seriously i love this boy


One year ago today, I brought home this baby boy. He is the best thing that happened to me in 2016 and he’s brought so much joy and excitement to our lives. He is just the Most Perfect Boy and I am undeserving of such a good pupper. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring for us!

i’m rewatching yuri on ice (who isn’t right now?) and noticed something adorable

like we already know yuuri and phichit have an enviably warm and supportive friendship right from when they were training in detroit

and they both trained under Celestino, who’s Phichit’s current coach

(look at him just ignoring his wards in the background like)

they even have their own nickname for him: Ciao Ciao, because that’s how he greets everyone 

it’s the sort of mischievous nicknames friends have between themselves, even for people they like and i love how realistic this show is help me

but i realised something somehow funnier because

“Ciao Ciao”, as when Phichit says it, sounds an awful lot like “Chow Chow”

And a Chow Chow is a giant ball of fur and happiness dog that looks like a chubby lion 

…which adds another layer to the nickname and it cracks me tf up like wow 

and if this isn’t something two exhausted college students would laugh and bond over and remember forever as a dumb inside joke then idk what is


EPIX Road to the Outdoor Classic, Episode 4 - Patrick Kane to Jonathan Toews: Cappy, stay hot.

i suppose “stay hot” is their Thing now:

edit: some people have told me that they hear patrick saying “kempny, stay hot”, not “cappy” - some others have said they hear “cappy”. (personally i hear cappy because i’m not hearing an M or N sound when he says it and he’s looking at jonny.) but y’know, this is a PSA, because i probably heard him wrong and then the whole gifset is wrong /o\


Appreciation post for Matthew Timothy Healy wearing makeup like the flawless human being that he is.

// 📸 - Andrew Briscoe, Elaine Lynskey,  Daniyel Lowden, etc. //

workin out that comic i said i would be doing, and it shall be starring the tragically neglected young teenage snofts. i look forward to trudging back into the territory of stan being good at school

What I like about Seventeen’s bad boy concept is that it’s nothing like the usual “dark MV, shirt lifting and hip hop beat”. The MV is all about the boys having fun and clowning around and if this isn’t the purest, softest, most beautiful bad boy concept you’ve seen, i don’t know what it is.


Sick Boy & Renton ; through the years

We’ll get through this thegither, and he walks into the stair, compelling Renton to follow.
Ah know that, mate, Renton says, almost distracted under the luminosity of the stars, till the heavy door, closing behind them on the spring, extinguishes their light.

Dirk Gently is such a fun mirror for Sherlock Holmes

I don’t know if someone else put it out there before but here I am still bitter about Sherlock and loving the shit out of Dirk.

So here are my thoughts about everything I noticed Dirk Gently resembling Sherlock Holmes but being everything that Sherlock isn’t in the same time.


Sherlock Holmes: detective, knows every single detail, deduces away his cases, always on top, ahead in the game

Dirk Gently: detective, knows nothing ever, he just feels his way through the universe, ‘cases solved with arguable efficiency’


Sherlock: dark mysterious coat, never changes

Dirk: colourful jackets, owns like 10 of them


Sherlock: fast, crisp, clever sentences, mysterious deductions, everything to impress, says only what he knows for sure

Dirk: fast, soft, random, says anything that’s on his mind, “sometimes you say stuff and it’s like you are just… saying stuff”


John: a man of high morals, put together, serious both a doctor and a military man, knows his stuff. Has a sister but she’s a drinker and we like never see her.He is getting his life together again and again, making all the right decisions,

“You were the best and the wisest man that I’ve ever known”

Todd: a mess, shitty morals, basically no job, all the wrong decisions again and again. Has a sister who is badass and gets her own plotline.



Sherlock: everybody in his life is idiot;  needs a friend but he would choke just admitting it aloud; John just happens and stays in his life and it’s the most soulmate thing I’ve ever seen but still stays unsaid to the last minute of the show, we just have to read it through the show, how ambiguously amazing their friendship is.

Dirk: everybody in his life is amazing; just needs a friend AND BEGS FOR IT THROUGH THE ENTIRE FIRST SEASON. OUT LOUD. And Todd certainly doesn’t ‘happen and stay’ with him; Dirk has to go on and on convincing Todd to be his friend