seriously i hate everything right now

When your followers/fans/friends are too sweet and make you blush like a damn fool and ugly cry

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True story, everyone. I have seen MILLIONS of warnings about the FNDM. I read warnings basically telling artists to ‘stay away from FNDM and drawing RWBY art because it is full of hate and aggressive people’.

I have to say, ALL OF YOU SHIPPERS OF EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING, you all are wonderful. You’re so respectful and very kind people.

Seriously, I do not give a crap if you don’t agree with my ship. If you show me respect and kindness, I will always return it 10x’s more.

I do not ship Snowbird, but I will NEVER condone any hatred towards you guys. NEVER. Not Snowbird, Cloqwork, Black Sun, Bumblebee, WhiteRose, ANY SHIP


It is never okay to be mean over something that should bring joy. Know that Elle here appreciates the hell out of all of you, guys!

We all see the hate that goes on in the FNDM, and thank you for not joining in on it. Let’s be better than them. Let’s show them how we can all accept one another’s ships, head canons, and general love for RWBY, RT, and the wonderful characters they’ve made.

Let’s make a movement for the better. Stay lovely, Everyone~



This is one of those urgent call outs made in a moment of pure panic. Have you ever had one of those moments where you realize that unfortunately out of all Spirit Animals you could possibly have

It’s probably fucking Fresh of all people? Like seriously. I just opened a Fruit By the Foot for the first time in years and went on a literal vocal kick about it to my girlfriend. YO THAT THROWBACK TO SECOND GRADE ARTIFICIAL COLORING AND SMELL SO GOOD MAN kind of feel.

You feelin’ me? I hate everything right now

Man I think my T levels are fuuuucked right now. Like everything, EVERYTHING keeps making me cry it’s so fucking weird. ESPECIALLY since I’ve had a hard time crying at ALL since started T.

But legit like, anything even remotely emotion-invoking (happy or sad) makes me tear up and/or flat out cry the last week or two. I haven’t been this unstable water-works-y since my first periods when I was 13 and would cry at commercials I liked lmao. Legit I can’t even watch cute cat videos right now without tearing up it’s so unreal

Seriously, I think something’s wrong with my T levels. I’m so SENSITIVE again. Like I take everything personally even tho I know it’s stupid and it makes me not want to talk to anyone because I’m convinced they hate me which is also stupid.

I feel like I’m 13 again wtf

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i have never hated myself as much as i do right now. i legit relapsed after being clean for the longest time, and it doesn't help that my family disapproves of me. my thighs are covered in scars, and i can't even look in the mirror without being ashamed of myself. i'm worthless and have no one that cares about me, and i seriously believe that suicide is the only option at this point. every previous attempt has failed, but i'm going to make sure the one tonight works. thanks for everything. xoxo.

Here’s what I want you to do, I want you to stand in the mirror and look at what you have and what you done, from now on you will not cut and you will not hurt yourself anymore. Because your skin is beautiful, and what you’re doing to it is killing it. But everyone gets scars from a battle. They’re not all pretty but they all have a back story and suicide? Suicide is not the greatest thing ever. You have to think about the people around you. And it seems like your loosing your battle. Come on toughen up, they’re so many other people in this battle with you. You can win, they can win, we all can win. But right now let’s think about the future, and how you could have a family. A beautiful daughter, ya know or son. And a dog. Or a cat, and a big house. A big beautiful house, and you’ll smile. And think about your past and say “I made it.”

I really wish people would stop immediately jumping from “I love Levi” to “I hate Levi”, like guys seriously this man has been through a hell of a lot and just to see everything and everyone around him disappear again breaks my heart. I honestly don’t understand what people are hating him for anyway? just because he wanted to give the syrum to Erwin instead because Erwin is his closest and dearest friend who he only has left now and not to mention Erwin plays an important role as the Commander of the Survey corps, he will lead them to victory, he plans  to make this happen. Yes I know that Mikasa and Eren are hurting right now because their friend Armin is hurt but guys honestly take it from Levi’s point of view, if your friend was on the verge of death and you had to choose whether to save them or save another you would immediately go to you friend right? because they are the only one who cares for you and that you owe your life to right? I think people should stop jumping to conclusions when a character makes a decision that might effect other people around them. Just seriously remember that Erwin was the one who helped Levi when Isabel and Farlan died, he took him into the survey corps under his supervision and took care of Levi. 

