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Yoongi Scenario: That Glow.

Request: Can you do me a Yoongi fluff where you’re a Youtuber and you’re doing a makeup tag and you do his makeup/he does your makeup and it’s just full of fluff and funny moments? xD

Genre: Fluff / Comedy.

-No I won’t do it- you heard Yoongi say when you pushed him to answer the question you had made some minutes ago.

Your subscribers had been begging you to do a makeup tag with your boyfriend, and secretly, or not so secretly, you really wanted to do it as well. You had the makeup, you had the boyfriend, but Yoongi wasn’t having it, or so he thought.

You pouted coming closer to him. -Why not?-

He sighed keeping his eyes down on his laptop to then look at you with a frown. -What is a makeup tag exactly?-

You sat on the arm of the sofa where he was sitting. -Don’t pretend you don’t know-

-I don’t- he answered and you squinted your eyes because you knew he did know but was only acting up, making himself uncooperative just to annoy you and please himself hearing you going around and about. You knew him too well.

-Alright, I will explain, again, but give me some room there- you said and he obliged moving things around, but barely, so you had to sit in the little space very close too him. He shrugged and watched his laptop but you didn’t miss the little smirk.  Oh Yoongi, him and his passive aggressive ways always made you want to laugh, or to hit him with something.  
-A makeup tag is when someone ask you to do some kind of video, in this case, about makeup, so it will be us doing something with it, and after that I will tag people or my subscribers-

-Ah!- he exhaled exaggeratedly. -So that’s what it is-

You smiled leaning a bit more to him. -Yes that’s what it is, would you do it with me?-

Yoongi turned his head to you and raised his brows. -No-

You whined and slapped his arm as he laughed. -You are the worst, I wonder If I can find another boyfriend who can do things with me- you put that out crossing your arms childishly, closing your eyes waiting for his reply.

-Yah, what is that about other boyfriend?- he put the laptop away with the pile of things he had on the sofa. -Not a chance-

-No? I bet I can find the perfect man to do the makeup tag with me-

-What perfect man?- he snorted. -You have me, you don’t need anyone else- he answered smugly.

You couldn’t help your smile and he couldn’t help his despite him wanting to remain with his cocky smirk. -So that means you will do it with me?-

Yoongi turned a bit more to you, one hand going to yours, the other to your thighs. -What do I get in return?-

-My love- you answered with agyeo making him squirm and smile in embarrassment because he probably didn’t expect that. -and a wish-

-A wish you say?- he repeated putting himself together, licking his lips.

You nodded. -A wish, and of course me not looking for another boyfriend-

He frowned and pinched your thigh and you laughed. -Alright then, but I will make you work for it, let’s see what is this makeup tag thing you have going on-

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College AU (pt.1)

AN: Ah, a small collab with neferkiki!! I can’t wait to see what she has! I hope you guys like it…

Pairings: SasuHina, NaruIno, KibaKaru


“You haven’t went to a single party yet. I’m sick of seeing you in here,” Karui applied eyeliner as her petite roommate watched her in the mirror. Hinata crossed her arms and sighed. Karui put a hand on her hips. “Aren’t you sick of being stuck in here? In the room all the time?”

“I… I go to class and work!”

Smokey eyelids lowered over golden orbs. “Seriously.”

Hinata huffed, her hoodie was swallowing her entire frame. “I am perfectly comfortable staying in the room. It’s so nice and-”

“Say goodbye to it for the night,” said Karui. “We’re taking you to a nice kickback. Nothing wild. An annoying…but cute frat invited me.”

“Frat! Frat like Fraternity boy.”

Karui smirked and shifted on her hip. “Yeah, what? Are you allergic?”

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How to Ruin the Holidays, ch. 3 (3/4)

CS AU: Kids, this is the story of how Killian Jones ruined Christmas, Emma Swan ruined New Year’s Eve and how they fell in love in between.

Dedicated to the wonderful @blessed-but-distressed, a small little thing from me to her, so she could remember how cherished and treasured she is this holiday season.

This is unbeated, so please excuse all mistakes and terrible grammar that might come your way.

@msstarlight I tried… this is the closest I could come to what you wanted. Let me know what you think!

