart began to pound in your chest as you knew that in a matter of minutes, you would meet the person who had been sending you letters and notes for the past year, never revealing themselves to you.

You made it through the gates, putting your ticket back in your bag as you veered off to the left in the direction of the information centre. You nervously scanned the area, looking for someone who you might recognise, but seeing as it was a Saturday, the park was starting to fill up quickly. Your legs felt like jelly as you walked closer towards the mystery meeting point, before you stopped and looked around. You looked up at the Disney clock which read 10:02, reassuring yourself that you were on time as you felt adrenaline pumping through your body with every beat of your heart. “Maybe this is a prank…or maybe they are just running late…oh god why did I come, this was a terrible idea” you thought as you bit your lip, trying to act natural and pretend that everything was fine when you were really a nervous wreck on the inside.


You turned around so fast that your neck nearly snapped as you searched for the person who just called your name. You saw him, standing just a few steps away from you in his ripped jeans and soft black sweater. His hair, pushed back slightly which was shining in the sunlight flowed in the gentle breeze, and his shy smile which practically stopped your heart in it’s tracks as you finally came to your senses.

“Eun…woo?” you managed to say, gripping both of your straps of your backpack as you stepped towards him slightly. “Are you the one that’s…been sending me the notes?” you asked, feeling more nervous and excited now than ever before. He chuckled lightly, looking at the ground while putting his hands nervously in his pockets, before catching your eyes with his.

“Are you…disappointed that it’s me?” he said softly.

You widened your eyes in amazement. You had no idea that Eunwoo liked you at all because he never gave any kind of signals to show you his feelings. He was beautiful, and on top of that he was a complete gentleman.

“No! I mean, I didn’t expect you, I mean, I had no idea that you…oh my god” you laughed, smiling at him brightly as Eunwoo felt small jolts of relief wash over him.

“I’m so happy that you came because…well, I didn’t know how to approach you and sending you letters made me feel a little closer to you. And I really wanted to ask you out on a date, and I know you really love Disney, and I do too…so…” he trailed off, stepping closer to you and giggling nervously. Your heart began to swell in your chest at how adorable he was. You couldn’t get over how thoughtful, caring and spontaneous he had been. You felt like jumping for joy right then and there in that moment, but knowing that there were too many people about, you giggled back and smiled at him instead.

“Well, I would have loved for you to approach me, but I think this is the most thoughtful and romantic thing anyone has ever done for me….thank you Eunwoo” you said sweetly, noticing how his eyes completely disappeared when he smiled back at you.

“So, (Y/N)…did you want to go to Disneyland with me, on a date?” he said shyly, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink – as did yours as you both giggled at each other out of pure nervousness. You felt the butterflies return upon hearing his words and seeing him smile, as you took your place beside him.

“I’d love to. I really would love to Eunwoo.” you replied, looking up into his face cutely, before you felt his hand on yours, taking it gently. Eunwoo’s heart felt like it was in this throat. He was so nervous that you wouldn’t show up or worse; you would reject him. But he was so thankful that you took a chance on him.

And it truly was the best chance you ever took.


Newt Cosplay For 200… wait what.. oVER 300 FOLLOWERS????!

omg I don’t even know what to say I’m so honored like seriously ;u; thank you so much for your support and kindness as I continue my journey with you on the road to MORE NEWT. Seriously though. Thank you so so so much and I love you all ❤🌱

(ps if anyone caught my text post about Newt’s stick, I had fun laughing about it when I tried to take pictures with the wand in my mouth. It resulted in me dropping it a couple of times. Resolution: don’t make jokes about Newt’s wand and don’t put [the wand] in your mouth)

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When Tomorrow Comes

Newt Scamander x Reader

Modern AU

Author: Lil Lambie

Words: 1477

Warnings: Potential Les Mis spoilers???