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I don't know why all this shit happens right now to you but... HUGS FOR YOU because all the positivity shall be spread across the interwebs! And a small non anon hate right here: I love everything you do. This wasn't hate? I DON'T CARE!

I adore you, Spotty.~ You’re such a sweetheart X3 but yeah shit happens, it’s fine. I’m fine anyway. I don’t take any of it seriously, it just gives me a headache. Like I’m losing fucking brain cells due to stupidity. Eugh. But again, it’s not that big a deal and I’m fine. Just salty and 100% done with bullshit right now. XD if I actually do get anon hate right now I would honestly feel bad for the anon for how badly I would chew their ass out. X’D
Anyway. Thank you for the lovely words of encouragement! I appreciate you so much X3

man, people on tumblr take shit way too seriously jfc you know it’s okay to just not add your commentary onto stuff sometimes, right? not everything is an opinion piece.

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Do you have any criticisms of the game? This is a lot more positive than I've seen...

Yes, I hate the Nomad.

No, but seriously…I’ll probably have more once I’ve gotten farther into the game, but I don’t have a whole lot right now. Like I mentioned, I haven’t touched the CC so I can’t speak on that. I also haven’t had any animation issues. 

Some of the dialogue is pretty cringe-worthy. I don’t like when characters feel the need to describe themselves…like let me get to know you through conversation, don’t just tell me you’re XYZ. I haven’t had any that have made me go “omg I can’t play this.” 

I’m also not going into the game to rip it apart. I was burned by the ME3 ending just like everyone else and we all know what Bioware is capable of. But I’m willing to give them a chance and be critical where it warrants it. And so far I haven’t experienced anywhere near the level of venom people are throwing at it. 

Hawaii Five-0 6x11 Kuleana

This episode. It got me so upset. Steve was a complete asshole and everything hurt. He treated this trip like a vacation, ditched Danny for some random girl, got drunk, and didn’t take the therapy seriously at all It made me so sad.

But then there’s this gifset (click it!), and it got me thinking… and thinking some more, and I rewatched the episode a couple of times, and I’ve come out of it with a whole new percpective of Steve and his actions.

To be clear, this is not a way to justify Steve’s behavior, okay? This is me making sense of things by looking at it from Steve’s perspective, and therefore gain more understanding (and peace of mind. My mind.) So not about who’s right, or wrong, but about perspectives. Okay. Glad we cleared that out.

Steve has said it before. All he wants is for Danny to be happy. Steve also has abandonment issues. So, what if he is not able to make Danny feel good anymore, why would Danny stick around then, right? What if he wouldn’t be enough for Danny, just like he wasn’t enough for Catherine? What would Steve be good for if he can’t make Danny enjoy himself (feel good about himself) and have fun in Steve’s company?

So first he tries to get Danny excited about the trip that they’re going on together. From the episode I take it this happened before the plane ride.(To Steve this is suppose to be a brocation, all right? To be enjoyed by the two of them. Together. Bros.)  That fails.

Then he’s really on about how awesome the place is and all the things they can do together. He got it all planned. Danny’s not excited, so another fail.

He even tries to get Danny to go out on a double date. (and I’m getting more and more convinced that the point wasn’t to get it on with Alyssa. No. It was about going on a double date with Danny.) Remember the double date with Catherine and Abby at the movie theatre? How much fun they had, together, on a double date? I think in Steve’s head this was something that Danny would enjoy for sure. Hanging out with some pretty girls (Danny likes girls), talking, laughing, having fun being social. Good times!

Okay, but to do that he needs to get them out of therapy (Danny hates it anyway. Danny has made it clear he never liked this therapy trip to begin with, and he is not enjoying the “therapy” they’re currently doing), and he needs to get to his phone so he can set up their dates. Well, that fails spectacularly.