Ao3  OnTumblr: Part 1 Part 2

Chapter 3

On December 30th, Killian found himself again at Ingrid’s house for dinner. They had insisted that he should come to dinner for New Year’s Eve but he’d excused himself, claiming he had other plans. Which was somewhat the truth. He had been invited to his coworker Tink’s party but he had yet to confirm his presence. Killian figured spending a couple of hours in a quiet corner in that party before heading back to his apartment and welcome the new year on his own was a better option than continue weaseling himself into a family he didn’t belong to. No matter how much he ached to be part of it.

Especially when every time he’d lift his head from his meal, he’d find Emma’s emerald green eyes fixated on him, a soft smile gracing her lips and something that looked remarkably like yearning in her expression.

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superbleachgirl  asked:

Okay, so hey. I'm kind of new to the whole Tumblr thing and I don't have many followers but, I'd like to start writing on my blog but I literally have no idea what to write about. I'm a huge Supernatural fan and other shows but I'd rather people ask me to write, if that makes sense? So anyways I was wondering if you could help me in any way possible?Sorry it's long! Btw I totally love your blog! Keep it up! ^_^

Thank you, and no worries, darling! I do have some similar asks, so I can refer you to these bottom things below! :3


For Dean (and this is a pretty generic thing, I guess) I would consider incorporating some kind of rough language (like dark humor for when not wanting to express stuff or changing the point of things, also swearing) and maybe an accent from now and then. Although really the accent thing is more for words that we all typically cut off (freakin’, swingin’, really it applies to a bunch of ‘g’s).

For Sam maybe some softer language, although not too soft, you know? I guess it’s kind of weird to explain (especially for me, a person who can’t describe how to get to a bathroom without showing physically), but he’s still human and a Winchester. I think Sam would be more likely to say stuff like “Oh my god,” or something similar to that than Dean. I guess another tip would be trying to watch episodes within the time period that you’re writing.

Grammar stuff:

  • Please don’t just keep writing “said” after every dialogue, try to use variations of it that express emotions. It’s boring to just read in the same tone over and over again.
  • Don’t put “said” after a character is screaming. E.g.

“I can’t believe you would do that!” she said,screamed/cried/shouted. Just use something else than “said.”

  • Please don’t capitalize things after a question mark or exclamation point after ending the quotation marks unless you’re starting a difference sentence. What I mean by that is that both what the character is saying and the way that they’re are expressing it are one sentence.


“You know I didn’t do anything wrong!” he shouted back.


“You know I didn’t do anything wrong!” He shouted back.

On the wrong one you’re telling me two difference sentences, one being what the character is saying and the other “He shouted back.” That’s literally it. They should be connected, but when you make the “h” a capital “H” you are giving me two different sentences completely separated from each other. Here are the exceptions to this, though, which happen when you do want to consciously give another sentence.

  1. “How can you even expect me to believe that?” Her eyes were alive with ember flames as she looked at him and bit back tears.

That is completely different idea, although you could also just break the paragraph right there instead of having to continue it.

  • Please, please, for the love of Chuck, use paragraphs. Please. Don’t write a block of something (ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE USING DIALOGUE). It looks really heavy and boring to read, so please, just don’t do that. Just…don’t.
  • Don’t just randomly capitalize or bold a word if you want it to have emphasis. Italicize it. Please. E.g.


“Gosh, I TOTALLY hate Lauren,” she grumbled angrily, rolling her eyes.


“Gosh, I totally hate Lauren,” she grumbled angrily, rolling her eyes.

  • I might be wrong about this one, but in my opinion it just makes things look better; don’t capitalize every single freaking word when a character is yelling. Leave that for when they’re hollering, or really angry and just basically exploding in emotion.


“JAMES, can you get the groceries?” she yelled into the house.


“DAMN IT, CAS, JUST DO SOMETHING ALREADY!” Dean roared, his hands clutching at your immobile body, one hand on your cheek and the other holding you against him.

In the right example above, Dean obviously feels really angry and panicked, which is why he is roaring so loud. Also, just to mention the corrections for the first example, you would have to put an ! after “JAMES.” It wouldn’t make it all that better (you would simply have to not capitalize the whole “JAMES” thing), but it would at least be decent.