Request: @vivere-citta  May I have a Newt x reader. You sit him down to make him watch Les Mis. You know all the words and sing along, and Newt gets jealous of “movie him”. He tries to act more like the guy from Les Mis, but you catch on. (Essentially just Newt acting cute)

Request: I loved writing more cute Newt! Another Newt Imagine will come out this Friday! I tried to follow your request as much as possible. I just want you to know that I HAD TO SUFFER AND LISTEN TO LITTLE FALL OF RAIN! JK, I love you, but seriously I had to get into the mood for Les Mis, so I tortured myself with listening to the musical. Enjoy lol!

“Movie night!”

Newt flinched for a moment then smiled at you, with that awkward charismatic smile. He walked through the doorway and kissed your forehead. “Greetings, (Y/N).” he smiled, his head tilted like a puppy.

You ran to the sofa, jumping in front of him. He laughed and jumped on you as you landed on the sofa. The bowl of popcorn launched into the air. Buttery pieces of popcorn and kernels rained down over your heads. As you bent over to pick the pieces up, Newt laid on your back and threw some popcorn into his mouth.

“What are you doing?” you laughed.

“Eating popcorn!” he sat up, so that you could too. “Quick! Catch it!” he threw a popped kernel and you jumped up from the sofa to catch it. He laughed and kissed you on the forehead again as you landed. “(Y/N), you caught it! I’m so proud of you.” you grinned at him not sure if he was being sarcasatic or sincere or somewhere in the middle.

“We really do have to clean up the popcorn though.”

“Why? We can just throw into our mouths like circus animals.” he smiled.

You smirked and sat up, sweeping the crushed popcorn back into the bowl. “Because, I don’t want to crunch popcorn under my butt all night.” you laughed.

“I suppose.” he laughed, as he picked up one of the kernels in your hand. “Just sweep into the bowl.”

“But I want edible popcorn!”

“It is!” he laughed, popping another in his mouth.

You sighed, sweeping the rest of the popcorn in the bowl. You put it on the coffee table, away from the edge, as not to spill it again.

You stared at your seat and laughed, shaking your head.

“What? Aren’t you going to lay down?” Newt laughed.

“No, because there are so kernels that won’t come out without a vaccum and I don’t want to sit on those all night!”

Newt smiled and spread himself over the sofa, pulling over to your side. “You don’t have to lay on them now.”

“Newt!” you laughed.

“You have two choices. Sit on the floor or…” he smirked. “You know the rest.”

“Fine!” you fell down onto Newt, purposely on his stomach.

“Hey!” he gasped. He sat up a little farther, so you were laying ontop of him.

As you grabbed the DVD player remote and flipped through the movie menu, you laughed at Newt. “You don’t really under social cues do you?”

“Maybe I do. I just choose to ignore them.”

“You never were someone to follow rules.”

“Indeed.” he smiled, looking up at you, propping his head up with his elbow. He sat up and pulled you into him. “So, what movie are we watching?”

You laughed. “Seriously, Newt. I thought we were just like comfortable friends. Actually, I don’t really understand the terms of our relationship. You are a gentleman, you kiss my forehead like we are in the 17th century. But you haven’t even kissed me yet. Now, we are snuggling?”

Newt smirked and pulled you closer. He reached for your hand. “A love, specifically my love, deserves the utmost respect. My love, you should be treated as royalty whether it is a platonic or romantic relationship. The circumstances will never change my respect and admiration of you. I will not initiate romance without your consent. I am a gentleman and a human being after all.”

“W-wow, Newt. If only several guys I’ve dated thought like that, I would’ve saved myself a lot of heartbreak.”

He squeezed you and smiled at you with sincerity. “I will never treat you wrongly, with all the respect and admiration you deserve. That would be a shameful act upon my part and only affect you negatively.”

You kissed him on the cheek. Blood rushed into his cheeks. He was speechless for a moment, responding only with an elated smile. “Les Miserables.”


You smirked and pressed play on the movie. “Les Miserables or Les Mis, it’s what we are watching.”

“I failed French you know.” he laughed, half serious and jokingly.