Not only did Steve not make Danny happy, he made it even worse by messing up Danny’s ankle again! Aaaaand here comes the feelings of guilt and the fear of not being good enough. Run, Steve, run!! And so he does. It’s clear he’s not feeling good just looking at Danny, so of he goes to booze and girls to drown his fears and sads and pretend everything is fine.

Now, we have seen Steve drink before, but we have never seen him drunk. And he is sooo very drunk here. Very out of character from his normal “gotta be in control and on top of things, always” persona. When Steve tries to fix/solve things he gets controlling, when he thinks he’s failed he gives that up.

“The girls were really bummed you couldn’t make it. I didn’t now what to tell them.” He’s voice almost breaks at the end there, and he looks so sad? Why Steven? Why you so sad?

Then Danny brings up how Steve destroyed Danny’s weekend and immediately Steve’s deflecting shield come up. No, this is clearly Dannys fault. Danny and his negative attitude. Whitout that there wouldn’t be a problem. It’s all Danny’s fault (because if it’s not Steve’s fault there’s no reason for Danny to leave him, right?)

“I just brought us out here to have some fun, and reconnect a little bit, and get away from work for a minute, and you just – you just… you’ve been down on this thing from the start!”

Translation: “You didn’t even give me a chance! (You didn’t trust me to fix it so we could enjoy ourselves together by going out, doing stuff, having fun. Together. No therapy, no job, just us.”

Okay, so everything’s a mess, there are huge misunderstandings all over the place, and everything hurts. And Steve’s so very hung over the next day, he’s hardly even present.

But did you see the last scene? When Danny was eating the burger, shared it with Steve (Danny’s so, man, he keeps trying, always), and then started talking about how nice that soap was (that Steve had gotten so excited about in the beginning and Danny thought was stupid?), Steve latched on to that right away. Like, Danny’s enjoying himself? With something I suggested? And he gets all into it.Wow, your skin is super smooth. Amazing! This is great! Right, Danny? You’re feeling good, we’re enjoying yourselves. This is all I wanted.

Steve wants his Danny to be happy (and not leave him), but can’t seem to deal with the emotions (and fears!) attached to it…

I’m still sad, but Steve makes sense to me like this, and that sort of gives me some peace of mind.

If you rewatch, notice in the beginning of the episode how Steve is all controlling (on a mission to fix things/ making sure they’ll have a good time!) and pointing out all the good stuff, and trying to make the best of things even when stuff starts going wrong, and more controlling/I have a plan-follow my lead, and then after he realizes Danny busted his ankle everything changes.

Also if you look at the gifset that originally inspired this post, and see that as the real reason why Steve wanted them to do this (it was about their relationship and reconnecting), notice how that completely changes the reading of the text (episode) and the assumptions one makes based on it.

OK, let’s talk about 3x08 (and the promo).

1) I feel like I’m watching Season 1 again when it comes to everything that isn’t Jonnor.

2) I feel like I’m watching Season 2A again when it comes to Jonnor.

3) I’m really annoyed at the writers for how they treat Jonnor. We were promised a “summer of Jonnor”, and we got…a three-episode story arc and a fourth episode (3x03) that is Jonnor-focused but unrelated to the arc at the beginning of the season. Since then, we’ve effectively been given a six-week hiatus from Jonnor with a reminder every two weeks that the relationship still exists without any notable development (3x06, we got “I’m going to Connor’s,”, 3x08 we got Connor being concerned for Jude in a couple of two-second scenes). By the end of the season, we might have had more AJ and Rita development than Jonnor, both of which are supporting characters! What the hell, writers? And no, Brallie shippers, don’t say “Well we haven’t gotten stuff in 2 seasons!” Yeah, because if Callie got adopted (which she was supposed to!), that would be incest, and that isn’t acceptable, and if she’s being fostered (which she is!), she would get kicked out of the house by her social worker. There are actually plot-important reasons why you’re not getting Brallie, while there is no reason we’re not getting Jonnor other than…we’re just not getting it.

4) Why am I supposed to be mad at Jude again? He was having a bad day, we know he has a lot of psychological issues (he goes to therapy for Christ’s sake!), Jonnor is clearly going strong given that Jude is almost always at Connor’s house…like, honestly, I see no reason to be mad at Jude.

