seriously i love this dude


Link Strikes

 Or: “How have they not accidently killed each other?” ft. Noctis and Ignis

Also let’s appreciate Ignis


Tales of Suspense feat. Anthony E. Stark aka Iron Man: a summary

If you haven’t read Tales of Suspense yet, you’re missing out on existential crises, last-minute power-charging, over-dramatic dialogue, bondage, actresses with ridiculous names, identity porn, embarrassing gadgets and Tony’s pretty eyelashes!

I’m 97% positive that the people who think Jon being protective over Sansa translates to him being in love with her just don’t have protective older brothers.


Why is no one talking about how Wes Bentley looks like Lord Farquaad because I want to talk about it and I want to talk about it NOW


If Good and Evil can’t find a way to work together, neither side will survive.