“So did I. Don’t worry, it’s not in French. Just about France and all the incrediable events that took place.”

“What is is it about?”

You smirked. “That is only something you can translate yourself. But, if you must know, it is beautifully sorrowful. Now, hush, shove some popcorn in your mouth.” you laughed, throwing him the bowl.

Newt pulled you down to him, so you were laying ontop of him comfortably. You and Newt were very explicit with the oddness of your relationship with each other. It had no rules. It simply had respect. The rest just followed.

You watched as Newt was pulled into the cinematic world of Les Mis, completely mesmerized. He kept making comments about the composition and film theory aspects of the movie.

“Caaan you hear the people sing?” you heard Newt murmur as the character a strikingly similar and charismatic, Marius belted the lyrics as he waved a flag screaming for freedom.

“Wow.” Newt laughed.

You smiled and kissed him on the cheek. Saying to yourself. Not yet.

As the film unfolded Newt began singing louder and taking the character of Marius more personal. At one point jumping onto the coffee table.

Another time he was screaming at the screen. “Marius! Eponine loves you! She always has! Don’t get caught in the illusion of physical beauty! Eponine deserves you!”

You laughed as his antics continued. At one point, Newt had sobered and laid on the sofa distraught. You took him into your arms and watched the tears run down his face as Marius held Eponine as they sang, “Little Fall of Rain.”

You stroked his hair as he cried, comforting him. As the scene unfolded and Les Mis earned his name, Newt grew silent and stared at the screen, shaking and crying softly. As Marius went on to sing, “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables,” he began to sing softly again.

“At least he has someone now, Newt.” you said, when Cosette and Marius reunited on the screen in tears. Marius’s eyes revealing the truth of his realization of his love for Eponine.

“But, Eponine loved him deeply!”

“And he too.” you calmed Newt and settled back into your arms. Pulling apart over the two of you. You had ended up sitting on the popcorn kernels but you didn’t care about it anymore.

You didn’t pay much attention to the movie anymore. You had already seen in multiple times and it was your favorite. You had sung along with the musical and Newt. But your interest and love had shifted. You explored the soft curls of Newt’s hair. Taking closer notice at the striking freckles on his face. An interest in him long lost, had returned with a deeper passion.

You wanted to do more than just run your hands through his hair. You wanted to rustle it as you tasted his lips and satisfied an unspoken desire.

Les Mis was drawing to a close. Newt had just experienced the rollercoaster ride that was Les Mis. You were holding hands.

The final song began playing, the camera panning to the final scene. A reprise of “Can You Hear the People Sing.”

Newt stood up and pulled you onto the table. “Hey!”

His face was tear stained and shining in the light of the television. He belted out the song like it was apart of his soul and his entire life. “It is the future that we bring when tomorrow comes! When tomorrow-”

You grabbed him and kissed him. He latched onto you to stable you. It was everything like you had imagined and at the same time nothing you had ever felt or expected. He moved tentatively, slipping a hand from your waist to your waist, to your hair. You ran your hands through his curls. He kissed you gingerly with fear and love and lust. He kissed you softly, but was drawn to you and needed more of you. You were drawn to him too. He felt like a rainstorm in a desert where it never rained.

You and Newt kissed as the credits rolled and the theme music played. Until the TV went black, it was dark outside. There wasn’t a shed of light in the room. On the coffee table, you and Newt remained, careful with your steps, steadying each other. Kissing, with your arms softly around each other. Slow dancing.

You wanted to dance with him for the rest of your life.

PSA: Go see Hidden Figures in theaters. It is seriously amazing and not only does it promote women-led movies, it promotes women of color and women in STEM. (And a combination of the three: STEM involved women of color leading movies, which is a rarity that should become much more common). It’s a gorgeous piece that made me laugh, cry, and applaud on multiple occasions. At the end of the showing I went to, everyone in the theater cheered. This is the type of media representation we need to promote. Go see it, and I promise you won’t regret it.