  • ALWAYS use a comma after a character’s name if the person speaking is addressing to them.


“Hi James would you like to meet my parrot Danny?” She questioned, pointing at the feathery creature on her shoulder.


“Hi, James, would you like to meet my parrot, Danny?” she questioned, pointing at the feathery creature on her shoulder.

  • Use “” if a character is speaking, not ‘’.
  • A name always has the first letter capitalized.
  • In English, words in titles that are typically more than four letters are capitalized.
  • (Edit) Okay, so using an apostrophe after a word that ends with s is cool. Don’t use it like the following.


James’s eyesight is bad because he didn’t want to meet my parrot.


James’ eyesight is bad because he didn’t want to meet my parrot.

Anonymous: I just made an imagine’s blog, but I don’t know how to get people interested or requesting things. What did you do?

Ahh, my old, sweet days as a fresh imagines blog…now, those were good times, I’ll though I prefer these better.

Anyhow, the first thing I did was introduce myself to the imagines community in a little message and encouraged people to send me a request, which was what got me my first few followers and requests! After that, I just kept posting and this blog grew little by little, and I would just ask for requests when I ran out.

One big tip that I would give is tag EVERYTHING. There’s this thing about the first five tags showing up or something (?) and I don’t know a lot about it, but I do know that a bunch of things with tags beyond that show on the mobile search engine, or I might be crazy, but still, use tags as much as you can.

I’m now lucky enough to have a ton of followers and requests, and even an amazing co-writer, so don’t worry really about a rough start, it really becomes better! :) Hope this helps!

Anonymous: How can I start a oneshot blog? How do I get people to send in requests? Thank you & I love this blog <3

Aw, thanks, sweetheart! What I just did was post a littlemessage, you know, those that you see around every once in a while in the Supernatural imagine tag, and waited for any requests to come in (which luckily they did and I love and appreciate my first requesters very dearly). From there on I just posted whatever I could and tagged it to get it around. I bold that word because it’s seriously important to tag your stuff. 

Izzythesociopath said: Hi! I’m starting my own Supernatural one shots blog, and I was wondering of I could have some advice or pointers?

Oh my god, I was going to answer this last night in depth and everything but I just kept wandering away for some reason. Sorry! Anyhow, I don’t really know how to instruct people but I will try my best. So, things to keep in mind:

  • Have a consistent kind of theme to your one shots. By that I just mean putting them in the same format always, like how I do the Request, A/N, Word count, Pairing, Warnings, thing. Make up your own, experiment a little. It’s probably going to change until you find the one you’re most comfortable with and that’s totally okay!
  • Decide if it’s gonna be strictly one-shots or also just kind of Supernatural themed.
  • Always tag your stuff. And by that I really want to point out to use the tags that people are going to see, because often I’ve read amazing stories that I had never seen before because of the way the tags are written. I would recommend tagging: supernatural imagine, Supernatural one shot, and whatever character it’s about (e.g. Dean Winchester imagine, Dean Winchester one shot, Dean Winchester x reader).
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of likes of followers at first; you will grow in time!
  • Theme for mobile: Try to have a theme that’s easy to the eyes. My theme is just black and white, so do keep a nice consistency like that.
  • Theme on desktop: Also try to have a nice theme that goes with the one on mobile in the desktop version. This all relates to the color scheme and just makes it look better (this is where my professional communications class came in handy).

So…yeah, just be yourself with your followers and always keep alive that same passion that inspired you to write in the first place and you’ll do great!

Anonymous: Hey! So I’m starting a Supernatural oneshot blog and I need an advice from you. I see that you have a wonderful relationship with your followers, so I wanted to ask you how did you build that? :) xoxo

No problem, dear! At first I just mainly answered asks for requests and just kind of opened up about my life and encouraged people to ask anything. I just answer whatever I can with the most positive attitude I can because I love being kind and happy, and I really think that that’s mainly what can make your followers feel more comfortable!

Also, tspofspn, I think I accidentally answer your ask privately, so if the links don’t work (or if you have no idea what links I’m talking about because they didn’t show up) here’s what I was talking about! :)