5) I never thought I’d say this but…where’s Mariana? Maybe it’s more noticeable without Jesus there, but I feel like she played no role this episode at all, even though she was there.

6) I know liking Callie is the unpopular opinion now…but, honestly, her problem is that she thinks for others before herself. That is, on some level, why she’s not adopted yet. Yeah, she makes dumb decisions, but they’re usually attempts to protect others from hurt before herself, and I think that’s a positive quality of her character.

7) But honestly, how can anyone not despise Brandon after this episode? He has literally become a whiny crybaby that fucking emanates white privilege. My least favorite line in this episode was when Stef said to Brandon “In my mind, you’ve suffered less than the others.” But, that’s the thing, he objectively has suffered less than the others! Lest we forget: 

  • Jesus and Mariana had a drug addict for a mother and didn’t know their father, were abandoned in favor of said drugs, were left with a ton of psychological baggage (including abandonment issues), and then were guilted into giving her money when they met her again, and had any remaining shred of trust for their mother destroyed. Mariana, to this day, is still trying to repair that relationship. (Who’s Jesus again?)
  • Jude’s mother died and his father went to jail when he was really young and he was shoved into the foster system, was abused in at least one of them for being perceived as LGBT, had to deal with his sister, his only protector, being forcefully removed when she tried to protect him from said abuse, developed psychological issues that he starts going to therapy in 2A for (since no one notices these issues until he goes mute), has totally shut down twice in three seasons, has consistently been losing hope in his sister getting adopted, and has developed an idea that he needs to keep quiet out of worry of being abused (I feel like this was part of 3x08 that most people didn’t talk about, but it is super important that he thought Stef or Lena might hit him or kick him out of the house).
  • I don’t think I really need to go over Callie’s situation but let’s do it anyway…Her mother died at a young age, her stepfather (who she didn’t even know was her stepfather) was sent to jail for it, she was sent into the foster system at a young age, was raped by a foster brother, was sent to juvy for trying to protect her brother from an abusive foster father, has had her adoption stalled for the length of nearly two whole seasons (1x10-now) while she watched her brother get adopted at the end of Season 1, found out Donald wasn’t actually her father, had to deal with a custody battle with a father she barely knew and a suicidal sister, got sucked into all of the problems of the other girls at Girls United, has gotten kicked out of the house twice without anyone in the house’s consent, and really has not ever had a stable life in her 17 years of living.

…how do Brandon’s problems compare at all to this? I’m sorry, Brandon really needs to stop whining about his feelings and his terrible experience at Idyllwild that is 99.9% his fault. That’s all he’s done this entire season, and I’m quite peeved by it.

8) Brallie has become toxic, even if it didn’t start that way. I mean that: its only result is that it actively hurts Callie with no real risk to Brandon. To all the people saying Callie doesn’t need a piece of paper to be happy: it is so much more than that. She needs the stability of being part of a family for good without any risk of getting kicked out again, if she does anything with Brandon she will get kicked out again (we’ve seen this with AJ), and it’s also about Jude’s feelings too: you all saw Jude’s downward spiral. Twice.

9) To Brallie shippers annoyed that there is Jonnor in the Brallie tag: you know that Brallie shippers put Brallie in the Jonnor tag too, right? Trust me, a lot of Jonnor shippers either don’t care about or dislike Brallie as much as y’all don’t care about or dislike Jonnor (if not moreso), so please stop whining about it. Thanks.

10) Last point: why did Rita, a supporting character, get a more in-depth and longer storyline in this episode than Jude and Mariana, both main characters?

I seriously can’t get over how chill Zeref is being about everything

“I love my little bro so much I resurrected his corpse, but y’know I really hate living right now with this curse n’ all so I’m gonna screw with his emotions and threaten him so he can kill me nbd”

“I’m the emperor of this pretty swank country and all it’s people love me, but man the value of life is lost to me now so imma just annihilate everything k?”

“Oh the ultimate demon I created who is also my beloved brother is coming after me… Yes, maybe he can finally kill me and get me off this planet”

Honestly, Zeref’s behavior so bizarre, yet I’m totally cracking up here