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“This will totally be how it is when CS has kids! One of the kids will get in trouble, Emma will have to play the bad guy, and Killian will be making jokes in the background. When Emma turns around, because the kids are giggling while they’re getting scolded, he’ll give her his best innocent look, and then be all mock stern with the kids about listening to their mum. @thesschesthair love your humor, feel like writing this into a ficlet???” - @ilovemesomekillianjones

@ilovemesomekillianjones because you’re a lovely and amazing human being, I wanted to give you this: I hope you like it. It’s short but sweet. Enjoy!!

Killian reached the front door at the same time as Emma did, tightening his grip on the grocery bags in his hand at the unhappy look on her face.

“You boys go in and sit your butts at that kitchen table.” She ordered the twins as they followed her orders, disappearing into the house with their heads down.

“Did something happen?”

Emma turned to him with a sigh.

“They decided it would be funny to cover Leroy in ketchup while Granny was watching them.” She briefed him before turning.

Killian couldn’t help the smirk that graced his features as he followed her inside.


Emma entered the diner to find Leroy wiping furiously at his red sticky beard and her two sons giggling uncontrollably at the counter. She didn’t get the chance to ask what had happened before Leroy was in front of her.

“You need to keep your brats under control, sister!” he screamed before pushing passed her and storming out the door.

Granny then stood before her, insisting that it was best to take them home. She felt the cold tone in the woman’s voice but couldn’t mistake the slight smile she saw her don when she turned.

“Get your things, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do when we get home.” She informed the boys. Her presence sobered the twins, as the realisation they were in trouble came crashing down. 

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Hope spun around with the delicate white hat in hand, already wearing his. Lightning just stared, completely unamused.


“We don’t have to buy them,” he said with a ridiculous grin on his face. “Let’s just get someone to take a picture. Please?”

She frowned, flicking one of the big, round ears on Hope’s head. “Your hat…is wearing a hat. You do know how silly that looks, right?”

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Today was a really cool day.
1. Took a selfie in my sports bra post-run because why not?!? (Idk what my hand is doing)

2. Oh yeah I killed my run & I’m so pumped about it. Like it was on a really hilly route too. Seriously I love everything about fall running, it was so beautiful & I felt amazing, just ugh.😍

3. Here’s my dogs cutely attacking me.

Today was a good day.