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Star Wars Rebels Season Two Mid-Season Trailer Review (WARNING: SPOILERS)

So. Gonna talk about this one mind blowing moment at a time.

1. Let’s talk about the giant red light beam of doom, shall we? WTF is THAT all about?! Friggin Temple of Doom shit going down and THAT’S HOW THEY OPEN THE TRAILER?!?!?! And lets not forget Ahsoka narrating. Where the HECK did she learn to speak Cryptinese?!?!

2. CHAM SYNDULLA. CHAM. FRIGGIN. SYNDULLA. HE IS BACK. And then there’s the young Twi’lek standing right behind him. I have heard rumors but… could it be…? Our little Twi’lek princess from The Clone Wars Innocents of Ryloth???

3. Leia Organa. Gun wielding, takes no shit Princess of Alderaan.

4. There’s THIS.

Oh Kanan, why do you have to be such a smexy badass Jedi?

5. Now I’m not complaining but THIS

this has GOT to be plagiarism! They’re SPACE JUMPING. Now where have I seen this before…


6. So this looks pretty standard. You got the good guys vs. the bad guys. Three Jedi vs two Inquisitors, right? WRONG! There is a THIRD INQUISITOR GUYS. There are now THREE, count them, THREE double blade swinging, dark side wielding Inquisitors.

7. You’ve seen better days Master (and had better animators. Yikes!!)

8. Space Dad Kanan and Smol Bluberry Ezra (I TRIED to get a picture where they both looked good, but Ezra just can’t seem to keep a straight face! I seriously burst out giggling every time I see his face!!!! XD)

9. Even at 20 going on 60, Grunkle Rex can still kick ass. (Filoni, if you’re reading this don’t you DARE kill him off!!!!!!)

10. This I’m not sure WHAT to make of. We have Zeb, Kanan, and Ezra. The Jedi are putting their hands on Zeb’s back and Zeb looks like he’s holding a big glowing scepter… O.O Why do I get the feeling Zeb’s about to become a king?

11. I keep telling myself “It’ll be fine, I can handle seeing this. I knew I was lying to myself when I saw Holo-Skyguy.

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12. Now lets talk about these clips for a couple minutes. We have a Japanese Style Jedi Dojo. There’s a mysterious, possible Jedi Sensei who just happens to have the twin lightsabers that are similar to a certain female Togruta we all know and love. Why do I get the feeling we’re about to see some Karate Kid shit go down?

Now on a more serious note. I keep hearing rumors that the guy in the mask is the Grand Inquisitor. Now, I’m not saying that it ISN’T but hear me out. I think that it IS a Pau’an, but I don’t think it’s the Inquisitor. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this guy is the Inquisitors brother, and you have to admit, that would make a really interesting back story. Also, I think we’re looking at a legendary Gray Jedi. Again, I could be wrong, but I get this weird vibe from him and if he IS the Inquisitors brother, it would make more sense since a Gray Jedi has the ability to use both Light and Dark powers of the Force. I also think that is what Ahsoka has become. She doesn’t seem to shy away from attachments, in fact I think she encourages it, but she still holds true to the basic principles of the Jedi of Old.

13. Ezraaaaaaa… Put that down… No Ezra, bad Holocron. BAD HOLOCRON!! (If Ezra goes all Gollum on us, I’m going to scream)

14. Old Master. You’re probably thinking it’s some incredibly powerful Sith Lord, even more badass than Sidious or Vader. But add a filter here and some auto toning there to old dark and mysterious AND

Seriously guys, It’s Darth Maul, not even kidding. He’s like a freaking roach, you can squish him, cut him into pieces, hell throw a nuclear bomb at him but HE JUST WILL NOT DIE! Oh, yeah and the Rebel Alliance is screwed.

15. Seriously guys, can we talk about the fact that there’s a GRANNY LASAT?!

16. Anakin: “Ahsoka? Why did you leave? Do you know… what I have become?”

Ahsoka: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Just gonna leave you with that. Oh and those are tears in Ahsoka’s eyes.

17. Didn’t there was enough heart rending before? Well here’s a scene of Ahsoka’s grief after she learns what happened to Anikin. Enjoy.

18. Sabine screams REX. Don’t. You. DARE FILONI.

19. Okay, now I’m REALLY curious about these guys!!!

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20. Light AND Dark lightsabers? I am REALLY starting to like my Gray Jedi odds!!

21. Okay, yeah. The Kyolo Ren style lightsaber is interesting and all but what I want to know is what is up with that statue in the background! It looks like it’s about to do the famous “DX Suck It” move (Not even making that up, it was a WWE wrestling team with Triple H and HBK ((Heart Break Kid))

22. Ahsoka vs Vader. Need I say more?

So, in essence, here’s my reaction to the new trailer:

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Cannot WAIT for new episodes!

Oh, yes. And we’re screwed.